The following story is true, it happened to me two summers ago. Some details have been embellished for dramatic effect ... but only slightly. This is my first story so If it's terrible, cut me some slack. This isn't a short story, so if your looking for quick gratification and sex between two characters that haven't been developed by the author outside of "sally had big tits" then don't bother reading.


Painting is never a clean task. No matter how organized you happen to be as a person or how careful you are with your splatters, paint always ends up everywhere. On your face, on your clothes ... in your hair. Painting should be left for professional guys (or girls, in the interests of equality) who know what they are doing and wont end up trying to comb a large wad of Dutch Boy out of their hair at the end of the day.

I was not so fortunate to have a friend that heeded my advice.

It was late July, and my friend Lisa and I were painting her new townhouse she had just moved into. Lisa, who never was very mechanically inclined nor had she ever done much work with her hands in all her life, thought saving some money and painting her new place on her own would be-and I quote- 'fun.' This is a girl who, at 20, can afford her own townhouse as well as plenty of other gizmos and whatnots that people enjoy having. I asked her why she thought it would be more fun to muck around in a slightly flammable substance when we could be out enjoying ourselves on her wealth. She answered with "it will give us time to talk and spend time together ... you've been with Tony so much lately I don't know you anymore"

The latter was indeed true, this was about the time I was first getting serious with my boyfriend, but I certainly didn't think I had been seeing him to the exclusion of my closest friends. I did, however, feel slightly guilty at this accusation so I agreed to help Lisa paint her new place, with the understanding that it not take all day.

This story takes place at night, after taking all day painting.

Late July is a particularly oppressive time in northern Ohio, as the breezes from the lake seem to all but disappear, and the humidity seems to blanket everything. Tonight was one of those nights where you feel like as if all of your neighbors have hidden humidifiers under their porches and are conspiring to make the air as thick as possible. The kind of night where you know, just by the consistency of the air and the quietness of the night that a storm is on the way, and you strain to see the first raindrops hit the pavement and send small clouds of steam rising from it. It was nearly 85 degrees that night, unusually warm for 10PM, and while there indeed was a storm on the way, the radar was still showing all the dark green, yellow and red as still being in Michigan and moving slowly east towards the suburbs of Cleveland. Lisa and I were working in her new living room, as the bathroom and bedrooms were all she wanted painted. We had done the first coat in there during the day, now we were back for the second coat, and almost finished with the whole task. At this point I was getting more then a little peeved, I had already missed my night out playing pool with Tony and some of his buddies, and instead of drinking beer and being handled by an amazingly attractive man, I was slopping 'soft eggshell' on walls listening to banal commentary about how much the Indians suck (with that fact however, I totally agree).

I should describe myself for you, as I'm sure that's the only thing you are wondering at this point. I am 21 years of age, rather petit at 108 lb. and 5'4. I'm skinnier then most, but that's because of my metabolism not because I throw up whatever I eat to make myself worthy of the cover of Vogue. I have brown hair that currently runs past my shoulders, brown eyes and small, A cup breasts. My name (as you may have guessed) is Brittney and I'm from the suburbs of Cleveland in the most useless state in the union, Ohio.

Now my friend Lisa on the other hand is shaped quite differently. If you took me and stretched me out on all sides like you would do with a window on your desktop, you would have Lisa. Taller then me by a good 7 inches, she is also twenty to thirty pounds heavier, but she carries it well and is amazingly proportionate. A lot of her is muscle, while I think a lot of me is air, perhaps alcohol. She has very attractive features, but not what most people would call a 'hottie' ... she has more 'down to earth' good looks. Her hair is shorter, down to about her chin and even though it changes quite frequently, at this time it was brown like mine. Her eyes are a very unusual steel gray and she hides an impressive 36DD chest under the T-shirts and sweaters she usually wears. If you have a picture of two stunning beauties in your head then you have a pretty accurate one, just of somebody else. I hesitate to say we are the 'girl next door' types, since nowadays the girls next door have a 'girls gone wild' video series, but 'girl next door' is a rather apt description.

"Hey Lis ... uh, do you like hand prints?" I asked

"What do you mean 'hand prints'?"

