tagGroup SexPalace In Ecstasy Ch. 08

Palace In Ecstasy Ch. 08



We were a wary trio that returned to the palace that night on two horses.

I was dog tired, bruised and wounded and had almost developed a fever by the time I rested my head on a soft pillow of my Guest Quarters of the Palace.

There had been an anxious party of the Royal Family that had awaited us in the Palace. King Muduka and queen Praudha looking gravely concerned at the turn of events that had befallen us were leading the reception party. They wanted to know so many things at once as obviously they were responsible for their ilk as well as the revered guest that was me.

I sent a word the same night back home to my Father and asked to dispatch my able assistant Rathi Priya. I wanted her near me for nursing me back to health as well as brainstorm about the unfolding mystery here. For some days at the least.

I revealed my inclination to the Harem and queens though disappointed understood the importance of a fully recovered investigator sooner in their midst.

Queen Nitambini, our joyous mating aside, had needed a stitch or two and needed rest till wounds healed. And so had Gattika who had asked for few days off to recover to her fighting best. Methika had in turn chosen to cover for her both the shifts. I had assured Methika that all I would need was just bedroom gate-keeping as I had not planned on leaving the premises for anywhere else some more time.

I was eagerly expecting Rathi the next morning as I knew as she would make a world of difference to my condition in every respect. Queen Praudha was with me then trying to give me company and make small talk. She looked as if sex with me was then the furthest thought in her mind though by her body language I knew she wouldn't mind a rough roll in the bed once more any time. But I was just not getting into the mood just then yet.

Then a turbaned messenger had announced that my Guest had indeed arrived from my kingdom. I went over to the window to catch her alighting from the chariot but she had appeared at the doorway already, looking a picture of confidence and prettiness tinged slightly with the worry of my health . Her eyes lit up like thousand lights as she saw me and she approached me with the glee of a lover, but when she saw queen Praudha with me, immediately she became formal and chaste and greeted me accordingly.

"Rathi, my dear, how have you been? Seems like ages but you look splendid as usual..." I remarked grinning happily.

"Thank God Prince, that you are well and safe. I was so worried despite knowing your heroic talents..." She came to me in an urgent trot. She was wearing a silver silk pleated gown and her upright bosom jiggled happily in her gait.

She embraced me casually, kissed my hand and winked at me but with her back to Queen Praudha so I knew that everything was going to be alright as soon as we were together alone.

Queen Praudha was nobody's fool remarked carefully, " I am sure you two will have so much to discuss and do together now...Rathi will surely bring you back to full health soon enough" and smiled mischievously.

Rathi bowed to her and replied, "Yes of course, your Majesty...I will strive day and night to see that our Prince is nursed sufficiently back to his full potentials to manage all your affairs" she stressed the words 'your affairs' that the queen looked up in suspicion and both knew what it implied!

As the Queen Praudha left the room reluctantly and left me in the company of my sexy charming assistant, I lifted Rathi in my arms waist high and danced in happiness. Rathi begged to be let down, but I replied that 'I never let down her expectations' and carried her to my bed. But that was all I could manage as my legs gave way and I collapsed midway on the bed and Rathi fell all over me clumsily.

"So sorry, honey bun... my thighs hurt and so I couldn't..." I started but Rathi moved half over me and calmly said,

"No more histrionics, dear Prince, you hear? You will obey my orders implicitly so I can see to your full recovery. Any violation, I leave..."

I caught her both hands in mine and looked her in the eye saying,

"I understand but the fella here can't hear or think...You can't blame me for his indiscretions..." and I guided one of her hands down to my hardening semi-erect prick. Rathi looked and gave a cry of pleasant surprise, "You are incorrigible, Prince...How can you even get it up in the middle of all this...?"

I shrugged and lifted my hand from hers but it still remained playing with my burgeoning length through the silken underwear.

"Well, that's about the only equipment which has not suffered any damage. You are here to see I fully recover everywhere, so that is one area you need not worry..."

"But I need to test whether the equipment has lost any of its cutting edge qualities it possessed" she said mock seriously and pinched my sensitive cock head making me jump.

I hugged her full soft form and she came over me so my cock now poked her up between the thighs through her silver silk gown.

