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Painful Homecoming


The palms of my hands were drenched in sweat and I felt my knees going weak; He was finally coming home. It had been a long time since we were able to see each other because I was in college and He was busy with work. But now was the time when Master would be reunited with His slave and I had plenty of punishment coming my way. During the time we were apart Master and I talked almost every day and I took advantage of the distance; I was flat out disobedient and disrespectful. Master always reminded me of the punishment that I would receive and the thought of a candy apple red ass turned me on. The time was now.

I was obedient and met Him at the front steps of His house in the clothes He told me to wear. I can clearly hear his voice, "Baby girl, I want you in a dress with no panties or bra and with heels at least 3 inches high". I made sure to follow is directions; I was wearing a royal blue halter dress, one that hugged all my curves. The dress was so tight my big round ass was peeking in the back, my thick and shapely thighs accented by 5 inch gladiator stilettos, my golden brown skin enhanced by gold bangles and a gold collar around my neck (my Daddy had this custom made for me) and to top off my look my 36E breasts were falling out over the top. Because I was wearing no panties I could feel my wetness growing, afraid I would give away my eagerness if he seen my juices running down my legs. I looked like a porn star, a whore, a slut, or rather His slut. I fixed my hair and knocked on the door waiting for Him to answer.

I never had a problem getting men; I was a cute, thick black girl who was the tender age of 19, getting a man was the least of my worries. It was pain I was after; I wanted a man unafraid to beat me. One who would tie me up and flog my ass until I bled, who would stretch my holes until I cried, and who would slap me around until I begged for him to stop. Men always claim they want a masochistic woman, but they were completely unprepared for what I had to offer. I needed a master, and a sadistic one at that, and I found Him.

Master opened the door for me and shocked me with His appearance, I don't know what I was expecting, but He was dressed in black slacks and a red sweater. Simple, but classic. He was handsome, one of the most handsome men I ever met, tall and dark, definitely one of the most wanted men in our neighborhood. Every woman wanted Him but only I could handle Him.

"I see you have come dressed properly, but lift up the dress so I can see if you're wearing any panties.", He commanded me and I complied I lifted my dress to show Him my cleanly shaven pussy dripping with excitement.

"Good baby girl, come in." He said. I looked around His house and although I had been there once before it looked different, I never noticed the floggers and canes on the wall; I thought it was a nice touch. Before I could say anything he swept me up in His arms and began to kiss me passionately. His tongue felt good in my mouth and I succumbed to moaning as He explored me. We continued to kiss until he released his hold from me and left me standing alone.

"Baby girl I missed you so much, you look very good turn around so Daddy can see His ass," He said, as He was getting comfortable on the couch. I walked over to Him and bent over, my dress came up and He got a full view of my ass, I made it bounce a little for Him and He smacked it for me. Just His touch on me made me moan in delight.

"Not yet baby, we haven't even gotten started, I know you want Daddy to fuck you hard but you have to take you punishment first for disobeying me. Take your dress off and bend over."

I was so excited I was finally going to receive my punishment; I nearly fell over when I was taking the dress off. I was naked and I bent over as He asked making sure that I spread my legs far apart enough for when I received my blows He would also be hitting my pussy, particularly my clit. My Master got up and took off all of His clothing, leaving in full view His massive black cock. My mouth began to water, I seen it growing larger as He walked over to me and he grabbed my hands and tied them behind my back. He placed a spreader bar between my legs and I became in complete submission, I was at His will. My clit began to jump I was going to be beat and I was going to enjoy it.

"Are you My slut?" He said as He delivered the first blow to my ass with His wooden paddle. I waited to answer, I wanted to make Him angry, and I wanted him to scar me.

"Bitch I asked you if you were my slut!"

Another blow the ass and this one stung. My Master was a very strong man and He never used His full strength with me, but tonight I wanted it. I politely asked him to repeat the question. He began to laugh and hit my ass five more times with the paddle. I began to moan, Master took this as an invitation to begin to beat me. Daddy hit me all over my body, on my large breasts, my back, up and down my legs, and just as he was about to hit my face with the paddle He asked me again.

