Paint Ch. 02


"Nice? Shame you didn't use any of this on me last night... and you think I'm the evil one?" I began to push his legs forward a little more; his ass was raised up close to the head of the dildo. My hips tilted so that most of the length lay over his ass-hole, the tip brushing against his ball-sac. I couldn't help but revel in the feeling of power I had over him at that moment. He looked at me, pleading silently with his eyes; I had come this far, there was no backing out. I drew back till only the tip nudged his ass.

"If you stick that bloody thing in my ass I'm going to scream blue fucking murder, just you wait, what goes around comes around."

"Ha, ha, ha Tom, at last you figured that much out. Just remember how much I love you."

I blew him a kiss and pushed the head of the dildo in; his knuckles were white on the brass pole.

"Sweet fucking Jesus! When this is over Kezzy I'm going to make sure you know who the man is here!!"

I started to rock his ass back and forth, forcing the dildo little by little deeper into his ass. The veins in his temple were throbbing by the time it was halfway and I was feeling a desperate need just to fuck him senseless. The head of his cock was covered in his slippery wet pre-cum and slapped gently against his belly every time I rocked.

"I want you on your hands and knees Tom."

"No way Kezzy!" He sounded adamant, but I knew what I wanted.

"Right now or I'm shoving this dildo right up your fucking ass!"

"Okay... okay." He sounded quiet, resigned.

I withdrew carefully and scooted off the bed, taking a minute to appreciate the picture he presented to me. He was shaking slightly, thighs parted; his ass-hole nestled in the cleft of his arse was shiny with the jelly, balls swollen and dangling. I let my hand move through his legs, stroking up along his shaft, he seemed impossibly hard. I couldn't resist leaning over to bite the ripe flesh of his ass, sucking like I would with a ripe peach. His moan was low, barely audible.

"I think you're a little to high up for me honey, feet on the floor please!"

"Talk about a domineering female!" I laughed but he did as he was told without fuss.

This was the same position as he had had me in, I was curious to see how he would like it. I stood between his legs, guiding the slippery dildo to his waiting ass; my other hand coming back to stroke the length of his spine.

"Push out babe." He did, luckily, and I thrust forward, letting it go no further than before; it was amazing to see his tight hole stretched around the shaft; it gave me a clue as to why doggy-style was such a popular position.

I gripped his ass cheeks in my hands, pulling back to the tip; his screeches and howls were an indicator of how much pain he was in, but I served him a stinging slap to silence his protests; this didn’t shut him up but he quietened down a little. To take his mind off the invading phallus, I reached down and took his cock in my hand and found it stiffer than ever, slick with his own fluids. I pumped the shaft quickly, pushing my hips forward, watching his ass take the full length, but I knew he wouldn’t last long in my hand so my hips picked out a slow deep rhythm, stretching him out every time. I felt his whole body start to shake against me, and just when I thought he was going to cum in my hand I felt him start to meet my thrusts, shock filled me; he might have been crying out in pain, but his body was betraying him completely.

I let my hips slap against his ass with each thrust, my hand clutching his wet cock tightly. A harsh cry seemed to be wrenched from somewhere deep inside him as he started to orgasm. I felt the shudder running through him so I quickly moved my fingers up, letting them get coated with his thick, streaming cum. As his spasms faded, I eased back slowly out of his ass till the head popped free. He released a sigh of pure relief and flipped over onto his back, eyes spearing me where I stood. I raised my hand to my mouth, sucking on the slippery fingers while we stared at each other. His face was a mask of seriousness but there was still a twinkle in his eyes. I wiggled my hips at him, feeling the dildo swinging side to side. He laughed. My free hand undid a restraining buckle and I let the harness drop to the floor.

"You really are a witch Kezzy." He said softly

I let my fingers slide slowly out of my mouth, smacking my lips with appreciation before turning slightly, showing him the curve of my ass.

"Spank me!!"

"Who are you and what have you done with my shy but friendly next door neighbour?”

“Oh she’s definitely still in here somewhere.” I said, putting my hand on my heart.

Our friendship had well and truly moved on to another level and I had no regrets; each sexual encounter was like a bite of the most addictive chocolate, tasted, savoured; and when at last consumed, hunger for another fix lay in wait. He was my addiction and it seemed like I would never get enough. I stuck my tongue out at him cheekily, climbing onto the bed and crawling slowly towards him on my hands and knees. His hands automatically went down to cover his groin, making my smile stretch even further.

