tagLoving WivesPakistani Wife Story Ch. 02

Pakistani Wife Story Ch. 02


I already write my story about Caribbean vacation. On Sunday opposite our room hotel a smart and young Indian boy came to stay. At first glance I like him and impressed by his personality.

I have taken very good care of my body. I have a great, praiseworthy, and an attractive figure. My lips are thin with small-mouthed and my eyes are wide big brown coloured and have long black hairs.

Since me (Sadaf) and my husband(Daud), are not newly married, we have a continuous sexual relationship, we follow a routine twice or thrice a week.

Monday morning in breakfast hall, I saw same boy came to table near us and says hi to us. I told Daud, he is checked in opposite our room. I offer him to come and sit with us. His name was Rajiv, and he came to Caribbean for wedding of his friend.

She is my wife Sadaf and I am Daud, my husband introduce us. Rajiv has a very charming personality. I must admit that he was very attractive.

In evening I went to lobby for tea and find Rajiv sitting there. He offer me to sit with him and we start talking. He ordered tea for me.

During our conversation, he told me about his girl friend and they are split now. He was very upset. I told him don't worry, you are handsome man, you will find another one. We talked almost for three hours and became good friends.

Next day in morning Daud was not feeling well so i went alone to breakfast hall and on my way i knocked the door of Rajiv and ask him to come with me. He said Sadaf jee you go i am coming. We had breakfast and went to walk outside in hotel gardens.

I realise he is missing his girl friend. He grab my hand and said you are very beautiful Sadaf. I shy and said, I am going to see Daud. I saw affection in his eye's for me.

My husband temperature was quite high, so we have to call ambulance to take him hospital. Doctor told us, he has urine infection and we have to admit him.

Around 10pm me and Rajiv came back from hospital. I thank Rajiv for his help. He said Sadaf you are always welcome. I went to my room and take a shower.

I have nothing to do so I went to Rajiv room to meet him. When I entered the room Rajiv was in his shorts only and his upper body was naked. He has six pack sexy body, and i was very impressed.

He asked me for drink or tea. I laughed and said that now you will make tea for me? he smiled and asked me, then you should make tea, as I need it.

I went to the coffee table and make a tea. I don't know but I was too nervous today alone with him, as it was not the first time alone with him for me.

I make tea for both of us. I sat with him in one sofa and put the cup on the table near the sofa. We started talking and I notice the bulge in his shorts.

Tonight he was staring at me very strangely . He was talking about my dress and my beauty. I was wearing the red dress. I was feeling shy, and said thanks for compliment.

Rajiv said how lucky is Daud to have such a nice, beautiful, gorgeous and sexy wife.

I found myself once again in an embarrassing position, "Rajiv ji" what are you talking today, you have never talked like this before.

Then he said you mean, that I should have talked like this before.

No, I don't mean like this. 
I was now fully confused and want to leave. So told him that I should go now.

But he grab my hand and said not to leave him alone. I felt for the first time that something might happen tonight.

Suddenly he moved near me as we set on same sofa, and I became astonished when he grabbed me from my waist and put his mouth on mine. My whole body tensed as Rajiv warm lips touched mine. I followed my marital life and was going to get out of there.

As I started to turn around, Rajiv grabbed me in a powerful embrace. I was trying to escape from his grip but truly not from my heart. His body was tighten against mine and I couldn't help, but I turned on by how well my breasts fit under his massive chest. He was kissing my lips passionately and his hands were on my breast rubbing them gently.

I was really double minded at that time, that what should I do? I was feeling this rush of sexual tension like I never felt in my life but at the same time I knew it is wrong.

Initially I resisted but it was surprisingly feeling good. I tried to pull back but the empowering embrace made it impossible and Rajiv's warm love was not more ignorable for me.

Rajiv lips were pressed tight against mine, I started to feel a hot sensation deep within...

our lips melted together as if they were becoming one. I responded him unintentionally. Then he parted his lips and wanted to slide his tongue against my mouth.

I parted my lips and allowed his tongue deep inside me. His warm tongue slowly entered my mouth. We were motionless. He warmly licked my mouth as I was fighting for some sort of control. I didn't kissing back but I was not stopping him either. He was passionately sucking and licking inside my mouth as I was losing control.

I liked Rajiv, and maybe there was this passion. I was feeling nice so I raised my tongue. When our tongues met it sent a shock wave shivering through my body.

I was beginning to lose control of my inner sexual power. I passionately licked his tongue back as we started to deeply kiss each other and I forgot all about my husband or anything else as I was so turned on by this incredible sensation. . Nothing else was on my mind but this powerful kiss.

Rajiv pulled his tongue from my lips and started to lick my neck forehead nose and neck.

