tagRomancePainting with Lydia

Painting with Lydia



Eddie Carter had been working for Gilmore Home Decorators in Crawley, England, for three weeks and during that time had been painting commercial premises - a paint store, gymnasium, bicycle shop and bakery.

The Australian preferred painting homes where there was always the chance of the woman of the house providing coffee and freshly-buttered scones for morning and afternoon tea and a hot lunch in return for excellence in painting.

Eddie wasn't sure how women could tell if the painting with catering was any better than painting without, but there you are. Women can be so trusting.

The 32-year old had sold his photography business in suburban Sydney and had opted to tour England on a working holiday before deciding what to do next. This action was precipitated when his female partner of three years ditched him for a window cleaner. Humiliated at being dumped for an uneducated lout by the woman who called herself his unofficial fiancée, Eddie's reaction was to really distance himself from here because he didn't want him attempting a reconciliation when she realized that a guy who demanded sex three times a day was not actually creating Utopia.

During school holidays and when doing a 4-year part-time diploma in photography, Eddie had worked for his dad, a master painter, who had a home decorating business. Eddie was given the choice of painting or plastering and chose painting. He became very knowledgeable and skilled under his dad's tutorship.

He'd chased after a job as a painter in Crawley in southern England, as a strategic base to tour a wide area of the country at weekends. He then planned to move to Exeter, Cheltenham, Stoke on Trent and then Barnsley before planning where to locate next. He thought a month to nine weeks in each location would be about right, but who knows? He might hate England and return to Australia within a month.

Coming back to the depot with two other painters after finishing the bakery job, Eddie saw Mrs Gilmore who said cheerfully, "How are you going Duckie, I mean Aussie?"

"I appear to be fitting in well Mrs Gilmore."

"Fine, fine, but are you happy?"

"I'm happiest when painting inside houses, not exteriors though. I excel at cutting-in and using a roller to provide flawless finishes."

Mrs Gilmore nodded, looked at him and said, "Just a moment love."

She yelled Bert and her husband Albert came out growling, "What now?"

"Eddie here would like to do domestic interior work. He might be the guy to send to Middlemarch. You have perused Eddie's work."

"Oh yeah, he'll be the man but he'll have to use his vehicle. Pay him mileage. You brief him."

Next morning Eddie drove his campervan into a driveway in need of repair and evaded potholes on the twisting route between oak trees up to a huge home called Middlemarch.

"Good morning young man," said the gray-haired woman with a friendly smile. "I'm Lady Fisher. You are Australian I understand? My mother had some Australians staying here recuperating from battle injuries during World War 11."

"That was very kind of her."

"She was doing her bit for the War Effort. I was here of course, but was only a tot. The soldiers were very nice to me and apparently taught my mother dirty songs."

Eddie smiled, not knowing what to say. So he told her his name.

"Come in and meet my youngest daughter who has got herself into a pickle attempting to paint the ceiling of the ballroom. Brush marks are showing everywhere. She sent out for scaffolding to see if that will help to improve things. She has been painting up on a stepladder, just the one ladder without a plank."

"And therein lies part of the problem Lady Fisher. I can help sort it out."

"Lydia this is Mr Carter from Australia, sent by Elsie Gilmore to sort you out."

"So they had to send to Australia for an expert?" said the woman.

Eddie almost wet himself in shock.

The tall woman was pale, with ruby red lips... a stunning beauty and because she was fooling around with the scaffolding rather than painting she'd discarded her overalls and was wearing just in a tee and a short skirt and sneakers. Her breasts were mouth-watering.

He swallowed to remove excessive saliva that had suddenly been generated. Yes very mouth-watering.

"Oh hi. You must excuse me dressed inadequately. I'm trying to assemble this damn complex scaffolding. The fools didn't pack assembly instruction."

"I'll leave you two to get on with it," said Lady Fisher. "I'll have Elsie bring you coffee and hot-buttered scones at 10:30."

Calling thanks, Eddie said, "I'm Eddie Carter and have been working for Gilmore Home Decorators for three weeks."

"Oh hi, I'm Lydia Fisher... please don't call me Lady Lydia. My father is the Earl of Lyttelton. You may be interested to know mother is actually the Countess of Lyttelton but you should continue to call her Lady Fisher, which is her preference, although confusing. You see our family name is Fisher. She may invite you to call her Barbara. You just call me Lydia. I'm not into titles. I hope that was not too confusing for you."

