tagLesbian SexPam and Tanya: Their First Encounter

Pam and Tanya: Their First Encounter


AUTHOR'S NOTE: This story is dedicated to Pam and John, two dear friends whose fantasy inspired me. This is my gift to them.


Kissing his sleeping wife tenderly on her neck, John grabbed his suitcase and quietly left the bedroom. It was 4:30AM on Friday morning. He hated these weekend business trips, but if he wanted to keep his business successful, they were necessary. Sometimes he took his wife, Pam, with him, but this trip would leave little time for anything but business.

Coming down the stairs, he noticed the kitchen light was on. Setting his suitcase by the front door, he turned to see Tanya, their live-in maid, standing in the hall with a travel mug and newspaper. Pam was an attractive 20 year old, African-American college student who came highly recommended from the agency that he & Pam consulted for a maid.

"I knew you'd be leaving early, so I made you some coffee for your trip to the airport," Tanya whispered.

"Thank you," John replied. "You've only worked for us for a month, but you've really made yourself indispensable. I don't know what Pam & I would do without you."

"You're wonderful people," Tanya said. "It's a pleasure to work for you."

"I better get going. Thanks again for the coffee. I'll be back late Sunday evening," John said as he opened the front door.

Driving to the airport, John's mind wandered. Having an attractive college student living in his home would be quite a temptation for some men. Standing 5' 5" tall, her curves were enough to turn the heads of most men. However, John had everything he could wish for in his wife Pam. Tall and tanned, Pam's slender body was a perfect fit for him. Still, what if it was Pam who was going away for the weekend? It would definitely be a struggle to resist if Tanya showed an interest in him. He laughed to himself as he thought of all the tissues he would go through if he were to find himself in that situation.

Back at the house, Tanya decided to catch-up on the wash since she probably wouldn't be able to get back to sleep anyway. Entering the laundry room, Tanya started the washer and sorted through the hamper. Stuffed near the bottom was a lacy pair of black thong panties. Pulling them out, Tanya held them up and admired them. It wasn't too long after she moved in before she realized that Pam & John were very sexually active. The muffled sounds of moaning and the squeaking bedsprings embarrassed her and it was hard to look her employers in the face the next morning, but now it was just commonplace. More than a few times while cleaning their bedroom, Tanya stumbled upon forgotten sex toys, rumpled stockings and garter belts or a porn DVD. Discreetly putting them back where they belonged, Tanya would continue with her daily chores. However, sometimes, when she had the house to herself, Tanya would imagine what her employers had done the night before and use one of their sex toys on herself. Staring at the black lace panties, Tanya felt a bit horny. She wondered what Pam looked like in these panties. A vision of Pam, lying on the bed with one hand inside these panties and the other hand working her nipples drifted into her mind. She held the fabric to her nose and breathed deeply. The faint scent of sex and perfume intoxicated her. Quickly loading the washer, Tanya stashed the panties in the pocket of her robe and went back to her room.

Stripping out of her robe and nightclothes, Tanya climbed into the large four-poster bed and feverishly fingered herself to a quick and barely satisfying orgasm with the panties. Feeling a little ashamed, she tossed the panties on her dresser. She would put them back in the hamper on her next trip to the laundry room.

Since she was up early, Tanya was able to finish most of her duties before Pam woke up. A little after 9:00AM, Pam made her way to the kitchen.

"Good morning," Pam said. Tall and brunette, with shoulder-length hair, she was dressed in a long flowered silk robe. Long tanned legs peeked from behind the silk robe as she walked sleepily to the coffee maker.

"Morning," Tanya replied. "Here, let me make fresh coffee for you. That's what I made for John before he left this morning."

"What time did he leave?" Pam asked.

"A little after 4:30. I couldn't get back to sleep, so I was able to get a lot of things done this morning." Tanya said.

"Tanya, I've told you before, you don't have to work as hard as you do around here. John and I wanted someone to keep the place tidy and help out during the week, as well as someone who would watch the place when we were away. On the weekend, you can take it easy. You're spoiling us," Pam told her.

"I know," Tanya laughed. "But I really appreciate this job and want to do well."

"You have nothing to worry about," Pam smiled.

"If you don't mind, I think I'm going to go out for a while and pick up a few things," Tanya said.

"Have a good time. See you later," Pam replied.