"Nothing but a simple case of battery over-discharged there, if anything... I am sure you can restore my batteries soon?" I asked naughtily.

She kissed my nose from above and whispered, "Not a chance, I will not allow your batteries to go dead for a minute from now on" She completed the pillow talk with this promise and got busy undressing us both.

(Batteries were there in Indian kings' age? You may ask.. They had something similar in their technology but those words won't fit into the present context for readers. Poetic license, if you please!!!- Author)


The next fifteen days were spent in absolute bliss for me. Rathi Priya, my caring and accommodating female assistant served me and took care of me in the most delightful ways only Lord Kama, the Indian God for passion could have devised better.

In the name of restoration of my health, she took full charge of my daily schedule- when and how I woke up, what I drank and ate; how much time I spent in the Bath and how much of physical exercise I needed and so on. The only common factor among all the criteria was sex, sex and more sex with her through out the day and night.

If she decided that I woke up with my erect cock throbbing and already leaking pre-semen in her velvety hot mouth then so it was. She would stop me from taking any action lest she would tie me up and would suck the orgasm out of me leisurely. I learnt to endure the sweet torture of doing nothing when I was going over the edge of sanity, something that requires tremendous self-control. Sometimes she would suck me twice in a row and my hot seed would drain out of me inside half hour. She would call it was some 'health treatment' and would pay no attention to my attempt to fuck her in a proper way. But if she had decided that I would wake up at the crack of dawn with her mounted above me, then so it was. Suddenly I would wake from sleep and see her lovely nude form slowly riding my erect manhood; her hands caressing my chest and face till I went to the ejaculation stage but she would stop for a break abruptly, and start feeding me apples, cashew nuts and kesar mixed Milk in bed, till I got distracted and my organ softened inside her tight twat. Then she would inexorably restart the sex act, dragging it on ever so slowly, preventing me from doing anything but allow my hands to squeeze her soft tits or pull on her distended nipples from below. She would not allow me to talk and nor would she, except grunt her lust through gritted teeth but the slow teasing humping would go on till she liked. Sometimes my bed would be creaking thus with our movements for over an hour and she herself would be enjoying multiple orgasms silently but I was told strictly 'not to come when I wanted'. Such were the rules she laid for me... before I got laid, I mean.

I would finally be allowed to shoot my load when she demanded so, whispering 'Now, Prince NOWWWW...' and she would squeeze my taut balls in her fist and I would feel like I would pump litres of cum into her welcoming tight cunt then. I thought sometimes I would die of this slow teasing pleasure then but if anything, I came back more alive and of course more horny for her. All this went in the name of my 'recovery and rejuvenation programme'.

If this was about our bed habits, our bathroom habits were even more exotic and novel. She would stand over me while I was seated on a marble stool and bathe me with exotic hair oils, body lotions and sandal paste etc with her hands so lovingly for hours carefully. Many times she would ask me to fuck her on the spot bending over a bathtub or standing in front of a mirrored shower stall. My cock would spring at these lucky opportunities without fail. Even if we had finished a long lovemaking minutes earlier, sometimes she would get the mood again and would mount me facing me on the lap. My ability to get erect again quickly made her wonder as well as please her immensely. She teased me that I was a perfect chivalrous gentleman as I never failed to 'get up for a lady!'

In those unforgettable days of recovery, I had fucked her from behind, both of us dribbling bathwater and soap in the middle of a bath; I had entered her tight eager pussy standing behind her, with my hands cupping her water-soaked tits. I had applied exotic herbal oils and pastes on her nipples and pussy lips and licked them clean or shot wads of thick white semen all over her grunting in ecstasy. 'My King's gift... My prince's seed... Make me pregnant with your life juices, my darling' she would refer to my dripping cum on her in those lust-mad moments preceding climax.

Once she became so horny in the bathroom seeing me urinate with a semi-erect penis that she offered her glistening ample rounded buttocks at once, asking me to enter her sweet puckered arsehole saying 'she felt hungry like she needed a meal then'. It was a novel first time for me and I had taken it up sincerely and had penetrated her sweet tight bowers, my loins thumping against her ass, my cock feeding her hungry belly till she endured six straight climaxes and then I had sowed my seed in deep her stomach through her nether mouth. She had said 'now she was full' and 'her hunger satiated'.

