tagInterracial LovePainting in Black and White

Painting in Black and White


I was working on a Saturday for a buddy with a painting company to help him finish a government contract. He needed to finish a job at the state fairgrounds by the middle of the next week and I can always use some extra money.

So I'm finishing up and carrying stuff to the truck I was using when I pass an incredible sight. They were having a high school graduation and happened to see one of the guests. She was a very attractive black woman of about 35 years old, shoulder length well styled brown hair, 5-6 tall and probably 150 pounds. It was warm day and she was wearing a light summer dress that even with a bra was not up to the task of keeping her humongous breasts in place.

Damn they were huge and as she hurriedly walked with a friend she was attempting get her breasts properly positioned in her bra and dress with moderate success. I guess I was staring, because she was awesome, when she looked at me and said, "So what you looking at?"

Resisting the urge to reply, 'those fucking jugs' I paused and said, "I was just wondering if I would be more of gentlemen to just tip my hat or offer to lend you a hand."

The woman and her friend laughed and as the big busted beauty finally got her fat tits situated she stopped and said, "Damn boy you'd need both hands if you could handle these at all." Then she and her friend continued to the ceremonies. I tipped my hat and continued on getting my stuff in the van.

I started the van and put the AC on high before getting my last load so it would start getting cool. Having stacked the last of the tarps in the van I was just about to close the side door and get going when someone slapped me on the ass and said, "Got enough room in there to have some fun?"

Turning, there was the big busted woman from a few minutes before. Brianna had a big grin on her face and squeezing my ass said, "You've got a quick lip, you're pretty sweet with that curly blonde hair, and you look good in those white britches. I wouldn't mind seeing how you look out of them."

Well who was this 22 year old, 5-9 tall 165 pound painter to object, "Please step into the office and let's get better acquainted, my name's Ryan"

Brianna stepped up with her right foot but seemed to be having trouble making her way when she turned to me and said, "Well honey I'm Brianna. Why don't you grab something back there and give a girl a hand."

So I reached out with my left hand for her ass, and damn that is one sweet ass, and helped her up and in. Brianna sat down on a pile of tarps and I followed closing the door behind me.

Brianna smiled at me and said, "Oooh nice an cool in here, I guess I'll see if I can get started warming things up" and slipped the straps of her dress and bra off her shoulders. As I tossed my shirt aside her dress slid down to her waist. As she unsnapped her bra I got my first look at Brenda's mammoth breasts. They were not the full firm round variety they were soft, bouncy, long and fucking awesome.

Seeing that I was stunned Brianna palmed those succulent jugs and said, "I see you like the goods, well honey you have hit the mother load."

As my mouth watered Brianna crawled over to me putting me on my back and straddled my body with her tits hanging in my face. They must have hung down 8 inches dangling above my face with nipples that must be three inches wide at the end. I reached up to hold the sides of each fat hanger in my hands and took one tip in my mouth.

As they say, more than a mouthful just takes longer, and Brianna's fat jugs would take an awfully long time but an enjoyable one. It was incredible to suck on the nipples of her fat tits and have so much to squeeze and jiggle with each hand. And from the moans coming from Brianna she was enjoying it too.

I moved my hands down and started to slip her dress off when Brianna stopped me and said, "Whoa let's be careful not rip that thing, it's too expensive to tear. You get yourself out of those britches while I take care of this you'll get to the pussy soon enough."

So we each took care of our own and after stripping down I turned to see Brianna waving her thong in my face. She reached down to take my stiff 8 inches in her right hand and said, "Oh Ryan you have a some serious wood to work with so let's get at it."

She then climbed on top of me in a 69 position and we got to it. I was lapping away at a very sweet pussy as best I could given the major distraction of a great blow job.

Brianna suddenly rose up and rolled off of me. I was a bit shocked but then she grabbed my dick and said, "I'm pressed for time so I can't do all I'd like so climb on and give me all of this where it counts big boy. Show me what you can do."

Well that was fine by me. I quickly slid between Brianna's and slipped the head of my cock into her pussy. I was quickly fucking Brianna's tight pussy sliding in deeper with every stroke. She was moaning and rolling her hips as I went all the way in pounding her pussy.

I closed my eyes for a few moments as I continued to fuck Brianna and when I opened them got a real shocker. Brianna had raised her left breast up to her lips and was sucking her own nipple. Fuck if that didn't get me even harder than I was and I breathlessly said I was going to cum.

Brianna said, "Oh Ryan get that sweet meat up here and let me get a taste."

So I pulled out and crawled up straddling her body and leaned forward. Brianna took the head of my dick in her mouth and as she squeezed the shaft I shot my load. She milked me and didn't miss a drop, smiling as she finished. I then rolled off onto a pile of tarps.

Brianna layed down on top of me and we kissed. I hugged her fabulous body and grabbed her soft round ass. When our lips parted she said, "Damn boy hard to say which you like best the big fat tities or the jiggle butt. Well you'll get plenty of both another time, I wish I had more time play with you but I got to get my ass moving. I'm glad I interrupted my day's plans for this." She said squeezing my balls.

Then she rolled off me and grabbed her clothes getting them on "But I have a girl's graduation party to get to. Now you give me a way to get in touch with you and we'll figure out when we both have plenty of time to really have at it. A little more comfortable setting and more time to fuck ourselves silly"

As she exited the truck I gave her my card and agreed we would do it up better a second time. I got dressed and returned the truck to my buddy's shop arriving about a half hour after him.

He asked if I had any trouble driving the truck or traffic. I said, "No trouble at all, this baby came through like a charm."

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