tagErotic CouplingsPalace In Ecstasy Ch. 03

Palace In Ecstasy Ch. 03


Ch 3-The Prince gets around


The Conference hall was already full except me, as the King and Queens along with the Prime Minister had assembled there.

The King made the Introductions seated on his Throne.

The first was of course Queen Praudha, his first wife seated alongside. Queens Nitambini and Bhagamalini were seated next to each other on his right.

There were three more queens who were called, Sthanika, Tulya and Nabhini were on his left, the fourth, fifth and sixth Queens in chronological order, the King proudly announced. I wondered why he was having doubts and problems from his wives if he was so proud of them.

"Now he referred to a fiftyish gent seated next to me,

"Of Course our Hon'ble Prime Minister Kaydee Das who administers my state with his able cabinet of Ministers"

'Able indeed', I thought... 'Then how did the country come to such a pass?'

I looked him over closely. He smiled uncomfortably under my detective glare.

Then the King said something which shocked me out of my wits.

"The Prince here has come as per our request for conducting investigations into the criminal and treacherous incidents that have happened; you are all aware of them..." He paused as if someone was about to deny it and then looked coldly at everyone and said, "Almost everyone here is a suspect, till proved otherwise"

I cleared my throat.

"Who isn't?" I managed to croak. Hell, he had already blown my cover.

"You, of course, Dear Prince Keyura" King answered calmly, as if I had asked which way sun rose everyday.

The King Muduka continued nonchalantly,

"For all practical purposes and outwardly, he is here as a pupil of Music and Dance. But he will have a full and free access to the Harem and wherever he wishes to go"

Of Course, my dear Queens , every one of you will extend utmost hospitality and co-operate with the Prince during any investigation he wishes to undertake to uncover the Criminal nexus"

Queen Nitambini was first off,

"From my side he will be given all attention, co-operation and free access to all I have"

Queen Praudha stood up, and announced:

"As per Royal Orders, since I am also a suspect and being the First queen, I want Keyura to start with me first, satisfy himself that I am above reproach and then move on to others"

The Prime Minster stood up too and said that was even more startling:

"My own House door is open too, Dear Prince. You will not be an unwelcome guest at any hour of the day and night. I have a wife and two daughters who will leave no stone unturned in...."

That was as far as he got. I cut them off brusquely,

"Hello, Hello...Wait there". There was an uneasy silence when they heard my determined voice.

"If someone does not tell me what the heck is going on here, I will take the next chariot ride back home...I was invited for a discreet investigation and as soon as I enter the damned Conference hall, the cover is blown and you people are haggling who should I take on first?"

There was a moment of silence and then everyone laughed. Except me. There was something uncomfortable in their laughter as well.

The King put up his hand and shook gestured me to calm down.

"If we have not told you the complete truth, we haven't lied to you either.

The story is long. Queen Praudha here will explain in detail privately to you.

We men here have been cursed by our Mantrik, the Royal Magician who has been help captive by our enemies to become impotent using a spell and sadly the curse is working"

While it is true that my Master Plan has been stolen by the same criminals who took my Mantrik away, it was nothing that my own trusted detectives could not unravel. Besides the spell cast by the Mantrik is very powerful and worked in the opposite way with our women. They have now, shall I say, more than the natural urge to sex and are suffering from a supercharged Reproductive system"

The magical spells cast by powerful magicians and witched worked then and it does not matter if rationalists in our period disbelieved it. In fact it worked on them too.

I was aghast at the new and curious turn of events .Men had turned impotent and women Nymphomaniacs in the same stroke.

I asked plainly:

"What would they gain by making men impotent and women sexually more active?"

"Well, we are not just men and women, as you put it" The PM was looking furtively at me and continued "It is the Royal family without children that has been so attacked, not to speak of their trusted PM who too has been similarly ...ahem, affected by the same curse"

I raised my eyebrows, shocked.

"Yes, yes, we have all got over the shock because this happened about a month ago and when we realized the opposite effects the same curse had on our spouses, we wanted a way out desperately... You are the way out, we thought.

"No one but us knows that you are here and besides you are, I hope unaffected -by any Impotency curse"

I jumped. The gloves were off now.

