tagMatureThe Matrons of Regal Bay Ch. 06

The Matrons of Regal Bay Ch. 06


The Matrons of Regal Bay

Chapter 6

Pamela's Tales -- Part 1

Pamela rolled over and looked at the nightstand clock. It read 3:15am. She rolled into a sitting position it the bedroom's darkness on the edge of the big bed she shared with her husband. He still slept soundly next to her, gently snoring as she looked at him. She felt regret, looking at George and recalling the last eight hours. Eight hours that had changed her entire life.

Pamela quietly left the bedroom, heading for the kitchen and a drink of water. She paused at the entry to the living room, where she noticed the television was still on, and her adult son lay asleep on the sofa. She slipped in and found the remote to shut the television off, and then gently lay a throw blanket across Johnny's torso. He was deeply asleep, and she paused to look at her son, a young man of 21, who was a year or two older than the young man she had spent the evening with. A jolt of anxiety rushed through her, because she knew that her son and her young lover knew each other.

She retrieved a bottle of water from the refrigerator, sipped at it as the memory of her evening washed through her mind. Pamela Walker, 45-year-old married mother of one a, taught English at Regal Bay High School. Her wages helped at home, where she lived with her disabled husband and son. George Walker, her husband of 25 years, had been injured in a truck accident nearly eight years before, and over the last five his condition had gotten worse. George was six years older than Pamela, but with his deteriorating health he looked twice that. In the last six-months he'd become all-but bed-ridden from the effects of the medications he was on. The crash had left him paralyzed from mid-chest down, and he'd had to have both legs amputated below the knees from the damage done in the accident. He had once been a strong, active, virile man. Now George was little more than a burden to her, and she hated herself for thinking like that. She still loved her husband, but she needed more in life, before she had grown too old to enjoy it.

A friend of Pamela's had mentioned maybe going on-line and looking for a discrete, extra-marital hook-up. At first Pamela had blown off the idea, but as the weeks went by, so did her aversions. What harm could creating some false persona do, she asked herself. Maybe she'd have a little fun with it. After all, she didn't have to go through with anything. She'd just see what kind of guy she might hook.

Pamela had never thought of herself as a MILF, a "Mother-I'd-Like-to-Fuck" type, and yet within hours of posting her somewhat made-up and yet a little close to real profile on the sight, along with a picture of her nude torso from the shoulders to her hips, Pamela had received dozens of "flirts" and messages. She was absolutely amazed that there were so many young men, and even some young women, who were looking for an older woman such as herself to hook up with. The sight Pamela had posted on, at the suggestion of her friend and neighbor, was one dedicated to helping older women, for the most part over the age of 40, find an extra-marital sex partner. Pamela was plump by all accounts; with dirty blonde hair she kept short, gray eyes, matronly hips and soft, saggy d-cup breasts. She never considered herself all that attractive. Just plain. But she had a large sexual appetite that her invalid husband would never be able to satisfy again. And even back in the day, when he was whole, George would rather fuck some young bimbo, with big fake tits, who liked to dance around on stages flopping her fake-DD's out into the faces of whatever guy waves a bill in her direction.

It wasn't that Pamela was surprised, or even delighted, that so many men found her profile, or picture, attractive enough to want to hook up with her, it was the irony of who she finally accepted to meet with that had set her head spinning. Since posting her faux-profile she had read dozens of postings from young men, and a couple of interested young women, who wanted to exchange messages with her. In particular, she enjoyed checking out the pictures they would post. Most were obviously not really the guys writing. Probably some picture cut-and-pasted from some hot-body internet sight. After all, there just couldn't be that many guys with toned abs and tanned body out there looking to hook up with tired old hags like her, she thought. Pamela found herself drawn more by what the picture showed than what words were written. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words, right?

One of the first postings she replied to was one accompanying a picture that showed a young guy with an average body and little bodily hair, to include his crotch. It didn't show his face, unlike so many others, which lent Pamela to believe that the picture was genuine to the writer. What it did show was a well-hung young man. His profile read "I'm 18, ready for college, and love sex if it includes my eating you out!" Pamela couldn't help herself. As she read through his profile a third time, which included the phrase "I need to find a woman who will play out my fantasy of bedding my own mother", Pamela found herself rubbing her crotch. Although she had never thought about her own son in such a way, Pamela wondered if this young man in the profile, who went by the screen name "I_wanna_bang_U", had a mother who would be anything like herself. After all, this boy had read her own profile and sent her a message. It probably helped that her own screen moniker was "OldHornie36d", which would send any young horny guy her way, or so her friend had explained.

So it went as over the next couple of weeks, Pamela and "I_wanna_bang_U" exchanged ever increasingly dirty messages through the web site. Eventually, Pamela set up a second e-mail account, one which no one in her immediate circle would know about, which she intended to use to communicate more freely with her potential lover. She offered up her new e-mail address, and soon they were messaging directly, without having to log-on to the MILF sight. It wasn't long before Pamela finally accepted his offer of meeting her, face-to-face. Still, he hadn't shown his to her, or she to him. They both agreed that a neutral-ground meeting place should be used, as they both lived in Regal Bay. Anxiously, Pamela made arrangements that included a motel room near the interstate for the up-coming Friday night. She sent him the information, including the room number and that she'd be waiting for him there.

It was hard for Pamela to concentrate on her work at school all through the day Friday, the anticipation of what she had set in motion filling her with excitement and dread, all at the same time. By the time the day had ended, she was ready to call the entire thing off. After getting home, and taking a much-needed shower, she had relaxed somewhat, and felt that she could at least meet the young man. It was entirely up to her whether they did anything physical. A meeting couldn't hurt, and still wouldn't be a violation of her wedding vows, she reasoned.

