tagErotic CouplingsPalace In Ecstasy Ch. 02

Palace In Ecstasy Ch. 02


Ch 2- The Prince sets out on a mission


My Father, King Kadamba was sitting in his Private meeting room alone looking at some notes that he had made. When Rathi and I entered his Chambers, he waved the Guards away as he knew the meeting of this kind had to be in camera.

He twirled his greying moustache and rose and hugged me warmly and looked at me with pride of a herdsman sending his bull on to a Public fight. I was all of twenty five years now.

"So", he started, "You are rearing to go, now aren't you?"

Rathi interjected," Well, Your Majesty, 'Rearing' is an understatement, 'aching' to go might just be right "and giggled.

Father had deliberately planted this mischievous witch onto me a year ago to 'groom me', as he had felt that I needed one and so never took her points amiss.

"What is your assessment of our Prince's capabilities in a sensitive assignment of this Kind, My dear?" he asked.

They were not even allowing me to put a word in.

"The Prince's performance on this front of making damsels 'spill their...ahem... beans' is nothing short of phenomenal, Your Majesty and I can vouch for it!", She said proudly. "He really turns the screws on".

It was no secret that I had bedded all the willing maids in the Palace during the so-called 'grooming'.

Father did not suppress a laugh this time.

I said diffidently,

"So you have decided that I should go and solve some mystery in that Kingdom now, have you... spending my valuable time, is that it?"

"Well, No pains, No gains, my son. Besides as you sow, so you reap" , he shrugged, enjoying my predicament.

Today seemed like the Annual Gags Day around here.

I glared.

"Are you seriously objecting now, Prince Keyura?" Father asked authoritatively.

I did not want to break his heart.

I complied,

"I am most willing to be service in the interests of Your Majesty. Besides it looks like a piece of action I wouldn't want to miss. The art of Detection needs regular practice, you see"

The King's eyes twinkled with mischief.

"Practice makes you perfect....Indeed, you will have a number of quarries to hone your skills, I believe, as King Mududka has an enviable 'anthahpura' (harem in Sanskrit) in this part of the world" He said envyingly.

"Go find out if this is an inside job and involves someone he trusts most..."

Rathi prodded me in the ribs and tinkled,

"What goes on inside has to come outside, dear King and our Prince will certainly expose what lies beneath..."

I stopped her before she could get any cornier,

"Alright, Rathi, go and pack my things for an early departure and see to the arrangements"

Rathi reluctantly got up and said mock seriously,

"Surely, I will see to it that you are discharged at the stroke of dawn, my Prince", winked, bowed and left me wondering as to her intentions.


It was agreed that I would leave at the next dawn and my own chariot would drive me only till the end of the Kingdom whereupon King Muduka's personal chariot would take over, transport me the rest of the way into his Kingdom as was the custom those days. They prided themselves on such gestures of hospitality those days.

I spent the day long and hard. I had spent some time on minor missions earlier that called upon my faculty of detection, mostly on smaller crimes in my own kingdom. I had succeeded in nabbing the culprit unfailingly each time.

But this seemed to be on a much larger canvass, and was set in an alien land. I would be working alone, leading a double life. It was going to a tightrope walk. There would be dangers involved, strangers to be trusted and strategies to be formulated, not always with my Rathi available at my beck and call. She would only be paying occasional visits, she had said.

I spent the night fitfully turning sides as always with the beginning of a secret mission.

I dreamt at last that I was sitting on lake side and Rathi was at my side . We were hugging and kissing. My hands tested the pliant yet firm boobs of hers. She moaned lustily and rested her head on my lap. I was naked below except for a loin cloth..

She quickly unshackled my straining cock from its gird and the cool air on the hot stem raised goose bumps in me. Her soft curly hair caressed my thighs as she sucked and I moaned uncontrollably.

And I woke up.

It was no dream, thankfully and it was happening right on my bed.

It was also Rathi live. I was almost there as she energetically bobbed her head on my straining pulsating cock and slurped on it.

But that was as far as it went.

There was big gong of a bell outside the quarters announcing my wake-up time.

I would have let it continue, but it was Rathi who had pulled away. She wiped her lips and straightened her vest to cover her rounded breasts tipped with delicious looking pink nipples.

