tagErotic CouplingsPalace In Ecstasy Ch. 09

Palace In Ecstasy Ch. 09


Palace in ecstasy Ch.9


The day after Rathi left for home I turned my mind and thoughts back to the palace affairs.

As such, it was the day of my first musical lessons, with the Royal Music teacher Geethika.

Everyone affectionately called her Gee.

It was sometime in the last three days that she had requested that I start my classes with her lest someone saw through the charade that I was an investigator especially our enemies who seemed to get more dangerous by the day.

And Rathi had answered on my behalf that she was 'carefully nursing my health back to normalcy' and that I will be soon 'sufficiently recovered to learn what she had to teach me'. It was so 'tongue in cheek' and loaded with meaning that I had laughed in front of the messenger of Geethika. Now I banished the lingering sweet thoughts of Rathi's stay with effort and thought about Gee.

Gee. She was supposedly a singer and a music pundit par excellence hailing from the western Kem-Malaya kingdom. Kem-Malays were a race a little different from the Dravidian race that we all were from.

"The women of the race, as per our shastras (legends and books) had these distinct features. 'Kem' meant red or pink and that was their main complexion.

They have soft cuddly flesh, sometimes tending to be on the fatter side, soft and delicate bones and small but neat waist. They sported smooth shiny hairless skin and were gifted with long vulvas. Long, the books reminded us, and not necessarily deep or big. The labia made a long furrow and had sparse hair. Many blue-blooded women had mostly shaved their pubic area clean to have bald pussies.

They had sensitive nipples set on moderate pinkish breasts and in sex, they enjoyed orgasms several in a row. On the flip side, they were alleged to be insatiable in bed although they showed high self-control before the intercourse. Many of them enjoyed sadism and masochistic roles. But the major merit was that they were gifted singers and were proud of their musical heritage".

When Gee came in and we sat on the rose coloured feather carpet with her 'shruti box' in the Royal Music room (A musical notes box meant to set tunes) I recalled all the above points and felt she was a typical female of her race.

She was wearing a typical Indian 'lehnga' that was a flowing pleated silk gown waist down, tied with a silk sash at her trim waist just below her pretty navel. She had pierced her navel with a shining diamond pendant.

She wore a smallish yellow silk blouse above her bare tummy. The band of her flat stomach two inches above and below her navel was a bare tantalising swathe of pinkish skin. Her blouse held up her 36-inch size tits perfectly displaying a teasing 'V' of her cleavage. She wore a pearl necklace and the diamond pendant at its tip nestled cosily between her sloped breasts. Her face was straight set with an aquiline nose and her black eyes sparkled with enthusiasm as she started explaining about Carnatic music fundamentals to me.

I said as an opener,

"I know all about Carnatic musical ragas and I have passed Pundit course too during my grooming..."

I said it a trifle too confidently, just enough to raise her suspicions.

She arched her eyebrows,

"It is only fair that you demonstrate your skills first so we where we stand..."

"Fair is fair, my fair lady..." I smiled and drew the music notes box to me. We were sitting cross-legged on the furry carpet, facing each other.

I looked at her and she looked back expectantly.

I started out in a Morning raga with a perfect swara and alaap. My voice with rich baritone shades modulated to the surroundings and I sang fluently without falsetto.

Initially her reaction was circumspect but soon her eyes widened in appreciation as I sang out one classical number after another with confidence and conviction.

Once when I started singing a particular song, which was in Kem Malay, Gee's native tongue, she gladly joined me and we sang it as a duet. Her voice was rich and melodious and I loved the throaty purr that she exhibited at appropriate times. We must have sang for nearly fifteen minutes when her knees touched mine by chance and when I clasped a friendly hand on her leg she did not object but drew nearer.

I sang another melodious patriotic number from her land; she was moved by its spirit and actually 'moved' very close to me indeed. We were now sitting side-by-side and our knees and shoulders touched. Her eyes were sparkling with energy and were supremely lost in the worship of the Music Gods. Her blouse containing her pert breasts and her shapely thighs below the thin gown looked too pretty to be left unattended and my urges below my loins grew and my cock lengthened with impatience.

Quickly I made a plan in my devious mind and deliberately dropped my tone unnaturally low and sang a line out of tune completely.

Gee looked up in surprise and nodded her head in disapproval. I argued that what I sang was correct and challenged her to teach me if she knew any better.

She took the challenge on gamely and I offered to let her handle the harmonium box by herself and slowly moved to sit behind her as if top observe her handling it from above her shoulder like a perfect pupil. Nothing could have been further from my mind than a music lesson then.

