Pamela's Panties


Greg's cock began to harden anew as he fully realized how carefully her plan had been laid out. He also had to admit...He was flattered! Greg thought for a moment, then removed his cutoffs and replaced the towel around his waist. He grabbed the pitcher and headed out the door.

When Pam heard Greg walking into the house she was tingling with anticipation. After she heard the screen door slam she quickly stood up and removed her blouse. She then unbuttoned her short skirt and dropped it to the deck leaving her clad only in her daughter's little panties. She'd never been nude outdoors and she reveled in the sheer naughtiness of her situation. The warm spring sun felt wonderful on her body and she took a moment to enjoy the sensation before she returned to the chaise.

Deciding she would now "Sunbathe" for her youthful visitor, she laid face down on the chaise and demurely draped the remaining towel across her panties. She awaited Greg's return.

Greg wasn't at all surprise to see Mrs. McGregor laying nearly nude on the chaise. He carried the pitcher of lemonade out to where she posed knowing the score now. Gone were his preconceived notions of Mrs. Mac as some elderly school-marm! He had finally come to recognize her erotic nature. Also he was eagerly anticipating a sexual encounter without all the "I Love You!" stuff that seemed to be required back in high school. He sat the pitcher down on the patio table and grabbed the tube of Coppertone suntan lotion that lay next to it.

"Don't want to get burned out here now Mrs. Mac!" He cheerfully called out to her as he rubbed a teaspoon sized dollop of the tanning creme together in his hands. His now fully erect Penis was tenting out his towel but Greg knew it didn't matter now.

Pam didn't verbally respond but she did open her eyes and wasn't surprised to see the bulge in Greg's towel. Then the dark haired mother felt Greg's hands on her back...massaging the warm oily substance into her skin.

The hot suburban sun shone down on Pam and Greg as they both realized in that instant that they'd crossed an imaginary line. Greg's hands felt to good to Pam as they moved all over her skin. The lanky blond surfer applied the oil all over her back and shoulders, rubbing deeply...generating heat in more ways than one. The sight of the muscular young pool man had excited her when she'd briefly seen his nude body earlier. His touch on her skin was even more maddeningly erotic She felt his fingertips teasing the sides of her breasts and had to restrain herself from begging him to dig down and rub her nipples! Instead, she settled for "Do my legs too Greg."

A small drop of pre cum lubrication escaped Greg's cockhead when he heard Mrs. Mac's subtle but unmistakable acceptance of the thrilling physical contact they were both experiencing. Greg squeezed out another good sized portion of the tanning creme onto his palms and rubbed them together before moving down to massage Pam's shapely legs.

Greg started at the backs of her knees, remembering one of his high school girlfriends who seemed to love being touched there. He proceeded to rub down to her feet before slowly moving upwards to her firm thighs and then to the even creamier skin above that.

Finally Greg was at the critical barrier of the white towel she'd draped over her butt. Greg reached for the tube of lotion which almost caused Pam to panic. He'd been so close! So close! He wasn't going to chicken out now was he?

No. No he wasn't! Greg's mind briefly pictured the sensible white panties Pam had abandoned on the kitchen floor. Then he pulled the towel from her body and began to apply lotion right at the top of Pam's thighs. The deep split of her buttocks was wildly exciting to his eyes and Pam's panties did little to hide them.

Pam could feel her vagina wetting the tight crotch of her daughter's panties now as Greg's hands were literally taking her to a place she'd never been before. She always felt she and Bob had had a good sex life but, with her strict religious upbringing, it had been limited to "Under The Covers" missionary style penetration. She'd never dreamed she'd ever find herself so deliriously exposed before a man! Her body had responded to every touch of Greg's slippery hands and, she had to admit, she'd enjoyed every moment of it!

And Greg could tell too! He'd seen Pam's thighs open slightly when he'd pulled off her towel. This brought the simple vertical line of her tightly closed pussy lips into view and caused his already rock hard cock to jerk! Greg pulled his towel from around his waist and tossed it to the deck where he knew Pam could see it.

The action wasn't wasted on the pretty brunette who moaned softly when she realized that Greg was now nude.

The stiff dicked pool man then stepped over her supine body and squatted down until his balls grazed her shapely legs! He then resumed his "Application" of the oily suntan lotion. Greg deftly lifted the lacy waistband of Pam's panties and briefly slid his hand inside to tease her ass cheeks.