"A representation of a hand outlined with something ... in this case, paint"

She looked over to the wall I was working on "You dumbass now you have to paint over that!"

"Well its not my fault I almost fell off this chair you've given me ... don't you have anything else besides wicker to stand on?"

"No I don't now come on we're almost done"

Lisa's new place was virtually empty, as she hadn't technically moved in yet. About the only smart thing she did was decide to paint before she moved her furniture and such from her old apartment, which was only a few streets away. Apart from a small TV, radio, cooler filled with Jell-O shots and Arbor Mist and painting supplies, the place was barren. Much to my chagrin when I discovered there wasn't any toilet paper earlier that day.

"Hey jumps ... want to keep helping me some more?" She inquired

I eyed her suspiciously ... she only used my nickname when she wanted something "What do you mean?"

"Well, I was thinking I wanted to do the kitchen after all ... we're here and everything and we have enough paint."

I stood there, precariously balanced on wicker, trying to decide what to do next.

"Come on babe it will only be a few more hours"

That did it... I jumped down and flung my just dipped brush at her face

"What the hell Lisa!" I was irate "We've been here almost 12 hours and now you want to do more? I had plans tonight that didn't include redecorating your new shag pad NOR did they include having to wipe myself with a paint rag! No! I said I'd help if it didn't take a long time and it already has so screw you I'm not your friend for 5 minutes"

She was calm and composed after my outburst as she always was, I was and still am the emotional one. She wiped the paint off her nose and mouth and said "If you help me with the kitchen, I will help you repaint your new place"

That gave me pause ... this I had to think about. I had signed a lease on my first place just the week prior, and I knew I would need to repaint it when I finally moved in. I had planned to hire some kids I knew from high school to paint it for me cheap, but the thought of making Lisa paint my place like I had painted hers was too good to pass up.

I sighed "OK fine deal. But we're only doing one coat and you do the second one tomorrow by yourself"

She agreed and we finished up the living room and went on to the kitchen. By the time we were done it was nearly 1AM, both of us sick of painting, starting to feel the effects of the Jell-O shots and just wanting to chill and relax for the few hours left in the evening before I had to be home at 3.

"That really sucked" I remarked, as we were washing up. "I hope your happy"

"Hey nobody forced you to be here ... but thanks for helping" Lisa answered, and have me a kiss

"By chance do you have ANY towels besides the ones for painting?" I asked. "I could really use a shower, and plus its hot as hell in here ... don't you have AC?"

"No Dad came and looked at it and said the freon had leaked out so it needs to be filled up or a new battery or whatever. There is a drop cloth in the car we didn't use though"

I looked at her with disdain "I'm not toweling myself off with a drop cloth"

"Its never been used for painting ... its just an old bed sheet. But if you wont use it I will"

I relented once she retrieved the thing from the car, it was clean and big enough to dry the both of us, provided neither one of us washed out hair.

"OK I get shower first I'm the guest" I said, sprinting into the bathroom and locking the door. Lisa playful pounded and threw a fit but I ignored her as I got out of my overalls and T-shirt. My breasts are small enough that I don't require a bra and I rarely wear underwear. After I turned on the water Lisa asked if I wanted her to wash my clothes for me. I said yes and unlocked the door to hand her my clothes then got back to my shower. The cool water felt good, but without soap all I could really do was get myself wet and try to get most of the paint and sweat off. I let my hands linger a bit over certain areas but it felt weird getting off in the shower when the bathroom was empty and there wasn't even a shower curtain ... somewhat like masturbating in a hospital. I finished up and Lisa got in after me, having already removed her jeans and T-shirt to put them in with my clothes. I sat on the toilet talking with her while she washed up.

"Why do you have a washer and dryer here already?" Was something I was wondering since she told me she could wash my clothes.