"That confused me in knots Lydia. I'm really a guy who works on the simplified need-to-know basis."

"Oh what's that?"

"Just tell me what I need to know."

She clapped her hands and said, "Oh my goodness, that's clever."

Eddie now had a growing erection problem because her tits had wobbled when she clapped her hands.

He turned away from her and said, "Let's look at this scaffolding."

"It's over this way," she said.

Eddie pulled out his shirt and turned happily, knowing his bulge was concealed by the bottom of his shirt hanging out.

She frowned, "They sent wheels with it for some reason."

"Lydia dear, it's a mobile scaffolding frame."

"Why are you calling me dear?"

"Because I'm a happy chappie who takes liberties."

"I see. Well I best ensure I don't bend over in front of you."

Eddie gaped at her.

She said, "You may close your mouth now. I apologize for shocking you."

"Um is it all right if I grope you?"

"Not today I shouldn't think."


"I suggest you slow down a little Eddie."

"Oh okay. God would you really bend over in front of me know what I might do?"

"I might by the time the week is out."

"But when exactly?"

"Like I said, possibly by the time the week is out."

Eddie took a deep breath. "Let assemble this scaffolding. Your painting is shit?"

"I beg your pardon."

"Just face the truth Lydia. You know you are capable of doing better than that, perhaps much better. You simply failed due to inadequate equipment and faulty technique."

"God I really don't know why I'm not slapping you."

"Because you love me?"

She frowned. "Was that a question or a statement?"

"Take your pick. Pass me the spanner please. I don't need written instructions because this is a standard free-standing frame. Any dummy can erect it."

"I see."

"Er meaning male painters."

"Thank you. You do take it to the brink Eddie."

"It's my nature. Here give my a kiss."

"I'm a divorcee."


"Oh very well. Now no tonguing."

It was a sweet kiss and they both kept their eyes open and that suggested both knew they were thinking this was going somewhere.

"God it won't be long before you are into my panties you Australian Romeo."

"Now don't get yourself over-excited Lydia. The spanner please."

They had the scaffold assembled and in place within twenty minutes. Eddie then looked at the sizeable ceiling and then looked at the tins of paint. "You are two cans short."

"How do you know? You haven't measured up?"

"I know."

"Well I have other cans of ceiling paint on hand. We won't run out."

"Right I'll get my protective clothing on. You may help on the first coat but I do the second coat and all the cutting-in okay."

"That makes sense. You are the professional."

They were all set to begin when the maid arrived with morning tea.

They finished painting the ceiling at 2:15. Lydia had been very useful when Eddie applied the second coat. She handed up new cans of paint and taking away the empties and pushing Eddie along when he wanted the scaffold moved. She kept up non-stop chatter.

He jumped down and kissed her.

"You were very, very useful. We sped through that last coat thanks to your great assistance."

"I know and thank you. It looks great. We must have lunch. I'll get mother to take a look."

Lady Fisher came in and praised the excellence of the work.

"I think I'll get you two to paint most of the house."

"Er how many rooms are there?"

"Thirty-three I think Eddie."

He looked at Lydia who nodded.

"Very well. Will you pay Lydia? It's damn hard work for it although easier now we have the scaffold and I have changed her from brush to substantially roller painting."

"Of course and she'll probably donate the money to one of her favored charities. She has plenty of money. I'll phone Elsie Gilmore to advise I'm keeping you on. We best get the rest of the paint from her."

"That would be diplomatic."

"Would you like to stay here?"

Eddie glanced at Lydia whose face remained impassive. "Yes that's a good idea. I have my campervan."

"I meant in the house as our guest. Before long it's likely you and Lydia will get something going I feel."


"She'll choose your bedroom and Elsie will prepare it for you. Elsie will take care of your washing too."

"Thank you. You are so kind Lady Fisher."

"Well I recognize good painting when I see it. Oh you may call me Barbara."

"Thank you Barbara."

"Take Eddie to the swimming pool darling and then perhaps play billiards or go for a walk. Pre-dinner drinks will be at 6:45. I have no idea when my husband will be home."

* * *

Lydia told Eddie where the pool was and disappeared.