"Oh Greg!" Pam couldn't help but say when she felt him going inside her last protective garment. "Can you do my front too?"

Pam felt momentary disappointment when she felt Greg's balls lift from where they'd been laying on her legs but she eagerly turned over on the chaise, baring her luscious breasts to Greg for the first time.

Greg Olson stood by and watched as Pam rolled onto her back. All the thrills he'd experienced in the back seat of his Woody in high school were about to be washed away as he viewed Mrs. McGregor's virtually nude body. The skimpy little panties actually made her fresh little pussy even more enticing! Even though she kept her legs modestly together, her pubic patch and the very top of her vaginal furrow were easily visible.

"Wow!" was all he said.

Just one word. One three letter word. But to 38 year old Pam McGregor it was as if Ernest Hemmingway had written four chapters! He wasn't faking it! He wasn't "Being Nice." He had a sheepish smile on his face when he said it but he obviously wasn't kidding. She watched Greg's eyes as they traveled all over her body. She could tell he liked her breasts and she could hardly wait for his smooth warm hands to "Oil" them! He also seemed fascinated by her little pink panties.

Pam then did something she'd never done for Bob during their marriage. Maybe she should have but...never did. She lifted her knees and brought her feet up on the cushion of the chaise. she then let her legs open, exposing the gauzy pink fabric that barely covered her pussy. She looked directly at Greg to be sure he was watching, then she took the lacy legband of her panties and slowly pulled it to one side, completely exposing her pussy to him!

"Men are only interested in one thing" she found her mother's words haunting her as she showed her pussy to Greg, "So maybe I should try to 'Interest' him!" Greg's awestruck expression spoke volumes as his blue eyes devoured the incredibly erotic sight before him.

He'd driven up to the McGregor home maybe a half hour ago. Good old Pam McGregor..."Mrs. Mac" to him, had been an apron sporting "Old Lady." Now here he was, his cock stiffened at the sight of this truly beautiful creature! So wantonly displaying herself to him. She'd always been beautiful he realized. He just had to see it!

Greg was still holding the tube of Coppertone and, with his hands trembling now, he squeezed one last portion onto his palms. He approached the luridly exposed divorcee and knelt on either side of her relaxed form...his cock bobbing and jerking as her moved. He began to massage the tanning lotion into Pam's firm ripe tits, exciting both of them as he did so.

"Look at those nipples!" He thought to himself as he massaged her. He couldn't resist touching them and was surprised at how hard they were.

Pam had done the best she could but now it was just too close to pass up. Greg's penis...all big and hard, was right within reach. She had touched Bob's penis almost accidentally from time to time, but this was no accident! She'd wanted to touch Greg's cock from the minute he'd exposed it before swimming earlier.

Now, she could resist no longer. She reached out as he was feeling her erect nipples and touched the rock hard surface of Greg's prick!

"Oh yeah Pam!" He gasped when he felt her hands beginning to caress him. He instinctively shoved forward and drove his hardon into her small soft hand. Pam realized how much he'd enjoyed her touch and she quickly rubbed her hands on her breasts to coat them with the oily lotion. She then returned to his cock, stroking it lovingly as Greg moaned in delight.

Time seemed to stand still as the illicit lovers explored each other's bodies in that sun drenched suburban back yard. Pam's hands had Greg on the verge of orgasm...and he certainly didn't want that! Not now!

However before either of them had a chance to take their mutual enjoyment any further, they both heard the unmistakable sound of old man Franklin's '52 Studebaker pulling into his driveway.

"Oh shit!" Said Pam laughing. They both knew the old guy was basically harmless but very nosy! He'd probably see Greg's truck outside and immediately go out to check on the job he'd done on his pool. Time to head inside.

Greg stepped off of Pam's perspiring body and, to her surprise, picked her up in his arms. He easily carried her to the screen door which she attempted to open. They both dissolved into laughter as they realized it would be impossible to open both doors from this position. Greg lowered Pam's legs to the ground and he followed her into the kitchen.

Once inside, Greg couldn't help himself. His arms encircled the sexy housewife and he pressed his cock into the crack of her panty clad ass. He pushed good and hard too! Making her feel the promise of what he hoped was to come.

