tagNonConsent/ReluctancePam Gives in to Lust Ch. 01

Pam Gives in to Lust Ch. 01


with thanks to the Fireman

Pam and Maureen had been drinking. Not much, but they we're on their third gin and tonic each and the movie was only about two-thirds of the way done. John was out of town for the weekend, and Maureen had insisted that Pam come over so they could have some girl time together without John interfering or making those sarcastic remarks he did when he was around Maureen. Pam wasn't wild about the idea, but most of the time it was just easier to give in to Maureen than to fight her about it, so as soon as she'd finished grading that week's tests she headed over to Maureen's house.

The problem was that when she drank, almost inevitably, Pam got horny. And this movie was making her horny, even though she didn't want it to. It was some art film Maureen had said that Pam really needed to see, and it was about a woman who'd left her husband and discovered she liked women even more than she did men. The heroine kept exploring, and meeting other women, and there were some pretty steamy scenes in various bedrooms.

The other thing that wasn't helping stuff any was her underwear. Pam definitely preferred wearing underwear like they did in the old movies – silky, vintage stuff that made her feel frilly and feminine. Sure, she had some practical cotton bikinis and sports bras, but she was much more likely to be wearing silk tap pants and a matching bra.

Today, well today she had indulged herself a little more than usual, mostly because she couldn't find a pair of pantyhose that morning and John was going out of town and she wanted him to have a little picture in his head when he left. She had to wear hose to work – the principal insisted on it for the women, and Pam usually just struggled into a pair of department store pantyhose when she wore skirts or dresses to work. But today, well she dressed up a bit mostly because she couldn't find a pair of pantyhose without a run and because she wanted to tease John.

Everything was black – a pair of sheer nylon briefs, a long, full-cup corset with six garters, and seemed sheer black silk stockings held up by the garters. A bit much for work, but definitely hose and she'd wear a long enough skirt so nobody would see she was wearing stockings and not pantyhose. She'd teased John a bit, slipping into her four inch stilettos and walking around while he was packing, brushing against him as he tried to neatly pack his clothes. He was hard and erect when she slipped into the black cotton cable-knit sweater and grey tweed skirt, changed the stilettos for teacher-practical low-heeled black pumps with silver buckles, and draped the grey sweater that went well with the skirt around her shoulders and left for school. What John didn't know, maybe, was that she was almost as aroused as he was when she left.

And all day at school that picture of John, his cock hard and straining at his shorts, had been running through her mind. And now there was this movie. She wasn't dripping wet or anything, but Pam knew she was definitely aroused and wasn't entirely comfortable with it. Her nipples were hard and Maureen, well Maureen was being her usual pushy self, but she was also making a few odd comments that Pam wasn't quite sure she wanted to understand.

When the movie ended Maureen poured them new drinks and sat down on the couch opposite Pam. Pam had kicked off her shoes and had her legs curled under her. Maureen leaned back and started talking. It was clear the alcohol was having an effect on her.

"Did I ever tell you the real reason he left me?" she asked Pam.

"No, you just said he looked at you that day and said he'd had enough and was leaving," Pam replied. She was pretty sure she didn't want to know why Maureen's husband had divorced her.

"He left me because he caught me with her," Maureen said.

"Caught you with whom?"

"Suzy...Suzy Boatwright."

"Nineteen-year-old Suzy Boatwright who helps clean your house?"

"Yup, caught the two of us going at it, her mouth on me and mine on her, and I don't mean kissing. We didn't stop, either, when he came in the room. Just kept at 'til we both came. I still remember that orgasm. It was a nice strong one. Suzy's was pretty good, too, as I remember."

"Maureen! You didn't!" Pam was shocked. She also became a little more aroused. Maureen was a big woman, close to six feet tall and 200 lbs. Everything about her was big – her breasts, her butt, her thighs...and Suzy was all of five foot two and maybe 110lbs, and no way was she more than a 32B. Pam imagined the contrast – big, blonde, pale-skinned Maureen naked with little, tan Suzy reversed on top of Maureen, lying on top of her with her little brown butt in the air, the two...the two...Pam made herself stop thinking.

"Shit, he shouldn't have been that surprised. We'd been going to that secret club for years. He loved to find some big-dicked guy to screw the hell out of me while he watched. And a woman with a strap-on? Hell, he'd come without touching himself and even before she'd be half way into me."