“Kezzy, as much as I would love to further your sexual education, I’m afraid without a bit of sleep there is no way on God’s green earth I’ll be able to oblige.” He sounded so very tired.

I hoped my face looked suitably crestfallen, but sex wasn’t what was foremost in my mind, I was happy just to be there with him. As I drew level with his head I dropped down, stretching out in front of him, my hand reaching out to stroke the side of his face. His arms reached out, drawing me in, pulling me close, the feeling of being protected and cherished was instant and I revelled in it. My cheek lay against his chest while his heartbeat drummed steadily in my ear, as I inhaled deeply I was filled with the intoxicating scent of our sex. Neither of us spoke a word, but his body was relaxing against me, his breathing was that of a sleeping man, the rhythmic rise and fall of his chest lulled me. Sleep was close for me also and as the shadows lengthened in the quiet room I gave in gratefully.


“Wake up sleepyhead.” The voice was cajoling but I buried myself deeper beneath the quilt that was covering me.

“Go away, I’m not home.” I begged.

“Not a chance sweetheart, move that butt.”

“Oh I can do that much for you I suppose.” I wriggled back a little further, feeling my ass come into contact with a solid warm wall.

“Is this what you meant Tom?” I whispered, moving my ass side to side against his crotch. His answering groan was music to my sleepy ears.

“Not exactly Kezzy. If you don’t stop that, I won’t be held responsible for my actions.”

“This is sounding better and better.”

His hand clamped down on my hip, stilling me but it was already too late, the swollen length of his cock was pressed against my ass.

“Oh my!” I squeaked.

The hand on my hip began to trace the length of one thigh, and even although I was nestled in a cocoon of warmth I couldn’t help the shiver that wracked my body, nor the flood of wet heat between my legs. His warm lips began to plant kisses along the nape of my neck, moving lower, dragging the side of his unshaven face over my dampened skin. His curious fingers started to explore along the inside of one thigh causing me to part them involuntarily, my breath drawing in sharply as the insistent caresses reached higher.

“I need you Tom.” My tone sounded slightly desperate.

“Patience Kezzy, we’re not in a rush are we?”

I felt helpless as his hand hooked under my leg, pulling it up as he kissed his way back up my spine. Every movement painfully slow, testing me, the little sounds of my impatience having no effect on him whatsoever. The swollen tip of his cock nudged against my ass, but instead of plunging straight in his hips moved forward so that his entire length lay against the apex of my thighs; coating the shaft with my juices. Ignoring my beaded nipples that were screaming to be touched I let my hand slide down the flat plane of my stomach, fingers skimming over the stretched lips of my pussy, even this slight touch enough to make me moan softly. His breathing began to quicken against my spine as my hand moved further back, stroking along the length of him. I clenched his balls tightly in my small hand.

“Fuck me now or I’ll hurt you, don’t think I won’t, I’ve had enough of this!” My frustration was more than slightly apparent.

“Naughty little girl.” He reprimanded me softly as his teeth bit down on my shoulder, making me gasp with shock and more than a little excitement.

I tightened my grip a little and smiled to myself as he moved back. My fingers sought out their prize, the silky engorged head of his slippery wet cock. I was filled with want for him and it had me licking my lips in anticipation; my hand began guiding him gently. I was desperate to have that feeling of being completed but at the same time a little part of me wanted to drag out the build-up; sweet insanity.

“I want to feel you inside me now Tom, right now!”

His answer was a muffled groan against my back as he surged forward and up, the swollen tip gliding through my fingers, finding my juice-slicked entrance with unerring accuracy.

“Is this how you want it Kezzy?” His voice was shaking as he slid deep inside me, his fingers tightening painfully on my raised leg.

I only managed a nod as he started to pull back out of me slowly, my inner muscles clenched wetly around his shaft, trying to hold him deep inside. With each powerful thrust he made into my body I could feel myself letting go; my high keening moans filled the room as he fucked my dripping hole. His teeth grazed my shoulder, nipping at me as I tried to plunge down on his cock but I was held still within his grip. It felt like I was being tortured, teetering on the edge of orgasm but not allowed over. I couldn’t ignore the throb of my clit any longer and let my hand stray between my legs once more, circling it slowly, crying out as I felt myself letting go. I yelped in complete surprise as he rolled onto his back, pulling me back with him; my orgasm denied.

