tagExhibitionist & VoyeurPainting a Fox Ch. 03

Painting a Fox Ch. 03


I relaxed but remained standing with my back to the three women. There was occasional bursts of laughter but mostly speaking in hushed voices. Eventually I heard them walking toward me, so I resumed my pose. Angie walked right passed me to the canvas and easel with her friends in tow.

I could now see that Angie's girlfriends, Sally and Claire were also quite attractive. A bit older than Angie, likely in their mid-30s. I soon gathered that Sally, the taller of the two, was Angie's art teacher at the local college.

Sally looked at the painting for some time, before looking up at me with a confused expression. Claire, on the other hand seemed more interested in Angie's attire than the canvas or myself.

"I'm glad to see you've kept up with painting, Angie, but I don't understand how his pose relates to what you've done here so far," Sally said. "Shouldn't he be standing with his back to us?"

"Well, of course," Angie replied. "Rodger, do turn around now so I can finish this up."

Sally and Claire seemed not to notice that I was nude. Was the paint on me that convincing, I wondered, or were they just disinterested in me sexually? I swallowed hard and turned my back to the women, and faced the park and the path with nothing to cover me but my painted on jeans.

"Hands up behind your head please," Angie called and I complied. "Widen your stance... No, not that wide... Lean a bit more to the left..." I tried as best I could, yet Angie's voice grew impatient.

"Here, let me," said Sally. The next thing I knew, Sally was standing right in front of me, her face level with my crotch. "Rodger, is it, may I?"

Before I could answer, Sally grabbed my right ankle and slid my foot about four inches to the right, causing my cock to swing and brush against her hair.

"Perfect," Angie called out to Sally who walked away from me just as my cock started going to full mast.

Thankfully, the park was fairly empty. Angie and her friends were chattering away and I was doing long division in my head to try and prevent an erection. Over the next twenty minutes, nearly a dozen people passed by me on the path. None of them noticing me, or at least none that acted like I was naked.

"Hasn't Rodger been a good sport?" Angie asked Claire and Sally as the three walked around the front of me. Relieved this ordeal was over, I was about to step off the beam when Claire called out, "Wait!" and started fishing around in her purse. She pulled out a camera phone and handed it to Angie. "Take our picture with Rodger."

Angie stepped backward onto the path and looked through the viewscreen of the camera while Claire and Sally stood in front of me, each with her face on either side of my cock. I couldn't step backward without falling off the beam, and gently put my hands their shoulders for balance. I could feel the warmth of their faces on my shaft, and it naturally had an effect on me.

"Smile," Angie called. "Rodger, look here at the camera, and try to smile!"

"He sure looks happy from here," Sally quipped as I tried to breathe calmly through a somewhat clenched smile.

"I'll say," said Claire, and with that, both Claire and Sally reached up behind me and placed their hands firmly on my bare ass, squeezing and pulling me forward. This caused me to wobble on the balance beam, making my cock bounce off the cheeks of both women.

"Careful Rodger," Sally teased, "Blue is not my shade."

"Too bad you didn't paint pink shorts on him, Angie" Claire joked, "then we could have done our lipstick for the photo."

"Well, if our lips were blue, we could warm ourselves up back at the studio" Sally smiled while Angie snapped photos.

"One last shot, before poor Rodger has a heart attack," Angie suggested, stepping closer with the camera phone.

Claire and Sally pressed their cheeks together, sandwiching my cock between their faces and smiled. I think my jaw must have been dropped for that photo. Then, they turned to kiss each other, both of them kneading my ass and pressing the head of my cock between their lips. As they kissed hungrily, their mouths and tongues slid up and down the length of my shaft, as if they were sharing a harmonica. Angie's eyes went wide and she stopped taking photos while her two friends devoured me while trying to kiss each other through my flesh, their hands roaming all over my ass. Unable to control myself, I began thrusting myself forward, fucking their faces in broad daylight.

"Claire! Sally! You're awful!" Angie shrieked and the two women broke their embrace, grinning at each other with denim blue lips as I staggered off the balance beam and braced myself with one arm against a nearby tree. They'd left me with blue balls in more ways than one – but the rest of my shaft was now decidedly bare and somewhat angry looking.

"Claire, you look cold!" Sally and Claire were laughing hystericallysaid with a hysterical laugh as Angie came to see how I was.

"Is it my blue lips," Claire replied, "or my pointy nipples?"

"They were cruel to you, Rodger, but I did warn you," Angie said with a hand on my shoulder. "Are you okay?" Angie asked.

"We're going to the studio to wash up," Sally laughed, "Why don't you two come back with us?

"Brilliant, Angie can finish touching up Rodger while I touch up Sally," Claire said.

Angie raised her eyebrows at me as if to ask whether I was willing. After a few deep breaths, I shrugged my shoulders.

"Terrific," Angie said with a note of relief and handed me the paint kit which I carried to for cover on the walk to the studio. Angie walked close behind me occasionally admiring her work.

I didn't know what to expect at the studio, but I was happy to be leaving such a public place. I was also excited at the prospect of remaining in the company of these three beautiful women.

Sally's art studio was only a short walk from the park. The space was on the second floor of an old Victorian house in a residential area adjacent to the college. The floor was white linoleum, splattered with paint. Three large bare windows shed natural light on the shabby furniture. Against the walls stood wooden easels and various props. Two large utility sinks sat below cabinets full of paints. Beside the sinks were jars full of brushes and a pile of rags. Off the studio on one side was a bed behind a folding screen. To the other side was a small dining table with four chairs around it and a tiny kitchen. When we arrived, Claire and Sally sat on the bed and resumed their passionate kissing. Angie stood me on a raised platform near the sink which afforded me a clear view over the top of the screen and into Sally's 'bedroom.'

