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He sat on the couch to her left, their thighs touching. They had been watching TV, but now he was more interested in other pursuits. He looked down at the way her thin pajama top lay across her breasts. It was a soft cotton fabric, with camisole straps and lace around the low v-neck. Her hands were nestled together in her lap. He put his right arm around her shoulders, reaching his hand down so that his fingers lightly grazed her right nipple through the thin cotton. She jumped.

"Hold still," he purred into her ear, and placed his left hand in her lap, enclosing both her hands in his. He brushed his right index finger across her nipple, lightly, maddeningly, back and forth, back and forth. Her nipple was hardening under his touch. He kept the pressure of his finger gentle, but continued a steady stimulation of her sensitive nerve endings. She squirmed next to him, and he pressed his left arm down, pushing her firmly into the couch. He also tightened his right arm's grip on her shoulders, but kept his finger movements light. She bit her bottom lip, squirming again. He turned his body towards hers, putting his left leg across her lap, effectively pinning her in place. She tried to pull her hands out from under his, but he tightened his grip, adjusting it so that both her wrists were held securely in his left hand. All the while his right index finger never stopped moving.

"Bret, please..." she started, her voice trailing off.

He replied conversationally, "Please what? Please stop? Please more? Please do it harder?"

She tried to shift her breast away from his hand but didn't have enough freedom of movement to do that. His hand followed her twisting torso and he continued brushing her nipple, which was now completely erect.

"Hold still," he said again, "and just accept this."

He could feel her heart pounding as he held her in place. Her breathing was audible now. "I can't take this," she murmured, but he nuzzled her neck and said softly, "but you have to." She inhaled sharply through her nose and squeezed her thighs together. His cock twitched inside his pants as he responded to her excitement. He loved making her feel like this: helpless, in his power, under his control.

He loved it because he knew SHE loved it. Also, he was discovering, he really enjoyed possessing a woman who was essentially his sex slave. He was able to do whatever he wanted to her, whenever he wanted. It was powerfully erotic. The more time he spent with her, the more he desired her, and he was becoming very skilled at manipulating her sexual arousal.

He thought she probably wanted him to increase the pressure on her nipple, maybe even to pinch it, but he didn't feel like giving her what she wanted. Instead, he kept doing what he was doing. She moaned quietly and squirmed under him again. He squeezed her wrists harder in his left hand, listening to her short, fast breaths. Christ, this was turning him on. He wanted to make her feel desperate, to beg, to crave his body as he craved hers.

"God...oh...please," she said again, and this time he pressed his mouth on hers to shut her up. His tongue thrust itself inside her mouth as he pushed her head back into the couch cushion with the force of his kiss. Her mouth opened involuntarily to receive him, and she tried to push her breast into his hand by arching her back. He didn't allow this, but pulled his hand back slightly so that the only contact with her breast was his index finger still delicately brushing back and forth across her right nipple. She moaned again, unable to move her head away or alter the pressure of his finger on her nipple.

He lifted his mouth away from hers so they could both catch their breath, and she whispered, "please...Bret..." The pleading in her voice as she spoke his name made his erection throb. He looked down at her flushed face, beautiful, her eyes tightly closed, her lips reddened from his kiss.

He bent his face back down to hers and took her lower lip between his teeth. She jerked against him as he bit down, none too gently. He could tell that the insistent teasing of her nipple was driving her crazy. He liked driving her crazy. He wanted her to remember that he was in charge, and that it was entirely up to him what he would do to her body.

After a full fifteen minutes of this, he let go of her lip and decided it was time to turn his attention to her left nipple. To do this, he raised her wrists out of her lap and transferred them into his right hand, holding them tightly together and away from her chest. Then, with his left index finger, he began stroking her left nipple back and forth lightly, just as he had been doing on the other side. She whimpered, louder now.

Mockingly, he asked her, "how long do you think you can take this?" She just shook her head in the negative, breathing so fast now she was almost panting. "Answer me," he instructed, his left hand gently tormenting her nipple, which was already as stiff as the other one.

"I - I don't know," she said, having trouble speaking. "I - you - please! Bret...I can't - I..."

In response, he kissed her forcefully again, feeling her body shudder beneath his as he pushed his tongue into her mouth, finding her tongue and sucking on it. He continued brushing his finger gently back and forth across her left nipple, knowing that this constant teasing was increasing her sexual tension and making her wet. And he definitely wanted her wet for what he had in mind for later. He had read that some women could reach orgasm solely from stimulation of their nipples, and although this had never happened with her, he thought it might be possible. She had told him of the direct connection from her nipples straight to her sex, and he knew from experience that playing with her nipples - even roughly - generated powerful and almost immediate arousal in her.