After Tanya left, Pam put on some soft music and sat down on the couch. With John away, she would have the entire weekend to do as she pleased, and all she wanted to do was relax. Closing her eyes, Pam let her mind wander. She thought how lucky she and John were to have such a lovely home and how fortunate they were to live so comfortably. She thought of how wonderful it would be to make love to John sometime on this couch. Images of her sitting on the edge as John knelt in front of her and licked her between her legs floated in dreamy silence. She thought of him standing up and her taking his hard penis in her mouth. In her fantasy she bobbed her head back and forth as she heard him moan. Using both hands, she grabbed John's ass cheeks and pushed his cock deeper in her mouth. Out of the corner of her eye she caught a slight movement. There standing in the doorway was Tanya, dressed in a sheer white bra and panties. Walking to the edge of the couch in white high heels and thigh-high white stockings, Tanya leaned down. Pam slid John's penis from her mouth and kissed Tanya deeply. Pam's eyes blinked open and she let out a quiet gasp. It had only been a dream. She thought to herself, "John's on a business trip and Tanya is out of the house. I just dozed off." She had never thought of Tanya in that way before. "It was just a fantasy, nothing more," she thought. However, her mind would not let go of the thought of kissing Tanya's full soft lips, or the image of Tanya's brown skin against the sheer white material of her bra and panties. Pam realized that the fingers of her right hand were fluttering against her own silky panties. Rubbing and tickling her clitoris, Pam didn't want to stop, but she did. "I can't think about things like that," she thought. It's not right and Tanya is such a young girl. I'd feel guilty.

Getting up from the couch, Pam walked to the bedroom. Trying to put the thoughts out of her head, she dressed in her casual shorts and t-shirt. Perhaps a quick trip to the mall and to the market would be on her agenda today.

The bright late morning sunshine blinked off the windshield of Pam's car as she drove to the mall. The next hour or so was spent browsing though her favorite clothing and bookstores. Walking through the mall, Pam glanced into Victoria's Secret. There was Tanya, looking at bra and panty sets. Turning to walk over to her, she hesitated when she saw Tanya pick up a sheer white bra and hold it against herself. Pam's mind went to the earlier fantasy and she felt a hot flush run through her belly. Walking quickly to the exit, she hoped Tanya had not seen her. Even though it had only happened in a fantasy, she still felt a little embarrassed.

Back at the house, Pam felt a nervous excitement. She knew she shouldn't feel this way, but she was getting more and more turned on by what she had thought of earlier. The devil on one shoulder told her that John was away and she had the house and Tanya all to herself. She had always tried to suppress the lesbian fantasies she had, but what harm could it do to seduce the girl? She was young, pretty, and so inexperienced when it came to sex. She would be doing the girl a favor my making love to her. Meanwhile, the angel on her other shoulder scolded her for thinking such thoughts. She was married and she couldn't do such a thing to her husband behind his back. But the devil chimed in and reminded her that John, from time to time, had whispered in her ear about how he longed to see her with another woman.

The back-and-forth debate continued in her head for quite some time until she heard the front door open. Tanya walked into the house carrying several bags. Most predominately was a small pink bag from Victoria's Secret. Pam's mind raced. Had Tanya bought the bra and panty set from her fantasy? Forcing a smile, she asked Tanya what she had bought. Tanya set the items on the couch and proceeded to show each one to Pam. When she came to the Victoria's Secret bag, Pam thought she would start to visibly tremble.

"...and a few things from here." Tanya said, holding up the bag. "But I'm sure you don't want to see this stuff."

"Of course not," Pam replied. "Every girl needs to keep some things private."

On one hand she felt proud of herself. She had put the thoughts out of her head and she was acting like a proper adult. On the other hand, she could have kicked herself. She knew if Tanya had opened the bag and showed her the sheer white bra and panties, she would have had to excuse herself to her bed room and finger herself to an orgasm.

Tanya gathered the items and went to her room. Pam breathed a frustrated sigh and went to the kitchen. Choosing a bottle of wine, she opened it and poured herself a glass. Drinking it down in several big gulps, she refilled the glass. Perhaps a long, hot bath would help her relax. Bringing the bottle with her, she made her way upstairs to the master bath.

As the tub filled, she finished the second glass and filled her third glass. The effect of the wine made her feel lighter and calmer. Stripping from her clothes, she pulled her hair into a loose bun and eased into the tub. Breathing deeply, she leaned back and closed her eyes. The sexual tension she had been feeling started to melt away. Her hands drifted over her skin. Fingertips traced the curves of her breasts and teased her hardening nipples. Draping a leg over the edge of the tub, Pam's hand drifted between her legs and teased her clitoris. She barely heard the soft footsteps coming up the stairs.