"So, Rodger, I can either repaint your jeans or we can try and remove the paint you've got on. What's your pleasure?" Angie asked, drawing my attention away from Claire and Sally.

"I was hoping to borrow some real clothes until I can get home," I explained.

"I'm sure the girls will have something around here you can use, perhaps a costume. In the meantime, let me get this paint off of you, "Angie said while fishing around in the cabinets under the sink.

I stood quite still, watching Clair and Sally as they knelt facing and undressing each other on the bed.

"This may be a bit cold," Angie said and I felt her rubbing a wet cloth on my ass. I didn't say a word, for fear of distracting Claire and Sally who were now both topless. Sally was kissing Claire's neck from behind, her hands lifting Claire's pale breasts and tugging forcefully on her nipples while Angie was scrubbing at me from behind.

"Oh Rodger, this paint is stubborn, "Angie walked round front forcing me to look down and away from the lovemaking. "I don't think I should use paint thinner on your skin, do you?"

I shook my head "no" and Angie went on "I could make the water hotter but I don't want to burn you. You just tell me if it gets too hot, okay?"

I silently smiled my assent and she returned to the sink and ran the faucet hard to let it get hotter.

Sally and Claire were now both naked. Claire had her back to me, her hands were up against the headboard and she was kneeling astride Sally's face. Sally was alternately kneading Claire's ass and her own breasts with both hands.

By this time, I was rock hard and Angie was rubbing the fronts of my thighs with hot towels trying to remove the paint.

"Could I make this any hotter?" Angie asked.

I tore my eyes away from the lesbians to see Angie looking up at me. Her face an inch from my cock with both of her hands on my thigh rubbing up and down. The motion of her hands was doing nothing to remove the paint from my leg, but it had the effect of rhythmically bouncing my cock from left to right until a drip of pre-cum hit my thigh and immediately dissolved the paint.

"Rodger!" Angie nearly shouted with excitement, "Did you see that?! I know how to get this paint off you." Without hesitating, Angie grabbed my shaft in one hand and squeezed catching a couple drops of clear liquid from the tip of my cock with her other hand. Eagerly, she took my fluid and spread it widely across my thigh. As if by magic, the paint began to dissolve everywhere the cum had been rubbed.

"See!! See!!" Angie was thrilled. I was too. I looked up over the screen at Claire and Sally and they were lost in their own lovemaking, their legs intertwined and faces locked. Claire's wonderfully pale and round behind was grinding rhythmically as I felt Angie rubbing the head of my cock against my thigh while kneading my shaft as if trying to empty a tube of paint and then using her fingertips as if finger-painting on my legs. Angie let go of me a moment to re-wet the towels in hot water and then returned to scrub at the fronts of my thighs. The paint was nearly all gone although I knew the back of my legs, and my ass and balls were still covered in paint.

In the bedroom, Claire and Sally were lying side by side, but in a kind of relaxed 69 with each woman's face resting on the thigh of the other. Both Claire and Sally were shaved bare and quite swollen with excitement. Sally's clit seemed particularly large and Claire was lightly stroking the underside of it with her fingertips while Sally licked Claire tenderly.

Suddenly, I felt something warm and a bit squishy on my balls. Looking down, I saw Angie holding a soapy washcloth at my crotch, massaging my blue balls while her soapy hand slid slowly up my cock.

"Rodger, you have something I need," Angie said, with a mock sultry voice followed by a giggle.

It was all I could take. Two beautiful naked lesbians making love right in front of me while a third gorgeous young woman was slowly caressing my balls and milking my shaft. I didn't care if I'd have to dress as the Queen of Sheeba to get home, it was adding up to be the best day of my life.

I looked over at Sally and Claire while Angie began to stroke me more firmly. Sally was bucking her hips, plainly begging to be sucked. Claire climbed over Sally, planting her pussy squarely over Sally's mouth and then slinked down to suck Sally's huge clit into her mouth while looking straight at me over the screen. I could feel my own hips beginning to thrust against Angie's strokes until a new sensation drew my eyes down to see Angie trying to fit the giant head of my cock into her wide-open mouth. I looked back up at Claire and now she was smiling at me with Sally's clit held tightly in her teeth. Sally was clearly having a crushing orgasm as she began to writhe under Claire's body. As soon as Sally stopped shuddering, Claire, without losing eye contact, raised herself up on her knees and began to furiously finger herself with one hand while twisting a nipple with the other – Sally all the while lapping at her gaping cunt. I felt Angie's tongue swirling over the head of my cock while her hands were working me into a frenzy.

Claire's smile suddenly vanished as if something had surprised her. Both Claire's hands went straight to her mouth and she stifled a scream while her body began to shudder and shake. The sight of Claire cumming all over Sally's face took me over the top and I stiffened suddenly. Deftly, Angie slid the washcloth off my tightening balls and brought it up and over the head of my cock catching what must have been the mother of all loads of cum. The next thing I knew, I felt my own hot cum being rubbed all over my balls and my ass. It was so hot and slick and Angie's fingers were slipping all over me, rubbing my balls, rounding the curves of my ass, until she was holding me in a messy embrace, my thick pulsing cock pressed against her cheek while she covered every inch of me in a mix of cum and loosening paint.

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