tagLoving WivesPakistani Wife's Caribbean Vacation

Pakistani Wife's Caribbean Vacation


This is a completely true life experience; no part of this story is fake or exaggerated.

My wife Hina and I have been married for 5 years now. We got married fairly young (I was 24, she was 20) and have enjoyed a wonderful sexual relationship throughout. We are settled in the US for the last 3 years. Hina is a very typical Pakistani housewife and comes from a very conservative Pathan family from Peshawar (I am from Lahore) and always dresses conservatively. At home among friends and relatives she always wears loose shalwar kameez with dupatta on her head and when going outside she covers her head and goes out in full hijab (Muslim dress). She does not talk much to men (friends and outsiders) other then what is necessary.

After a couple of years into our marriage (and moving to the US) I started to discover wonderful websites like indiansex4u, wifelovers and voyeurweb and really slowly and steadily started liking the idea of exposing Hina to other men. Of course knowing her nature and upbringing, I never had the courage to bring up the idea to her. One summer I got an idea and brought up the idea of a vacation in a Caribbean resort to her. We had not taken a vacation in a while so she responded positively. Over the next few months I made careful arrangements to choose a resort that allowed topless women and finally booked a resort in the Dominican Republic.

As our vacation dates drew closer, I told Hina that when we go there, do not take your shalwar kameez etc... as it would look weird and not bother about covering her hair. She was a bit apprehensive but finally agreed when I said that there would be nobody there that we would know. I also went secretly to the mall and bought a few tight t-shirts, tank tops, shorts and a couple of very skimpy 2-piece bikinis. When packing she came across these items and asked me what are these for. At that point I told her I would like her to wear these. She protested at which point I told her that ok, let's take these and you can wear these items if you are comfortable.

We landed at our resort and checked in and then went outside to explore. Hina saw that all the women there were wearing very short clothes. When we got back to our room I told her that everyone was wearing short clothes and we don't know anyone here, so why don't you wear something like that too. After thinking for a while, she finally agreed and chose small black shorts and a red tank top to go out. We went out, had lunch and generally walked about. I was completely excited at the thought of many men looking at her body for the first time. Next day we decided to go to the beach. Hina wore shorts and a t-shirt today but I secretly kept one of the bikinis in our travel bag. We got to the beach early and there were very few people there so we found a quite spot and lay down on a couple of deck chairs by the beach. Slowly and steadily the crowd started to increase and many women were walking/tanning/swimming around us in bikinis. I asked Hina why don't you dress like that? She said no way and besides, the bikini is in the room. I smiled and pulled the bikini from our bag and handed it to her. She still refused but I kept convincing her repeatedly that we don't know anyone and you would also enjoy it. During this time, a lot of topless women were also around with their boyfriends and husbands. I told her that look; there are topless women here so a bikini is really nothing.

After about an hour of convincing and many topless women around, she finally said ok I will wear it for you but where will I change. I pointed to a washroom nearby. She went there with her bikini and came out after about 10 minutes. To my disappointment she was still wearing her t-shirt and shorts but I could see the bikini was underneath. When she came, I asked her what happened and she said that she could not walk back like that alone. She sat down and after about 5 minutes of me looking inquisitively, she took her shirt of to reveal beautiful breasts in a bikini top. After a few more minutes she took her shorts off as well. I could not believe my lovely conservative wife was in a bikini for all to see. Initially she was very shy but after a few minutes she lost her inhibitions and to keep a long story short, she went swimming, walking along the beach and even went to the juice bar with me a couple of times all while wearing a very revealing bikini. I could notice many men turning there heads as she was pretty much the only non-white woman at the beach.