"Maureen, you never said a word! How could you? How did you hide it?" Pam was blushing, confused, and upset. Even worse, she wasn't aroused anymore, she was horny and starting to get sticky. Her friend went to a secret club and had sex with other men – and with other women?

"Nothing to hide. We didn't make a lot of noise about it because you don't. He was just pissed at me that day because I didn't let him know ahead of time. Hell, I didn't know ahead of time. Suzy was cleaning and found one of my vibrators, and then she looked at me with those big, brown eyes and it was off to the races. We stripped off and were all over each other just like that. He just walked in on us, watched us finish, then walked out. The next time I saw him he had papers, and he said he couldn't trust me anymore, and that he was divorcing me. I didn't see him again until we were in court. What's worse," Maureen giggled, "that was the last time I had sex with anybody but myself."

"Maureen!" Pam was still shocked. This wasn't the friend she knew. This was someone else, and this was a dream.

"And then I got this phone call. It was from the club secretary. They knew about the divorce and everything, but they wanted me to come back. So I'm going. To the Halloween party."

"You're not!" Pam gasped.

"I am. I'm going, and I'm going to have sex, and I'm going to come like a banshee. And more than once if I have anything to say about it."

"Maureen, I don't know what to think."

"Don't think, sweety. Just keep being my friend."

"Of course, Maureen." Pam was deeply confused. Her friend. Sex. Strap-ons. Clubs. And why the hell did she feel so freaking horny?

"Want to see my costume?" Maureen asked.

"Your costume?" Pam was a little confused.

"Yup, my costume for the party. They said I had to wear it, that they'd put all the costume ideas in a hat and this was the one they'd drawn for me."

"Umm, I guess," Pam said. What kind of a costume did you wear to an orgy?

"Good," Maureen said, with a gleam in her eye. She got up and walked over to the television.

"Here, watch this while I change," she said to Pam, slipping a new disk in the DVD and starting it up.

Maureen left the room and Pam sipped at her drink. She could hardly believe what her friend was telling her.

Pam glanced over at the television. "What the..." she exclaimed.

It was porn, pure and simple. A young woman who looked a little like Suzy was lying on top of a bed, in what looked like a dorm or sorority room. She was naked and talking to a stuffed bear she held in her hands. And then, then she started rubbing the bear's face up and down her crotch.

"Eat me Fuzzy," the actress cried, "eat me!"

The scene went on, and the actress kept masturbating with the bear until she came. Just as she was finishing there was a knock on the door, and another young woman, this one in a yellow t-shirt and red bikini panties, came into the room.

"Missy, you know what would happen if Mrs. Hopnagle saw you abusing the sorority teddy bear like that," the girl in yellow said.

"I don't care. Fuzzy's nose fits me just right and he makes me come nice and hard."

The movie went on, and what plot it had revolved around this group of college girls living in a sorority and pledging and trying to follow the house mother's rules. Mostly it was lesbian sex scenes, although there was one where the pledges had to suck the cocks of the pledges of the fraternity they were little sisters for and then the fraternity guys had to eat the girls.

Pam kept watching, not really enjoying it but not hating it, especially considering the mood she was in. Then came the scene with the pledges and the house mother.

Mrs. Hopnagle was built pretty much along the same lines as Maureen – big and with short blonde hair. It was the last night before the pledges were to become sisters...and Mrs. Hopnagle was the last ritual. The pledges, all naked, were lined up in the meeting room. The president made them all get on the table, and get on their hands and knees. They put their foreheads down on the table and were told not to move.

Mrs. Hopnagle walked in the room. She had on a dark green corset that held her enormous breasts up firm and high. Her dark brown nipples were hard, erect and noticeably long. And she had on a strap-on. She stepped up behind the first girl, rubbed her pussy a little, and then plunged deep inside her. Ten deep, hard strokes, and then she moved on to the next girl.

Pam was squirming now. She could barely contain herself. Her crotch was soaking wet, her nipples ached, and it was everything she could do not to pull up her skirt and start rubbing herself. What the hell was Maureen doing to her and why was she reacting so strongly to this movie? She'd never thought much about being with a woman, and here these movies were making her react – and react more strongly than she ever thought possible.

Then Maureen walked back into the room.

"Oh my god," Pam whispered quickly when she saw her friend.