"Rise and shine, my Prince" she said teasingly, cranking her forefinger at me

"I was doing exactly that, I thought..." I croaked, looking sadly at my shrivelling cock, shining with her saliva.

"Now get going, sir...The rest of the action will have to wait, I am sorry"

She could be quite a disciplinarian at times.

I sighed and raised myself up and asked her, as she trotted out.

"So this is what you meant yesterday about 'getting me discharged at dawn' now, is it?"

She turned, her cheeks turning rosy, and whispered,

"Well... I will be escorting you till the Border in the chariot, I'd planned.." and vanished. I ran to the bathroom in a hurry encouraged by the promise.


I bade farewell to my Father and other Staff and came out. Rathi had already packed my kit. It contained a veritable collection of personal clothes, my disguise kits, my Royal sword, Knives and sundry.

The Chariot stood silver and silk shining in bright sunlight, drawn by two thoroughbred whites and manned by Savari, my charioteer

Rathi stood smiling next to the cabin. The cabin, you see had rose wooden walls and a small window with silk curtains. It was topped with a non acoustic ceiling and carried my Flag on a short mast .What I mean is the Driver would be quite oblivious to any sounds produced inside.

The Flag showed a flower and a bee sitting on it. That was not the National flag, but something I had chosen at Rathi's behest for a personal car.

She offered me her dainty Brown hands to help me the single step to inside.

She smelled nice. Like the flower on the flag. She was wearing a rose skirt and matching vest. A Pearl necklace had settled cosily in her tempting cleavage

I was eager to know what she was under the dress.

A pair of silver anklets adorned her soft feet.

The journey started soon after Rathi sat with me and closed the cabin door shutting out the world except for the air ventilating through the small window.

It was cool in the wintry dawn outside but you bet we were not.

We had been twice interrupted recently and I took her forcibly in my arms and kissed her sweet tasting lips and her mercurial tongue entwined with mine even as the chariot rolled on bumping through the countryside.

I took time to explore her smooth calves, and ran my naughty hand up her thigh towards the prize. She sucked her breath and since we were kissing it became a throaty gurgle and excited my senses even more.

As I found that my hand met her silky bush covering her steamy womanhood beneath, it was my turn to suck and the results were the same as before. It became a lusty free–for- all as we divested each other of our clothing. I readjusted myself on the silky seat to allow her more play; and play she did and how.

Even as she knelt in the cramped confines of the cabin floor to expose my lethal weapon , I all but tore her silk blouse to expose her naked torso an back.

My hands now cupped the firm tipped supple boobs of her and my toes of my right foot somehow managed to snake into her pussy wedging through her thighs as she knelt at my feet.

You understand we were doing a critical exercise in passion play, not chronicled even in the Kamasutra but I always like novelty.

Her mouth felt heavenly closing in around my turgid pole and she sucked vigorously, her fingers cupping the sac of my balls and rolling them playfully as her tongue lapped all around and over the stem.

My fingers encircled her taut nipples and rolled them over and she sighed and sucked he breath again, this time the mouth full of my heated manflesh.

Sensations became delirious as my lucky toes curled into the wet insides of her heated young pussy and her labia clamped on my bog toe. Her juices flowed out all over my foot and trickled over the heel to the cabin floor beneath.

When we had had enough of such uncommon foreplay, I raised her supple naked form in the semi dark confines of the chariot cabin for a more fulfilling occupation.

The cabin filled with the odours of our sweat and juices. The smell of sex was heady.

We sat cross wise now facing each other longitudinally on the twin seats and our legs touched the sides of each others thighs. She said huskily, "Prince, it will be a long time before we meet thus..."

With that she drew me over her.

"We can make it a good lasting one..."I replied and my cock was poised over her wet waiting centre and I was balancing myself perilously on two hands and managed to drive home my point about 'making it last' with conviction swiftly.

Her tight pussy sheath encircled my hot cock as I cleaved into her and pumped rhythmically in and out. The chariot was perhaps on a bad stretch of road now and the bumps were more pronounced but we were not objecting as that only added to our mutual pleasure.

