Palace In Ecstasy Ch. 08


Rathi returned and was now sitting safe distance from me on the bed, smiling strangely as if acknowledging my strength and superiority over her in the present context when Queen Bhagamalini was let in by my Guard Methika.

The tall Queen entered gracefully, her full curvaceous form decked in a Green and White silk gown that had a deep V neck and was strapless at the back.

The gown parted at mid-thigh, and I saw a fair smooth expanse of her flanks when she paused, her eyes opening in surprise at my present condition.

She spluttered goggle-eyed, "I am sorry, Looks like I come in at the wrong time..." looking over at us both, implying as though I was about to mount Rathi with my erect cock then and she had just stumbled in at the exact moment.

Rathi got up and hugged the bewildered Queen who was still staring down at my super-erect cock in awe and assured her, "Not to worry, Your Majesty... In fact you have come at the right time and ..." she too looked at her object of awe, "you are looking at the root of the problem" and giggled at her own witty description. The queen Bhagamalini smiled back blinking.

As she sat down on the couch facing my bed, Rathi laid a hand on her soft silk clad thigh and continued, "Madam, due to an unfortunate oversight, The Prince here has come down with a physical malady called Priapism. In fact..." Here she giggled again, "'Come down' would be a wrong description and 'Come up' perhaps more appropriate, as the poor Prince here has been unable to get relief for his agitated male organ so far..."

Colour rose to Bhagamalini's brown cheeks and she giggled uncertainly, "Surely, it is something you are capable enough to take care of..."

Rathi smiled sadly and said, "How I wish it were so simple, I wouldn't have minded in the least....In fact to serve the Prince with my whole set of skills is my bounden duty..."

"Her 'Hole' set of skills is correct! But..." I interjected smilingly and got up and her awe struck followed my hung cock all the way up. "But there is a 'loophole' in that theory and the problem is staring at us in the face..."I began, trying to be witty and lighten the mood.

Rathi held her hand up and admonished me, "Don't confuse Her Majesty, Prince....I will explain to her the intimate details of your prickling problem..."

As Rathi explained the queen Bhagamalini the reasons behind my raging hard-on, her eyes grew to saucer size with the implications and she heard with bated breath Rathi's plea for her to 'volunteer to reduce my problem' in the next two days. It is a 'state Duty' too considering that I was their guest vested with important assignment of uncovering mysteries and willing women alike.

I thought she would faint with pleasant shock that such a golden chance befell her.

Her eyes were glowing with excitement and joy as words fell over each other when she replied to Rathi and agreed to every damned condition of secrecy and confidentiality that my assistant drew up. She was impatiently crossing and uncrossing her legs by the time Rathi got up to go away.

I was pacing around stomping feet, like a bull in heat as the painful erection of my cock was making me agitated.

Rathi took one sly look at me and advised a visibly excited Queen, "The poor Prince under the influence of the malfunctioning drug will be violent like a caged tiger... I hope you won't seriously mind it..." Queen Bhagamalini laughed coquettishly for the first time and gurgled, "Just what the doctor ordered...I was feeling too hot from the curse from last one week especially"

I drew the willing tall Andhra-bred woman to my arms saying,

"If you want to play Doctor with me, in the end I will have to say 'Physician, heal thyself' considering what I am planning on doing with you now..."

----4---- I actually made love to the Queen Bhagamalini in spite of my agitated condition which prompted me every moment to just strip and her hump her bare assed.

When we kissed for the first time, I saw the deep passionate look in her eyes and knew she was different breed of women who are described as Padmini type of woman who are of the Highest and noble class.

I caressed her big long bare back that felt smooth as silk to my fevered hand and my hands rested on her ample derriere and drew her to me as my upstanding royal prick nudged her soft Mons through the silks making her moan hungrily in her throat. Slowly I kissed her throat, neck and nape leaving wet trailing marks as my busy mouth travelled, smelling and tasting her cool skin. I ripped her top blouse over the Green silk gown with a flourish burying my face in the inviting soft globes of her exposed breasts. They were milky white jugs, full and proud and tipped with brown marble-like nipples. As I sucked her one hot nipple, goose pimples pricked her areolas on both tits and she groaned clutching my fevered cock desperately in her soft hand. My hand crept below to her legs and got to the opening at her flanks. Her gown parted as her legs shuffled and her bare thighs, smooth as Mysore Silk and soft as jasmine flowers to my touch moved sensuously against my own naked leg. I groaned lustily, bent down wordlessly parted her gown and ripped the front portion away from waist down in one movement.

The dress fell away in a swoop and my beautiful apparition was completely nude from waist below. Urgently I held her swaying waist so my face was bang in front of her prominent queenly Mons and my mouth just fell into her perfumed soft curly bush in a rush. She smelt of an exotic herbal perfume (Sambrani- that Indian queens use) and her own juices had been secreting there in anticipation of culmination of her basic instincts. Bhagamalini, let me remind you, possessed a worthy specimen of a perfect 'Bhaga' or clitoris, on her most desirable vulva.

