tagErotic CouplingsPalace In Ecstasy Ch. 04

Palace In Ecstasy Ch. 04


CH 4- The Prince gets his eye in


Queen Praudha asked time-out to get 'dressed properly', when all we had to do was actually undress. She left me alone with my two new bodyguards who were looking at me devotedly.

I approached Methika and looked her big body over and asked her suspiciously, pointing to her well-endowed bust.

"Are you sure you don't have any hidden weapons inside the dress, hmm?"

Methika actually blushed and that looked quite nice while saying,

"Master, you are suspecting me...why...?

She let it hang as I cut in,

"Well, I have been told that except me, no one is above doubt unless proved otherwise. So why don't you strip and prove your point?' I challenged.

She looked over enviously at Gattika, who was watching this bemusedly, so I said plainly,

"Consider yourself included, big baby... Or would you like me to strip search you?"

There was a moment's silence while they considered the options. There were none.

They looked at me coquettishly and started undressing in front of me.

My heart thumped with excitement as I watched the two well built women obey my command. I felt a surge of attention in my groins and a distinct erection started as I saw Methika's vest drop and two humongous globes of white tit flesh sprang into view. Before I could feast my eyes on the brown rounded nipples and areolas, she drooped to remove her long shoes and her huge boobs swung low from her chest, her nipples pointing like bullets at the floor.

Gattika had removed her skirt first and her black stallion-like thighs rippled with her sinuous movements. Her silken loin cloth followed suit and I sucked my breath with growing excitement looking at her trimmed public hair that did not cover her prominent thick labia fully. She straightened up and with glowing eyes that burned with her own passion and in one swish, dropped her blouse to display her black firm-tipped globes that looked like they were sculpted there in dark granite by an expert sculptor.

Methika now stood stark naked in front of me, her tits proud, her fair and pink pussy shaved clean and when she moved her legs, I could actually see her moist pink insides.

The two amazons stood there challenging me to inspect their contrasting fair and dark nude bodies for any hidden weapons and what the hell, they were surely a 'sex bomb duo'! My own gun was cocked inside and twitched with lust.

The Sun hid behind the clouds as if He became shy of seeing such a mass of feminine nudity all at once and a dull dusk light crept into the Queens 's veranda.

I thanked Queen Praudha for taking her time to dress up leaving me to feast on these two excellent specimens of BBW (Big Beautiful Women)

"Turn around", I commanded getting turned on, myself.

They tuned their backs to me without a word.

Gattika had long sinuous black-skinned back with hard muscled shoulders and matching back. They torso tapered into a not too delicate waist and her rounded black arse globes shined with a healthy glow. A stray bead of sweat was moving down over on her spinal column, snaking its way to finally disappear in the crack of her high arse.

My hands itched and I went ahead and smacked her black arse and gripped the solid arse muscles in my right palm. She gave a small yelp and did not object when my naughty fingers crept into the crevices off her large buttocks and found her soft centre that was salivating with excitement!

I was now eyeing the white and large rounded arse cheeks of Methika standing alongside near my left hand. I stood close behind them and it seemed only fair that I treat Methika's white arse too similarly. My open left palm spanked hard on her white and pink ass and squeezed them tightly.

I smacked their arses firmly a few more times, left hand on Methika's and the right on the dark bum-cheeks of Gattika with relish and the slapping sounds seemed only to ignite our lust fires further.

Methika groaned like a tigress in heat and whispered,

"Oh, Prince, will this be a daily routine and...."

Gattika completed the question by croaking,

"Will this just stop at undressing?"

These girls had what it takes and so I did not hide my feelings any further.

I held on to their white and black soft arse cheeks and stepped close enough to their backs so my raging cock in my loin cloth now probed the junction between them. I removed the hand from Gattika's arse and freed my cock from its painful confines so it literally sprang out to nestle in the warm cosy junction between one's right black arse and other's left white arse as they stood shoulder to shoulder facing the other way.

I let my hands do the exploring as my nose buried in Methika's fragrant dark hair braids at the back of her head.

