tagErotic CouplingsPalace In Ecstasy Ch. 01

Palace In Ecstasy Ch. 01


Ch 1- The Assignment begins

Prince at Home gets a Visitor:

[Note:- Close on the heels of the 'The Impregnator' series of mine which gained a lot of appreciation, here is another story set in the Medieval Indian Monarchical era, with Kings and Queens and glamorous palaces where crimes and sins take place in High Places!!


This is another experiment in the Sex CUM- Mystery genre, hopefully which would go down well. All comments may please be mailed through the link below.]


I looked out of the Silk curtain-clad windows of my Private quarters and saw the lush green lawns outside and young maids playfully chasing each other in bright sunshine there. Tinkles of their laughter wafted across the Palace floors. It was so quiet that I could hear the rustling of their silk gowns and jingles of their anklets as they ran around.

One of the maids there called Rathi was my personal attendant. I mean she attended to all my needs and I used her services liberally. When I say 'all', the learned readers would include lovemaking and they wouldn't be wrong.

Well, being a Crown Prince of a prosperous State in medieval India certainly had its privileges. I was one. My father, King Kadamba had a vast king prosperous kingdom and I was his only son.

They called me Keyura. Keyura in Sanskrit simply meant Necklace or ornament. It is entirely another matter that in our local lingo it also meant 'Fucking strongly'. It fitted my credentials either way; I mean the way I behaved in the Palace. Humour apart I was a well-educated Prince Having mastered 64 vidyas or types of educational training. One of the main assets I was hailed for was that I had mastered the art of Detection or Gudacharya. I was a veteran Detective, if situations called for such a faculty to be put to use.

Right now, I was getting horny looking at the beautiful silk clad maids lifting up their gowns so as not to trip while running, exhibiting their smooth legs and thighs in the process. I had a secret whistle for Rathi, my assistant and I used it now.

She turned as she as she heard it and I could she was gasping for breath as the contours of her ample breasts heaved under her vest.

"Yes, My Prince...." she answered, her mellifluous voice was music to my ears.

She came running up the marble stair back into my private quarters, leaving the other maids behind.

She threw aside the Blue velvet curtains to my Bedroom and entered with a flourish I had always liked. She was so energetic and enthusiastic besides being a dedicated and obedient maid.

I looked at her in appreciation as she stood catching her breath.

She was around 5 ft 8 in tall, rosy complexioned, sparkling eyes and sleek nose set in a pretty oval face and her black curly hairs damp with sweat falling over as a quiff. She was wearing a white silk gown with deep neckline revealing her bobbing globes of breasts straining against the cloth. Her waist was not nearly hour-glass as she was on the plumper side, hailing from a well-to–do family of fruit growers in the country side. Her hips flared promisingly curvaceous and I knew what hid in the gowns all too well.

My cock sprang to attention, remembering the last encounter almost a week ago with this charming female specimen on the festival of Colours, Holi.

She had deliberately overfed me some sweets mixed with bhang (a local in toxicant) and an aphrodisiac. She had happily paid the price for her mischief as I had developed a raging hard-on and had whisked her away from everyone's sight to a granite bench behind tall bushes in the garden where the festivities were held, and had almost ripped her clothes away to reveal her exciting pink body and heaving superb boobs tipped with roseate hard nipples. I had feasted on them laving and sucking liberally making her mewl madly and she had scratched me in intoxicated ecstasy muttering,' Keyu, Keyu' to which I had quickly complied, applying my 8 inch thick royal prick into her pink inviting vulva bisecting her thighs apart . She had twined her slim legs around my waist as I had plundered her youthful womb vigorously sweating and gasping profusely, my balls thumping a beat on her soft cushioned derriere till we had exploded like twin volcanoes, making enough noise for the peaceful birds nesting in the nearby trees flee in fright.

Later she had sucked me back to full but painful erection sooner than I had expected, playfully scratching the sensitive underside of my testicles with her painted fingernails. I was almost on the edge and was slapping my palms on her exposed rounded buttocks encouraging her to hurry up.

She had gotten up wiping her mouth off my pre- cum, satisfied like a cat does with cream and had mounted me on the cold stone granite like a lap dancer. And my turgid cock had penetrated her succulent pussy like a hot knife into butter.

She had jumped up and down energetically plunging my royal cock in and out and I had held on to her jumping tits, which sometimes brushed my own chest tantalisingly and pummelled her from below in equal measure.

'Keyu, My dear sweet Prince, my Master...' she had squealed and mewled when I had burst in her spilling my hot seed deep in her womb, a second time in less than an hour. Her lusty moans had sounded to my ears, more melodious than the sweet chirping of the Koels and Nightingale birds from the nearby trees of the Royal Garden .

The very thought of the vigorous passionate session had me fully erect and I rose to embrace Rathi who flopped into my arms. Her skin was wet with sweat and exertion of playing in the garden and her heart was thudding madly. My hands cupped her rotund ass even as her soft tits squashed against my chest, her nipples burning holes through the silks.

She always smelt nice and her lips were hot and fluid as I kissed her full.