Her pussy felt wet and juicy and my cock was only too eager to please the demands of her inflamed womanhood. Flesh scraped against flesh, gasps galore; hands and legs beat a rat-tat-tat on the sides of the wooden cabin as we heaved against each other in ecstasy.

Her soft breast flesh and taut nipples scraped my chest hair as I slid in and out picking speed and my movements were now in step with the cabin movements thus amplifying the pleasure we felt.

Her eyes closed with the pure passion she felt her curly hair falling all over face and shoulders, her anklets jingling crazily, as I pounded her molten vulva

I strained my neck out, my head almost bumping against the wooden cabin side, and thrust deep and came like the first waters released from a reservoir when the gates opened.

My cock straightened and my balls injected sharply my boiling seed right into the waiting wet folds of her pussy.

The world came to a stop as we came together and Rathi kissed me madly and whispered all kinds of sweet nothings between her heaving sobs, 'My Prince, My darling, my sweetie' and whatever. My heart thudded wildly and my face wet with sweat and exertion rested on her moist breast skin savouring the sweet moments silently.


Having recovered sufficiently from our draining copulation to dress up decently we realized that the chariot was slowing down. When Rathi looked out the curtained window, she confirmed that it was indeed so and the time to part ways had literally arrived.

Savari, the driver slowed the chariot to a halt and my assistant Rathi looked at me achingly. We kissed and she wished me luck and I got out of the Chariot.

It was a plain bald stretch of land and there was a fence and guards at the border line. A Guard rushed out on my side from his tent and saluted me and asked me to follow him.

I could clearly see the guard posts beyond on the Muduka's Kingdom. There was a big Golden chariot waiting over there and the Charioteer was obediently standing beside it expecting the Guest.

I waved my own charioteer on his way back, with Rathi craning her neck out to see me one more last time. I turned crossed the Border and Guards stood in salute as was the custom.

The Charioteer smiled, and said, "Welcome to my Land, your majesty" and showed me the steps to ascend the cabin.

I said cheerfully. "Thanks. How is your King?"

He said formally "Never felt any better than now, sir, with your expected arrival"

I wished I could say the same then.

The cabin was very spacious and the velvets were soft and cosy. The chariot was drawn by two healthy looking thoroughbred black horses.

There was a golden jug of cool water and a bottle of some exotic fruit juice kept in front of silver stool in front of my seat.

It was bigger and better than my own chariot, but there was no female company. I would have that in plenty after reaching their palace, I guessed.

The journey started and I could see the green landscape after some time when land changed from bare plains to farm fields. The farms looked prosperous, green and well watered. The roads were smooth earthen roads with granite kerbs. There were even painted display boards showing distance to Yonipura, the Capital in miles and I could estimate about 2 hours more on the roads from it.

The Muduka's kingdom, compared to my own was certainly bigger and more prosperous. It had greatly expanded in the last decade too and had taken in many powerful local chieftains and their lands. May be it had more enemies in high places than my Father's did. That is the price to pay for expansion of territories that one cannot really manage.

Well, I ruminated; on the plus side they had more women in the palace too...

The journey itself was peaceful and uneventful but I felt a foreboding of dangerous things in store over at the Palace with its hidden enemies and their criminal agenda.

The Roads of the Capital were busy with chariots and people hurrying. It was close to five in the evening. I could see many precious stones like rubies and diamonds and pearls being sold in heaps all along the thoroughfare, leaving as to no doubt of the prosperous state of the State.

The Palace itself as we neared it was quite an imposing structure and evening lights in the form of oil lamps were being lit when we entered the big steel gates.

My chariot burst forth into a well-laid path overlooking a beautiful ensemble of well-maintained gardens with roses and lavender flowers. A central decorative fountain with clear waters with sculpture all over it looked very inviting after a daylong journey.

The chariot stopped at what looked like a side entrance to private quarters.

I could see the King Muduka himself waiting with his entourage for me.

I descended the steps, brushed my silken robes down and met them.

Next to him was a bevy of Queens all with smiling faces decked like only Indian Queens can. The eldest who stood next him must be he reigning Queen. She was tall and mature aged about thirty-five.

Her eyes smiled as much as her neat mouth and dimpled cheeks did. I could see a plate full of perfumes and flower petals that they had been brought to invite me with.