Pam was nearing the boiling point as she felt Greg's penis between the cheeks of her ass. Oh God! He was so big and hard! She turned to face him and his lips were upon hers in an instant. That Big Cock was now pressing into her barely covered pussy and her tits were poking sensuously into his hairy chest. Greg's tongue pushed into her mouth as his hands cupped her rear cheeks and pressed her body even tighter against his.

The two lovers frenched furiously as their bodies generated an overpowering sexual heat!

Greg pulled back momentarily and slid his hard cock between Pam's legs so that the top of his cock was rubbing her pussy lips right through her daughter's pink panties. The sensation was exquisite! "Those panties are turning me on Mrs. Mac!" He gasped.

"Pam" she replied.

Greg began to slowly move to and fro, sliding his prick into the slippery valley between her legs. Pam squeezed her legs together to increase his pleasure and moaned when the plum shaped head of his cock began to separate the lips of her pussy. "I...I don't have a rubber Pam..." He said quietly, knowing it must be a concern for her.

"We'll...we'll figure something out." She replied. Pam realized he had actually provided her with a "Way Out" If she wanted it. But Pam McGregor knew what she wanted right then and an excuse to stop wasn't it!

She grabbed a towel from the nearby laundry basket and laid it on the sofa at the far end of the kitchen where she and Tina usually watched TV at night . She then laid down upon it and, remembering how much he seemed to have enjoyed it earlier, spread her legs well apart. With Greg fondling his penis in a needless attempt to increase it's ridgity, Pam pulled the legband to one side in the most unmistakable sexual invitation Greg had ever seen! He climbed onto the sofa, cock in hand, and placed the head right at the entrance to Pam's well lubricated cunt.

"Take it easy Greg. It's been a while for me..." She had to admit.

"Me too Pam." He replied while rubbing his turgid cockhead up and down the length of her pussy. When it was glistening with her natural lubrication, he slowly began to push it in.

"Oh! Easy Greg! She pleaded.

Greg could hardly believe how tight Mrs. McGregor's little pussy actually was! He knew she'd given birth and naively thought it would have a permanent effect. Trying to be considerate, he moved slowly, in and out until he'd managed to slide about half of his good sized cock into his panting lover.

Pam was halfway between uncomfortable from Greg's increasing size and excited to the core of her being at the prospect of actually being fucked again after all of this time. She wasn't about to complain but couldn't help being tense. She continued to to hold the lacy leg band out of the way to allow Greg's big cock to penetrate her tight little pussy.

For a few minutes at least, they continued. Greg found Pam's pussy so tight it seemed impossible to achieve the deep penetration he so desperately sought. He could sense her discomfort by the way she seemed to be holding her breath.

"Relax Pam." He finally said. She exhaled in despair, discouraged that it had apparently become obvious to him that she was unable to take all of his cock.

"Do you want to stop?" He said softly.

"No! I don't Greg...It's just..."

"Listen," He began, lifting up off of her. "Let's try it a different way."

Pam looked up inquisitively. As if to say "What other way is there?" But Greg simply helped her to her feet and then gently led her onto her knees on the sofa. Pam looked back at Greg and began to realize what he was planning to do.

"That's right Pam...Just like lower your shoulders down a bit...OK" he instructed.

Pam found herself kneeling on all fours with her ass sticking up in Greg's face. He was...he was going to fuck her doggy style! Something her husband had wanted to do but which she had never allowed. Now it seemed she had no choice as Greg was pulling down her panties and preparing to fuck her helpless pussy from behind!

"Don't...Don't take off my panties Greg! She begged. Pam wasn't sure why but she sensed she wouldn't have the courage to go through with it without them.

Greg had no problem with her request. He liked the looks of her sexy ass with those little pink panties bunched up at the top of her thighs! He caressed her smooth pink butt cheeks and then pulled them apart to expose Pam's most private spot: The tiny pink ring of her anus!

"Oh my God Just look at that!" He gasped to himself. He and his buddies had actually discussed whether or not girls even Had an asshole and, finally, here was the proof! Unable to control himself, he leaned forward, pulling her cheeks open even further and then swiped his tongue right over it!

"Oh Greg!" Pam cried out. She honestly couldn't believe he'd done that! She'd never even heard of anything so unspeakably nasty! There it was again! This was positively sinful! He was actually licking her asshole! Attempting to drive his tongue into her puckered little back hole. And she was doing absolutely nothing to stop or even discourage him!

