tagIncest/TabooPakistani Wife Screws 'Uncle'

Pakistani Wife Screws 'Uncle'


Warning, this is a bit hardcore please don't be offended.

Hello all it is Shazia again.

I honestly didn't think I would get to enjoy any more sexual encounters to write to you all about but my life has taken some strange twists and turns.

To remind you a bit about my background, my husband divorced me when my son was born and he found out it wasn't his. (It is clear his father was black as my son looks totally black as well).

My husband of course told everyone about it to make sure my name was mud.

I eventually went back to live in Pakistan but word had got round my parents village as well so I couldn't stay there for the shame. (Being so strictly religious they felt ashamed by my presence as well).

Then my mum said a distant uncle (more of a friend of the family) living in the village where my mum grew up offered to put us up. I jumped at the chance as I couldn't stand the looks, comments and gossip anymore, so my son and I ended up moving to live with him.

Let me tell you about uncle Rahim. I only knew him from my mum (my dad never spoke about him) but I didn't know exactly how my family knew him. He is a very large man, old fashioned man and very gruff. This intimidated me but I was grateful to be out of my parents village.

Uncle Rahim used to work his own land so was really well built. He had made some money and had taken some workers on to work his land now and had a helper in the house as well.

He had remained single all these years which was odd as he was good looking, chiselled features and a tall muscular body. He also had really nice green eyes (which matched my green eyes exactly).

He used to play cards and drink a lot especially with his male servant Balvant Singh.

Balvant was an ox of a man. Shorter but stockier in build. You could tell this was from years of manual labour. The both of them seemed to enjoy each others company. Balvant Singh always talked politely and submissively to me calling me "mem saahb."

My son and I settled in OK and despite a little unease at being the only girl in the house, I was comfortable and quickly fell into a routine. Any main jobs were done by Balvant but I did a little house work as well to help. I became like the lady of the house and basically did what uncle asked me to around the house almost like a dutiful wife to him.

I got on really well with both of them and began to really like them. Uncle would playfully make nice comments about me and how i looked, which I began to enjoy.

Balvant remained the faithful loyal servant and was always submissive around me. He tended to a lot of my small personal needs as well.

I also spent a lot of time nursing my son who couldn't seem to get enough of feeding from my breasts. After having tino's baby my waist quickly snapped back to its tiny size but my breasts swelled so big my dresses could not contain them anymore. I couldn't conceal them when I fed my baby.

Many times I could see uncle or Balvant either steal glances or just outright stare at my breasts when I was nursing him.

I didn't mind at first as a little teasing made me feel good about myself as well.

After having lived there for a few months, One night I overheard the male servant having a drunk conversation with uncle and they started talking about me.

In their drunken state they both started saying nice things about how I looked and how I was a good worker.

Then Balvant said something that shocked me,"Us randi ko us kale ne achi thara lun diya hoga. Dekthe nehi uska harami batcha ko kese sambalthi he sali, itne pyar se. Vo uske mame chus chus kar thaktha hi nehi. Hume tho kab moka milega?"

("That whore must have enjoyed that black guys cock so much, look how she looks after the bastard black baby with so much love. He sucks her tits all day long without tiring, when do we get a turn?")

I was hurt by this especially as I thought I had escaped my parents village to leave these types of comments, but I didn't say anything. Instead I decided to enrage them even more. I started to walk around the house without my hijab. I started to breastfeed more openly with less to conceal my breasts. I made sure every feed was in front of uncle or Balvant. Their eyes almost popping out when they would see me.

The contrast of Tino's dark black baby suckling on my large milky white breasts must have had an effect on them as I would often see them adjusted their underwear whilst staring at me.

Eventually uncle confronted me about it and I told him what I heard them say.

He apologised but explained that balvant's wife had died a long time ago and uncle himself was single so it was just single men making jokes not meaning to offend.

He also told me about how much Balvant missed his wife and how she died. I felt really sorry for him.

But uncle then also added that they didn't mind if I continued doing what I was doing and didn't cover up when feeding. He gruffly almost instructed me to keep them entertained in this way.

"The cheeky git." I thought.

Having seen and understood a different side to them, over the next weeks I genuinely started to warm to them even more and slowly developed real affection for them both.

I laughed at them when they made playful but lewd comments about me and started to revel in the attention.