Knowing what his ministrations were doing to her, he didn't let up. He kissed her hard and restrained her with his own body, enjoying how she struggled under him, feeling her heart pound as she fought to breathe through her excitement. He continued his merciless stroking of her nipple, and a surge of lust ripped through him as he felt his power over her pleasure.

How was it possible to want another person this much? Would he ever be able to get enough of her? He knew he was obsessed with her, with pleasing her, but the obsession felt good. It brought him to life in a way he hadn't felt in years... and in a new way, too, which he hadn't ever felt before. She was all he could think about, and whenever he was with her, he wanted to be touching her. Pleasuring her. Receiving pleasure from her. Overpowering her to make her submit to whatever his physical/sexual desire was at that moment. He wanted to be inside her head as indelibly as she was in his, and he knew that this type of treatment was helping him reach that goal. His obsession was strengthened by his knowledge that she felt such passionate for desire for him, too.

After another fifteen minutes of excruciating, relentless stroking on her left nipple, he finally stopped his finger's motion. He reached into his pocket and pulled out two tiny adjustable O-ring clamps. Gently pulling down the strap of her pajama top, he exposed her entire left breast, and bent down to suck hard on her nipple. It was already so erect and sensitive that this made her gasp in pleasure. Her fastened the clamp around the base of her nipple, tightening it such that her whole nipple was pushed straight out from her breast, but the nipple itself was not touched by the ring. She moaned as he licked her now exposed nipple, forced to remain in its protruding position by the O-clamp at its base.

Enjoying her moans, he repeated the process on her right nipple...taking the breast out from under the soft cotton, licking and sucking on the nipple to make it even harder than it already was, then fastening the O-clamp around its base and tightening it cruelly. Now both her nipples were being gripped in place by the unforgiving clamps at her areolas, leaving the tender buds totally exposed to anything else he might want to do to them. Her whimpering was constant now, and she was trying to undulate her hips under him.

He knew she wanted stimulation between her legs, but that wasn't part of his plan right now. He pulled her shoulder straps back up, covering her breasts, then continued pulling on the straps gently so that the soft cotton top rubbed against her tortured nipples, continuing to tease them like he had been doing with his fingers. He lifted the straps up and down, up and down, slowly, watching the cloth create agonizing friction against her bound and ultra-sensitive nipples. Then he stopped, and let go of her completely.

"Okay," he said, "let's go fix dinner."

She jolted upright, looking at him hazily. "What?"

"I said, come on - let's go to the kitchen to fix dinner." She frowned, looking down at her nipples, extending out visibly under her pajama top.

"But - " she started, and he interrupted her.

"You'll leave those rings on tonight. Just ignore them." Her eyes widened.

"Are you kidding me? Ignore them? That's not possible!"

He stood up, pulling her up by her hands to stand facing him.

"Tough shit," he said, enclosing her in a tight embrace, pressing her chest hard into his. She yelped as her nipples were crushed into him, and he laughed softly. "Did you like that?" he asked her, rubbing his hands over her back. She glared at him.

"What do YOU think?" she demanded, and he stared into her eyes, seeing the heat of desire simmering there, giving her away. She was definitely turned on. He smiled down at her, and as he stepped back, he flicked both her nipples simultaneously with his fingers, making her yelp again.

"What the fuck?" she demanded.

"Think of it this way," he explained, "we both know you're very worked up right now. The longer I make you wear those, the more worked up you'll be by the time I finally take them off... IF I decide to take them off, that is. I'm wondering how sore your nipples will be if I make you sleep in them tonight."

"No!" she exclaimed, looking fearful.

He shrugged. "Not up to you. I'll let you know. I prefer to keep you in a constant state of arousal, just in case I want anything from you that requires you to be aroused to perform it."

She was still breathing fast. "But this - this is - just - torture, to leave me like this. That's not fair," she pleaded, and he nodded his head.

"Yes," he replied, "now you're getting it. There's nothing 'fair' about this. So...come into the kitchen with me NOW, or I'll find something to motivate you to move your ass more quickly."

She jumped a little at this threat and moved quickly toward the kitchen, wincing as her pajama top moved across her erect nipples. He watched her go, smiling to himself as he imagined the fun he would have "helping" her fix dinner tonight. He was going to make sure that everything he did would result in her sensitive, tormented nipples being touched and brushed and teased at every turn. It was going to be a very long, satisfying night.

(To be continued...)

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