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Painting Lessons


He caught her drawing him yesterday; Jesse’s new neighbor, Memjuan, from the small apartment building. The four apartment house had a community wrap around porch. Jesse liked to sit there and do charcoal sketches in the afternoons. Ever since the dark stranger had moved in, she couldn’t stop watching him. She had to draw him.

She thought he was Spanish. Someone said he was Cuban, she hadn’t asked him. She just noticed his accent on the day she ran into him in the hall moving into the apartment next to hers upstairs. His English had not been the best, and she found herself fishing for things to say in broken Spanish. Mostly she had just smiled at him while he and two other guys moved his furniture up the stairs.

He wasn’t very tall. At 5’7, he was the same height as she. He reminded her of a horse jockey. He had broad shoulders, a lean muscles look, and hips that tapered into strong legs. He had a chiseled face with a sharp nose and a mouth so full that it looked out of place among all of his hard surfaces. Damned sexy though. Dark thick hair cut short, curling slightly on the top. Reminded her of that guy Julia Roberts dated a while, Benjamin….well damned sexy.

With her pale skin and long brown hair, Jesse didn’t figure she was much to look at, let alone tempt the exotic man next door. She wore her hair up at all times, had cat eye glasses that covered up how long her eye lashes were, and kept people from noticing how her eyes were really violet. She wore baggy clothes, that hid her large breasts, and hips that curved too much for her and her ass that was too round and either put men off or got too much attention.

Shy. That was what her few friends would say. Jesse is too shy, and doesn’t take the chances that she should. Jesse liked to think of it as just preferring to watch the world through her art. She drew sketches constantly. While at work, while in the park, at restraunts, and especially on the porch while watching her new neighbor.

That’s how he caught her yesterday. He was talking to a beautiful woman on the front steps. She had the same dark skin, and rich hair as he. They were speaking Spanish, and Jesse only understood bits of what they were saying. She had begun tracing his features with her charcoal. Fingers rapidly turning black from blending. She had imagined how it would feel if she could touch his skin the way she touched the paper with the charcoal. She pictured him nude and before she realized it, she had drawn him so using her imagination to fill in the gaps of what she had not seen.

She became so focused on her daydream of touching her neighbor that she only noticed how erotic her drawing was becoming. Unfortunately, it was also the same time he happened to take a hold of the chain of the swing she sat in and look down at her pad.

She flushed deep red, and he smiled like a cat caught eating the canary. “I’ve often wonder what is you draw so much.”

Jesse quickly reached to rip the page out, but his hands caught hers on top of the papers. “Don’t, is okay, ah I like it.”

Jesse looked up at him slowly. She was horrified that he had caught her daydreaming of him this way. She swallowed hard. He was watching her very closely. Taking in every inch of her in a way she was not used to being seen.

He winked at her, and was gone.

That was yesterday. Today she was hiding in her apartment. Music loud, while she worked on a large canvas. She was painting a piece for a friend. A very large scene of an ancient Roman couple. So engrossed in the details, she was oblivious to much else.

She had taken off her art smock. It was hot in the lofty apartment. She was now painting in her small red undershirt that strained to keep her large breasts covered. They spilled out around the top of the shirt, the nipples trying to bounce free of the so-called made in bra of the shirt. Her breasts took up most of the material, making the shirt ride up mid drift. Her cut off shorts were too big and too cut off for public. But she liked the freedom they gave her. One side was cut so high that a round ass cheek peeked out from the bottom. Her hair was spilling out of the loose clip that held it from her face.

So engrossed in details that she had forgotten to lock her door after getting her mail this morning from downstairs. The music so loud she couldn’t hear the knocking. She stood a few yards back from her picture chewing on the end of a paintbrush. She was adding the final touches to the faces today. She had paint on her everywhere. Red from the tunics on her thighs, where she had unconsciously wiped her hands, yellow on her arm from leaning in too far, white across her left breast, and she suspected her face. This was normal for her when she became involved in a project.

When his hand touched her shoulder, she jumped. Whirling around fast, and skidding white paint from the end of the brush across her neighbor’s face. Her mouth dropped open and she flushed again.

“I’m so sorry,” she said, “I didn’t hear you come in, what…what are you doing here?” She fidgeted with words as she tried to find something to wipe the paint from his chin.

He wiped at the paint with his own hand, and catching hers before it could touch the white still there. He held it in his own. “I’m sorry, I knock but you do not hear me. Your music…”

“Oh!” Jesse turned to turn down the stereo.

Leaning down and giving him a full view of how short her cutoffs were in the back. When bending down to the stereo, he could see almost the whole half of her round ass. Enough to notice she wasn’t wearing any underwear. Her shirt was too small as well. He enjoyed watching the flimsy straps fight to contain her large breasts. He could tell her baggy clothes hid her figure, but he never imagined she would look like such a sex kitten. He felt a tightening in his own pants, and tried to cool his emotions.

Jesse turned back to him, so embarrassed and shocked to see him there, she still hadn’t remembered that she did not have her smock on to cover her skimpy attire. “Was it bothering you, the music?”

He only smiled at her and looked her down again, “No, I liked it. I come to see your paintings. Oscar downstairs says you paint great things. Can I watch you painting, please?”

Jesse didn’t think she could flush any redder. Painting? Her mind was going blank. She couldn’t be near him without lust riding her senses. He wanted to watch her paint. Okay, no harm in that really. “Ah, sure, have a seat,” she took the brush back in her hand and began to focus on the canvas again.

It was difficult; knowing that he was still there and painting. Schooling herself to calm down, she began to focus again on the picture until she was engrossed in her art again. The music was turned up loud again, but she didn’t notice. Memjuan stood behind her watching her paint the Roman man that was beginning to favor him, but she didn’t notice.