I was too excited at this time but I muttered to him that i am married and shouldn't do this. But he was not hearing me. I wanted to stop him but couldn't, and he re-entered his tongue into my mouth as we started to kiss wildly again.

After some time he again made his way down my neck. I again told Rajiv to stop. Rajiv magically licked my neck and ears, and the warmth of his mouth on my erogenous zone did not allow me to notice his hands on my breast this time. His hands were now on my impressively inviting breast and he was rubbing and massaging them. Now this was out of my control.

Rajiv was very expert and well known about the woman psychology. Within flash he released me from my dress and left me only in my bra.

He unhooked it releasing my tight tits. My ripe breasts were beautiful and inviting. He knelt down and took one of my erected nipples into his mouth. His warm tongue licked across my swollen nipples, and was sucking my tits like they were his lifeline, which was sending me into a sexual confusion my body was so filled with passion that I became weak.

Rajiv lifted me off the ground and held me as he continued to suck my tits. Rajiv licked my tits up and down. Sadaf you are very sexy and hot and laid me on couch.

I felt like this was a chance to stop this erotic heat. I laid there half naked wanting him on me. I wanted him now really, as I probably couldn't have found my husband as hot as Rajiv.

He was now trying to take my panties off. I whispered once again not to do like this. He took off my panties which slid from my legs.

As Rajiv took off my panties, the exotic feeling of being totally nude in front of another man sent a shiver up my spine as instinctively my legs spread open. He leaned and put his mouth on my pussy lips and kissed, licked it.

He grabbed my ass and moved down my rib cage and I knew his destination. Rajiv was there, between my legs, with his mouth inches from my wet, eager centre. Again a moan escaped his lips, as his tongue opened me, found my swollen nub and began its magic.

My body was so ready and as he slipped one of his fingers inside me, my belly convulsed. His fingers moved slowly as his tongue continued to flick at my swollen bud. I sunk deeper into sensual oblivion, my body aching for more. His wondrous tongue knew how to get my body ignited. For the first time in a long time my body responded quickly, gushing forth my need.

He ran his tongue along the soft skin of my inner thigh letting his warm breath tickle my already aroused body. Licking at my trimmed lips, he expertly lapped in and around my very core. My hands grabbed his soft hair and I brought him closer. His low chuckled vibrated through me.I tried to hold back, but my body opened up, my insides contracted. Wave after wave of pleasure washed over me.

His tongue never moved experiencing my need. This was my first orgasm, the very beginning of what I'd experience.

Rajiv moved his body up over mine; his breathing was hard and heavy. I was overwhelmed; he'd enjoyed giving me pleasure. However, I wasn't ready to have him inside of me. "Please let me," I asked as my hand found his solid member standing tall.

I kissed his lips softly several times, stroking his erection down to the base. I giggled low and moved down his chest playfully biting each nipple using my tongue to harden them. His hands grabbed my hair, and he guided me down his belly, my tongue making a sensuous path. Both hands held him, as I let my tongue slowly suck the head of his throbbing penis.

A bead of moisture struck my tongue. He was ready for my love play. If my needy tongue brought him over the edge of reason, I'd gladly stay with him until his orgasm subsided. It was only fair of me to return the favour. My hands grasped his soft balls and I kneaded them slowly, lovingly while my mouth sucked him.

His fingers gripped my hair tight, soon he'd cum, and I'd be ready for him. He surprised me by pushing me away from him and moving up over me. "Sadaf I need to be inside you. Baby it will be fast and furious," I smiled as he took my legs and hiked them up over his hips plunging his hardness deep inside my cunt. He stopped for a minute his forehead resting on mine.

"It's as I imagined," he said. He plunged into me over and over again, deep hard strokes driving me mad with desire. My clit was still aroused from his knowing mouth and it didn't take long for another orgasm to begin.

That familiar itch, the one that starts deep and rises above every sensation found its way home. I watched his face, the intensity of his concentration as he moved inside of me. He wanted a piece of paradise. I closed my eyes and let my body soar. His actions became fevered and he took my mouth in another carnal kiss. Our tongues met in desperation, seeking that one ultimate acme and then he stopped his deep thrusts. Rajiv held his hardness deep within me and took one last deep kiss. One last thrust gave way to another glorious orgasm.

He collapsed on me and I could feel the thunderous beating of his heart. He'd met his pinnacle.

He raised his head and took one more kiss, one that took my breath away. Rolling us to the side as we held each other until sleep came. Once again I drifted off, content and loved.

Daylight broke through the draperies of his room. I moved slightly and almost fell on the floor. I rushed to shower and wear my dress. Later on we went to see my husband in hospital and the doctors told us that he will be in hospital for at least a week.

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