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At forty-one Pam is still an attractive woman. With 40DD breasts and flaming red hair she still turned a few heads.

Like a typical redhead Pam had milky white skin sprinkled with a dusting of freckles and large delicate rose colored aureoles.

Pam still had a large sexual appetite. We had engaged in a few threesomes with other men and while she had been reluctant at first she soon could not get enough of our guest's cock.

It had always been a spur-of-the-moment thing. We would be out of town at a bar and after Pam had had too much to drink I would approach a lonely man to share her with.

I encouraged Pam to dress provocatively showing a lot of her succulent breasts. With her nipples almost popping out of her dress she was excellent bait for horny studs.

Our anniversary was approaching and I wanted to do something special for my wife that she would not forget.

"These guys are worth every nickel!" Butch said, "They have made a dozen videos splitting white chicks open."

Butch managed an escort agency. He had recommended two of his black escorts that boasted twenty-five inches of cock between them.

He told me I could have Tyrone and Lloyd ravish my lovely wife for two hundred dollars an hour.

"They will fuck her bare cock if you want." He added.

Of course it would be bare cock! What would be the sense of having Pam fucked by black cocks unless they cum in her?

"Friday night about nine." I ordered my wife's surprise.

"C'mon, you gotta tell me what it is!" Pam pleaded.

I had told my wife I had a surprised planned for her Friday night. We were going to celebrate our anniversary and she was to spend the day at the spa preparing.

"It's going to be something you've never had before." I told her.

Pam was getting more excited as Friday night grew closer. Friday afternoon she was booked into Roberto's for the complete treatment. Roberto himself was doing her hair. She was down for a manicure, pedicure and trimming of her treasured firebush. Pam was proud of he fiery red pubic hair and refused to shave it. She liked it trimmed into a small patch over her labia; between her milky white thighs there was not a strand of hair.

I had deliberately withheld fucking my wife for the past four nights putting a keen edge on her sexual appetite. I knew she would be dying for a cock by now.

I had carefully selected the guest list for our little celebration. Murray Joss had assured me he would be there as had Pete Herzick.

Murray Joss is a guy whom we had picked up and he had fucked Pam several months ago. Afterwards Pam had admitted Murray was "her type" and had made her cum a lot.

Pete Herzick is a long time friend who I suspect would like to get his cock in my wife. Pete's wife Rita is a good-looking woman I wouldn't mind jabbing if she were willing.

These were the friends I choose to witness Pam's encounter with over two feet of black cock!

Pam looked stunning. I had gone all out on the black peignoir set that concealed her fiery nest but displayed her beautiful tits in all their glory.

I managed to get a couple of stiff drinks in her before our guests arrived.

Pam was still a bit jittery when our guests arrived but didn't seem concerned about her clothes, or lack of clothes. Pete's eyes were wide open checking out the grade "A" fucking prancing around in front of him.

My wife still had no idea what I had in store for her. I guess she thought we were going to fool around a bit and she may get another chance to sample Murray's cock.

A few more drinks and she was totally relaxed, dancing with our company with her large almost bare tits intoxicating them.

Rita was dressed somewhat more modestly. She wore a bottle green silk dress with no bra beneath. Her bare tits were visible as she bent over. Rita was more slender than Pam with perhaps 36B breasts. She had broad hips and looked like a good fuck. She seemed quite friendly and I thought there was a good chance she was ready to play.

I kept my eye on the clock; it was about half an hour before the performers were due to arrive. It was time to get Pam ready.

Murray and Pete had their hands all over my intoxicated wife. I could tell she was so horny she would fuck anybody.

"Why don't you take the guys for a ride?" I suggested.

Pam is a woman who likes to be in control. Her favorite position is on top with her cunt stuffed with a hard cock.

She rode Murray first. On the couch with her gown up around her waist she impaled herself on his plump cock. While we watched his cock slid in and out of her tight hole. Pete joined them, sliding his dick into Pam's inviting ass. Rita watched while her husband fucked my wife's ass.

I was just considering approaching Rita to see if she was turned on when the doorbell rang.

It was the star act, Tyrone and Lloyd reporting for duty.

Both looked like Green bay Packers players. Over six foot tall with shaven heads. Both of them were over three hundred pounds of solid muscle. What was I turning loose on my precious wife?

Pam was still the filling in a meat sandwich when we returned to the living room. The sounds of her cries indicated that cum was pumping her into both of her receptacles.

Rita could not take her eyes off the two black men as they started to undress in preparation to stretch my wife to new limits.

Pam was blissfully oblivious of what lay in store for her as she enjoyed her orgasm with Murray and Pete.