"Are you My slut? If I were you, I would answer this question." He asked. I yet again refused to answer my Master, and I felt a strong blow to the face, not with the paddle but with his hand. I was hit so hard it knocked me to the ground. This was the pain I desired, my body was inflamed with pain and I was beginning to bruise, the raised red areas were all over my body. I turned around to face Daddy and I seen that He was rock hard; we were made for each other. Daddy pulled his flogger from off the wall and came back over to me.

"Your being a bitch right now so I will treat you like a bitch. But don't worry Daddy likes giving His Baby girl what she wants, and I know you need release. Come suck My cock right now. "

I hurried up and got on my knees and it was until I was about to put His head in my mouth that I noticed the blood. The last blow caused me to bleed from my mouth and nose. I spit the blood on His dick and began to suck it. The long shaft barely fit in my mouth but I was able to suck it down my throat. Daddy began flogging my back. The pain was almost unbearable but I loved it. I was deep throating His massive cock and I tasted His juices mixed with my blood. I felt my clit jumping, and I managed to reach my hand down my body to enter my juicy slit. Daddy was moaning as I had Him in my mouth and I noticed the floggings getting lighter He was about to cum, or so I thought. I began fingering my pussy hard causing pressure in my cunt to rise to the point of orgasm and I almost came from the mixture of the fingering, flogging and sucking until Daddy slapped me.

"Bitch, I did not say you could cum! You can only pleasure yourself if I say so!"

Smack! It was another blow but this time to my tits, Daddy began to flog my tits. As they were swelling from the abuse, I asked Master if I could continue to suck him.

"You look repulsive bitch, you look like a used cum slut. I wouldn't ever cum in a bitch like you. You're covered in blood and you really like it. You're useless and I have no use for you other than to beat you. I don't want to see your fucking face right now slut, turn around and let Me see that ass." I turned around quickly because my breasts need a break from the abuse because they were beginning to bleed. Daddy began to smack my ass with one hand while the other prodded my pussy.

"You want Me to fuck you like a slut don't you? Well that's what you're going to get." Daddy stuck his massive cock in my tight pussy, I shouted in pleasure. He began fucking me violently. My whole body was shaking and I was cumming all over His dick. I felt my pussy clenching and holding on to his dick trying to make him cum too. This fucking was the best I had in my whole life; we were doggy style and He slammed into me trying to impale me on His cock.

"I bet you like that slut, huh Bitch? Tell me whose slut you are, tell me who you serve."

I was cumming too hard to answer His question. My body was warmed and shocked, so much so I blacked out.

When I woke up, my whole body was throbbing and sore. I was in Daddy's big bed and He had cleaned all my wounds and bandaged me up, I was wearing one of His shirts. I was too weak to stand so I just sat up on the bed and tried to piece the missing parts of last night together. I had a massive headache when I seen Daddy come into the room; he brought me a cup of coffee and plenty of pain medicine.

"Baby girl, how do you feel this morning? I'm sorry you blacked out but you're just so stubborn, it didn't have to be like that. I just wanted to play with you a bit, but hopefully you learned your lesson." He said as He kissed my forehead and sat next to me. "I want you to know I came very hard in you last night, right after you blacked out, something about seeing you being so stubborn to that point just did it for Me. But I would like it more if you just listened from time to time, I promise I will cum just as hard" He laughed.

"Alright baby, get some rest because you have got punishment coming for not listening to Me last night. Love you." He said as he was leaving.

"Daddy, I'm your slut." I said.

"I know baby girl, I can still give you that pain you need in other ways. And you will always be My slut, I have you for life." He shut the door and I leaned back down. I don't know what kind of punishment he had in store for me tonight, but I felt like listening to him. I was His masochist but I was going to learn the hard way to become His submissive.

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