“You heartless bastard Tom, how could you do that to me?” My fury was short lived as I found myself straddling his lap, facing away from him.

The hands gripping my hips were vice-like, raising me up slightly so I could feel the heat of his cock searing me from clit to ass-hole.

“Maybe you really didn’t want it like that at all Kezzy, maybe you wanted it like this.” His voice was dangerously low as he brought the dripping head of his cock against my tight little hole. My breath was held, stomach muscles clenched. I hadn’t forgotten how it had felt the last time he had buried himself deep inside my tight passage. I ached with the memory.

“Please just fuck me now Tom, let me cum.” My voice was pleading and all I needed at that moment was to feel him filling me, whichever way he wanted it.

My hands braced themselves on his hair-roughened thighs, fingernails digging as the tip pushed relentlessly, his hands pulling me down gently. Part of me just wanted to drop my weight right down but his hands were controlling every movement. I brought my knees in close, bowing my head down as the head of his cock was enclosed within me.

“I don’t want to hurt you again Kezzy, we’ll take this slow.”

“Fuck being slow Tom, just do it!” I sounded completely wanton and that’s exactly how I felt.

His hands loosened their grip and I let myself drop down onto him, the searing pain enough to make me cry out but the delicious dark pleasure that was wrapped around it made me hungry for more. Leaning forwards I brought my hips up once more so that he would have a clear view of his cock stretching my tight little ass.

“Like what you see Tom?” I laughed softly and let out a low moan as I let my ass plunge down swiftly.

His knees drew up slightly, heels digging into the mattress as I controlled the pace, feeling my ass being completely stretched around him. Rising up a little I let my hand seek out the slickly covered nub of my clit. This time I wouldn’t be denied. The first touch had me clenching all my muscles, making a prisoner of the cock buried deep inside my ass.

“Sweet Jesus!” His curses and groans filled my ears and I threw my head back, frigging my clit slowly; the wet sounds my fingers were creating, mingled with his moans. Relaxing slightly I let his hands push me up so that only the head was resting inside me, stilling for a long moment. My fingers tightened on his thigh once more as I felt myself being flung over the edge into my own orgasm, his hands bringing me down swiftly as his cock started to pump the balm of his white hot seed deep inside. My fingers were sliding against my slit as the juices pooled around them, dripping onto his balls. Any energy I had felt like it was being sucked from my body as he thrust one last time deep inside me and I fell forwards shivering in the aftermath.

Using his knees and his hands he brought me back against him, lying full length against each other, unable to speak, breathing ragged. He rolled us both to our sides, his cock still buried inside me, growing softer with each moment that passed. I wanted the intimate contact to last forever but he eased gently out of me. Sighing with regret I flipped over, drawing his face to mine, capturing his lips. He held my face in his hands kissing me with such tenderness that I felt like crying.

“I love you Kezzy.”

I didn’t have to tell him that he held my heart in his hands; it was his to keep.

It would have been easy to doze the morning away but I could feel his cum sliding out of my ass, time for a shower, maybe, if I could gather enough energy to make it as far as the bathroom. Tom had already managed to make it off the bed and I could hear his cheerful whistles coming from the bathroom as he took his shower. How anyone could sound so perky in the morning was beyond me; I groaned and curled up on my side once more, pulling the quilt up around my shoulders as he made his way back into the bedroom. My eyes roamed appreciatively over his body as he dropped the towel he had tied around his waist. I watched silently as he began to pull clothes out of the drawers, wasting no time as he towelled himself off and dressed quickly.

“Time to move Kezzy, the morning is wasting away.”

“I have every intention of getting up Tom, give me a chance will you.” I tried to sound convincing.

“Don’t believe you; now get that tight little ass of yours out of bed and into the shower.” His hand caught hold of one corner of the quilt, whipping it off me completely.

“I need more of an incentive, I’m not so sure I can drag my body as far as the bathroom, much as I want and need to.” The bed dipped slightly as he sat down beside me.