Maureen was dressed pretty much like Mrs. Hopnagle. A black corset with half cups that held up her large breasts. Hard pink nipples poking out from large pale areolas. Black hose held up by the garters from the corset. Black patent leather stilettos. In her left hand, a black leather paddle with chrome studs. And, jutting from her freshly shaved crotch, a long, thick, black silicone penis.

Pam orgasmed. Just a little tiny one, but definitely an orgasm. She couldn't believe it. Just looking at Maureen made her come.

"What do you think, sweety? Think I'll get their attention on Halloween?"

"Um, yes," Pam replied. She was afraid of what might happen, but she wanted something to happen – her whole body was aching for it.

"God I'm looking forward to it," Maureen sighed. "This thing," she said, grabbing the dildo jutting from between her legs, "this thing is good all by itself. It has a piece that goes up inside you, and little ridges for your clit, and it vibrates. It's great for masturbating. It's better when you're shoving it in and out of somebody. Can you imagine – he loved me to fuck his ass with this thing in front of other people. He'd come without even touching himself...I guess it rubbed against his prostate. Anyway, I'd just get behind and and thrust, and it would vibrate, and he would come, and I would come...and then others would line up for me to do them. A few smacks with the paddle, my special cock inside them...I'd come five or six times a night at least, just doing other people. And then he'd have found some guy with a big, thick cock, and that guy would fuck me with everybody watching and I'd come so freaking hard...Shit, I can't wait. Just thinking about it and talking to you makes me so fucking wet."

"Maureen, you can't be saying, you didn't, you wouldn't, not with, not in front of..." Pam stammered. She was shocked. And she wasn't just a little sticky and swollen any more, she could feel that her pussy was wide open and her cream was running down her legs.

"Honey, I would and I did and it was great and telling you about it is making me so fucking horny..." Maureen reached out and caressed Pam's leg.

"Oooh, silk," Maureen sighed. "You do wear such nice lingerie. Let me see."

"Maureen, no!" Pam said, shivering from her friend's touch.

Maureen kept stroking Pam's legs, moving over closer to her and letting her hand push up the hem of Pam's skirt so she could stroke her thighs.

Pam squirmed. This wasn't right. She didn't like women. She didn't want Maureen doing this to her. Her nipples ached. Her crotch was soaked and her clit felt enormous.

"C'mon, let me see. I bet you look really sexy," Maureen said softly but with firm insistence.

Pam gave in. When Maureen spoke that way you had better obey. She stood up, pulled her sweater up over her head and dropped it next the couch. Then she undid the zipper on the side of her skirt and let it fall to the ground.

"You are so hot," Maureen said, looking at Pam as she stood in her corset, panties and stockings. She pulled Pam down next to her on the couch and started running her hands up and down Pam's body.

"Maureen, no," Pam whimpered as her friend began stroking her breasts through the satin cups of her corset.

"It's ok, baby," Maureen said. She reached down and started undoing the garters from Pam's stockings.

"Please, no," Pam sighed as Maureen's hand brushed across her vulva.

"Let's get you out of these," Maureen replied, grasping the waistband of her panties and pulling them down over Pam's legs.

"No, no," Pam whimpered again. Her body was betraying her, her breasts and nipples aching, cream flowing from between her legs. She lifted her hips to help Maureen pull her panties off.

Maureen slipped off the couch and knelt in front of Pam, pulling the silky briefs first off one leg, and then the other. Pam's pussy glistened wetly in front of her. She reached up and gently pulled Pam open. Inside she was pale pink and her clit glistened, hard and red, from under its hood.

Maureen bent forward and ran her tongue up the length of Pam's pussy, flicking gently at her clit as she slid a finger into her vagina.

Pam felt herself clamp down around Maureen's invading finger. How could this be happening? How could she like it so much?

"Oh, hell, yessss," she sighed. "Lick me, lick my creamy pussy you big bitch," Pam cried. There was no going back now. All that was important now was sex, was feeling herself swell with excitement and feeling the cream flowing out of her and down her legs. It didn't matter that it was Maureen.

Maureen licked faster at her friend's clit. It was hard and firm in her mouth. She found Pam's g-spot with her fingers and began stroking.

"That's it, that's it," Pam cried. "God do me hard, do me bitch, make me cum."

Maureen sat up, two fingers buried in Pam's pussy, her thumb stroking her clit.

"Here it comes you little tease," Maureen said. "You flit around in those little silky dresses, and those tight pants. I know you always have that silky underwear on. You just tease me all the time. And now I'm going to fuck you good."

