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Pajama Party


It's almost Halloween and I am thinking of having a party this year. I am trying to figure out what the theme is going to be but instead of working on it myself I invite a few friends over for a pajama party to hash it out. I invite two women and two men.

I call for my harem to prepare for the evenings events. You are pleased that I have called you after being late that one time you have been prompt if not early even. I remind you to make sure that you are clean shaven all over. You have taken to getting waxed regularly so you are always prepared without any stubble. Your hair now hangs to the tops of your shoulders which you've been wearing in a pony tail. Tonight Mai will transform you into a slut for my guest's pleasure which is my pleasure. I get wet with anticipation to see you in your gear.

Mai and my new female Pusé begin to prepare you and two others for the party, one of which you notice is Goliath. They polish your toes with a hot red nail color after your pedicure. They put on your strappy stilettos that tie around your calves. They make you step into some black lace crotch less panties, this is odd to you because your cock and balls are hanging through them.

Mai and Pusé each take one of your nipples into their mouths and begin to suckle you. They make your nipples hard and pert, squeezing and massaging your breast sucking harder at your sensitive pebbles. You know what is coming next when their mouths leave. You feel nipple suction cups being placed and pumped to create a vacuum around your sensitive peaks. You moan from the pain and the pleasure it brings you. But Mai has another surprise this time she adds weights to them and you are made to be more aware of your nipple's torture.

Pusé slips a black silk nightie over your head and it has slit over your breast that are tied closed with red ribbons and one pull will have your nipples exposed completely but for now whenever the soft fabric moves across your skin it heightens the awareness of your nipples. You love the way the nightie slides across your ass and how it brushes against the tops of your hairless thighs but you especially love how it glides and caresses your hanging cock and balls when you move while seated. You feel the sting of Mai's crop on your thigh after she notices you squirming too much.

Mai and Pusé move around you in your chair curling your hair and applying your make up. When they are done you look beautifully slutty. Mai pulls your arms behind your back and cuffs them. She ties a silk scarf over your eyes and adds a collar and leash as the final touch and hands you over to Pusé as she leads the other two out to my play room.

The room is a huge 20'x 25' space that is covered in rubber on the three walls and floor. The fourth wall and center of the ceiling is covered in mirrors. The floors are covered with pillows large and small and in the center of the room is a huge pleasure bed for an orgy. The rubber walls had shackles and restraints adorning them. Two sex swings hung from unmirrored portions of the ceiling and near one was the whipping boy that slut remembered from the black ball.

The boy toys were brought in and positioned around the room shackled to the walls and the blind folds are removed. Then Mai and Pusé climbed into the sex swings to await my guests. I lead my guest into the room and they are very happy to see a portion of my harem in the room. I go around acknowledging every one of you I allow my guest to follow suit. I briefly kiss, lick and finger Mai's and Pusé's exposed pussies.

The first of my anal sluts is Brie (really Brian) he like you loves to be made up a slut. He is dressed up like a school girl just as you were last week. Tight white top, plaid pleated short skirt, white knee socks and high heeled Mary Jane's. He looks a lot like Brittany Spears even down to the pony tails and ribbons. I reach up under his school girl skirt and stroke his eager cock. I squeeze it firmly making him moan and causing pre-cum to ooze from the tip and I take my cum-covered fingers and slide them between his lips where he eagerly suckles my fingers eating his cum for me.

Then shackled boy toy is Goliath. he is dressed in tight black leather crotch less shorts. He looks like a fierce gladiator with his large muscles, wide chest, narrow hips big cock and thick thighs. He sense my nearness and his cock is drooling pre-cum. I lean over and take his 14" monster between my lips and lick and suck the head of him. He moans for me and his dick twitches in my hand. I laugh at him and offer him my tongue with his cum. He kisses me hungrily.

Then I come to you dress like the little seductive slut that I know you are. You can see that we are dressed alike and it turns you on immensely. I walk over to you and flick on of the weights hanging from your nipples and you moan loudly. This makes me smile. I take the hem of your silk nightie and stroke your cock with it and you hiss a "yesss" from between your lips. My guests are having their way with my other four toys but I take you for myself.

My friend Mike is impaling himself on Goliath's cock. Tom is working the hell out of Mai's pussy in the swing with his 10" dick. Shari is fucking my school girl with her strap-on over the whipping boy. Pusé has been replaced in the swing by Cathy. She is sucking Cathy's pussy while Brad is fucking her doggy style.

I release you from your bonds and lead you over to the orgy bed. I have you kneel on all fours. This causes the weights to pull on your nipples and you moan. I am behind you and I reach down between your legs and start milking your cock while I run my tongue around your asshole. I press my tongue into you and you drop your head forward moaning and trembling under my ministrations.

I reposition myself and I am the bottom of our sixty-nine. This the first time I have offered you my pussy and not my cock. You spread my crotch less panties and begin to lick up my juice. I slip your cock deep into my mouth and throat while fingering your asshole. You flick your tongue over my clit and slide a finger into my ass. We are both moaning our pleasure into one another's crotches.

I roll you over onto your back and straddle your cock. I remove one nipple cup and then the other and run my hot wet tongue over your swollen tips while I rock myself on your cock. You cup my ass and squeeze. The silk of my nightie is sliding over my ass and is stroking your balls and it is driving you mad. Your balls tighten and I feel my orgasm coming. My pussy clamps down around your cock and it brings you over the edge with me and you cum deep inside me.

We can hear the sounds of various people in release throughout the room. My friends have released my toys and everyone has joined us on the bed. I get up and slip into my harness. I remove your panties and lube my cock and your ass. I position you in a sixty-nine over my school girl. He slips your pussy drenched cock into his mouth and bathes you with his hot tongue and mouth. You do the same as I slid my cock into your ass.

I watch Goliath out the corner of my eye handling my other guests. He ass is being suck by Mai and Tom's ass is being fucked mercilessly by Goliath from the back while he is in a sixty-nine with Mike sucking his cock and using a dildo in his ass. Shari has Cathy on her back and is fucking in the ass with her strap-on while Pusé is straddling her face and playing with her tits.

I fuck you hard and deep. You are in heaven because I chose you and gave you a special pleasure not give to many in the harem of anal boys on this night. You love the feel of my cock in your ass and Brie's mouth around your cock sends you over the edge and hot spurts of cum shot down his throat. You are quickly rewarded with sweet cum of your own and you milk him drawing more cum from his cock. I cum too because the pull of my harness across my clit has sent me over the edge.

Out of my orgasmic haze I figure out a theme for my party. It will be a toga party of Greek mythology with gods and goddess and the delights will be like tonight. When we are all spent the group piles towards the center of the bed and sleeps. You have your head on Mai's breast and I have spooned against you with my cock pressed against your ass and your dick in my hand possessively. You smile in your sleep all night.

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