tagRomancePam and Thomas's Erotic Journey

Pam and Thomas's Erotic Journey


This is a choose your own misadventure story in which you decide at certain points what a character will do or not do. When you see STOP read the question make a decision and follow the instructions.

Ch 1 Saviors Bible College
Ch 2 Old Salt
Ch 3 Motel Seduction
Ch 4 Motel Courtship
Ch 5 Romance
Ch 6 After Church Seduction
Ch 7 After Church Courtship
Ch 8 Wedding Bells
Ch 9 Old Salt Again


Chapter One Savior's Bible College

Pam carefully applied her pink lipstick and checked her outfit. She had on her modest pink sweater set, a long sleeved sweater with a matching long skirt. Her only jewelry was the gold crucifix and chain she always wore. She was going to see "Thomas" that is Mr. Thompson her biblical archeology teacher at his office. He was a few years older than her but not by much. He had just finished his BS degree in education last year at State and she was a freshman starting her first semester.

Pam had a crush on Mr. Thompson. She listened in church to sermons warning of adultery and lust but she was attracted to him so she made up a reason to schedule a conference with him in his office. She hoped that he liked her, she silently prayed as knocked on his office door.
That night she put on her long white cotton nightgown and knelt by the bed holding her crucifix in her fingertips and prayed. She wanted a husband, a man like Thomas and asked God for him. The Bible said to ask and ye shall receive. Saying amen she sat on her bed and read in her Bible the story of Esther, a Jewish virgin, that was picked to go into the king then became a queen and saved her people. Not being able to keep her eyes open, she nodded off and the Bible slipped down between her legs, resting on her womanhood.

Pam was having a dream. Thomas was her husband and he was fondling her breast. His other hand was on her womanhood she could feel his firm touch. Startled she woke to find it was her own hand touching her breast. Between her legs clenched together tightly, the spine of her Bible was pushed against her clitoris. Startled and embarrassed at her sinful nature she cried herself to sleep. It was hard sitting in his class watching him speak so she sat in the back behind a football player. Mr. Thompson really knew the material and answered the tough questions that they threw him in class. She prayed and asked the lord to help her forget her school girl crush.

The fall semester was over; the finals were given, and the college was shutting down for the winter holiday. Soon he to would be driving to Tampa to visit family and friends. Thomas was the newest faculty member in the biblical studies department at Saviors Bible College. He liked the job but it really was hard because he was tempted by the young women in his classes; in particular a pretty girl named Pam. He was trying to be true to his girlfriend from church back home. They were talking about marriage and he was planning on asking her during Christmas and had already purchased an engagement ring. His passions and lust would be saved for his wife when they were married then he would not be so tormented.

Then he thought again about Pam, he could not get her out of his mind. Pam was a freshman majoring in Christian music at Saviors. Pam was a petite and perky girl with a love of the Lord that showed in her demeanor and the conservative clothing that she wore in the classroom. She had a nice figure, long blonde hair and would make someone a very happy man. Pam wore modest makeup and was always wearing necklaces with a cross or crucifix to show her love for Jesus. In his heart he desired her and coveted her beauty.

Ellen his girl friend was his same age, sort of over weight and to be honest not very sexy. After a few chaste kisses she would push him away. He hoped that would change after marriage but he was not sure.

Thomas remembered the time late in the semester when Pam came to his office for a conference. She was doing great in his course, a weak "A" average but she wanted to know more about her major. He gave her some general information and referred her to a professor on his selection committee who was easy to talk with about academic stuff. She asked him about the picture he had on his desk of Ellen wondering if it was his sister. She seemed disappointed when he told her Ellen is his girlfriend. That day she had been wearing a pink sweater set and looked so fresh and wholesome that he questioned his plans with Ellen in his heart.

Christmas was a busy time with family, friends and most of all with Ellen. His parent's house was overcrowded so he had rented a room for the week at a tourist court and slept there. It was an efficiency room with a kitchen, a bathroom, a couch and a double bed. It had not been renovated in a million years and was cheap. Thomas was getting ready for the big night, they were going to a holiday ball and he wanted to look his best. He was going to pop the question tonight to his beloved.