Tanya had tossed her bags on her bed and went to the laundry room to take the bath towels out of the dryer. Folding a large stack, she picked them up and steadied the top with her chin to keep them from tipping over. Her bare feet made whispering steps as she made her way up the steps to the master bath. The door was cracked open, so she turned around and nudged the door slightly with her round bottom to push it open. Turning around, Tanya saw Pam in the bath, teasing a nipple with one hand. The other hand was just below the surface of the water, between her legs. A flash of her earlier fantasy popped into her head, making her jump in surprise. The towels fell from her grasp and fell to the floor. Pam's eyes opened to see the towels falling to the floor.

"Oh my, I'm so sorry, ma'am" Tanya said as she scrambled to pick up the towels.

Pam's hands instinctively covered her naked breasts.

"No, no, it's my fault. I should have locked the door," she said, feeling a blush spread over her.

"It will only take a second to clean up this mess. Then you can have your privacy. I'm so embarrassed," Tanya pleaded, her voice trembling

"Don't worry about it. Everything's fine," Pam said in a consoling voice.

Stacking the towels in the closet, Tanya kept her back turned away from her employer. Rushing to the door, she left without a word; a tiny tear rolling down her cheek.

Letting out a long, quivering breath, Pam sat up in the tub. Disgust and shame spread over her. How could she be so stupid? Not making sure the door was locked was just plain careless. Then a quick shot of panic went through her. What did Tanya see when she opened the door? Was it the shock of seeing someone in the tub that made her drop the towels, or was it the shock of seeing Pam masturbating? Then, something strange happened. Pam's shame turned to an odd feeling of lust. Had the young girl really seen her touching herself? If she did, what did she think? Did she admire her body for a moment before becoming startled? Was she thinking of Pam's naked body right now? "What is wrong with me?" Pam thought. "She's probably in her room crying right now, and I'm up here thinking like this. I need to go make sure she's OK."

Drying herself off quickly, Pam slipped the long silk robe over her naked body and headed downstairs. Stopping for a moment outside Tanya's door, she heard the muffled sound of sniffling.

Knocking lightly, Pam asked if she could come in.

Opening the door, Tanya wiped a tissue over her eyes and immediately began apologizing again.

"I'm so sorry. I know you want to fire me, so I'll get my things together and be out by tonight," she sobbed.

"Don't be silly," Pam said. "Everyone makes mistakes. My mistake was to not close the door. If anyone is at fault it's me."

"Are you sure?" the young girl asked.

"Of course I'm sure," Pam laughed. "This is nothing to worry about. Besides, if I were to fire you, John would be heartbroken."

A little smile spread over Tanya's face as she whispered, "Thank you. It will never happen again."

Leaning forward, Pam gave the girl a hug. Suddenly, Pam's eyes glanced at the dresser. Are those her black panties from the other night? She remembered how John tossed them on the floor before he climbed on top of her. Why were they on Tanya's dresser? Had she brought Pam's dirty panties back to her room on purpose? Her mind reeled as she thought of the girl touching her black lace panties. Within a split second, Pam knew what she would do. Giving the girl a gentle squeeze, she turned to leave the room. Glancing over her shoulder and trying to sound casual, she asked Tanya what her plans were for the evening.

"I don't have any plans," Tanya replied. "Why"

"I'm going to clean out a closet in my room, and I'll need some help. Can you come up in half an hour?" Pam asked.

"See you then" Tanya smiled.

Walking up the steps, Pam felt lust wash over her.

Cleaning a closet might be a dirty job, so Tanya changed into a pair of cut-off jeans and a tight tank top. Her 36C breasts pushed against the material and created a deep "V" of cleavage that she had always been proud of. Grabbing some bags, she made her way up the stairs about 20 minutes later.

Lightly knocking on the bedroom door, Tanya asked to come in.

"Come in," Pam called.

Opening the door, Tanya's eyes widened a bit. There stood Pam in a black silk camisole with black stockings and a garter belt. Matching black panties completed the outfit, along with a pair of open toe heels. Various lingerie littered the bed and floor. An empty bottle of wine sat on the dresser next to an empty glass. Pam's hair was tussled a bit and a hint of red lipstick glistened on her lips.