As she started to put the line into serious practice, I hovered over her pretty shoulders and placed my face on the nape of her neck and cuddled. Initially she started explaining unmindfully but when my naughty hands did a slow survey of her shoulders from behind squeezing the soft strategic spots, she imperceptibly felt her own excitement growing and her breath came in rasps.

I let my right hand caress her hair from above all the way down her smooth pink cheeks and clasped around warmly around her neck. She hurriedly changed her sitting posture s her soft hips were almost over my crossed legs behind. She purred with pleasure but did not give up playing the tune I had wrongly sung in her voice once again.

Enjoying such interludes as always and to prolong the same, I argued again that she was wrong and can she sing again with the tune box.

As she started to explain each note, my hands roved down her shapely shoulders on to her soft breast orbs and casually weighed them in my palms. She positively purred her assent at my audacity but cheekily kept herself to the music exercise as if unmindful of my intentions.

I did one better as I let my left hand caress her bare tummy and my forefinger poked her pretty navel. I took the diamond stud pierced to her navel in my fingers and twisted it slowly one side and then to the other. Her breath came in gasps and her singing faltered. Even as she started the note again, I kissed her on the side of her neck and bit her skin with my teeth. She moaned with desire and her lines went out of tune. I objected saying 'it was not alright' and 'she had made the same mistake as I had'. She looked tiredly back at me, her eyes now swimming with passion. She was now exhibiting her acclaimed racial trait of 'self control before intercourse'.

She started again and I started the mischief again.

I took one heavy corseted breast my left palm and slowly my fingers traversed the globe and finally pressed her already erect nipple into the tit flesh back. She shook with rising desire and I lifted the hem of her gown and drew it up and over her crossed legs and sang a line with her as if trying to follow it distracting her from what I had done.

I carefully bunched the gown over her upper thighs and started palming her folded pink smooth hairless thighs, raking the sensitive skin with my nails all along. I kept singing too, making perhaps the same mistake in that one line for the sixth time and urged her to 'teach it to me one more time'.

I slowly unhooked her blouse and saw to my pleasant surprise that she was naked beneath and her soft tits with long erect nipples tumbled out to my palms. My cock did a double-take and jerked upward straining painfully inside.

Gee sang in crescendo, trying to teach me the line I refused to learn, her pitch rising, eyes closed in rapture, while I kept my eyes wide open. My hands now surreptitiously slipped below the gown, crept between her thighs and felt her hot womanhood waiting impatiently inside for attention. Like all woman of her race she wore no underwear and I could feel her naked moist heat radiating like an oven from her even before my fingers made contact.

I touched her wet long pussy furrow soon and gasped with the wonder of the touch. My two fingers lovingly traversed the hairless moist valley and my other hand lovingly felt up her left boob catching her throbbing nipple. She stopped singing abruptly and suddenly there was nothing but our raging desires and rasping breath in the Music room.

She turned back to me and fell into my embrace.

"Ohh, Prince, How sweet you torture me! Enough is enough...I want you and now!" she said with urgency in her musical voice and I kissed her sweetly on her thin lips. I started stripping her clean of her half undone clothes. She was pink and buttery soft with baby fat on her waist and stomach and altogether gloriously exciting when nude.

"Let's make music and this will be a duet we won't forget" I rasped back and got up to undress urgently. She sat like a nude fair angel and gaped as I divested myself of my underwear and my hard and hot 8-inch manhood sprang to view like a hidden magic wand from inside.

She wasted no time, my Music teacher from the erotic Kem Malay. She half-knelt up to reach my throbbing shaft and took it lovingly in her fair dainty hand. She held it as if it were a saxophone she was going to play in a concert.

She took the hot stalk into her learned pundit mouth slowly inside and I felt like I sank into buttery hot heaven.

She moaned throatily as she sucked my heated ruler.

"Is this what you claim as your famous throaty husky voice?" I gasped, as I fed my full length to her musically talented throat.

Gee held my cock lovingly in her soft educated hand that usually ran craftily on stringed instruments and sucked me enthusiastically and tried to reply which came out as another elaborate mumbling moan. Her talented fingers stroked my pulsating cock craftily like she was playing a flute before an audience.

I heard the moan and asked thoughtfully,

"I wonder which classical raga that was..."

"That was not a lullaby for sure", she replied letting my cock plop out of her cosy wet mouth and wiping her mouth with the back of her hand. My prick stood out wet and proudly up.

Yes, it was not a lullaby she had sung there as my cock was fully erect and attentive now. I lifted up the willing teacher hastily and took her up in my arms. She was neither light as a feather nor heavy as a stone. She was full and supple. Even as I carried her to the nearest couch, she kissed me intermittently and uttered sweet nothings in her language all through. Her body was soft, curvy and buttery smooth in the right places.