My right hand slyly crept over the black sculpted form of Gattika's abdomen, brushing a few wiry public hairs enroute, teasing her labia by squeezing them against each other, making her sigh and stomp her feet in uncontrolled excitement. The palms now inched up her flat and strong abdominal muscles and came closer to the delectable cleavage between two lovely boobs which begged to be handled.

I started a slow back-and-forth movement of my waist, so my cock moved between their upper thigh sides and it felt heavenly as they pressed their thighs back to it. I was screwing them both in the junction of their bodies thus in a novel way. My blood pounded in the temples and I felt my mouth go dry.

My left hand was not idle either. The fingers softly caressed the wetting pussy lips of Methika's fair pink cunt from in between the arse cheeks and moved up over a soft white tummy; poking a finger in her deep navel teasingly once. She gurgled and pressed her big solid ass reflexively back to me. My cock dribbled pre-semen and patterned their thigh-sides as it wedged in and out between a fair thigh and darker one of my bodyguards.

I simultaneously caught on to two pairs of tantalizing boob flesh now , my left hand clamped over an overflowing white boob of Methika and my right one took in a black sculpted boob of Gattika.

Both moaned simultaneously and pressed back at me lustily and languorously.

Breathing hard with burning passion, I thrust again and again into the tight junction between each other's thighs and my hands grasped their twin sets of pliant and yet firm boob flesh in one palm each, squeezing and heaving them like they were ripe farm mangoes.

I scratched and teased their nipples with my fingernails and they groaned with growing lust. How a man should scratch a woman's sensitive breasts with his nails during copulation is described in detail in Kama Sutra as well as in the erotica of Lord Krishna and his paramour Radha in our legends. I had practised this enjoyable art on the willing wenches of my own Palace back home.

Thus we stood gasping and moaning our passion, straining flesh against hungry flesh; a strange triangle of a man and two women standing against each other.

Methika managed to gasp out, wedging one hand in between us to seize my raging plunging prick,

"Sir, now I wonder who is guarding whose body?"

Gattika said with a naughty suppressed giggle as her hand too joined Methika's to grasp my pulsating manhood,

"As long as all the bodies are safe in each others' hands, there is no dereliction of duty, I suppose..."

I hungrily bit a black shoulder of Gattika and then a fair one of Methika alternately making each gasp and moan. My head was reeling with the dual pleasure of my cock being sandwiched between these two nude amazons.

Then we heard the distinct sounds of Queen Praudha's footsteps as she walked out of her bed chambers looking for us.

The bodyguards turned to face me now, their exciting and contrasting white and black forms standing chest to chest with me. Four fabulous peaks rubbed against my sweating hairy chest.

Methika whispered,

"Master, you have the concealed weapon cocked and ready here (with a squeeze to my raging prick) and you were searching us all the time..."

Suddenly I kissed her mouth lightly and said,

"But between the two of you, you had four bullets".

(Author's Note:Yes, there were country guns then).

I asserted my point by tweaking their four nipples one last time, smacked their arses lightly and sent them on their way to get dressed out of Praudha's sight.

But not before Methika turned her head and reminded,

"I'll be back; it's my turn to watch..."

I raised my eyebrows,


"You and the further proceedings..." she shrugged and her huge breasts bobbed in agreement. " All in a day's work..."

"Talking of work, shall we proceed inside to start ours..."asked Queen Praudha from the doorway to her bedroom.

Her eyes were no doubt riveted on the raging stallion of my cock that stood throbbing, fresh from the unfinished exploits with the guards.


I looked at Queen Praudha and gave a soft whistle.

The transformation was complete.

She had changed from her Golden zari yellow saree and removed all her jewels including her diamond studded crown. Now, she was wearing a red silk gown that served as her nightdress, which was loosely tied at the waist with a matching belt. The gown hugged her luxurious breasts and a tantalizing cleavage was fully visible. The gown came to her fair knees and when she turned I could see a through a slit on the sides, an expanse of her smooth rounded thighs and long hairless legs.

If I knew my women, she had nothing but her proud Queenly body under the gown.

She extended her hand and I hurriedly thrust my semi-hard organ back inside my gown and gave her the same hand.

She giggled, squeezed my hand as she asked,

"I hope you have inspected the Guards thoroughly and found them to be above reproach...Hmmm?"