Greg couldn't get over what a firecracker Mrs. Mac had turned out to be. He was actually tongue fucking her little pink asshole and she seemed to be enjoying it! She hadn't said anything but she was pushing back to meet his tongue each time he dug it into her forbidden little hole.

Pam was trying to be a good sport but, now, she really wanted to be fucked in her neglected little pussy. The sensation of Greg's tongue in her anus wasn't unpleasant...she had to admit, but, Oh Mercy! She was all warmed up and just couldn't wait!

Reaching back between her legs, Pam found the swollen pink lips of her thinly bearded cunt and used her fingers to separate them. Knowing Greg could see her open pussy, she called back to him. "Greg...Oh go ahead and... fuck my pussy! Don't make me wait!"

Greg could barely believe his ears when he heard Pam's lewd request. He would have bet dollars to doughnuts she'd never even heard of words like "Fuck" and "Pussy!" All it took was a little ass licking and she was begging for cock! This woman was incredible!

Greg straightened up and, with Pam still holding her pussy open for him, placed his cock in the coral pink opening below her asshole. Greg had done the best he could to be considerate but now there was simply no hesitation left in him. He flexed his hips and drove his cock all the way into Pam's pussy until his balls slapped into her pussy lips below!

"Oh Greg that's it!" She moaned in pleasure. Gone was the discomfort she'd experienced earlier. "Oh give me all you've got!...Oh that's so good! Oh...Oh please Greg...more cock!"

The room was filled with Pam's lewd words of encouragement and the gentle "Slap...slap" of Greg's balls as they collided with her pussy flesh. The sandy haired surfer had never been with a woman who responded like Pam. He grabbed her hips and pulled them back to meet each ball jarring stroke as she continued to babble deliciously dirty phrases each time.

"Oh that's so good Greg...please fuck me...Oh good and hard Greg...stick it in there deeper!"

Actually Pam was thrilling to the liberating feeling of voicing everything she was feeling inside. There was no reason to hide her feelings...was there?

Way back in her mind she realized both of them were quickly approaching orgasm...and Greg had used no rubber. The time when she would have to "Figure Something Out" was now upon them.

The perfect solution suddenly appeared like magic. Pam knew what she would do. Lowering her chest until her nipples were mashed into the sofa cushion, she reached back with both hands and spread her butt cheeks wide open. As she expected, Greg responded with an even more savage barrage of deep strokes...forcing every centimeter of his bloated cock into her widespread pussy hole.

"That's it Greg..." She began. "Fuck my little cunt hole just like that. Did you like licking my asshole? Did you?"

"Uh...huh!" Was all Greg could muster at that point.

"Then fuck my tight little pussy good and hard and...and then come on my asshole!"

Quick to please, Greg sent a good dozen pile driving strokes as deep as he could into Pam's willing pussy until he felt a tickle in his balls and knew his time had come. Pulling his swelling cock free of Mrs. Mac's desperately clinging pussy, he placed his prick right in the tight ring of her anus. All the sexual tension that had been building and building all afternoon was finally released as torrents of sperm raced to freedom from his over stimulated cock. His seed erupted with such force that the first few streams of jism actually blasted right into Pam's never before touched asshole which brought cries of delight from her lips. Greg then watched as several more jolts sent sticky white come onto Pam's butt cheeks which she continued to obediently hold open for him.

To say neither of them had ever experienced anything like what they'd just done together before would be an understatement at best. Pam was glad she'd thought to place the towel on the sofa because the copious fluids they'd both emitted during their lewd encounter had flooded it.

Greg had collapsed upon Pam's still shuddering body in exhaustion and they'd cuddled there for several minutes before either one spoke.

"I guess I better be...headin' out." Greg began. "Old man Franklin will be noticing my truck and..."

"I too." Pam added. "Greg..." She looked up at him as he was pulling on his cutoffs. "It's our secret, OK?"

A broad smile came over Greg's tanned face. "It's a secret we'll both keep and an afternoon I'll never forget Pam. Never ever!"

Now it was Pam's turn to beam up at him..She had the feeling somehow those pink panties had led her down this path but, she had to admit, she knew good and well where the path led. With her satisfied pussy still glowing, she watched as the muscular young man finished dressing. He gave her a quick peck on the cheek and headed out to gather his equipment.

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