On one occasion whilst I was nursing when uncle came over to me and stared openly at my breasts.

Then he muttered aloud to himself but directing it at me, "Kitna acha lagtha he. Kala bacha thumhari gori mamme chustha. Sab ko patha chaltha he kale ka mota lun their chut ko par chuka he. Gori gori larki aur kala kala lun. Jese hona chahiye."

(That's looks so good a black baby suckling on your pale white tits. Shows everyone that you take big black cock. Pale skin girl fucking big black guys. As it should be.")

I was shocked and turned on all at the same time. The crudeness of his language and thevpucture he created in my mind.

It was soon the month of ramadhan and as uncle was not religious I was the only one fasting in the house. The days were so hard as it is the summer months but I made sure I kept my fasts.

Uncle felt uncomfortable probably from guilt but he actually started to chastise me for fasting.

"What if your milk dries up. The baby will go hungry." He would make excuses and criticise my strictness.

"Just like your father, he made your mum into a religious woman as well you know." he taunted a bit angrily, touching a bit of a nerve in me but I didn't say anything.

About a week of these comments went by and uncle was getting more and more wound up.

One day uncle called me to him. It was late afternoon, my prayer time. I had my full hijab and veil on. I needed to go quickly but uncle insisted I go to his room. They had both been drinking heavily and had just started playing poker.

Uncle asked me to get him some snacks so I quickly fetched them.

As I came back I heard Balvant shout, "haaaa, meh jeet gaya!" ("Yes, I have won!") and did a quick bhangra dance.

Seeing me he grabbed me and hugged me. I cheered for him not really knowing what that meant or what he had one.

He said to me, "what prize should I ask for?" I shrugged my shoulders.

"Ask for whatever you want?" I said

"OK. I want you to sit in my lap through the next hand." he responded.

As I picked my jaw up from the floor he repeated his statement to confirm his request,

"Ajaao mem sahb meri godh meh bett jao. Ye mera inaam he."

("Come sit on my lap. That is my prize.")

I looked over at uncle who just signalled to me with a stern nod meaning "go on, do it."

I turned to face away from balvant and went to sit down. I looked down and only then did I realise that he was naked from the waist down. He had sneakily pulled his lungi completely down to his feet.

I sat into his lap and felt something twitch. My throat went dry as he rubbed his already hard length on my buttock crack. Then he held me there as they started the next hand. He ground his cock against me again and again through the hand. The most delicious, familiar feeling started in my pussy. One that I had missed for nearly a year.

I didn't pay attention to the cards but I heard uncle say, "yes. I won."

He just looked at me sternly and said, "my prize?"

I got up, turned around and sat into his naked lap. I gasped - he was already hard. He held my hips and ground into me hard.

A few minutes went by and Balvant declared himself the winner of the next hand I swapped over. I looked back at uncle Rahim as Balvant ground into my ass. He moved the table away from between us and then slowly came forward to cup my face. My eyes were half closed as I enjoyed his delicious features with my eyes. Rough and chiselled like a man should be.

He too was impressed and whispered, "Thu apni maa se bi ziyada hubsurat ho."

("you are even more beautiful than your mother.")

And with that our lips embraced. His tongue tasted so good. To me the liquor gave his breath a dangerous edge. He pulled back and undid the small knot under my hijab. Then he just tore it off and threw it. He lifted up my kameez and removed it, totally exposing my breasts. I heard him gasp.

He leaned forward and grabbed my large breasts. He toyed with them stroking them, pinching them. His hand moved to my head. He pulled me forward, almost to kiss him again. But this time he stayed back. Instead he pulled my head lower down aiming my mouth at his cock.

Holy crap I got my first sight of his cock and it was huge. There was no going back I grabbed at it.

He shouted, "mu meh dalo aur chus mere lun ko." ("put my cock in your mouth and suck it.")

I opened my mouth and started take it into my mouth. I looked up at him, his mouth open, those beautiful green eyes looking right at me. He smiled his approval.

I slowly licked his head round and round in circles then lowered my head take it in deeper.

I felt Balvant pull down my salwar exposing my panties. He made short work of those too. I stepped out of them, fully naked now.

I felt him push himself forward and gasped as I felt his tongue lick along my pussy. My pussy was soaking and he kept lapping up it. Teasing me by dipping his tongue in then back out.