She took full advantage of my leave from duties and by serving me varieties of cuisines and delicious food. Here too, most items were deliberately mixed with exotic aphrodisiacs like ashwagandha, ginseng and makaradwaj (comparable to Viagra) or plain intoxicants like Bhang (a type of herbal cocaine) she had personally selected.

She would choose a particular dish and a matching aphrodisiac suitable for an appropriate sex act that she had planned comprehensively in advance for that day. All this she personally supervised from the Royal Kitchen. If one type of dish excited me enough to perform cunnilingus on her soaking pussy for a whole afternoon, (her pussy nectar had 'curative value', you see); then another dish would prepare me with a day-long erection which was an 'after effect of the dish' and that which could be cured only by multiple vigorous intercourses with her in every position, in every place in the guest house that we lived in.

She claimed that she was 'a true Master of 'Kama sutra'' and 'Tantrik sex practice'. She sincerely believed that I will get fully recovered with a combination of rich nutritious food, sleep, herbal medicine and exercises along with sex five to six times a day! I do not know which Medical chronicles prescribed this treatment but I was no fool to argue these delightful methods.

Once by mistake, she overdosed me a particular herbal juice which caused me in a strange but welcome side effect.Priapism. The fault was mine. She had claimed that I was not getting strong erections like before. But that was more to do with extra-long sessions of frequent intercourses, day and night than a mere weakness, but she said that ' solid erections were hallmark of healthy princes like me' and of course she rightly claimed that 'it was my only saviour in a harem full of waiting queens' on this particular mission in any case.

She had asked me to drink the herbal potion that tasted like a sharp combo of ginger, salt and pepper in orange juice once before the meal. But I had drunk it twice, once before and once after the meal mistaking it for plain orange juice.

We had had sex just after meals, with her on top as she did not want me to 'get strained just after meals' and I had liberally dosed her palpitating cunt with my wet seed after a 15 minute enthusiastic grinding.

But even as I was about to fall asleep, my cock grew, gaining strength to strength till it was pointing upwards like a ship mast. Surprisingly there was no immediate provocation to it and that surprised me. Within minutes of getting the erection, I felt the hardness of the prick was almost like a stone penis carved in a Khajuraho temple. I poked the exhausted Rathi at my side and she looked at the appendage with awe. "What's happening, Prince?...You still hungry for my juicy pussy?"

I had laughed and said, the proof of pudding is in the eating and turned her butt over and mounted her unceremoniously slowly plunging he over-stiff cock into her still wet cunt from behind. I plugged her yielding passage firmly and went hammer and tongs at it. After 20 Minutes of shoving an inexhaustible prick, even a normally Cock-hungry Rathi turned to look at me in exhaustion and asked me in growing surprise as to 'what had happened'. I did not answer her, now that I had her in a submissive role for once; I spanked her bare white ass sharply to silence her and screwed her with redoubled vigour, grunting with satisfaction, even as sweat poured off my body to her smooth naked back below.

It was during this long horny session when Rathi was screaming with multiple climaxes below me, that I realized that I was just not going to come that way. Finally I plonked back to my side gasping in exhaustion, and my erect glistening cock slipped out of Rathi's pussy and stared back at me undefeated. Rathi stared up at me unbelievingly and gulped. Sweat poured off her body and her hands rubbed her sore pussy and spanked ass.

She turned to look at the empty jar of the aphrodisiac juice on the side table and gasped, "This should not be empty...it was for tomorrow..." then the realization hit us both as she whispered startled,

"Did you drink it all, Prince?" and caught my straining 8 inch hard cock in her hand saying 'Oh, You poor thing...what have we done?"

I asked as her hands cupped my balls lovingly, " You mean this is because of the juice ...some kind of a permanent hard-on?" with growing concern. She licked her dry lips and replied seriously, "It won't be permanent, But according to Ayurveda (medical science), it will last for 2 to 3 days minimum..." I asked her eagerly, "During which time, I can feed on you like a famished lion?" "No, I mean, it's just not possible for me... rather only me, I mean... Although I would like to cure you of this malady," She laughed seductively "...a fault of mine in a way, but I would get exhausted..."