As Gee lay down languorously, her eyes smoking in amour, I lay down with her and started kissing her pink smooth skin all over, tip to top.

My hands played sweet music on her willing body testing her erogenous spots and evoking sweet musical exclamations all the way. Once an erect nipple was teased and next her navel stud and yet again on her smooth flanks and thighs.

My hands deftly cradled her soft buttocks in my hand and slid down to sample the wet and waiting pussy flower nestled between her shapely thighs.

My cock ached for attention but my salivating mouth desired her nectar.

I opened her long and tight outer lips with forefinger and a thumb and pried her aperture open till I got to her small but erect sensitive pink clitoral bud. Lovingly I licked it over and over softly, sometimes sucking it deep into my hot mouth.

Geethika, my amorous Teacher, threshed about on the silken couch impatiently, desire gnawing her body and soul, mind inflamed with passion. Her hands caught hold of a tabla, a leather rounded drum that sat on the nearby stand and started drumming an urgent beat on it. It was a crazy rhythmic beat she managed, reflecting the rising lust in her own body that I stoked with skilful laving of her long Kem Malay pussy with both fingers and tongue. I ate her pussy well; bunching up my mouth with her soft vulva bunched in it and blew hot air on it like it was a balloon. Her hips jerked up over the couch to look at me and her head shook from side to side...

" Haaaaa...Ohhhh.. My sweet darling...ahh... there... Oh my poor pussy!! Ouch ..yesyesyes!" thus sang her crazy number and it was music to my ears that emboldened me to suck her pussy and her sweet and salty nectar dribbled over the sides of my mouth to my neck. She suddenly gave up and threw the tabla in the middle of a crescendo beat onto the floor and screamed.

"Oh God, Prince dear...Please make love to me, come into me..."

I took the hint that her iron was red hot and it was time to mould it.

I got up and hovered over her waiting eager form once to take in beauty of the moment before I deliberately pointed my throbbing cock into her waiting cunt and sank in oh-so sloooooowwwlyyyyy...

I held onto a soft mound of her sweaty tit for support with one hand and sank myself in her pussy as her walls closed protectively over me. She was like a wet lava oven in there and I rose and fell easily into her yielding flesh.

I penetrated her fully and slowly drew my wet prick out of her only to sow myself back into her moist earth once more. Her hands came over my rising buttocks and cupped them firmly driving me deeper and harder every time. I loved the cosy wet feel of Gee's pussy and I pounded it relentlessly, gasping wondrously as she responded in equal measure lifting her butter-soft tummy to my moving waist.

My body slapped down onto her buttery soft pink body time and time again, as my surging passions made me fuck her eager wet cunt with vigour and speed. I had taken control of her soft boobs in one fist clenching them hard one after another as I held on to them for supporting my weight. Her head spun on the pillow below and her musical voice groaned and moaned her lust soulfully as if she were composing some impromptu novel tune.

I was going wild with unbearable lust too but held on and rode her maybe for half hour continuously. I grunted loudly all the while and exclaimed,

'HOOO...Take it... Yaa there...Want more haa? Take this and this and THISSSS ...Yaaaaaahhh... Hoo... Huun... Hooon HOOOOOO"

Soon my boiling seed coiled itself in the stem and burst out of my overheated manhood in jet after jet filling her waiting womb. My thick molten royal seed ran out of her in streams all over the couch. I spanked her arse cheeks already pink with exertion, a few times with my right hand coaxing more and more mini climaxes from her contracting deep bowers within. With my other hand I manhandled her soft tits with their hard nipples almost out of shape!

It was such a violently passionate combustion.

True to her type, she had enjoyed masochistic violent lovemaking with me.

She held me lovingly close and we lay panting together one over another, listening to the roar of our blood subside as we drained our lust out.

I kissed her sweat soaked forehead and sucked her pink nipples once more and told her I could hear her heart sing in approval. She laughed in gay abandon and her laugh tinkled melodiously in the room like hundred violins in unison.

It was an earthshaking performance as far as concerts go but we two were the only audience here!


Just as I was trying to get back into my clothes, my Teacher came alive suddenly, got up and said,

"Whoever told you the class was over? Tch... Tch...Tch!

The class has only just begun..."

I gaped at her remembering just in time me that Kem- Malay women like her were insatiable in bed .On the flip side, as the books said.

I plonked back on the couch, flipped her on her side and looked at her curvaceous back and smooth flanks. I poked my semi erect cock back into her semen-wet gully of that hungry pussy yet again till it swallowed all of my meat and we started a new song and dance together again on the Music room couch with me wondering how hard I should perform to get full marks in music lessons.

-----------------End of Ch.9---------------

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