tagErotic CouplingsPalace In Ecstasy Ch. 07

Palace In Ecstasy Ch. 07


Palace in Ecstasy- Ch. 7

Exploration in the forest, adventure and thrills galore

---- 1-------

The next morning saw me having breakfast with the Queen Nitambini, (the one with excellent high arse) in her Royal Balcony. As she mixed our herbal tea and arranged snacks making small talk, I thought.

Mulling over the last evening's events, I was to have visited Mantrik's home where a bereaved daughter Jayalini was living alone. I had planned a questioning of the lady but Queen Nabhini who was with me till late evening had convinced me that it was a wrong time to visit as Hindu ceremonies of death were taking place and the home was full of relatives and priests.

After I had nodded in assent, the amorous Queen had whisked me off to a long bubble bath in her excellent palatial bathroom, where a tub full of cool water with aromatic herbs, rose petals and exotic perfumes was waiting.

We had washed off in the marble tub but soon the sight of the naked Queen in my close proximity in the tub resulted in another round of slow languorous lovemaking during which I performed cunnilingus on the wet Queen seated on the edge of the tub, my head buried between her smooth thighs and my tongue had laved her intimately. Soon the bath wetness in her groin was replaced by her own secretions and she became highly aroused and had moaned uncontrollably. I was sporting a raging hard-on by then and my cock dribbled perfumed bathwater and pre-semen copiously when I stood up behind her bent form. Her healthy fair arse globes dripping with soapy water beckoned me enticingly.

I had taken her there from behind, slamming into her wet yielding pussy with my hot princely cock till she screamed with unbridled pleasure. I was groaning too with my taut balls slapping into the crack of her soft arse in an urgent rhythm adding to the heightened passion and we had climaxed together and fallen down on the cold marble floor of the bathroom in an exhausted perspiring mass of entangled bodies. I had barely made it to my bedroom with shaking legs much later and had sunk into an ocean of deep sleep.

The lusty flashback got me erect again and I forcibly banished the thoughts and pretended to listen to the dark complexioned Queen Nitambini in front of me. Nitambini was a big framed woman with luxurious curves with a dark complexion and she looked bright and cheerful today morning to have received me. She was wearing an all red dress which hugged her lush curves with a chunri (a silken drape worn outside) casually thrown over her chest.

As she bent forward to serve me tea, the chunri fell from her shoulders and I saw she was wearing a red silk Blouse with a deep V-neck that showed her upper halves of jutting breasts corseted tightly with prominent nipples sticking out. I gulped hot tea too quickly and winced. Nitambini cautioned me to take it easy, as if she had noticed the reason.

Easier said than done, I thought but remarked "Is it so easy to take you...Now I wonder..."

She giggled coquettishly and said mischievously,

"Oh, I don't know. Nobody ever asks me these days..." She must have known about my escapades with two other Queens so far and was biding her time. Such news travels fast in harems.

When she got up and turned behind to take a plate of home-made biscuits from her maid, I had an excellent view of her proud hips that shook provocatively through those taut red silk pyjamas.

Nitambini, the one with excellent buttocks indeed, how appropriate!

All this did my already semi-erect cock no good and I swelled more inside my loincloth.

I sighed, readjusted my loincloth trying to hide my burgeoning organ and pretended to listen to what she was saying. She stopped talking, smiled and her eyes twinkled with naughtiness as if she knew about my discomfiture.

Actually she was talking about a very pertinent topic. And that was regarding Mantrik's disappearance in the forest on the borders and why we should be going there on a detailed survey today. I drank the wonderful herbal tea with some tropical biscuits and listened.

She was saying,

"Prince Keyura, you must be aware there is a very big patch of deep forest between our kingdoms on the East which also is a home for tribes, some of whom are our allies and partners but some, our sworn enemies. The neighbouring Kingdom on the Far East has been using our enemy tribes against us for all kinds of anti-State terrorist activities, although the helpful tribes have many a time tipped us off averting major calamities.

Mantrik usually found many of his medicinal herbs there..."

I interrupted with a hand on her smooth black elbow,

"Why did he have to go alone? Did he not have any guards or his assistants as escorts?"

Queen patted my palm and clasped it in her own. Her touch was warm.