Ellen seemed oddly distant through out the evening; almost like she was not really happy to be with him. The dance was great with all the couples dressed up to the hilt; the men in tuxes and the ladies in formal gowns. Ellen was wearing a navy blue satin dress which looked great on her especially with the black stockings and heels. After dessert he told her how much he missed her while away at his new job and how he loved her. He started to propose and was about to pull out the ring box when she shook her head saying "no" and told him that she, "did not love him and marriage with him was not God's plan for her life." She jerked the rug out from under him hard.

The rest of the evening was like a funeral. He took her home and they said goodbye. When he said goodbye he knew it was for the last time. It was really over. Ellen had told him about Wally, a guy from her new church and she wanted to be free to follow her heart. She asked if "we could still be friends?"

He spent the next day with his folks and when they asked about Ellen he had to explain that they had broken up the night before. He did not mention his crash and burn proposal wanting to hold on to some of his dignity. His dad suggested that he needed to get out of the house and stop moping about it and go meet some girls. It was a real guy solution to the problems of courtship. Another one would come along in awhile like a city bus.

Chapter Two Old Salt

Pam was at her girlfriend Cindy's house spending the night. Pam's mom did not approve of her old high school friend but Cindy was fun to be around and not uptight like the girls at school. Pam was stoned. Cindy gave her a pink pill earlier that evening then told her about a job she could get the bar where she worked waiting tables for great tips. When she got there and found out that it was a strip club, Pam wanted to back out but Cindy talked her into it and took her into the manager's office.

"I don't have any openings serving drinks but I need dancers tonight like what Cindy does here. You get half of what you make in tips and VIP dances," he said.

"Do it Pam. I clear hundreds of dollars a night dancing," Cindy boasted. Pam let herself be talked into stripping and Cindy went to a locker and gave Pam a skimpy costume and high heels to wear and did her makeup. Pam was not thinking clearly and went along with the buzz the passive good feeling which the drug had induced in her.

What he wanted to do was to get very drunk and try to forget his fiasco with Ellen. Getting involved again romantically his dads solution was not high on his list of things to do. The college had a strict no alcohol rule but he was not at college and ended up at a bar near the Navy base. It was a strip club called the "Old Salt". He parked in the back and entered hoping no one recognized him. It could cost him his job at Saviors on moral grounds. Professors at bible colleges did not go to strip clubs. Thomas had never been to a strip club but he wanted to get drunk and see some sexy naked women. The tempter was working his evil in Thomas life through his heartbreak over Ellen.

The bar was dark and smoky. At one end he saw a wall of mirrors and the brass poles of a raised stage with a nude dancer moving sensuously to the loud music. He paid the cover and found a seat. A waitress showing a lot of leg and cleavage brought him the rum and coke he ordered. She was wearing a black satin corset, thong, stockings and heels. He gave her a big tip then he sat back to watch the girls disrobing as the dollars were tossed on the stage. The DJ was annoying introducing the girls, making small talk and encouraging the guys to spend money saying "five dollars and the girl will be completely naked."

He would get up and toss some dollars at the dancer's feet. After the dance they would come by to thank him and sit down close to him then suggest a VIP dance. They explained it was in a small booth and for $25 you could get a private lap dance, one song long. He did not see any dancer that he wanted to sit in his lap. These were tall women with boob jobs and tattoos. They looked like biker Barbies. He was thinking about leaving when a new group of dancers came in and went to the dressing room so he ordered another drink and sat back to see the new talent. One was a petite blonde but he did not see her face. Maybe she would be more interesting.

"And the next dancer up is Heather this is her first time nude dancing. She is a real stage virgin so be nice to her guys, now give it up for Heather! Guys remember five dollars gets her naked," he drawled then cranked up the music.

The mirror door opens and a young woman appears with long blond hair, wearing a skimpy dress and a gold chain with a crucifix around her neck. It was Pam. She could not see him in the dark but he recognized her instantly. What was she doing here stripping? With the spotlights in her eyes she did not recognize him in the darkened room. She had on black stockings, high heels and her shiny black dress was low cut showing cleavage. The slit in the front was almost up to her crouch. He could not look at her painted face clearly through his tears.

He got up and left not wanting to see her strip and destroy his fantasy of her virginal innocence.