“Okay, tell you what, if you can drag yourself out of there, I’ll let you take me shopping for the morning. I wouldn’t mind seeing the inside of that little shop of horrors you visited yesterday.”

“Sure you want to do that Tom? I might get some more ideas.”

“Oh no Kezzy, if anyone’s going to be buying this morning it’s going to be me. We’ll save your experimenting for another day.”

My stomach muscles clenched slightly as an image of Jake popped into my head; sexy smiling Jake with the power to reduce me to a quivering mass of nerves; but that was yesterday; with Tom by my side I would surely feel more confident. I pushed myself up, swinging my legs over the side of the bed, realising quickly that I would need some fresh clothes if we were to go shopping.

“Do something useful Tom, take my key and go next door and pick up some clothes for me while I’m in the shower, please.”

“Sure, no problem. Just hurry up will you.” He swatted my ass lightly as I moved around him.

I showered quickly, not lingering long enough to pamper myself; anticipation of what the morning might hold was spurring me on. The sound of the front door banging heralded his return with what I hoped was a suitable outfit for being seen in public. I towel-dried my hair roughly, brushing it back off my face with my fingertips, glancing at the mirror but deciding that I wasn’t quite ready to survey my reflection. It was still early and I definitely wasn’t feeling that brave.

As I made my way through to the bedroom I could see that Tom had made up the bed again and all my clothes were neatly laid out. Letting the towel drop to the floor the cold air wrapped itself around me, making my whole body shiver, goose bumps prickled along my arms and legs. As I picked out my underwear I realised quickly that Tom must have made a complete and thorough search of the drawer where my underwear was kept, the briefest of g-strings with matching push-up bra now dangled from one of my fingers. I grimaced slightly as I thought about how that very narrow strip of material would chafe against my aching skin and realised that he must have been thinking with his cock.

“Hurry up Kezzy, you’ve got five minutes to get your clothes on and get into the kitchen or I’m dragging you out just as you are right now.” He was trying his best to sound stern.

“Tom, as much as you might like the thought of parading me around the streets completely naked, I don’t think the public decency laws have been relaxed that much.” I said wryly as I pulled on my underwear and turned round to face him, letting the tips of my fingers slowly trace round my aching nipples, wetting my lips, my eyes holding his.


“You love it! Now let me get dressed in peace Tom.”

I listened for his retreating footsteps and returned once more to the task of dressing. A few minutes later I was ready and presented myself in the kitchen, gulping down the coffee he had left on the table for me. I felt the caffeine buzz almost immediately; my good-morning kick. Only then did I sit down, wrapping my hands around the warm mug, watching him with guarded eyes over the rim of my cup.

“Are you really sure you want to go to that shop Tom, I’m not sure it’s really your kind of place at all.” But then, it had never been my kind of place before either.

“Well, you got to play yesterday. Let’s just say curiosity is getting the better of me this morning.”

I couldn’t stop my thoughts from racing off; the way he was talking I was getting the distinct impression that he was going to be like a child let loose in a sweetshop. Less than an hour later, my hand firmly enclosed in Tom’s warm grip I stood once again in front of Jake’s shop. The same tight corset was still displayed in the window, and if ever there was something that screamed to be bought, then this was it. I couldn’t take my eyes off the beautiful leather garment; Tom followed my gaze.

“It could have been made especially for you Kezzy.” He whispered.

“It’s beautiful.” My tone was wistful.

“It’s yours.”

Tom seemed totally nerve free and walked into the shop without a backward glance, unlike myself, who couldn’t resist having a quick look round to see if anyone I knew was nearby; some habits die harder than others. I let out a sigh of relief as the door clicked quietly shut behind me and I went to stand by Tom’s side, watching as he scanned the erotica filled horizon, smiling as he let out a low whistle.

“Grab a basket sweetheart, I think I’ve found shopping heaven.” He said, turning to look down at me; my stomach somersaulted.

Quickly he started loading the basket and any words I might have had disappeared as I watched item after item being passed in my direction. Handcuffs and a small whip with a leather covered handle were the first things to catch his eye, then special liquid chocolate, a paintbrush and several videos that had me blushing to the roots. When he stopped next to the carousel of dress-up outfits, I knew straight away that the tables were going to be turned on me.

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