"Yes and no. The assistants were never taken on these medicine picking expeditions that lasted sometimes two to three days at a stretch. Mantrik simply said he prayed to the Dhanvantari (the Hindu deity of Medicine) alone on those trips and he wanted no one with him then.

And he simply hated guards. He thought no one will ever harm an old man like him..."

I nodded thoughtfully. My hands played with the solid gold bangles studded with diamonds on her hand and as she bent towards me her silver and ruby crown twinkled in the early morning sun. She was wearing a rose and musk perfume which felt lovely.

I replied,

"Yes, no one would have harmed him unless they had a diabolical scheme of far-reaching consequences in mind..."

Queen looked up surprised and her hand clasped mine tighter.

"What diabolical scheme, we too have wondered...Apart from causing impotency to men and nymphomania to us women..."

I cut in,

"..And that is a blessing in disguise as far as I am concerned... But I am not talking about that...Anyway, why don't we go on this trip to the forest and see the ground reality for ourselves?"

The Queen pressed my hand one last time, got up and stretched. She looked what she was, a big woman with graceful proportions.

She looked out into the distance at the green rising plains and said,

"Yes, it is early morning now and we will be gone till lunch time...It will be rough riding most time, but our horses are good and know the stretch very well..."She looked at me as if unsure of my equestrian credentials.

I took her elbow and turned to go where my day guard, the black complexioned Gattika stood patiently near the door.

I replied,

"Don't worry...My riding skills are above par, whether it is a horse between my legs or a woman..."

She turned to me, her dark eyes lighting up.

"We shall soon see in the forest how skilful you are and how thrilling your company would be" She remarked almost providentially.

As it transpired, I was to need all my horse riding skills and other talents to face what awaited me in the forest.


We started out soon enough into the forest. I had selected a black horse which had healthy trained limbs, looked well-fed and rested. I wore my Royal silk waist and thick cotton pyjamas and gold embroidered boots and carried no weapons.

The Queen had her personal white mare from the Royal Stable. As she rode ahead of me out of the Palace gates, she looked voluptuous in red silk pyjamas and blouse with leather riding boots. Her big curvaceous hips, taut in her pyjamas swelled over the sides of her horse and the orbs danced deliciously with a jiggle in tune with the horse steps. I daresay she was wearing nothing inside those pyjamas. When she turned to look at me to explain me some local sight, her twin breasts used to jump around crazily inside her taut blouse like two rabbits eager to be released from a cage.

Gattika rode on her regimental guard horse, a good looking brownie, mostly navigating and directing us on the several turns that led into the forest. She was wearing her black leather guard overalls and skirt and she wore both her sword strapped to the waist as well as a menacing looking bow and quiver full of arrows on her strong muscular shoulders. Her enviable black muscles in her shoulders and thighs rippled with her stride in the morning sun.

I was with two black, big and beautiful females; both equally desirable in their own right. One was a Queen of the State while another was a mere guard employed by her. My appreciation laced with lust made no such class distinction. I was slowly developing an erection and my swelling stalk rubbed against the saddle through my underwear as my gaze switched from Nitambini's jiggling rounded arse to Gattika's rippling thighs.

We had taken a shortcut from the rear gates of the palace and the footpath meandered into a shrub land but grew into a thicker forest with tall trees ahead. It was a rising plateau and the climb was slow but steady. All of us handled our horses well and the Queen cast an appreciative glance at me now and then as she saw me manage the unknown territory on an alien horse quite smoothly. Her smile revealed her neat pearly white teeth contrasting in a dark attractive face.

We could hear the birds chirping and the morning sun often shone through the thick leaves overhead. The interior of the forest soon became darker and damper as our horses slowly trotted over the rising plateau even deeper. There was enough light to make out each other and follow a set path led by the talkative Nitambini sometimes and some other times by the business-like Gattika.

Nitambini was explaining to me the intricacies of herbal medicine that she had gathered from Mantrik and I could see that he must have been quite an old man to have ridden alone into the forest and must have known exactly where to go and what to get as far as locating the herbs in this thick forest was concerned. We were riding side by side then and I could see Nitambini's shapely figure with its jumping big breasts and jiggling butt temptingly close. I salivated mentally imagining when I would taste the goodies.