I gave her hand a squeeze back and said lightly,

"Oh, I was just surveying their hidden capabilities..."

The bed was an ornate Granite platform laden with the best of the cotton beds and covered with embroidered silken bedcovers. She even had a pink heart-shaped pillows set for us. The big glazed windows had light yellow and range silken curtains and I could hear Koels and cuckoos in the garden outside chirping away.

On her bedside was small side table with a silver tray full of exotic fruits and a golden jug of a liqueur.

She showed me to her bed,

"Please, dear Prince, welcome to my boudoir, as they say..."

I sat down on the bed and felt the velvety soft yielding cushions offered cosy comfort without being too saggy.

"Hmmm...Nice bedroom, I must say fit for a Queen, quite literally..." I yanked her hand down so she flopped suddenly on to the bed beside me in a flurry of heaving boobs and white rounded big legs peaking through the gown as she did.

She looked at me amorously but said softly,

"I have to recite the story of this 'Impotence and Nymphomania' as per Royal Orders first..."

I laid my back against the soft cushions of the headboard.

"Oh sure, make yourself at home" I said graciously, "I am all ears for fairy tales..."

She turned to her side towards the jug of liqueur and sat so that her thighs lay folded over each other and her gown unabashedly crept all the way to the top of her thighs.

"Can we drink this while I talk...I mean we can have dinner later, actually...This is usually like a night cap but...".

She was mumbling about the table manners?

I nudged her in the ribs with an elbow.

"Ha! You did not mention whether dessert will be taken now or later..."

She looked up turning a shade pink in the cheeks.

She took my hand in hers and said,

"Both the times, if you don't mind..."

I winked in assent.

"Start talking, Praudha... Let's begin where it all started"

My hand idly traced the silken lapels of her gown to from her neck to where the plunging cleavage started.

She sighed and made a face as if trying to remember a past sinned life.

"His Majesty was actually my Brother-in-law as my elder sister Kootika married him when I was twenty. She was well versed in warfare and was an able Queen. Only after ten years of marriage, she became pregnant..."

So, the King Mududka took his time in sex and impregnation...Quite unlike the speed with which he had conquered and extended his territories.

My fingernails scratched the top yummy slopes of her big tits and she caught my hand pressed it there. In my other hand I balanced a glass of sweet liqueur and kept sipping from it

"Then unfortunately my sister died during the delivery. She gave birth to a son called Savura"

She drank some too. It was heady stuff and was making me slowly intoxicated. I saw the amorous look in her eyes deepen.

My left hand was now toying with her sash of the gown and managed to creep inside while loosening it to touch her smooth flesh. I finished my drink and kept the glass down. Now my both hands were inside her gown exploring the soft rounded stomach,

"Pay attention..." she gasped swatting at my naughty exploratory hands.

I obeyed; I paid more attention to her gown, undid it and parted the folds to expose her at the waist.

She closed her eyes and forced herself to concentrate.

"When the Prince Savura was eleven, he died of a snake bite in the Garden. So the King had neither an heir, nor a Queen who could bear one more. Besides he was too busy with the wars and the expansion work--"

"- to bother about who will succeed him?' I completed. My left hand now traced her smooth upper thighs drawing a crazy pattern.

She paused, looked at my hands engaged in amorous teasing of her tummy and thighs and sighed. I poked an exploratory finger to her deep-set navel as if to remind her to 'continue and not mind the intrusion'.

I asked, "Why did you have to marry him then..."My hand was tracing a line navel downwards, over her pubis.

She nodded and held onto my naughty hand before it could explore further 'territories'.

"Naturally, that is the custom in this Kingdom...The younger one of the sisters should take the mantle vacated by the elder sister in a marriage-"

"Oh-ho!" I interjected, "You never had a chance of rejecting this alliance then"

"Nor did I want to, at the time--"She started.

With that, I threw open her front lapels of her gown and exposed her bare breasts.

It was sudden and spontaneous, a brazen act of shifting of attention from her nether area to her heaving chest.

God! They were ripe melons of white-and-pink tit flesh, tipped with brownish erect nipples set in large darker areolas, which were now covered with goose bumps of excitement. Sitting there like two puppies beckoning me.