Rita's eyes almost popped out of their sockets when the guys pulled off their shorts. She beheld two of the biggest cocks she had ever seen in her life.

Tyrone and Lloyd's black glistening shafts stood at full erection menacing any female in sight.

Rita's jaw hung open in disbelief, "Oh my God!" she gasped.

It was not Rita's turn to experience the two black beauties but Pam returning from her rapture noticed for the first time what awaited her.

"Jesus Christ!" she joined Rita in disbelief.

Pam was at a disadvantage, she was already naked and cum filled and she was fair game for the black cocks.

My wife reached up and took one black monster in each hand as they stood over her. They were huge, far too big for any woman to take inside of her body. First one black cock head and them the other went into Pam's mouth.

Pam continued to familiarize her mouth with the massive head of Lloyd's black home wrecker as Tyrone set out for the journey into her ass.

I watched while he spread my wife's legs and guided his huge rail-splitter between her fleshy ass cheeks. I saw his helmet forcing its way into her anus. Slowly her sphincter yielded to his attack allowing his entrance to her forbidden cavity. Pam's face winced as the monster entered her.

While I watched Tyrone's cock began its trip into Pam's body. Millimeter by millimeter it begin to disappear inside of her. Her face strained as she was stretched beyond her wildest dreams.

Pam returned her attention to the head of Lloyd's cock. Her mouth continued to caress and lick his glistening helmet.

Murray, Pete and Rita watched amazed as Pam hosted the two ebony serpents. Her milky white body was being contaminated by the black blight.

My wife had fallen in love with black cock. The head of Lloyd's pecker glistened with her saliva as Tyrone's meat continued to disappear into her tunnel.

Tyrone was about half way into her; only about five inches of blacksnake remained to find its way into her sanctuary. Pam moaned as he continued to load her butt.

Her mouth could not manage much more than the oversize head of Lloyd's meat but she was sucking on it like it was a delicacy. I knew momentarily she would be receiving her reward.

Finally Tyrone's balls entered Pam's butt crack, his cock was entirely inside of her. Nobly she devoted her attention to Lloyd as Tyrone began to fuck her.

I could see her anus was stretched to its limit as Tyrone's cock slowly slid in and out of her. The look on my wife's face was one of sheer ecstasy, as the pair of black cocks possessed her.

Lloyd's rich cream was evident bubbling from her lips as he cum in Pam's mouth. Like a trouper she gulped down his crud like it was honey.

The tense expression on Tyrone's face signaled he was ejaculating deep into my wife's body. I envisioned his sperm seeping into Pam's bowels as Lloyd's cum entered her belly. My wife was truly a white slut for these black cocks and I never loved her as much as I did at that moment.

Murray, Pete and Rita were in awe at my wife's performance. She had accomplished what they had thought to be impossible.

Pam was becoming relaxed and accustom to the gigantic size cocks. When Tyrone withdrew his spent cock from her ass she took him in her mouth and opened her legs for Lloyd. Lloyd chooses to fill her pussy with his dark meat.

Lloyd entered her without too much difficulty lubricated by Murray's cum. As my wife licked clean Tyrone's cock Lloyd fucked her insatiable cunt. I knew she would never be the same again.

Pam was enjoying the super-size cock working her fuck-hole as she licked Tyrone's knob like an ice cream cone.

My wife was so engrossed in her black companions she had forgotten we were watching. Shamelessly she gave herself over and over to be used by her black dominators. She eagerly gave of herself to be derogated and humiliated by these primitive animals. It was if their superior black cocks held a spell over her, forcing her to give herself to them for their pleasure.

Their sperm glistened on her body and seeped from her every orifice as they drained their testes, like a sponge she soaked up every drop of their seed.

An hour had slipped by since Pam had been introduced to her black friends. She had enjoyed every moment with them but not really creamed on them yet holding back for more enjoyment. I gave Tyrone the sign to make her cum.

Pam didn't have a chance. This time Lloyd filled her ass while Tyrone's pleasure giver slipped into her conditioned cunt. Together the pair skillfully D.P.'d my wife giving her the ride of her life.

I swear he screams could be heard half way down the street.

"Sweet fucking Jesus!" she cried as tears run down her cheeks.

The two black cocks exploded inside of her as her own juices flushed her orgasm over Tyrone's cock.

Rita was startled by Pam's display of bliss, Murray and Pate awed. I had never seen my wife so enthralled, as she was with the two black cum cannons discharging inside of her.

Murray and Pete enjoyed the spoils after Tyrone and Lloyd had left. Rita watched while her husband played in my wife's stretched fuck hole.

"Did you enjoy your surprise Darling?" I asked Pam in bed after the others had gone.

"Thank you." She said as my cock slid into her sloppy cunt.

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