tagLesbian SexPam and Tanya: The New Arrangement

Pam and Tanya: The New Arrangement


Hot water from the shower streamed over Pam's back. What a weekend this had turned out to be. Friday morning, her husband, John, left for a business trip. Friday afternoon, she fantasized about her live-in maid, Tanya. Friday night, she seduced the girl and spent the night making love to her. Saturday was spent naked, sharing kisses with her, and Saturday night was a blur of wine, lingerie, and kinky sex. Now it was Sunday morning. Later, her husband would return home. How would she handle the situation? Would she continue her liaisons with Tanya or should she break-off the relationship? Her lust for the African-American maid half her age had turned into what she thought was the beginning of love. She knew she could never live without the tender kisses and naughty touches of the girl. But, how could she ever cheat on John? What if he found out? Would he think of her differently, or be angry? The nights of passion had been heavenly, but now reality was setting in.

Eyes closed, Pam let the water wash over her. Suddenly, a hand was on her bottom. Jumping a little, she opened her eyes to see Tanya stepping into the shower.

"I woke up lonely," Tanya said. "I hope there's enough room in here for both of us."

The two women embraced and kissed. The hot water was nearly all gone by the time they finished their shower. Drying Pam's back, Tanya spoke first.

"John's coming home this evening," a hint of sadness in her voice.


"What happens then?"

"I'm not sure" Pam replied.

"I know you're happily married, but I think I love you" Tanya confessed.

"I know how you feel," Pam said, kissing the girl's cheek. "I love John, but I can't let this go."

"Let's spend today together, and we'll see what happens, later" Pam whispered. Tanya nodded her head in agreement. Pushing Pam against the bathroom counter, she caressed the older woman's body. Kisses were exchanged and eventually, the women made their way back to the bed.

In the quiet room, hours were spent exploring each other. Sometimes, the action got hot and heavy, using sex toys and other objects. Other times, fingertips lingered over skin. Pam kissed and nibbled every inch of Tanya's body. She loved the warmth of Tanya's full breasts against hers.

The clock on the bedside table read 4:00PM. With her fingers mindlessly playing with Tanya's hair, Pam whispered," We should get up. John will be landing soon." Without a word, the women rose from the bed. Pam went to a drawer and pulled out a striped pair of Hanes Her Way bikini panties. Tanya made her way down the stairs to her room. Slipping into a tank top, Pam walked down the stairs to the kitchen. She could hear Tanya in her room. Pausing by the door, Pam, much as she regretted it, knew she would soon have to go back to her life the way it was before Friday.

The phone rang. Not wanting to answer, Pam let the answering machine pick up the call.

"Hi, it's me" John said through the speaker. "I'm pulling out of the airport parking lot. I should be home soon."

Pouring a glass of wine for herself, Pam made her way to the back porch. She felt confused. After contemplating her options, she resolved to let nature run its course. Perhaps after John returned home, she would realize what to do.

Before she knew it, she heard the sound of a taxi pulling into the driveway. John came into the house and called for her. "Out here" she called back. Rising from the lounge, she embraced her husband and kissed him. His kiss was deep and lusty. Taken aback a bit, Pam returned the kiss and allowed him to gently grope her body. Surely, he would want to make love, but he seemed a bit too urgent. She wondered why. Images of what John saw on the home's security camera danced in his head. He wondered if Pam had figured out that he could access the cameras through his laptop. He wondered if he should hint that he had seen her liaison with Tanya, or let her confess. Would she ever confess? He wasn't sure, but he knew that watching his wife make love to another woman in his kitchen had been the biggest turn-on he had ever experienced.

"Let's go upstairs," he whispered in her ear.

"Maybe later. If we go there so soon, Tanya will know exactly what we're doing," Pam replied.

Giving Pam's ass one last squeeze, John smiled a devilish smile. "Ok, I'll wait. It gives me time to fantasize."

Going back into the house, Pam poured her husband a glass of wine. The door to Tanya's room opened and she emerged, wearing a pair of denim cut-offs and a hooded sweatshirt.

"Hi, good to have you home" Tanya said in a cheery voice. "I'm going out for a while. See you later."

As soon as Tanya's car left the driveway, John took Pam by the hand and said," She's gone. Let's go!"

"Let me get a quick shower, and I'll meet you in our room" Pam said, kissing him.

Stepping to the shower for the second time that day, Pam told herself that the decision had been made. She would make love to her husband and her life would go back to the way it had been. Drying herself off, she wrapped the towel around herself and made her way to the bedroom. John was beneath the covers. The bulge in the sheet let her know that he was ready. Pulling back the sheet, his erection bounced to life. Slowly stroking it, she smiled at him. Their hands played over each other for quite a while. "Let's try something naughty," he whispered. Pulling a silk scarf from under the bed, John secured Pam's wrist to the bedpost. When her hands were tied to the opposite posts, he went to work on her ankles. Stepping back to admire his work, he said, "Something's missing"

Using the last scarf, he wrapped it around her eyes. Tied and helpless, Pam felt his hands on her body. Fingers danced on her nipples. A finger traced its way down her belly and tickled her between her legs. She felt a weight climbing onto the bed and hands spreading the lips of her vagina. A warm tongue lapped at her.

"John must had watched a porn movie during his trip, because it felt different than his usual technique. It felt familiar, but in a different way. Her breathing became quicker. Her moans became louder. Suddenly, something pushed against her lips. A penis slipped in her mouth. Disoriented, Pam wondered what was happening. How could he be licking her and having her suck his penis? Pulling away, she said in a concerned voice, "What's going on?"

"I should have let you in on the secret" John said. "We have a visitor."

Pulling the blindfold from his wife's eyes, John waved his hand like a television host revealing a prize. Pam Looked down and saw Tanya between her legs.

"After I watched you and Tanya on the security camera the other morning, I called Tanya. She told me everything. Then we came to an agreement. We've decided to share you. Sometimes we'll have you by ourselves, sometimes we'll all play together."

"Untie me, now!" Pam hissed. "I can't believe you'd do this to me. Get out, both of you"

"Calm down, honey" said John calmly. "Remember, you made the first move. Think about this. I have video of you and Tanya together. It would be a shame if the video was leaked somehow."

"What makes you think I'd go for this?" Pam said, pulling against her restraints.

"You'll go for this for one reason. You love it. I saw how you licked her. I heard about your little kinky night in this bed. You'll go for this because it's what you want."

Pam's mind raced. Humiliation and hate ruled her thoughts, but something else was there too. It was excitement. The many possible combinations of lovemaking teased her. Naughtiness washed over her.

"Ok, if this is how you want it, give it to me." Pam whispered through clenched teeth.

"Lick her" John commanded. Tanya did as she was told.

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