"Singh ka lun lo gi?" ("are you going to take a Sikh man's cock?"), he asked me.

"Zaroor le gi" ("definitely she will") uncle answered before I could answer.

"kale ka aur gore ka lun bi lehthi heh." he sniggered

("she even takes black or white cock.")

Balvant held my hips and pulled me back into his lap, only this time he had lined up his cock with my pussy. I nearly bit down on uncle's dick as Balvant pushed up forcing his large mushroom head into my pussy. The sweet sensation of being stretched by a large dick. I had missed this so much. He slowly pushed more and more.

Uncle had his hand on the back of my head slowly pushing more of his cock into my throat.

I bobbed my head up and down licking his head the shaft. Enjoying and savouring the taste. It's difficult to put into words how much I missed this. I spent my whole life being so strict and religious, but once the seed of wild sex was sown in me, I felt like I was made for this.

Uncle forced my head down really hard. I felt his now slick cock go past the back of my tongue and push deep into my throat. My throat gagged but he held me down.

Balvant started to push harder. He was standing up now and rhythmically ploughed into me.

My gag reflex was going like mad. I was choking a bit as well. I tapped uncle's thigh to tell him I couldn't take any more. But he just pushed down harder. He forcibly drove the last 3 inches deep into my mouth. My face was bright red and my eyes streaked tears as I choked and gagged. I slapped his thigh harder as I panicked that I couldn't breathe.

To my surprise he grabbed my throat with his other hand and squeezed it hard.

I felt myself becoming lighted headed with the lack of air and then 2 things happened that amazed me. I started to choke more and then started to vomit. Not just small bits, but full mouth vomit. Uncle squeezed my throat harder like he was trying to stop the blood to my brain.

I nearly passed out. My eyes went blurry and my ears went deaf. Then my orgasm hit me.

With my head spinning and being so lightheaded from the lack of air, it hit me so hard I lost all control. I started convulsing. Uncle released my throat and my head jolted back off his large cock a torrent of vomit projected out of my mouth all down my front covering my chin, breasts and stomach.

My orgasm surged harder through my weakened brain, so hard it actually hurt. My body went into cramp like spasms all over.

I shouted a long, "aaaaaarrrrrgggggghhhhhhhhh." at the top of my lungs as I couldn't take the sensation anymore.

I have never experienced anything like this and I squealed and hummed through the final tremors as the orgasm finally weakened and subsided.

Still quivering and shaking, I regained my hearing I heard uncle snigger at me, "aya mazza? Muje maloom tha thuje aise hi achi thara maza ayega."

("you enjoyed that? I knew that would make you come hard").

It suddenly dawned on me that uncle knew what he was doing, choking me and throttling me so my brain was drained of blood. In its weakened state the rush of my orgasm was magnified by this effect. When I came it damn near blew my head off. He was an expert at this.I thought to my self, "so who has he been fucking?"

I was now still sitting on top of Balvant. His cock fully embedded in me, not moving except for my whole body quivering and shaking. My breath still short and rasping. Covered in vomit. My face a mess of vomit and tears.

"I can tell what you had to eat when you closed your fast." uncle laughed.

"Well that's broken my fast." I laughed.

"Bohut threh lagi ho gi?", Uncle asked sternly. ("You must be very thirsty?")

"Han uncle ji." ("yes uncle.") I said relieved that he was actually thinking about my well being.

But instead of getting a glass of water, he stepped forward and held his cock over my mouth. Not sure what he was doing I looked up at him.

"Ab achi thara roza kol le." ("now open your fast properly.") he said and laughed.

A massive torrent of pee erupted from his cock straight into my eyes. I shrieked and gasped in surprise. He quickly lowered his cock aiming it at my mouth. My mouth was full of pungent piss from all the alcohol he had been drinking. He yanked my head back making sure I didn't spit it out. I gulped as a whole mouthful gulped down my throat. In a second my mouth was full again. I swallowed quickly but not quickly enough as a rush of warm pee washed my chin down my breasts and over my stomach. I swallowed quicker until my belly was totally full. Finally he ran dry as well.

"Muje patha tha thu mera pishab ko pee le gi, theri maa ko aise hi pilatha tha." he boasted.

("I knew you would love drinking my piss, because your mum loved drinking my piss as well.")