He watched her for a long moment. She was painting with quick juts of her brush. Her hands stroked the colors on the man’s bare thigh. He wondered what it would be like for her to stroke him in the same way.

He unbuttoned his shirt and laid it across the chair she had offered him to sit on as she painted. He slipped off his shoes too so she wouldn’t hear him coming up from behind. She looked so sexy stretching up on her toes, paint across her body. He had to touch her.

Jesse was just about to touch gold to the man’s eye when she felt hands around her bare stomach. The hands were warm and gentle. Fingers spanning the bare skin, thumbs running right under the edge of the shirt to touch more skin. She had forgotten her attire. She was suddenly aware at how little she had on, and suddenly realized that he wasn’t wearing a shirt.

His chest warmed her back, and those soft lips came down to kiss her neck. Her paint pallet fell back from her hand onto the table. “Memjuan…”

He held her tight to him, his hands moving inside her shirt, stroking the flesh under her breasts. “Hmmm?” he continued to kiss her, sucking her flesh in to his mouth, using his tongue to lick and soothe. His hands found the band of the shell bra and moved into it. Fingers were moving to palm her breasts. So large that they spilled out the edges of his hands. He pressed himself against her and let out a low moan.

Jesse closed her eyes for a moment, in shock of what was happening. It was something she wanted, but didn’t think it would actually happen. For a moment she thought she was daydreaming again, until she felt his hard arousal pressing into bare thighs from behind. She tried to pull away and protest. She barely knew him after all.

He reached for her face and kissed her as she turned. All protests went out the window when his tongue pushed its way into her mouth. She wanted him, she had fantasized about him, and now here was her chance to see what it would be like to give in to her own fantasy.

She kissed him back. Licking at his tongue, running her hands over the lean muscles in his arms, exploring his back with her nails. The paintbrush falling to the floor, her shorts and shirt quickly after.

He undressed her before she could catch her breath. She let him, needed him to do so. She reached for the fly of his pants, undid them and reached to free him as his jeans slid to the floor. He stood erect in her hand; longer than she had seen before, and with a curve.

He pinned her to the wall beside the bay window. His hands gripping her breasts in firm hands. He squeezed each nipple into hard points while kissing her. His thigh pressing between hers.

Jesse put her arms around his neck and jumped to wrap her legs around his waist. He held her there, pinned against the wall, her round ass just above his hardness. He held her there like she weighed nothing, his thighs holding her in place, as he slid his hands down to cup her ass.

He began speaking in Spanish. She didn’t understand all of what his said. Bonita, amore, te quiero, basame….phrases and pieces. His accent making his tongue roll before flicking at her ear. Her body tingling all over. She had never wanted anyone as much as she wanted him. She could feel the head of his penis brushing the outside of her pussy. She moaned in frustration, rocking her hips to urge him to enter her soon.

His hands on her rear, guided her onto his waiting hardness. He positioned her onto him then let her go. Her body fell onto him, as he pinned her hard into the wall. He held onto her ass, his fingers kneading the flesh as their hips moved together.

Jesse felt him stretch her and touch the top of her womb. It was an amazing feeling. He began moving fast inside of her, fucking her hard while pressing her up against the wall. She held on to his waist with her legs, riding him by rocking her body and pressing her shoulders into the wall.

He reached between them and sucked one hard nipple into his mouth, feeling exploding inside of her. She leaned her head back and cried out as his teeth scraped the sensitive bud.

Their rhythm began matching the thudding base on the music that was masking their loud cries as they made love. Memjaun bit at her lips, making them fuller while thrusting into her. Jesse biting back, knicking his shoulder, sucking on his ear. The paint on her hands, smearing on his back and his chest.

Suddenly, he moved. Taking her with him and sitting her on the small kitchen counter. Pulling out of her wet pussy, he dove between her legs. Putting her legs around his shoulders and nuzzling his face into her hot pussy. He licked at her clit, sucking it into his mouth. She dug her nails into his shoulders, and leaned back to give him better access.

He sucked and nipped at her until he felt her begin to shake. She gripped his head with her hands, pressing his face closer inside of her. She screamed. Her thighs tightening around his face. He scooped his hands around her ass cheeks, gripping them into her face.

When she slumped back into the cabinets, he pulled his face away. He kissed a trail up her stomach until he locked her into a kiss again. Jesse kissed him hungrily, her body still wired from her recent climax. Instead of satisfying her, she only wanted more. She slid off the counter, pressed into him. She could feel him hard against her thigh.

He turned her in his arms. Her ass pressed against his arousal again. He held onto to her by her large breasts and began to push her down to the floor. They fell on their knees together, and he bent her to all fours.

There he took her from behind, gripping her shoulders and thrusting hard inside. He took her in long hard strokes, pulling all the way out, then slamming back in. He pressed her face lower to the ground, making her ass stand up higher as he picked up the pace.

He fucked her hard, gripping her breasts until he cried out with his own release. Falling over on top of her, and fingering her sensitive clit until she came again with his cock still inside of her.

They lay on the floor panting in each other’s arms. Paint all over their bodies, and the music switching to a slow song on the CD.

Jesse noticed the contrast of their skin and thought it beautiful the bronze and the white limbs entwined. She lay in her lover’s arms trying to think of what to say that he would understand. He was doing the same while stroking her back as they lay on the floor. He pulled her on top of him. His hands stroking her ass, guiding her down to where he was already growing hard again.

He smiled at her, as he thrust up and into her from underneath. She sank down on him, enjoying the feeling of his sliding so sleekly back in. It was going to be a long, inspiring day.

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