" Whatever are you saying, Old man? I look like some kind of a male prostitute to you?"

"NOOO please...Don't say it" Queen Nitambini shouted standing up

All looked at her surprised at the intensity.

"My dear Prince, you are not aware how much we have gone through since this happened. Cold baths thrice a day, herbal medicines, skip one me daily...All to bring down our body temptations and increase self control over desire"

She sobbed. Other queens looked equally desolate now.

"We have all failed miserably. We have just about stopped ourselves going to any other man for satisfying the burning need. The only way is for a gentleman like you to alleviate our sufferings and may be, bless us with a child that will sit on the Throne of this kingdom next!"

King Muduka broke in.

"Yes, I am already sixty years old and was almost unable to perform naturally when this happened, putting a full stop to it all. I am aging fast too and may not survive more than a couple of years" He sounded gloomy too.

The PM took over again:

"Your original mission is not aborted, so to say. You still have to find the criminals of the Master Plan steal and seek the hideout of our Mantrik who has been captured by them and has been forced to curse us this way...We need you to do both. First, The Investigation, which you had planned on doing; and next, providing for our women simultaneously, if that won't hurt your conscience. Both are honourable tasks which are crying for your attention"

"Please look after us, Keyura and who knows your clues could originate somewhere from the harem too. You have to look closely at everyone anyway as an investigator, isn't it? We will not obstruct you from the Investigation which all of us need getting done as well"

That was from Queen Praudha, who was looking concerned that I may refuse the double-edged mission. What was she thinking?

Nitambini rubbed her eyes and her cheeks were flushed red.

"Lastly, we have not really betrayed your father, His Majesty King Kadamba.

We had sent him a separate letter to the effect"

Well, I will be damned!!

I should have guessed from the smug look and teasing remarks of Father...Did Rathi knew this too?

I decided to teach her a fitting lesson if it were true.

There was a moment's silence as they awaited my decision with bated breath.

"Besides the congregation here, who all know about it and exactly who are all affected by this evil curse?" I asked giving nothing away yet.

King Muduka replied with a sigh,

"My entire family of women: wives and their maids, some of the women who are either sisters or aunts of my Queens who were staying in the Palace at the time of the curse...That's about the Royal family. PM and his family of a wife and 2 daughters of marriageable age are similarly affected."

I was thinking hard, "Was it a place-bound curse if that is the case?"

There were person-specific curses too.

King Muduka nodded gravely,

"Yes, the curse encompassed the palace and staff quarters from the look of it.

Speaking about men who are now suffering the ignominy of impotence, it includes me, my Guards and the PM here"

I was now getting the picture. So whoever was behind this was trying to break down the family system here. You can well imagine if women in prime turned sexually over-active and their men impotent suddenly. The social order and discipline would be shattered and women would be forced to commit adultery. That was some evil and sweet revenge being taken against the King and his Family.

"Finally, why me?" I asked

You could have heard their collective sigh of relief. They had guessed my answer was a YES.

Queen Praudha said with a smile that dimpled her cheeks,

"Because we could not get anyone more handsome, capable and honourable to take up this onerous task of managing an entire harem"

There was some strained laughter now. I let that pass.

"Yes, Prince Keyura, we have heard about your exploits in the past where you saved many a damsel in distress and also solved some challenging mysteries for your father. Besides you are a blue blooded member of our Royal brethren. Kind of everything stays in the family. Any offspring in the process would share an honourable bloodline"

Ok, that was it...I could not just fuck around. I had to make it stick too, if you understand what I mean. I was fucked if I failed?

Hmmmm, I decided to stay on.

"If that is settled then it is time Queen Praudha showed our Prince...ahh..around the palace" The King completed the sentence with difficulty. He was handing over his entire harem to my charge. I had to discharge my responsibilities now. Just the word 'Discharge' made my prick wake up with a start. Looking at the eager and waiting female assembly here it was a feast he would relish.

Queen Praudha's cheeks turned pink as if she had ended up victorious in some closely fought election when she was chosen by King Muduka to take me around.

"I will certainly show him everything that he needs to see" She came beside me now and whispered "and more"

It was my turn to turn pink.