On hearing this my I froze. So that's how he knows my mum. He is her lover from before she got married.

This man fucked my mum and she never told my dad. And now my dad sent me to live here with him.

I don't know why but this was incredibly erotic to me. This gorgeous cock has been ploughing my mum and probably making her scream in ecstasy, and now was going to fuck me.

I pulled him close to me, lifting myself off balvants cock and said, "chodo muje. Jaise meri ammi ko chodthe theh."

("fuck me like you used to fuck my mum.")

He grunted his approval and stepped forward.

"Mem sahaab aao yahan bett jo na" ("come and sit down here") balvant smiled and signalled to his erect cock.

I went to lower myself back onto Balvant's cock.

Balvant the sneak had more plans. He kept missing his target and aimed further back. Finally he lined it up with my anus and pulled me down.

"Mem saahb. Me thumari gand le saktha hu?"

("miss, can I take your asshole please?") he asked ever so politely.

I looked back at this low level servant. Rough and dark not even worthy of talking to a princess looking girl like me. But here he was with his cock pushing to open my backdoor.

I gritted my teeth and pushed down. It had been too long without having a big cock stretch my anus and the sensation was amazing. I slowly worked it all the way in but then to tease him I said to Balvant to go slowly.

Uncle came over to me. He started to fondle my right breast. He squeezed some drops of milk out on to his hand and then licked them up with his tongue.

"Mmmmmmm meeta heh" ("mmm it's sweet") he exclaimed and then laughed.

He came closer, took my right nipple in his mouth and started to suck. Squirt after squirt of milk. He gulped mouthful after mouthful. My breasts were heavy and had been producing lots of milk.

He settled into a suckling position and just continued drinking. I stroked the back of his head like he was my child as he drunk more and more milk.

After about 10 mins my breast was totally dry and uncle stopped suckling.

He moved the the other breast and started sucking even harder until after about 10 more mins it too went dry.

Uncle squeezed and squeezed until every last drop was out and swallowed down his greedy throat.

Balvant looked forward and exclaimed, "haa ab teek he. Yeah mamme sirf us kale ke bache ke liye nehe."

("That is better, those tits should be for us as well not just your black lover's baby")

I scowled at him as he steadily started to pull out and then plunge in deeper into my tight back hole.

Uncle asked why I scowled when Balvant mocked my black lover.

After he pushed the questioning I finally confessed that I felt that I loved my previous black lover and my white lover for that matter.

He came forward and rubbed his cock head on my pussy teasing me slowly into a frenzy.

"Kitna lumba or mota tha?" ("How big and thick was he?") He asked.

I showed him on my arm roughly showing the full length of my forearm.

"Baap reh!" balvant exclaimed laughing.

"Mazza aya?" ("did you enjoy?") uncle asked.

I nodded my response shyly

"Gand me liya?" ("you took him up your ass?")

I nodded.

"Thumhe mota or barra lun acha lagtha he jab puddi ko paar detha?"

("Do you like it when a big cock tears your holes wide open?")

I looked up at him brazenly and said, "yes".

Seeing my wanton lust he changed his approach and stepped back.

He leaned forward and pushed his fingers deep into my pussy drawing a loud scream from me.

He folded his thumb inside and slowly worked his whole hand inside my pussy. He fisted me deeper and harder really roughly. I started to scream continuously but that encouraged him more and he pushed until he was forearm deep.

With both my holes stretched so much together I was going mas with pleasure.

He kept going until I came again. My pussy drenching his arm. He leaned forward and licked every drop. He pulled out his arm and replaced it with his cock. Finally I had the cock that fucked my mum buried deep in my pussy.

He was now so worked up he was in no mood to show me any mercy. He lifted my legs up on to his shoulders and pummelled my pussy hard. Really long strokes. His magnificent cock driving the air from my lungs with every stroke.

Uncle stopped for a second and pulled a "nara" (cord) from his drawer. He tied it in two circles tightly around my tits then pulled it really tight. So tight it felt like it stopped the blood and made them squeeze out so much.

He then grabbed my throat with both hands.

He looked at me without saying a word but asking with his eyes if I was ready for this.

I nodded my answer.

He squeezed my throat hard and then really started to give me his full force. He pounded and pounded, shouting swears at me saying I am a "randi" (whore) that I would fuck a horse cock and kept saying I was just like my mother.

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