My own groin had grown tight, with my erect prick twitching for freedom. All this slow seduction and mind games was become headier. I took another drink with a hand and wiped my mouth.

My hands went back to her smooth inviting tiers of waist flesh and cupped them lovingly. She was an absolute mature honey.

She sighed, rearranged her legs so I could see more of her plump smooth thighs and continued:

"All this started then...."

I squeezed her soft waist flesh asking, "All 'this', you mean....?"

She gurgled happily and slapped my hands that cupped her soft loins.

"No. I was younger and more nubile then..."

It was then that we heard a discrete knock and our guard Methika came in through the doorway.

The Queen who was topless by now did not even flinch at her entrance.

"Methika, come on in...Your boss and I are having just having a talk yet..."

"Yes, a close inspection of the facilities... You can join in too, if you don't mind", I ribbed her.

Methika nodded her head negatively and smiled obliquely.

She stood her ground; did I spot her wetting her lips or was I imagining it under the influence of the liqueur?

I turned back to Praudha.

I caressed her stomach upwards to her big boobs "What happened then...?"

She sighed sadly, "Precisely, nothing! My husband was so embroiled in one war of expansion of his territories after another_"

"--that he neglected the home ground" I completed intelligently and my palms now weighed her milky breasts. They felt like ripe coconuts on her wide chest.

"Hmmmm..." Praudha gave first indications of her lust flaring with that moan and again put her palms over mine as they felt up her yielding tit flesh.

I caught her turgid nipples between my forefinger and thumb and tugged them slowly and rhythmically.

"Ahhhhh..." the Queen mewled and stretched her luxurious thighs along the bed alongside me. She drew me near her so my marauding hands got more leverage and her humungous tits spilled out of my palms.

At distance, I saw that Methika too made a sound that belied her training 'to observe silently' and craned her neck to follow the proceedings eagerly.

Passion was in the air.

I got up. My cock was straining inside from a long time with all this teasing foreplay and it was only fair to release it now.

I took off my vest and bared my hairy chest. The Queen stopped her story and gulped. I knew she liked what she saw more than a little. I was a handsome beefcake where it counted.

I threw the vest to Methika indicating her to catch it.

She did so obediently.

I took off my silken pyjamas and exposed the jutting pyramidal tent of the loincloth that contained a burgeoning manhood. I drew my majestically grown prick that throbbed with lust, out into the open, casting the undergarment back at Methika. She was surprised at what included her duties with her new master but did well to hide to conceal her reactions.

I smiled at Queen Praudha who was looking at me with a mixture of amused shock and rising passion.

"I always like to be as transparent as possible with my clients, you see..."

Queen Praudha's brown tipped massive breasts heaved with her excited breaths,

"Yes, nothing but the naked truth, you mean..." She laughed unsteadily

I sat down back on the bed and my legs now lay over her soft and smooth thighs. The air was thick with the oncoming of a lusty storm and all the three of us felt it.

The Queen gestured to me with open arms. She was really Junoesque and I liked nothing better than to immediately penetrate her...But duties are duties, you see...

I caressed her shoulders and cupped her tits with the hardening nipples saying,

"If you stop talking, the action stops... So just keep it going...."

Methika felt her vest was constricting her painfully and so relieved herself out of it. The sight of her fair and pink ripe boobs could have pleased the Heavens and I was just a mere mortal.

The Queen sucked in her breath, put her hand on my erect cock, thumbed the tip and felt my pre-cum and smeared it all over the fore-skinned head. Her delicate hands measured the thick veined eager cock making me jump.

"Ohhh...Keyura, you sweet torturer...You will get double of whatever you give today..." She warned arching her eyebrows.

I caressed the insides of her marble-like luscious thighs and my fingertips touched the steamy wet bush covering her inflamed womanhood.

"Yeah? If I make you pregnant once, what happens then...?"

She roared with laughter at the implications while Methika smiled on, looking amused and envious at the same time. She was a woman too and voyeurism of this kind was certainly stirring her own long suppressed desires.

I tweaked Praudha's proud nipples once more, so on that cue she started on the 'next lap' of her story and I made an effort of listening, all the while my hands busy in her 'lap'!

Methika stood lapping it all up...

End of Ch 4

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