She jerked her fingers out of Pam's pussy and grabbed Pam's knees, pushing them up and open.

"Here it comes, bitch, I'm going to fuck you silly."

Pam trembled, knowing what was coming. She tried to spread herself even more open. She wanted it, she wanted Maureen's cock deep inside her, thrusting, thrusting....

And then it was there. It felt enormous. Maureen pushed the tip of it against Pam's opening. It slipped, riding up over Pam's inflamed clit.

"Oh fuck, put it in me, put it in me," she cried.

Maureen grabbed the shaft jutting from her crotch, positioned against Pam's opening again, and pushed.

Pam felt herself open up and the hard, silicon dildo sliding deep inside her. It wasn't a real cock, but it was pretty damn good right now.

"Do me bitch, do me!" Pam demanded, thrusting her hips up against Maureen, trying to get every inch of the dildo inside her.

Maureen reached between her legs and flipped the switch for the vibrator. It hummed to life and Maureen felt her own juices start to flow.

She thrust hard with her hips, driving her cock, her hard, black cock deep inside Pam.

Pam wailed. "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck yes, Fuck me, fuck me. Do me bitch, fuck me with your big black cock."

Maureen thrust harder, again and again. The peg of the dildo filled her nicely, and the vibrations against her clit were exciting. She's always fantasized about getting Pam in this situation, but never believed it would happen.

As she thrust over and over again, she looked down at her friend. One breast had worked free from its cup, and a hard brown nipple was being rubbed by the edge of the fabric. Pam's eyes were closed and her face was scrunched up. Maureen could see that Pam was getting close.

"Do me, harder bitch, harder," Pam moaned.

Maureen thrust as hard as she could and reached down to rub Pam's clit. As she touched it, Pam exploded, her hips thrusting up off the couch.


Maureen rubbed her friend's clit a little more, watching Pam twitch and convulse around the dildo. She could feel the contractions flowing through the dildo and up inside her own pussy.

Pam slowly came down from the orgasm. She was hot, and sweaty, and, as Maureen pulled back and the dildo slipped from her, noticed that her crotch was covered with her cream. How had this happened? Why did it feel so good?

"My turn, bitch," Maureen said, pulling the dildo from herself with a soft, wet noise.

"What?" Pam was still a little dazed from the orgasm.

"I haven't come....now you do me. Put this sucker up inside you and then fuck me silly like I just did to you."

"Maureen," Pam whined. She couldn't, she just couldn't. It was one thing...Maureen did this kind of thing, but she, but Maureen had seduced her..."

"Get up and fuck me, bitch," Maureen demanded.

Pam struggled up from the couch. She wasn't getting out of there until Maureen had an orgasm, and she wasn't going to take care of herself.

"How does it work," she asked.

"Just put the part that doesn't look like a cock up inside you. Then pretend you're the man," Maureen said, handing her the dildo.

"It's vibrating," Pam said, a little shocked.

""Yes, that's part of what makes it feel good. Don't switch it off."

Pam hesitated, looking at the obscene device. The end that went inside her wasn't as long or thick as the penis end, but it had a bulb and then narrower neck and it still looked more than big enough to fill her up.

"Do it," Maureen ordered, lying back on the couch and spreading her legs open.

Pam held herself open, positioned the bulb at the mouth of her vagina, and pushed it up inside. She felt herself stretch open to accommodate it, and then, as it slipped all the way inside, felt the mouth of her pussy close around the neck.

"Put the ridged part against you clit," Maureen told her. "It feels best that way."

Pam adjusted the dildo as she was told. The vibrations started flowing through her clitoris, and she felt herself squeezing down on it.

"Told you," Maureen said, watching her friend twitch. "Now do me. I'm wet and I'm horny and I want to come, hard."

Pam was doubtful, but she knew she had to go through with it. Her corset was bothering her, and, before she moved closer to Maureen, she reached behind her and undid the knot that held the lacing tight. She tugged a little at its sides and it loosened. She pulled it off over her head and dropped it on the floor next to her.

"Oh god, you're gorgeous," Maureen sighed. Pam's breasts, though not large like Maureen's, were full and round, barely sagging at all, their nipples small, brown, erect and positioned high on each breast. Her waist was thin and her hips nicely rounded. And, Maureen knew from experience, the hard silicon cock jutting from the wet, light brown curls that framed Pam's pussy, was about to fill her up very nicely.

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