I savoured her smell and taste for a moment and my tongue snaked out of my mouth to part her soft folds of her vagina and tasted her spring at its source.

She groaned uncontrollably above thrusting her loins at my face and my fingers cleanly parted her vulva so the fat labia were an inch apart and lapped the heated internal pink walls. I kissed, licked and sucked her full cunt heartily

As I tasted her sweet and sour honey dripping from her love cave, my tip of the tongue pressed her rising clit bud back into the soft pussy-flesh. She trembled then as if a raging tempest was swaying her. I heard her rip the rest of her torn gown away and she stood a foot away from me. I knelt and gasped at the glorious sight of the tall Brown voluptuous queen from the Andhra kingdom whose women are known to be both big and beautiful besides packing an insatiable sex urge to boot.

She cradled her sumptuous firm boobs in her hands and crooked a finger taunting me to 'come and get her' as she started running away, giggling in playful tease.

As her delightful naked form ran down the stairs on my right to the personal swimming pool, I got up and ran after her, my drug-affected fully erect cock bobbing and swinging in front.

The pool was only four steps below my room floor and was sparkling with red granite tiles polished like mirrors. Bhagamalini's big womanly body made wonderful shadowy spectacle on the fine floor and she turned to see if I was following her or not.

Her eyes were quite mad with passion and she turned and leaped cleanly into the cool waters of the pool.

I leapt in, a few feet away from her gasping and bobbing form and swam out quickly to her, my distended cock parting the water like that of a knife boat below.

I caught her giggling, resisting wet body in both arms. She turned to face me, our faces just above the water and our wet noses dripping water touching, there was nothing more to be said or heard as our eyes communicated the need for urgent coupling quite strongly. I hugged her tightly, my legs treading water to stay afloat and her wet tits mashed against my chest her nipples boring hot and wet holes through my torso, and we kissed. Our mouth and tongue played the oral game as her hand crept between us and caught my tumescent proud prick and shook it up and down as I brought both our bodies to the edge of the pool. "Oh, prince, suck me and fuck me everywhere....I am your bitch today..." She urged me and the urgency in her voice startled me.

That was something, coming from a Queen, no less. My steel-hard cock nodded its head in full approval of her submission and now I heaved her wet eel-like form out of water and placed her on the edge of the pool. Water gloriously dripped off her curves and fell over me in a cascade; with me still standing waist deep in the pool.

I was strategically placed between her legs, which were against my ribcage immersed in the pool, and her wet brownish thighs parted and her glistening wet cunt beckoned me in. I caught her slippery ankles with both hands, drew her to the edge of the granite floor till my mouth sampled her humid femaleness.

I stroked and laved my long tongue at the exposed pink inner walls and she lustily shook above me and crazily treaded water against my sides with her legs, creating rippling waves around me.

She groaned as if the burden of passion was unbearable and cranked up one leg above the pool and pushed my head deeper and closer to her aching quim.

My face was held tight against her, suffocating in her soft and wet female core, her juicy pussy alone hot, the rest of her pubic mound d thighs contrastingly cooler with drenched with the pool elsewhere. I took her cranked leg from above and put it over and across the back of shoulders so my mouth get better access towards her erect clitoral bud.

Her tempting wet juicy folds of her 'Padmini' pussy yawned and revealed her pea sized throbbing clit bud. I groaned gutturally and licked it lasciviously like I had found an oasis in the middle of a desert.

Then when her groans became louder and more urgent and my own raised cock started bobbing hotly inside the cold water of the pool too, I heaved myself up over the pool edge and in one movement laid her drenched exquisite female form on the sparkling marble floor and dived in between her legs this time with my cock pointing at the promised land like a gun-dog. I penetrated her wet pussy folds and started bucking agist her cool body hotly from above in the regular missionary position. I really socked it into her with flesh smacking against yielding flesh, hammering and thundering into her portals till no portion of my hungry shaft was left out of her entrance.

She moaned with unbridled lust and lifted her smooth legs and locked them over my humping loins, her heels against my moving buttocks. She pulled me in with her legs propelling me deeper into her crevice where her molten desire was overflowing. It was an endurance test, Rathi had warned me earlier, but it turned into a marathon battle for supremacy as hours passed and we found ourselves in a variety of erotic positions, all different and yet all equally pleasurable and none would give up.

If we started on the pool side first, we continued our libidinous journey on the sparkling white marble settee stuffed with soft blue silken pillows, where she leapt over me and took my ever so erect prick into her waiting pussy and pounded me to her heart's delight from above till her arse reddened with the continuous impact on my lower abdomen, till she collapsed on me, a squealing quivering mass of jelly flesh.

We took a just moment's rest and continued in the bed room, where I went her behind back and discovering that her durable cunt still was still agreeing to bear my assault.

I grunted my lust loudly as I rutted her, between her bare cool arse cheeks all the way to her drenched and creaming pussy.