They all clapped as King Muduka hugged me warmly. He had grown frail and aged from the last time I saw him, I thought.

"Welcome, Dear Prince Keyura, it has been such a long time" he said affably as he held me in his arms.

"Hope you are doing fine, Your Majesty", I replied and we released each other.

There was something eating into him from what I could make of from the worried look in his eyes. There were some obvious circles around his eyes to suggest much the same.

"My father sends you his very best" I smiled at him and then looked over the Queens who were all eager to meet me as well.

The charming and mature reigning Queen Praudha with lascivious eyes approached me and asked the Second queen Nitambini to hold the silver plate as she anointed my forehead with sandal wood paste and turmeric and showered me with flower petals.

She was standing close to me now and I could see the swell of her huge melon-like boobs in her silken blouse as well as her soft tiers of her not so nubile waist.

"Welcome, dear Keyura... Hope you will like our hospitality"

Her voice too was like mature vintage wine, full of promise and cordiality.

"And I hope I will learn some song and dance here" I had to start my pretence.

Her big breasts heaved when she garlanded me as I bowed my head and I could not only see her diamond necklaces with huge pendants that she adorned but smell her sweet jasmine perfume.

Adjusting her rustling silks the Second Queen applied 'tilak'( forehead mark) too and now I could see this wonderful specimen of female breed at length. Her golden yellow sari parted on the centre to reveal her wheatish brown stomach and deep-set navel beckoned me for a couple of seconds. Her waist curved out proudly into a seductive prominent arse. She was not named Nitambini for nothing, which meant with the 'one with high buttocks'. My hands already itched.

I had to remind myself that their husband and my Host, King Mududka which actually meant 'Old Man' in my native language but 'strong man' in theirs, was still there allowing the queens to welcome me in their tradition.

He drew my attention to the inconspicuous doorway saying that such an entrance to me was necessitated due to 'security reasons'.

"Your Majesty, You worry a lot "said another Queen with dark complexion and sparkling eyes, whom I was to learn later was called Bhagamalini, the 'one who prided on pleasure from clitoris'.

"Yes, the Prince looks fully capable of handling delicate situations" said Queen Praudha as we went through the doorway with a mischievous twinkle in her eyes, leaving me as to doubt its real meaning.

Talking of meanings, Praudha itself meant the 'big and mature one'

Queen Nitambini who walked swaying her hips seductively next to me actually poked an elbow to my ribs and sighed,

"Yes, he looks full of pep and verve to me... Hmmmmmm" and they all cackled.

There were actually six of them now, mostly all Queens .

King Muduka looked at me helplessly as if say, 'Look what you are upto against'

It was also no secret that King Muduka had not managed to have a son or daughter through any of these bewitching harem members and I had heard back home that more than one womb ached for a progeny there ,any which way.

They showed me the way now to my quarters.


We had climbed a flight of wide marble stairs and we had crossed a huge hall decked with all possible types of sofas and furniture that befitted a palace of this kind.

My own Quarters was actually a mini hall in size that had a small foyer to receive visitors, a living room and a biggish looking Bed room set with ornate Granite cot set with luxurious cotton bed, cushions and silks.

It was at once, lovely and inviting.

King Muduka and Queen Praudha had personally seen me into the place. They had told me to relax, bathe and meet them in the Royal conference hall after an hour.

My baggage as already there, sent in through the Royal servants. I unpacked and had a detailed look over the room. I wanted to make sure that this room was not under any kind of surveillance and intrusions. I was trained to see and locate obvious signs and doubtful features. I went around the room meticulously and saw every nook and corner of the room as if to locate a dead body in there. I craned my neck out the window, disregarding the excellent gardens outside and looked for the rooms above and below mine that might harbour anything perilous or suspicious. I could hear ducks and swans cackling in the nearby Royal Pond out in the Garden, otherwise it was a quiet evening in a lovely Palace.

'How appearances can be deceptive', I thought as this very palace was according to the King himself, hid a few traitors and crooks.

I sighed and told myself to relax.

I went into the Bathroom that had a marble bath fountain and a matching White Bathtub. All soaps, oils and powders were arranged neatly on the cupboard.

I took time relaxing the body and mind in the steaming hot waters that was supplied from somewhere central in the Palace.

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