The pool was a modern addition to the old home and had a glass domed ceiling. Lydia had not appeared and so Eddie began swimming. He had everything he owned in the campervan so was prepared for any eventuality.

He heard Lydia call, "I thought Australians could swim like fish."

"I'm one of them who just hack about. I was never coached.

She was dressed in tight blue and the shirt was short and the legs looked great.

"Here's a beer," she called and stood right at the edge and must have known he could look up her dress.

He almost dislocated his neck attempting to avoid looking up there.

"It's okay, I'm wearing panties."



He rested with his back against the side and coping and she squatted next to him, a very friendly gesture.

He passed the pint bottle to her and she sipped without attempting to wipe the top.

That told Eddie she'd accepted him and his germs.

"Thanks," she said, handing the bottle back.

He looked at her and asked how old was she?


"Any kids?"

"No. It is believed he was the problem."

"Why did it end, because of that?"

"Not really, he became arrogant and unfeeling for me. He said there wasn't another woman but I didn't believe him and finally I asked for a divorce and he appeared rather relieved."

"So it must have been you?"

"God you're rude," she giggled. "Perhaps for varied reasons we just fell out of love. I honestly don't know and his unwillingness to communicate didn't assist."

"Time is running out for you to have kids."

"Don't I know it."

"Would you like me to impregnate you?"

She giggled and said yes please but looking down at him said, "Omigod you appear serious?"

"Yes and I understand with you in that position it's not a subject to trifle with."

"Eddie that is a stunning offer and, well, you are a dear man for making the offer but I couldn't accept. God I haven't even considered such an eventuality."

"Well don't be too quick to reject the offer. Take time, plenty of time, to consider it. At this point I'm not accepting your answer of no because it's too premature. That's all we need to say about this for now, right?"

"I... yes, you're quite right."

They chatted about themselves as if knowing that was necessary, very necessary under this new change in their relationship.

Lydia stood. "Time to get out. Do you wish me to dry you or can you manage?"

"Can't wait to get your hands on me eh?"

Lydia flushed and she said, "For some hours I'd been thinking it appeared inevitable we'd have sex."

"You were right to think that. Have you put me next to your bedroom?"


He smiled. "And is there a connecting door?"


"And do you believe your mother would have expected you to make that arrangement?

She looked startled and said yes. "You are very perceptive for a house painter."

"Thank you. Of course as a trained photographer I have been trained to look beyond what I see."'

"Oh yes, you did say you had worked as a photographer. I'm very happy to have you staying here Eddie. I have been so lonely. Daddy doesn't really talk to us, rather he talks at us, if you know what I mean and really mommy and I don't have an awful lot in common."

"What do we have in common Lydia?"

"A mutual interest in sex?"

"I was hoping you'd have the guts to say that. Well done."

She giggled and walked away, leaving him to dry himself and had no idea how to play billiards but was sure Lydia would feel empowered if he asked her to teach him, not that he'd have to say he couldn't play because he would stand there looking hopeless.

* * *

Eddie dressed for dinner in dark pants, a white shirt and the only tie in his possession and when ready knocked at Lydia's door, having worked out which side of his room she was by the location of a connecting door that had a 10-inch thick bolt on his side.

She same out in the same dress but smelling of stronger perfume and her lips were redder.

She kissed him without warning. That was a bit of a surprise and he managed to grope a little. There was no objection or resistance.

As they walked into the drawing room, whatever that was, Eddie say the elderly gentleman and panicked.

"What do I address him as?'

"Please yourself," was the unhelpful reply, but she did say, "Greet daddy first."

"Good evening My Lord. I'm Eddie the painter."

"Good evening. I've seen the ceiling and must say jolly good show. My wife tells my you are a professional photographer in your homeland?"

Eddie thought well he was informed, the conduit being Lydia via her mother.

"Yes sir. Good evening Barbara."

"Good evening Eddie."

"Eddie eh?"

"Yes My Lord."

"And from Australia I understand?"

"True My Lord."

"Do you drink beer?"

"I have been known to sink a pint or two My Lord."

"Lydia call for two dark ales and order what you two women want. Son please call me Osmond."

"And Ossie is not to be confused with the other form also called Aussie?"

"You have the hallmarks of being an entertaining and irrelevant guest my boy but then you are Australian."