The Queen and I left the Conference hall and she took my hand casually in hers and squeezed it. It was a sign that I could not ignore and squeezed her right back.

She was a beautiful woman in her early forties, built superbly, a little on the fleshy side belying her age but she was like old wine.

She was a well-fed biggish woman built like a Farm cow and why ever not, I thought she was a queen living a luxurious life all the while.

She had dark flowing hair tied with gold brocade and her Golden yellow saree hid little of her abundant assets. A green vest looked tight enough to burst with her humungous boobs, her wide waist with one gentle layer of soft tier of flesh showed seductively as she walked. Her waist was ample and her hips were big melons that swayed supremely in her gait. I was sure she had thighs that matched her waist and weight.

Her eyes were dark brown and looked like hot honey with aching lust. Her lips were luscious and juicy with cherry red lips.

The other Queens stood, looked on envyingly with Nitambini almost wringing her hands as if she lost her quarry.

Soon we reached a hall with arched doorways all around. The Queen clapped and I saw two female warriors approach us as if they had materialized from behind the round marble pillars.

Praudha turned to me with a twinkle in her eyes,

"They are your bodyguards for all the 24 hours. They are trained warriors and well versed in every aspect of security and you can take them around everywhere, without any qualms"

I looked at her mischievously,

"Everywhere? Oh, but I thought my main line of duty included some close encounters and one-to-ones with you queens in private?"

The Guards had approached us now. They were real amazons.

Queen almost spluttered:

"Yes, our bedrooms too... They have to stand guard over your body whatever you are preoccupied with...That's Royal orders"

I gaped at my two new acquaintances that would guard me and follow me everywhere I went.

The one on the left was a fair six feet tall dame built like a bull. But she had nice features. Her dress was a green soldier overalls, but her white boobs sneaked up over whatever she wore like two porcelain cups. She had a surprising svelte waist and thundering thighs. Her ass looked big, fleshy but firm. Her muscles in arms and thighs rippled as she walked. She wore a long scabbard at her left which must have sheathed a matching sword. I nearly choked.

Queen was smiling at my aghast expression,

"She is Methika hailing from a famous warrior dynasty in the State."

Methika smiled softly so unlike the rest of her and said in a firm voice,

"Hello Master, happy to be in your service"

I looked over the second one and again gaped.

She was as dark as Methika was fair but a couple of inches taller. But she too was built like a buffalo.

She had black curly hair, deadly eyes and a thin nose. Her lips were a thin line and her jaws were prominent. She could strike fear in the hearts of best of the enemies on her day.

As she moved closer I thought her oily black skin shone and rippled like sea waves at night. Her big black blouse heaved with the unmanageable weight of her big tits. Her black skirt cut above her kneecaps showed she had powerful legs and a firm wide arse.

She had two small sheaths on her waist bands and I was sure they contained some evil looking knives.

Queen Praudha said authoritatively,

"Gattika, bow to your master, Prince Keyura"

I was nearly six feet tall but she had to nearly bow to her waist to salute me.

Gattika said softly,

"I am pleased to be of service to you, Master. You are in safe hands" She spread her hands as if to underline the point. Her black hands looked big enough to harness a charging ox.

"Thanks, You two. Hope we will have a swell time together" I chided as we moved on.

They followed us silently. You could not hear them walking behind. They wore some special soled soldier boots. May be I will need to borrow some soon in my line of duty.

"They will know all the secrets then, if they guard me all the while?' I asked almost pointlessly.

Queen Praudha looked up at me, her head just a few inches shorter than mine. Her jasmine scented body was making me heady.

"Yes, the past, the present and future...But they are absolutely trustworthy. There is nothing to hide from them. They have been with us and seen us in all kinds of conditions" She tinkled loudly now. Shameless sluts, these queens I thought and my chest hammered with excitement.

"Can we retire to my private quarters where we can continue your exploration of the palace and its inhabitants, please?" The Queen crooked her head and asked me salaciously." She leaned closer to me and our shoulders touched.

"I am getting that feeling again... You know, because of the curse...I have endured it so much till now...Hmmmm?"

I groaned inwardly as a surge of lust passed over me.

"I could think of no better place for a quick start", I said and followed her delectable swaying hips up the marble steps into the Royal Harem

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