"You and get exhausted?" I remarked unbelievingly and took one of her distended nipples in my fingers and tweaked it encouraging her to accept the challenge.

"Yes Keyu, my prince. I will be sore as you would have to make love for hours on end as per the Medical texts, till you ejaculate and then only your erection subsides..." She stroked my rock hard prick but it caused no sensation in it. It was as if some anaesthetic had been used on my erect prick and it had frozen stiff.

"We have to get help... One of the Queens, surely...?" She asked charmingly, coaxing me to consider the exciting possibility.

"When you are still around here, I have to knock on the Harem's door for relief?" I challenged her ego but she went on unperturbed,

"Queen Bhagamalini has been asking with a lot of concern on how your treatment is going on ... I believe she is the next one for you in the order of seniority... I think it is wise to invite her to see the naked truth herself" She winked holding my aching erect cock in her delicate hands and paused allowing me to think.

Queen Bhagamalini. Hmmm... The King Muduka had indeed been lucky to have got anywhere near the tall Andhra beauty leave alone marry her in his age.

I had seen her glancing at me hungrily and enviously following me with her brown roving eyes whenever I had gone along with Praudha or Nabhini.

She was the tallest among all Queens, about six feet tall gloriously brown smooth skinned with abundant lush curves which her royal Silks never efficiently hid from my appreciative eyes.

I looked at my stone-hard prick that had adopted the 'never say die' attitude and then slowly back at my tired looking assistant who was beseeching me with her eyes to accept the proposal.

She even patted me on the cheeks and assured me, "I will stay with you of course, mostly out of sight when you are with her, but in the background and oversee that everything will happen smoothly till the climax..."

"The Queen will not feel exploited as mine is a physical predicament now than an occasion for normal mutual copulation?"

She looked distantly as if thinking and kissed me passionately before saying, "Andhra women like her are supposed to be nymphomaniacs if themselves... i.e., prior to the nymphomaniac curse by Mantrik affected all of them... It will be your strength versus her endurance at test...You will have to go at her unceasingly for two to three days...Think about it, Prince...Is this now..." she squeezed my bulbous tip playfully "...a predicament or blessing in disguise?"

"I am actually burning down there...Hell, how urgent is that, calling Bhagamalini in?" I asked and casually started caressing her marble smooth thighs and my erect cock gave a warning jerk complaining that it had been left unattended long enough.

"Not till evening...we can wait" she looked at the afternoon sky through the window and pulled me hurriedly back over her eager rounded body on the bed.

"Till then..." she whispered as she whisked a hand down to my turgid man-rod and showed the way to her waiting portals between her splayed thighs "I will see if I can temporarily put out the burning flames in you". I entered her sore but eager cunt and felt her moist walls close over my 'unfeeling' cock even as I started drilling her powerfully all over again...

After 20 minutes of continual hard sweaty fucking, it was she who was begging me to stop as she 'could not take it anymore'.

I withdrew from her sopping pussy and looked at my glistening untiring prick and wondered how Bhagamalini would cure me of this problem in the next two days.


Come evening, I could not even bear the touch of clothes on my cock anymore; it was so hot and stiff. I was sitting bare ass naked waiting for Queen Bhagamalini.

Rathi told me that I would have to over-exert myself in sexual copulation 'throwing all my weight in, literally' for the next 48 hours as I was under the effect of a very strong aphrodisiac and that in an overdose. She was mighty sorry that this crisis had come at 'a wrong time' in my recovery cycle and may weaken me a little!

I assured her that although it was a wrong time, it had not come to 'the wrong man' in any case and to reinforce the point I had mounted her. Two more times that afternoon, struggling and refusing though she was, from behind her and on her side too, and had all the while soundly pounded her youthful pussy till she had come, crying orgasms out many times; When she upped and left, dragging her sapped legs to get Queen Bhagamalini, she had complained that 'I had almost torn her pussy out that day'. I was sorry for her but I was under the effect of the drug and my libido was not in my control.

Strangely, thanks to the wonder drug I did not feel even in the least tired despite all the hectic coupling and if anything looked more and more enthusiastic about fucking more and more. It was a light headed and gloriously macho feeling which my tireless erect prick gave me.

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