"I bought them from Best Buy and had them delivered here rather then my old place to save moving them"

'Well, score one point for the ditz' I thought. "Good plan" I said out loud

"Hey go down there and plug that dryer in ... it might need time to warm up cuz its new"

'Intelligence is fleeting' I thought as I left the bathroom and went down the half-level/landing at the back door of her townhouse, where the washer was shooting water all over the floor. With a curse I shut it off and wondered what Lisa could have done to fuck up a new washer so much that it leaked. To her credit, it wasn't her fault. The water had been hooked up, but her dad or her brother hadn't gotten around to attaching any kind of drain pipe to it. I opened the lid and saw that our clothes were sitting in water and there was no way to drain it off so they could spin dry. I figured I could just toss them in the dryer and they would just take a little longer. I reached around back of the dryer to look for the plug and found it, plugged it in and turned it on just to make sure it wouldn't explode. It ran fine, but there didn't seem to be any heat. The plug didn't seem to be as big as the one on our dryer either. Then it hit me.

"Lisa you moron" I said to myself, and went back to the bathroom

"How does it work?" She asked

I explained the washer to her and said I had put the clothes in the dryer

"OK cool we're set then" she said

"No not really"

"Why what's the problem"

"You bought a gas dryer you dumbass"

"So? Plug the gas in then" she said with a look of utter confusion on her face.

I couldn't be mad ... she was so cute when she was confused, which was often "You don't just plug gas in Lis, it needs to be installed. Our clothes area soaked and wont dry for hours"

"Jumps chill by the time I have to take you home they will be dry no problem"

"Lisa, we are completely naked in a house with no window coverings ... that falls under the heading 'problem'!"

"Don't worry about it we'll watch a movie in the back bedroom while our clothes dry ... it only has that one small window"

I was too drained to argue, and if I wasn't, I wouldn't have an argument. "OK fine what did you bring with you?" I asked

"I have most of my DVDs in my CD case ... go pick one out" she said as she went back to combing her hair. She brings a comb but no toilet paper. Good to see someone with their priorities in order.

I went and picked out 'The Mexican' to watch. Figured I could get my Brad Pitt fix at the same time as being able to ogle Lisa. The girl may not be very bright but I have always been attracted to her, she is not bisexual however and the one time we did experiment was disastrous to our friendship. We worked it out and now are comfortable with each other to talk about our sex lives, so in the end it was good for our relationship. I went a moved the TV from the living room to the tiny back bedroom and plugged it in, yelling to Lisa "Is your DVD player in the car?"

"That's the one the TV with the player built in!" she hollered back

I looked at the TV, it was not a TV/DVD combo. She had done it again. I went and got her, pointed to the TV and asked "so where do I put the DVD then?"

"Whoops" was all she could say

'Yeah whoops, just what your dad said' flashed through my mind. Out loud I asked her what she wanted to do now, as I didn't want to just sit on the floor for two hours.

"Well lets go get the other TV from the apartment" she said simply

I had to laugh "Yeah sure lets just stroll down the road and carry the TV back"

"No, we can drive. Its not like its far"

"Lisa, I'm not driving down the road naked with you. I don't want to have to explain to my Mom when she has to pick me up from the Police station why I'm wearing one of those jackets they cover the hookers up with"

"Come on its just from garage to garage, and its 1AM... you know as well as I do nobody is out this late in this town. And plus we can get dry clothes"

I was tempted by the possibility of getting clean clothes on, but I also knew that with Lisa nothing was ever simple. I didn't want to go but I knew my denim overalls would take ages to dry and I didn't want to go all the way home naked, so I agreed. "OK but lets make it fast" I said, taking a gulp of Arbor Mist for courage.

We scampered into her Grand Prix amid me protesting that I at least needed my shoes. "I have a clean car" she responded with. As we climbed in I had the foresight to ask her if she had enough gas, as I had been with her when she had forgotten to fill it twice before. She pointed to needle which showed a half tank. Somewhat reassured, we backed down her driveway and sped off. Lisa immediately turned on the radio all the way, but I turned it off saying "We don't need any attention drawn to ourselves!"

"Why not we're hot!" Lisa giggled and tweaked my nipple. Yup, she was gone. One to many Jell-O shots. I didn't even think about which one of us should have been driving, but we were just on subdivision roads and it was late and I certainly did not want to stop and get out of the car to change spots with her. I was trying to be discreet about things, I had on hand between my legs and my arm across my chest, but Lisa was singing along to the radio that I had just turned off, her large breasts swinging around. All I kept thinking was 'Oopps... I did it again'.