The meal went well, despite Bennie feeling a little nauseated when the pork arrived on a huge platter with the pig's head intact.

They sat talking over coffee and then watched the mid evening news and then the younger couple said goodnight.

"We are going to watch racier TV in my lounge," Lydia said.

Eddie wasn't really keen on TV apart from watching sport but when they got to their bedrooms she said to grab a towel and head for the pool. He was in the heated pool when she arrived carrying a tray of drinks and was draped in a towel. When the towel dropped and he saw she was nude, Eddie almost dislocated a hip when excitedly kicking off his swimsuit.

He stayed in the center the pool frozen in shyness, an emotional state practically unknown to Australians. Lydia waded over to him and said, "Kiss my tits."

Eddie obeyed, with gusto.

They entwined and fondled each other's genitals as younger people know these days what is expected of them on first dates, although technically was this a date?

"You'll need a condom," Lydia said hoarsely.

But Eddie tried to argue. "I thought you said you didn't think you'd want me to grope you this week."

"I said I shouldn't think we'd do it before the week was out. I'm not necessarily right in everything I say although I'm aware men expect women to achieve that state of excellence."

"I-I'll have to go out to the van."

"Oooh, good boy. You didn't really take it for granted I'd let you plunder me."

"Plunder you?" Eddie choked.

"It's just a turn of phrase sweetheart. Don't be too eager to read everything into it. I have condoms. Go down to the steps at the shallow end."

Eddie thought oh hello, she knew about bending over the coping of a swimming pool at the steps. But he wasn't jealous.

She arrived back with a towel and a packet of something and said, "I must have had a premonition this was coming because I carried out a long overdue trimming of my bush only yesterday."

He said all good things come to those who wait and clip and she giggled.

"I'll spread my towel out like this and won't get abrasions from the paving titles. I learnt this after coming across my sister and her eldest son fucking here last month. Mothers seem to teach their kids everything these days."

"I didn't know that," Eddie swallowed.

Lydia lay on her front on the towel with her legs in the water to present beautifully her pussy and little rosebud to the almost overwhelmed Eddie. God even her cunt and anus were almost beautiful. He was almost convinced he'd fallen off the scaffold after over-dosing on paint fumes and was experiencing a lucid dream during his state of ecstasy.

But he caught a whiff of her arousal and knew this was no dream.

Eddie positioned on a step and knelt and licked in long, soft strokes up and down her butt, giving Lydia a precursor of being on the cusp of somniferous descent into decadent carnal delight.

She groaned, that long groan coming from deep down.

They were away.

Eventually she thrust back at in squeals of delight, adding a new level of wetness to Eddie's fingers and mouth.

"God," she puffed, turning on to her back and grasping his erection to jerk it, "You can do that to me any time you wish."

That was a rather rash statement. However Eddie appeared responsible enough not to recklessly take advantage of the offer.

Lydia rolled the condom on him and said, "Push in slowly sweetheart; you are rather large. We'll have a real job getting this up my butt."

"There's no rush and we'd bound to find a way," Eddie said confidently. "Perhaps we ought to wait until we are drunk and therefore very relaxed. But in the meantime there is always this delightful pussy."

"Oh Eddie."

If Barbara noticed when the couple were arriving for breakfast that her daughter appeared to be having a little difficulty walking and Eddie appeared to be rather jaded she gave no indication. She greeted them warmly and gave Eddie their account number with Gilmore Home Decorators and told him to pick up whatever he needed.

"I suggest you two do the public rooms first. Lydia doing the kitchen will require careful negotiation with Cook and Muriel will need to be kept fully informed."

Eddie found out later Muriel was housekeeper and in charge of all staff except Cook and her assistant and temporary kitchen help.


Mrs Gilmore took a close look at Eddie and said, "Ah I see you have been at the Fisher's youngest already."

Eddie just grinned and wondered how the hell did she know that.

He told Mrs Gilmore that he'd been asked to internally redecorate most of the house.

"Hmmm," she said.

"I suggested to Lady Fisher that she buy everything I need through you."

"Oh really?"

"At trade price."

"Naturally Eddie. Look you were only working here short-term. You were honest enough to make that clear to me when I engaged you. I suggest you resign your employment here as from Friday and then negotiate a pay rate with Lady Fisher. You could arrange for just a cash payment that will be tax free and you'll not have to pay other levies."

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