We even had bath and dinner together, of course naked and with our mouths engaged in delightful oral sex or our overheated genitals in combat untiringly.

During the first day, my unquenchable libido did not cool off nor the hardness of my royal upstanding prick go away. So I went hammer and tongs at the volunteering Queen who was now a blubbering, moaning and yielding mass of brown surrendered flesh.

Rathi entered the bedroom once in the night, probably feeling left out of the steamy action and looking at her envious eyes, I persuaded Queen Bhagamalini that we might as well have a threesome so each of the ladies would get a decent attempt to 'cure me' while the other one took a much needed breather and a chance to rest their sore pussies.

The ladies made me lie down on the silken bed and worshipped my heroic cock every which way their fingers and mouths would allow and I laid back and watched, taking a breather too. My own thighs and waist muscles were aching by then. After oral sex again which did not produce ant ejaculation in me, the ladies brought the dinner in and spread the delicious dishes from the royal kitchen all over my body and ate them off me hungrily sometimes snipping my tender chest hair or biting stomach skin with their eager sharp teeth.

I moaned and wriggled with unbridled lust and finally could take no more and dragged the renewed Rathi Priya to me and bent her on her fours and fucked the hell out of her squelching cunt for an hour, right in front of the goggle eyed Queen who watched the act voyeuristically, her own need and desire rising to flash point as she caressed her own tits and fingered her dripping pussy.

As my ever-ready and willing assistant moaned and came again and again under the unrepentant prick of mine, Queen took the initiative and aggressively dragged Rathi off and offered me her own rested derriere and smiling folds of her royal cunt for necessary further action. My passion sword cleaved her vulva for the 'n'th time and started pounding her cunt into pulp all over again.

On the second day, I would sometimes exclaim that I would be coming soon and both the sweaty damsels would look up in anticipation but there would be more ruthless fucking of their orifices for some more time fruitlessly as the occasion became another false alarm.

In our fucking frenzy I had pulled on their hair and lots of strands of their finely groomed hair lay around in whorls bearing a testimony to the intensity of our orgy.

Bhagamalini's brown arse took all my charge, the continuous slap --slap of my waist and occasional spanks given in the red-hot moments of our hour-long sessions. Her royal brown smooth Andhra buttocks became red with the exertion and her nipples and areola bore teeth-marks aplenty where I had bitten her in the flow of passion.

Her upper thighs bore red stripes where my own upper legs had lain and rubbed across in the missionary positions.

I had not spared the Queen a little bit but she was yet so delighted, ecstatic and certainly far from complaining during the arduous orgy. The ladies even made a fine pair even, laughing merrily, making encouraging comments during the lovemaking and even gladly cooperating when the other one was being fucked.

The Queen would gladly stand back and pat me encouragingly on my straining buttocks as I penetrated Rathi and would kiss me on the cheeks and ask me to 'fuck her more energetically'. She would scrape her sharp fingernails teasingly on my back and thighs encouraging me to have 'final go and ejaculate'.

At times it would be Rathi standing patiently next to me as I bored the kneeling Queen with my stiff prick, caressing my back, wiping my sweat with her veil and generally kissing me and coaxing my moving loins 'to speed up and achieve that elusive climax'.

At the end of the second day, one accidental movement caused the much awaited climax.

I was in the bathroom showering with the two lusty ladies, kissing licking and generally having good time, my cock almost forgotten.

Then Queen Bhagamalini feeling rejuvenated bent before me and asked me to take her then and there. As I entered her waiting quim from behind, holding onto her slippery waist wet with shower waters for support, Rathi lurking behind suddenly pricked a finger into my unsuspecting anus and dug it fully in. I was so shocked that I screamed, jammed the Queen against the opposite wall and came suddenly like a dam erupting with flood waters.

I bellowed hoping no one will get alarmed and so did my delighted mates. The queen's contracting cunt drank up all my semen, milking me nearly for ten minutes till I felt relieved enough go limp for the first time in two horny days. Of course, she had not forgotten that her only chance to get pregnant in the present condition was from my seed.

They must have carried me off from the bath, as I do not even remember reaching my bed back. When I woke the next morning with two naked and beautiful satiated maidens next to me, their legs and hands thrown about each other and our bed-sheets all heaped on the floor, I realized that the long orgy was over. Mainly, because my sore cock was sleeping calmly at last. I gave them pats wakening them up, on their exposed buttocks contrasting as they were; the big brown pair of the Queen's and the pink baby fattened ones of Rathi.


Two more days passed before Rathi declared me medically fit to resume duties, but only after thoroughly fucking me in every corner of my bedroom, terming the frenzied humping as 'farewell fucks'.

It was a tearful farewell for her, but I knew she had done more than any royal assistant would be expected to or just any nurse can possibly do in the period to rejuvenate my health and delight me in the process.

She was required to advise and manage my affairs back home and she left quietly on our chariot on the third dawn after my recovery.

I looked at the sun breaking out of the clouds in the morning sky and thought about what I would do on this assignment next.

----End Of Ch .8---

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