She was driving incredibly slow and weaving just a little, and it dawned on me that she really shouldn't be driving. As much from a 'I don't want to get pulled over' argument as a safety one, I told Lisa I should probably drive. She said no she was fine and that we were already halfway there, then promptly ran us up on a curb. I told her move over I'm driving that's all the is to it. She didn't like it but she agreed. She turned off the car and unlocked the doors while I jumped out of the car and ran around the front of it to get to the drivers side ... and smacked right into Lisa doing the same.

"Lisa all you had to do was go over the seats" I said, glancing around and still covering myself.

"I didn't think of that" she slurred it slightly

"OK fine whatever just give me the keys"

"They're in the car, you just have to go get them!" she giggled, placing her hands on her hips.

"Arg fine just get in the car" I dodged around her and got to the drivers side door, tugged on the handle.

It was locked.

"Lisa give me the keys!" I shouted. I was starting to get really nervous.

"They're in the car silly!" She was squeezing her tits together and trying to see them in the side mirror at the same time. Another time - ANY other time - I would have been aroused.

It was then I realized she was right ... they were in the car, sitting on the seat. For reasons that escape me now, for the first few seconds I was quite calm. I asked her why she locked the car and left the keys on the seat.

"Well duh we were getting out of the car so we had to lock it!" She responded

Technically speaking, I couldn't argue with that. I tried to think of a way out of the situation, but my calm was collapsing. I was slowly realizing that I was completely nude on the side of the road, not a stitch of clothing nor any way to call for help; we had left our phones at the new townhouse because we thought it would be a quick trip. I tried to think rationally ... all we had to do was walk the rest of the way to her old house and get dressed and call for a tow truck. It was only about a mile and it was thru a subdivision. If I was remembering my times right from high school we could do it in under 8 minutes. Without even thinking I took off down the road, with Lisa yelling behind me.

My sprint didn't last long. No more then 10 feet from the car I stepped on something. Weather it was glass or a rock or whatever I'll never know, but I almost fell over from the sharp pain in my foot. Lisa caught up to me and through her haze she could tell I was hurt.

"Lets just take it slow to my place OK?" She grabbed my hand and we started walking. No sooner had we started out then we saw a pair of headlights swing toward us, having turned off of a side street. We got back to the car as quickly as we could and crouched behind it. The car slowed a bit but didn't stop, then continued on its way. Lisa wanted to just stay by the car and flag someone down but I thought the better of it; for one we were both naked, which is bad for a cop to see. For two, Lisa was drunk and I wasn't exactly sober either and if a cop did happen along, not only do we both get MIPs and indecent exposure charges, we could get slapped with DUIs as well. Our only choice was to trek it back to her apartment.

"Lisa lets go" I said, suddenly noticing how erect her nipples were. I couldn't believe it but this was exciting her! I asked her if she was cold

"Its hot as fuck out here babe! Why would you think I'm cold! You must be drunk!" She wasn't aware of what she was showing.

I ran my hand across her left nipple "That's why" I said.

She looked down and giggled "Oh I'm not cold silly I'm horny! See lookie..."

With that she took my hand and placed it between her legs so I could feel her wetness. She must have been amazingly turned on or sweating like a pig... I don't know which but she was definitely very wet. For a second I lost myself in the moment and then snapped back into our situation realizing I cant have sex with my friend in the road. We needed to get home first so she could sober up, because I didn't want to take advantage of her this way. We started off, and this time we traveled without interruption for almost a half hour. I was starting to feel better and my buzz was wearing with all the walking and it was then that disaster struck.

The Arbor Mists and Jell-O shots wanted out. I had to use the facilities immediately only there were none available. I'm not such a girly girl that I don't know how to relieve myself in the wilderness - I love camping - but this wasn't wilderness ... this was roadway. Roadway with peoples homes lining it. All it took was for one of those people to call the cops and it was all over. I knew I shouldn't go but I had to, my body wasn't listening to me.

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