Another dream had died tonight.

Thomas sat in his car and prayed. He asked for forgiveness for his lustfulness towards women and for his drunkenness. He asked the Lord for a second chance, something he could do in penance for his sins. He had been disappointed by the two women that he cared about the most. Ellen had dumped him and Pam turned out to be a stripper but he was far worse. He was a hell bound sinner. He had committing adultery lusting in his heart after the dancers and drinking alcohol.

Slowly driving his car he stopped as the back door of the bar opened and a woman was pushed out. It was Pam in her skimpy dress, clutching her purse and some street clothes. The bouncer yelled "get lost bitch" and the woman next to him shouted "get your own ride home, asshole" and they slammed the door in her face.

Pam stood in tears in the cold air with no ride or coat. Thomas could not leave her there so he rolled down the window and called out her name.

"Pam over here, it is Mr. Thompson from school. Get in the car it is not safe out here" he said.

In a trance she walked to his car and got in shivering so he gave her his jacket to wear. Pam was stoned, crying and talking in a slurred speech with the pupils of her eyes huge and dilated. Thomas could tell she was high on drugs. He could not take her home like that, he had to sober her up and make sure she was safe.

He did not know where to take her, so he drove to his room at the motel. He guided her inside, turned on the light and locked the door. She stood facing him, clutching his coat around her shivering body wide eyed in fear. She knew the lust and depravity of those men in the audience. Thomas must have been there watching her! What would he do to her now? Would he rape her? She was dressed like a whore in a provocative black dress and stockings, her face painted with dark red rouge and lipstick and blue eye shadow. What was he thinking?

STOP Does Thomas lose his self control and take advantage of Pam's condition? If so then go to Chapter Three Motel Seduction. Does Thomas remain a gentleman? Then go to Chapter Four Motel Courtship.


Chapter 3 Motel seduction

Thomas looked at her with a curious mix of lust and desire and enjoyed seeing her helplessness before him. He was aroused and filled again with the lust that he had felt when she first went on stage before he recognized her. He walked over to the clock radio and turned it on, changing the station from the local Christian music station finding some annoying dance music like the DJ played at the club.

He sat on the couch looking up at her standing in front of the bed. Pam was feeling the music moving through her body then looked in dread as Thomas dropped a five dollar bill at her feet. Then in shame she knew what to do, she started dancing for him slowly and seductively using his coat as a prop slipping it off one shoulder at a time teasing him. She loved Thomas and wanted to dance for him. She wanted to please him, the drug helped to shed her inhibitions.

Thomas sat with his legs spread wide on the couch feeling his erection grow as he watched her dancing just for him. His coat slipped off her shoulders and he could see her black dress closely, it did not cover much with her breasts trying to pop out. Holding the front slit of her dress, she teased him lifting it to show her black satin thong. One shoulder at a time her straps seductively dropped then she shyly showed her breasts. The dress fell to the floor as Pam danced swaying her hips wearing just her stockings, black thong and gold chain with the crucifix which swayed in time to her motions. Thomas leered at Pam in an alcoholic haze her painted face made her look like a harlot even more exciting his desire and passion.

Thomas nodded and she took of her stockings one leg at a time followed by her thong and then she was standing nude before him. She had never been naked before a man in her life and she saw the power that she had to control men with her beauty. She wanted to give herself to him but she knew it would be a sin. Shame washed over her terrified she stooped down, picked up all her clothes and fled to the bathroom. Locking the door Pam fell to her knees and tearfully prayed asking God what should she do about her shameful lust and desire for Thomas. Calming down she knew what she wanted to do. Kneeling she humbled herself in sexual surrender and to give herself in submission and obedience to him. Pam pulled her black stockings back on her legs, stepped into her thong. As she pull up the thong and fitted it over her womanhood her fingers felt the warm damp juices as the thin satin fabric covered her garden. Her body was ready for him. Stepping into her dress, buckling the thin black straps of her high heels she looked in the mirror. Her hair was a mess so she borrowed his brush and slowly brushed out 100 strokes to try to calm down. She tried to repair her makeup but it was a mess so she did the best she could to make herself presentable for him.