We were soon on the borders of the Kingdom and were now venturing into the tribal heartland interspersed with bushy hillocks.

It was quiet and peaceful except for the click-clack of horse hooves.

But it proved to be a lull before the storm.

Suddenly Gattika's horse neighed with alarm and pain and as I turned I could see a long arrow sticking out on its side barely missing the exposed thighs of Gattika riding on it.

As both Queen and I turned to look, Gattika was thrown off the unbalanced injured horse and the animal went down with a sharp whinny.

Even as Gattika was thrown down hard on the bushy forest path, I was sliding down the side of my horse to go to her rescue.

At the moment there was more commotion and the Queen who was only a few feet ahead of us screamed in terror. I looked where she was looking.

Two roaring wild beasts had jumped into our path from the bushes...A vicious looking striped tiger and a snarling Cheetah.

The animals had appeared suddenly as if this location was predetermined. They snarled and growled menacingly at us and leapt towards us in attack. I realised with a thudding heart that it all looked like an ambush.

Even as I ran to her, Gattika stood up with a deep growl of anger, her hair and skirt flying and her dark strong limbs supporting her admirably in reflex to counterattack the animals.

My horse petrified by the wild beasts, accidentally dashed against the Nitambini's scared mare and it neighed lifting its front legs in panic. The Queen screamed for help as she became precariously balanced on her mare swerving only on its hind legs.

I saw that Gattika somehow managed to hold the snarling beasts at bay with her drawn steel sword and the cold steel glinted menacingly when she swished it; the striped tiger stood back snorting momentarily but the cheetah kept pouncing at her. More arrows shot forth from all directions and all I could do was duck in reflex or use instinct to avoid being hit. The hidden attackers from the bushes surrounding us had got busy seeing that they had succeeded in surprising us by striking suddenly and viciously.

Gattika's injured horse lay whinnying pitifully on its side and I could see the animal was on its last breath. I realised with a chill that the darting arrows could be poisonous too.

I turned to look at the Queen who was busy trying to calm down her mare but all in vain as suddenly the two horses petrified at the sight of wild beasts and flying arrows, decided they had seen enough and started running into the forest, away from where I stood. The Queen screamed to stop the escape of her mare but the animals were uncontrollable.

The arrows chased the fading silhouettes of running animals but they got away. I was in a fix whether I should stay back with Gattika and fight the beasts or go catch the Queen and the horses.

I took a desperate last look at Gattika sparring with the wild beasts but I knew I had to run away from her after the Queen and my horse.

Gattika gestured to me and shouted, "Run sir, run. Catch the Queen fast...There is a deep valley and she could fall into it...I can handle these" Even as she gestured to me, the cheetah snapped at her hand scraping her. But in one clean swish, she drove the steel blade into its neck and the animal roared in pain.

I waited no more and ran away madly after the escaping horses.

My legs got bruised and shoes almost came off as I ran hard on the thorny ground, scraping my legs and feet oblivious of the pain.

I somehow caught up with my horse after a few minutes of persistent chase and took the reins in a hot trot and catapulted myself over into the saddle, all in one movement. It was some horse-riding, even by my standards.

But the mare with Queen Nitambini atop it was scampering away madly at a distance ahead and I chased it single-mindedly on my horse, hell bent on catching it. Some hanging branches from the adjoining trees slashed my chest and face badly but I rode on bravely. Small animals like rabbits and squirrels ran helter-skelter away and around us as horses running madly in their habitat were not an everyday affair.

I could already see the clearing in the forest where the land sloped to a deep ravine hundreds of feet deep. My heart sank as I realised how close the Queen was to a certain death as we sped interminably towards it.

My horse, egged on by constant poking in its ribs by my tattered boots, ran bravely forward .The Queen too was trying to desperately calm her animal to slow down but when she saw that her end was nearing fast, she started screaming in high pitch.

I caught her running mare in motion and threw myself against the riding Queen simultaneously. Both our horses were running side by side, you see and a deep ravine was gaping ominously at us. It was no mean feat under the circumstances as I kicked my horse slightly away from the ravine even as Queen and I flew into air from atop her horse onto the ground.