For the next 2 days it became normal for her to wear the bikini and she had lost all inhibitions and was even talking to men and women around us without being shy. There were 2 vacationing young British men who talked to us for a while and loved the fact that we were from Pakistan. Finally on the 4th day, when we went to the beach, after a nice swim we are both lying down and tanning and Hina was lying on the stomach with her beautiful ass for all to see. I started to rub her back and then casually unhooked her top from behind. She did not say anything which encouraged me but after a few minutes she said she wanted to turn and asked me to rehook her bra. I told her that don't worry and you can turn around just like that. Hina protested and said no that would be too much. I told her again not to worry, in our 4 days we have not met a single person we would ever run into again. She was still unconvinced, but I kept asking her again and again. Finally she said ok what about the 2 British guys; I said I didn't see them around anywhere. Finally, she took a long breath and slowly turned over. I grabbed her top while she was turning and put it away in our travel bag. Initially she was covering her breasts with her hands but after a few minutes, she let her arms slip to her sides.

Finally, it was the most exciting experience for me. My lovely, shy, homely, conservative wife was lying topless in a small bikini bottom for everyone to see. Some people passed and her face became red with shyness, but then the beach got busier and busier and many men and women passed us by. Many men took a good, long hard look at her which excited me to no extent. After about an hour Hina finally started feeling more comfortable and she herself said that it's not that bad and actually it feels very good. By this time many people were laying down next to us as well and Hina was not shy at all now. I asked her to lets go for a swim and she agreed without any hesitation. We stayed in the water for about 20 minutes and by the end of our swim, Hina had lost all her reservations and was enjoying the experience fully. We went back to our deck chairs and laid down but then we saw the 2 British guys walking down the beach coming towards us. Hina said that she should put her top back on, but I said don't worry; besides I think they have spotted us anyway.

The 2 guys came up to us and Hina was covering her breasts with her arms. They said their hello's and were constantly smiling and sat down at the spot right next to us. I started a conversation and slowly Hina got a little comfortable and let her arms down. While talking to me, the guys kept looking at Hina frequently and finally one of the guys said to me that your wife has a beautiful body. I said thanks and brought Hina into our conversation. Hina sat upright and by this time she didn't seem to be worried at all and started chatting it up with the 2 guys as well. We talked for a while and then one of the guys said that they are going for a swim and asked us to join them. I said ok and we went to the water with them. In the water Hina and I stayed together but the guys started playing around and splashed water on us. After a few minutes Hina also got playful and reacted back and all 4 of us were close together. The guys kept getting closer to Hina and finally started brushing up against her. By this time Hina was so much into the splashing games that she didn't care. We spent about an hour in the water during which Hina got hugged, pulled wrestled and even her breasts were groped a few times by the guys right in front of me.

When we finally got tired we came out and all 4 of us walked to the juice bar and had some juice and later all of us went to the restaurant and had lunch. Hina was topless during all these activities. We spent the remaining 4 days of our vacation in the same way, Hina topless all the time and we spending most of our time at or around the beach with the 2 guys. Hina got so comfortable with the guys that (with my permission) she even allowed them to put sun block lotion on her body including her breasts at the beach every morning.

We left a day before the guys were going back to England and we said our goodbyes at the beach with Hina giving very passionate topless hugs to both guys. On our plane ride back we both agreed that it was a wonderful vacation and Hina herself said that from now on she would be much more open and receptive to any other ideas I might have, which delighted me a lot.

Upon our arrival back Hina quickly went back to her own conservative ways of dressing and behaving, but during our intimate times we would often recall our vacation and later she confessed to me that more than a few times while swimming in the water the 2 guys had reached down her bikini bottom to touch her pussy and she had also felt their hard cocks in the water more than a few times.

This vacation happened more than 1.5 years ago, and during this time we have also had another outside sexual experience, a sensual massage for Hina, the story for which I will post shortly as well.

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Hey Jamesdeen405@gmail.com, you jealous? after you attempted to jerk off and just produced flatulence, i can imagine you feeling frustrated.........nuff said.

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Dude your story is completely bullshit and madeup, if you have proof send a video or photo to

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by Anonymous10/22/17

Pictures or it didn't happen ;-)

Do you have any pictures of your adventures posted online?

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