Paint Ch. 02


Tom’s hands released me and Jake gripped the cheeks of my ass, thrusting high up into me his grunts filled my ears, joined by my screams. I felt something cold and wet snake its way along the cleft of my ass, sliding over my tightest hole, it was wet, slick, hard, it wasn’t Tom’s cock, I knew that much. I tried to twist round to see Tom but Jakes fingers tightened painfully and I was forced to turn back.

“Relax Kezzy.” Tom commanded me as I felt something nudge my little hole.

“What the hell…?”

“Shhh.” Was the only answer I got.

He brought what he had into my line of vision and I saw straight away that it was the whip he had put into the basket, the leather covered handle was now dripping and shiny, it was too big, much too wide for me. The panic must have been written all over my face and Jake’s thrusts slowed down.

“I don’t think she wants you to use that Tom.” Jakes voice said with quiet authority.

“Well she’s the one that wanted to play; I’m just making it a little more interesting for her.” His lips kissed the side of my mouth gently and I felt the handle once again between the cheeks of my ass. I let out a long scream as the top of the rounded whip started to ease its way inside me, but Jake’s mouth covered mine, swallowing my protests.

The pain was white hot, I was in agony, being stretched relentlessly, each time I was brought down onto Jake’s cock the handle of the whip was forced a little deeper inside me. There was no way I could take this much longer, my fingers reached up, curling around the curtain rail, pulling up slightly out of their grip but the dragging sensation as the handle slid a little way out of my ass was unbearable and I let go in shock. This forced the object back even deeper inside. My screams rang clear and Jake’s hand came up, covering my mouth, muffling me, his hips thrusting hard against me, the whip was pounding into me along with his cock and tears started to well up in my eyes. I was finding it hard to distinguish pain from pleasure, but it was there in the background.

Jake’s tongue lapped at my tears and my screams died down a little as I grew accustomed to the feel of being stretched so wide. I just wanted him to cum inside me, no matter how much pain was involved. Tom’s hand was flat on the small of my back, his thumb sweeping back and forth, I was crying out for them, my orgasm shocking me, wave after wave wracking my body. I was pushed forwards by Tom, my face buried in Jake’s neck, I bit down hard tasting the coppery saltiness that was his blood, his yelp of surprise and pain made me smile and his hands bruised me, throwing me down hard onto his shaft. The slippery handle was being twisted deep in my ass, and our wet fuck sounds filled the air, my juices dripped around the base of his cock. His hand left my mouth and came down between our bodies, his fingers finding my clit, rubbing it roughly, the look on his face was triumphant as I screamed long and hard. I wasn’t aware of pain anymore, just pure raw need.

Then at last Jakes cock jerked inside me, rock hard and spurting, the wet heat bathing my bruised flesh. I let my muscles grip around the base of his cock, tensing then released, again and again, trying to milk every last drop out of him. His hands were shaky as he held onto me, his whole body shivering. Tom let the handle slide out of my ass slowly as Jake moved back, letting my legs uncurl from around his waist. If it hadn’t been for the handcuffs holding me up I would have collapsed as soon as my feet had been laid on the floor. Instead, my body sagged forwards, my head bent down, breathing laboured. Both my holes were aching and nothing was said for long moments. Shock had a firm grip on all three of us.

As I looked down I could see splodges of our juices drop onto the floor from between my legs, the effect was so dirty, erotic, unreal. I couldn’t hold back the laugh that bubbled up.

“Well, I think the corset is a perfect fit for Kezzy, it certainly had the desired effect.” We all laughed together.

“You know, I stock a whole range of clothing that I don’t put out on the shelves, maybe we could persuade Kezzy to put on a little show for us. What do you think Tom?” At that moment I could feel every ache and pain come into sharp focus; my hands struggled to free themselves from the cuffs but I was held fast.

“Absolutely not, after this I’m trying everything on in the safety of my own room!” Tom’s hand stroked its way slowly down my spine as he brought his mouth close to my ear.

“Well Kezzy, after the reaction from wearing just the corset, I for one am curious to find out what might come from wearing different outfits, we have the whole day to play, if Jake is willing.” My head swung round and I stared at Jake, willing him to say that he didn’t have time, but his answering grin at Tom sealed my fate.

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