The horses collided with each other, tumbled and fell in a heap near the mouth of the valley escaping death very narrowly. We rolled on the grassy ground over and over, in a tumble of arms and legs entwined madly for support, trying to slow down the descent, careening perilously close to the edge. We came to a stop, me on top of her after rolling over for several tens of feet and my feet actually went over the edge of the ravine. Even as I tried to get up, one torn shoe fell away into the gorge hundreds of feet below.

The Queen was screaming silently, her eyes closed, her hair strewn all over the face below me. I slowly disentangled myself from our desperate embrace, got up and looked.

It had indeed been a heroic effort and a miraculous escape.

I kicked my remaining torn shoe away and stood barefooted. I saw that the horses had survived and were standing up now. They started running towards us in a show of loyalty.

The Queen sat up, a mess of dust and torn clothes.

She looked at me in bewilderment.

"My God" she croaked and coughed dust out "It was so sudden... You just saved my life miraculously..."

I cut her off, offered a hand to whisk her up and away from the edge of the land, into safety. I hugged her without any lust and felt the camaraderie of two human souls who had just stared at death in the face but returned to life.

She sobbed with feeling on my shoulders wetting my soiled silk shirt with her tears. I patted her back in consolation allowing her to cry. My hands felt her bare body wherever the red blouse and pyjamas had got torn during our fall from the horse. She was injured by a darting arrow in the waist and was bleeding; I saw that it was not a deep wound mercifully.

It was no state for a Queen of the State to be in, much less for a visiting Prince from neighbourhood.

Anger welled inside me on whoever had perpetrated this crime on us, ambushing us thus in deep forest.

Bu this was no time for self pity or revenge as I realised that Gattika, my guard might still be grappling with a wild tiger facing certain death.

As if by premonition, Nitambini looked up and asked,

"Gattika! Whatever happened to her, I wonder..."

There was no need to wonder as we soon heard running footsteps in the distance. Even as our horses came to a stop near us and we patted them to comfort lovingly, the familiar form of Gattika appeared which came as a big relief to both of us.

As we left each other's cosy embrace a bit reluctantly, I called out,

" Hello, how are you? Any injuries?"

She did not answer, her cold gladiator-like face set with determination but merely nodded in the negative.

She held a blood-soaked steel sword in her right hand, her bow was missing and a damaged quiver contained only few arrows. She came to us in a run and I concluded that her horse must have indeed breathed its last.

"I killed the beasts, your Majesty" She turned to me and smiled a rare smile at me..."No problems with that, I was just doing my duty...

"Thank you, warrior" I said simply, looking into her eyes.

"Sir, dear Prince" She said with conviction "You deserve all the praise...You saved our Queen from an almost impossibly adverse situation" She pointed to the gaping gorge beyond with her sword to emphasise.

I nodded.

"I was just doing my duty" I mimicked her.

Queen Nitambini interrupted,

"No, you both were all doing much more than what is defined as duty...Gattika, you are very brave"

She took Gattika's hand and pressed it in affirmation of the statement and Gattika kissed her hand back.

Queens don't hug servants, may be.

I did not care then. I was breaking the class barrier as I hugged Gattika .She sobbed just once saying that 'her horse Bali had died and it made her sad'. I patted her dusty back and broad black shoulders comfortingly.

I took a look at our state.

We were a sorry mess then, bruised, injured with torn dresses.

"I don't even know where I am ...May be you ladies do, being hosts and all that" I said feeling hopelessly lost.

Gattika pointed to the West and said,

"Your Majesty, Isn't that the old forest retreat of the Mantrik there? The K.Mane?"

"Yes..." The Queen gasped, her eyes lighting up "We must be very close to the hut the Mantrik used to take rest when he was on forest expeditions. I have but come here just once with my husband, but I do remember..."

"So have I, with you two then" agreed Gattika nodding.

The ladies' dresses had got torn at many places and they looked partially naked.

Although it was no time for voyeurism, I could not help but notice Gattika's skirt was ripped open during her fight, all the way to her upper thighs. I could see plain cotton underwear covering her pubic mound. Now when she tried to cover it from our sight, the front of her blouse popped open and her heavy black breasts with pointed nipples were revealed. She quickly turned away from our gaze.

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