My raging erection was nosing its way below into the confines of her clothes and trying to find a way in already.

We had just flopped down on my couch itself, a little distance away from my main Royal Bed, when there was a sound near the doorway and a messenger cleared his throat.

"May I come in, Prince Keyura?" asked he.

It is not often that I am disturbed thus, so early in the day before my morning ablutions, so this had to be something important.

Reluctantly Rathi left my embrace and sat a decent distance away and rearranged her clothes.

"Come in, messenger"

I permitted him, brushing my hair into place hurriedly with fingers. I was sitting, so erection was not prominently visible below the loose silken robes.


The messenger who came in was clad in Royal attire which only meant he was my Father's staff. Mine wore a different uniform. So it was a State matter.

He held out a silken cloth letter which I took and opened.

It was addressed to me and sent through my Father who had countersigned.

The letter was written by King Muduka Rao of neighbouring Yonipura State .

He was a distant relative on my aunt's side.

He had written an interesting it astonishing story which went thus:

He had developed a Master Plan strategy for conquest of enemy States and defence of his own kingdom with the help of his Commander-in- Chief, Senani and Mantrik, his Magician cum astrologer who had also practised witchcraft.

Now this Commander-in chief had been murdered a month or so ago on a holiday away from State and a war which took place soon after had turned out into an embarrassing defeat as the Enemy had come to know of his plans in advance. The alarm bells started ringing then that something was seriously wrong with the security in the palace.

Now a few weeks ago his magician astrologer the only other person who had known about the Master plan had gone missing in the forest where he had gone to collect some medicinal herbs routinely. He was not traced so far.

The King Muduka Rao, a grand Old man in his Seventies who was married with four beautiful queens younger to him, knew more than to procrastinate further by not calling for an investigation. He stated that apart from His queens no one else had any inkling of the location or contents of the Plan. Many of his queens he had married apart from is First wife and the reigning Queen Praudha, had in fact been the daughters or sisters of the losing Kings in several wars he had fought and won over the years. So it was a mixed bunch and he was not sure their loyalties did not lie elsewhere. Besides, many were too young for him as well.

Such being the case, he was worried if there was a traitor was in fact one among his queens or someone close to them in his Harem.

Now, he had come to me requesting my father to relieve me for such an assignment to investigate properly using discretion and my being both a handsome Prince and a detective to boot could only make it a bit wiser than assigning it to someone of his own. He thought I could probe and make in-roads among his queens easily. (Now, don't laugh, that is what he actually said.)

That said, being a master Strategist and one who liked mystery he had chosen that I would stay as a guest in his palace ostensibly to learn music and dance from his Court Singer and Dancer. I was to socialise freely with the queens and proceed secretively on my mission in his Harem. I was to have two female security guards that he trusted implicitly for a 24 hour body-guarding. Male guards were not allowed in Harem.

Lastly on a mission like this I would come alone and not involve any of my personal staff for security reasons.

I had half the mind to tear the letter in half and forget all about it. I looked at Rathi and she smiled and said, "Dear Prince, let me know what is the matter and I will advise"

Yes, she was my Advisor too in many matters and knew what was best for me always.

I asked the messenger to leave and explained the whole matter to Rathi.

Her initial reaction was startling. She jumped up and said,

'Yes, you have to do it. And you can do it...'

I asked unbelievingly,

"Are you bananas? How do you expect me to live there and find out their dirty secrets?"

She smiled knowingly and her cheeks dimpled nicely.

"Well, the implications are obvious, My Prince. He says you have to use all your faculties and no holds barred and I could think of no one better than you to make those young queens to spill their beans..."

I stared at her at the implications of her naughty tone.

"You see, we have already perfected the art of passionate persuasions in very many ways...In a nutshell, you spill the seed and the results will germinate!"

I was aghast and went red in the face. This wasn't agriculture she was talking about.

"I'll be damned...all the while I was thinking you were smart..."

She shrugged her beautiful shoulders and said,

"Well I know that your strengths are their weaknesses...Are you shying away from a bevy of hungry queens and refuse an Old Uncle in distress?"

I made a vain protest. I could do that in front of her but certainly not in front of my Father.

"Beautiful, dangerous and betraying females are more deadly than the Male", I said almost philosophically.

Rathi stood up. Her chin showed she was determined.

"There is only one way to find out about that in a woman...Dig deep. Probe and ye shall succeed..."

With such a mischievous double entendre, she asked for my hand and said,

"Come, let us go to the King and you have to give your assent to him"

I got up and said finally," Its all very well for you... You will be safe and secure here. I will be alone"

Rathi shoved me playfully to the door.

"Alone and you, I daresay, no .You will enjoy the variety and probably come back more experienced. Let me be the judge of that!"

You see, we were living in the Golden era of Kama sutra then.

Then looking at my desolate face, she added,

"I will pay weekly visits to you and so we will be in ...ahem, 'touch' with each other...We can talk and exchange, you know..." She was so naughty and was actually enjoying all this.

I spanked her once on her ample rump making a swatting noise and we left my Quarters, with her in tow, rubbing her ass where I had smacked.


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