"I really need to go through these things and get rid of some of it. Be a dear and run down to the kitchen and bring another bottle of wine. I seem to have emptied this one." Pam said.

A stunned moment later, Tanya nodded her head and went to get the wine.

"Don't forget to bring a glass for yourself" Pam called.

When Tanya returned with the wine, the black stockings still adorned Pam's long legs, but she was tugging a scarlet bustier over her breasts. Its tightness barely covered her nipples and caused her boobs to spill over the lace trim.

"I've had some of this stuff since college and I really need to try it all on. What doesn't fit goes in the bag." Pam said.

Tanya set the wine bottle on the dresser along side the empty glasses.

"Would you like this opened?" Tanya asked.

"Oh, yes, and keep it coming. I'll need a few more drinks to cure my depression after trying to fit into some of this stuff," Pam laughed.

"Hardly," Tanya said. "You've got nothing to worry about. You're gorgeous."

"Well, thank you. But, I'm pretty sure I'll pass out from lack of oxygen if I let this on any longer." Pam replied. Tugging down the bustier, Pam's breasts bounced free. Her nipples were visibly erect as she let the garment fall to the floor. Kicking the bustier to Tanya with one of her open toe sling heels, Pam said, "That one has got to go."

Tanya bent down and pick up the bustier and folded it, putting it in one of the bags she brought.

"I've always liked this one," Pam said as she picked up a frilly see-through white teddy. But since I have the stockings on, I should probably go though all the dark things first."

Turning around and bending down to retrieve another piece of lingerie, Tanya saw the black seam that ran down the back of the stockings and the silky curve of Pam's ass in her panties. Glancing over her employer, she saw full breasts hanging in the reflection of the full-length mirror. Averting her eyes to avoid being caught, Tanya drank deeply from her wine glass.

Pam picked up a sheer black demi bra with white lace accents. "I know there's a pair of matching panties that go with this bra. Ca you look for them?" Pam asked, slipping on the bra and reaching behind to hook it. Sifting through a small pile of panties, Tanya found a pair of sheer, high-waisted panties with the same accents. Hooking her thumbs in the waistband of her panties, Pam tugged them down in front of her live-in maid. Giving her hips a little wiggle, they fell around her ankles. Reaching for the panties, Pam let her fingers linger for a moment on Tanya's hand. Giving the slightest wink, her fingertip dragged sensuously over Tanya's dark skin, igniting a warm glow in the young woman.

Turning her back to Tanya, Pam bent over and stepped into the panties, making every effort to show off her body. In one motion, she stood up and pulled the panties into place. Admiring herself in the mirror, Pam saw Tanya's eyes locked on her body. Without a word, she turned around and stepped toward her maid. At first Tanya hesitated, but stayed in place as Pam approached her. Leaning forward, Pam whispered, "How do I look?"

Barely a sound escaped Tanya's lips as she replied, "Lovely".

"Would you like to see more?" Pam purred.

The young woman's head nodded slightly.

Taking her position in front of the mirror again, Pam unhooked the sheer bra and slid it off. Likewise, the panties slid free from her hips.

"I think the stockings have to come off, too" She whispered. Sitting on the bed, she slipped the heels from her feet and slowly rolled each stocking from her legs.

Totally exposed, Pam reached for the frilly white see-through teddy. Pulling it on, she kept her eyes locked on Tanya. Standing up, she slipped her heels back on and walked to Tanya. Talking her hand, Pam said, "It's not fair that I'm the only one playing dress-up. Why not go down to your room and put on what you bought at Victoria's Secret today while I finish here."

With that, she leaned forward and planted a single gentle kiss on Tanya's lips. Almost in a trance, Tanya turned and walked from the room and down the steps. So many thoughts were racing through her mind. Excitement was causing her to tremble. Should she go through with this? It seemed that there was no turning back now. Stripping from her shorts and tank top, Tanya opened the pink bag. A sheer white bra and panty set fell to the bed. Looking at them, Tanya knew what would happen next. The question was, did she want it to happen? The fluttering in her belly let her know that she wanted this more than anything she had ever wanted. In a few moments, the panties were in place the she was adjusting the straps of her bra. Dark nipples strained against the fabric. Barefoot, she made her way back to Pam's room. Timidly stepping through the doorway, she saw Pam lying on the bed, covered only by the sheet, with one leg peeking out.

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