Thomas wanted more than just a lap dance. The drinks that he had at the club were casting off his reason and self control. He felt his erection pushing against his tight jeans and he wanted to find relief. After a few moments, Pam came out dressed again in the black costume, smiled and sat beside him silently on the couch.

Reaching into his pocket again he pulled out some more money, a twenty and a five and wordlessly put the money in Pam's hand. A new song started so she started dancing but when she started to take her clothes off Thomas told to "leave the dress on" motioning her to come closer.

Turning around facing away from him, she danced in his lap gently rubbing her bottom on the crouch of his jeans driving him crazy as he stroked her back, sides, arms and breasts. When the song ended Pam stopped dancing and started to rise. Thomas grabbed her by the wrist firmly.

Pam looked at him knowing what he needed and what she wanted too. Thomas stumbled with her over to the bed and started kissing and fondling her as they sat on the edge of the bed. He was taking off his shirt and pants and then he was on top of her. Pam had second thoughts when she saw his erect member and tried to stop him.

"Thomas, no please stop, no please I am a virgin. Please don't," she pleaded

Thomas was not listening and kissed her words away with a deep kiss. In his frantic lovemaking like an animal he deflowered her rutting her hard and then came in her vessel with all his demented lust and passion.

When Thomas woke in the morning he had a vicious hangover and looked at Pam sleeping next to him. She looked like a whore. He was so disgusted by her and the lust that they shared last night had passed and he decided to get rid of her.

Shaking her shoulder roughly he said, "Pam get up now, you are a slut and a real whore. Get out of my bed" then he pushed her onto the floor.

Pam was shocked; she loved Thomas and thought that he loved her. He told her that he did last night after she lost her virginity.

"Thomas why are you acting like this?" she cried out in confusion.

"Go away slut" he growled in a threatening tone.

Pam ran into the bathroom crying. She washed the whorish makeup off her tear streaked face and put on her street clothes. Seeing the black dress, stocking and heels on the floor by the bed she threw them at Thomas lying in the bed. Grabbing her purse Pam ran out without looking back.

She realized what he had done. It was exactly like the Bible story of the rape of Tamar by her step brother Amnon in 2nd Samuel. After tricking Tamar and forcing her into sex Amnon was disgusted by her and drove her off. She begged him not to saying "sending me away would be a far greater wrong than what you already did."

That is what Thomas did by taking advantage of her when she was drugged and then threw her out when he had spent his depraved lust on her virginity.

STOP Go to Chapter 9 Old Salt Again


Chapter 4 Motel Courtship

"Sit down Pam. Here have a glass of water." He offered.

With shaking hands, she drank some of the offered water and seemed to calm down. Maybe she was safe with him then she felt the full weight of her shame and sinfulness.

"Thomas, I am so ashamed. I did not want to dance. Did you see me?" she asked.

"When I recognized you on stage, I left. I did not want to see you like that," he replied. "What happened?"

"When I got on the stage, I sobered up real quick and started crying. When I didn't strip the customers yelled at me. The manager and my so called friend Cindy threw my clothes and purse at me then kicked me out the back door. I have never done anything like this before; please believe me Thomas, I did not know what I was doing. I was spending the night with Cindy we were drinking some wine and she gave me a pill. It was pink. The next thing I knew I was on stage, the lights were in my eyes and those men were yelling awful things at me."

"You took a pill? Let me look at your eyes again. Your pupils are still huge. How many fingers am I holding up Pam? No, not two try three." He said.

"I am not taking you to your friend's house and I can't take you home like this you have to stay here tonight. I will take you home in the morning." He said.

Pam held his jacket around herself tightly once again fearing the worst.

"I will sleep on the sofa you can have the bed Pam," Thomas said. "You can sleep in this," Thomas said handing her a long sleeved dress shirt from the dresser. "But go clean up first," he suggested.

Pam went in and took a long hot shower; he could hear the hairdryer and was about to fall asleep on the couch when she came in and quickly slipped under the covers. She was beautiful wearing his long white oxford dress shirt, the tails just falling to her knees and showing her nice long legs. Her hair was brushed out long, flowing down her shoulders. She was still wearing her gold crucifix and chain but the garish lipstick and make up was now washed off her face.

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