George was propped up in the bed, watching television in their room, when she came from the bathroom. She wore only a bathrobe, which she let fall to the bed as she passed George. He barely gave her nudity a glance.

"I'm going out tonight," she told him. "I'm meeting Ursula and a couple of others for drinks, if that's alright with you, honey?"

George grunted, "I guess. Now be quiet. I'm watching my show." Pamela dressed quietly, her husband ignoring her. She felt a little better about what she was doing in that moment, and wanted to hold onto that feeling. She gave George a quick peck on the cheek and told him, "I'll be back about mid-night, I guess," and headed out, leaving her husband to his shows.

In the living room, her son Johnny was also sitting facing the television. As had become usual for him, he was intently playing some video war-game or another.

"Johnny, I'll be out with Ursula all night," she told her son. "Fix yourself something for dinner and make sure your dad eats something, okay?"

"Sure, mom," Johnny replied absently. Again, she felt all but invisible to the men in her life. Again, she wanted to hold onto that feeling as she headed out to her illicit rendezvous.

The Holiday Inn was just off the highway, and Pamela figured that there was little to no chance of her being recognized. Not that she would have been seen as anyone other than what she was; a plain-looking middle-aged woman. She parked her navy-blue Dodge Caravan near the lobby and went inside to register. A moment later, she was back in her van, texting to her date that she had arrived. It wasn't long before she received his reply.

Pamela pulled around the building to an entrance near the second story room she'd rented and parked. Nervously, she made her way inside, carrying a small over-night bag she had packed for the occasion. Inside, she made her was nervously to the second floor, and found the door to the room she had the key for. She opened the door and quickly stepped in. Once inside, she exhaled a breath she hadn't realized that she was holding, and then turned on the room light. It was furnished as any other of the chain's standard rooms. She had taken one with a single queen-sized bed, and now that she saw it, her heart began to race. She realized all the more looking at the bed, where she imagined so much sex had taken place, that she was about to embark on a path that led to pleasure as well as remorse.

Pamela gasped, startled, when the knock at the door suddenly came. She turned quickly, knowing that this was indeed the moment of truth. She paused another moment, and then stepped forward to pull open the door. The young man standing before her took her breath away. Standing before her was a familiar face. It was the face of Freddy Killibrew.

Freddy was a tall, skinny, freckle-faced young man who Pamela had had as a student during his high school years. In fact, he was one of her own son's friends. Freddy had been over to her house on any number of occasions in the past. And now he stood outside a hotel room door, waiting to be invited in.

"Oh, sweet Jesus!" Pamela gasped. "Freddy! What are you doing here?" She backed away as he stepped into the room and pushed the door closed behind him.

"I guess I'm here for the same reason you are, Mrs. Walker," he replied sheepishly.

"Oh, my god, Freddy," she moaned. "What am I doing? What is going on here?" She all but stumbled her way to the bed and fell heavily onto the end. She sat looking at him, dismay in her face. "I can't believe it was you on the other end of those e-mails."

"I'm pretty surprised, too," Freddy replied. "I had no idea you were like this."

"I'm not!" she insisted. She shook her head, her blonde hair, done up in loose curls for the occasion, shaking across her shoulders. She looked at the young man and moaned, "I just wanted to...you know..." She could feel her resolve racing away. She could also feel the fear of discovery gripping her heart in a cold vice.

"I think I do," he said as he settled onto the bed beside her. "I know your husband is damaged, and maybe he doesn't do things for you anymore, and maybe you have a need in your life. I understand that. I have a need in my life, too. Otherwise we wouldn't be here. Maybe it's fate, or just our luck, us already knowing each other. I guess it makes it easier."

Pamela was shaking her head, and then looked up into his face. "You want to make love...to have sex with your own mother, don't you?" she asked. He nodded. He'd admitted as much during their e-mail exchanges. "I know your mother, Freddy. Ursula's a good friend of mine. I can't believe it." Her eyes went to his then, and she saw something different in them. Something exciting even. "I can't believe you want to have sex with your own mother."

"It's really not all that uncommon, Mrs. Walker," Freddy grinned. "You might be surprised at how many guys have Oedipus fantasies." Was Freddy hinting at something, she asked herself.

There was nothing else to say. They knew what they were there for, and it wasn't to talk. It was to have sex. It was to fulfill each other's fantasies. It was to make each other feel loved and wanted as a sexual partner. Side by side they remained on the end of the queen-sized motel room bed. The quiet in the room stretched on, while they looked into each other's eyes. And then, with an exhale of breath, Freddy leaned close to Pamela, and Pamela leaned to him. They kissed. They kissed tentatively at first, as new lovers would. It was hesitant, but only for a moment. Freddy took hold of Pamela's sweater at her hip and pulled it upward. Pamela broke off her kiss and helped her former student tug the tight garment up and off her, leaving her wearing only her bra from the waist up.

Pamela turned back to Freddy and his right hand went straight to her left breast to cup it. She pushed his hand away after a moment and tugged at his tank top. A moment later he was naked from the waist up, and Pamela could see the profile picture he had posted, now in the flesh before her. The excitement of seeing his youthful cock soon sent a ripple through her crotch. She leaned close once again and began to kiss Freddy's cheek and neck, while his right hand pushed beneath her bra cup and wrapped around her left breast. She felt her nipple slide across his palm, and her body tingled with added excitement. Her tongue slipped around and then into his ear as he continued to feel her up.

Freddy lifted Pamela's left tit free of the confining bra cup and lowered his mouth to her pink nipple. He began to flick his tongue across the budding nipple, which made her sigh with pleasure. Pamela stroked his naked back and kissed the back of his head. A minute passed before Freddy managed to release the clasp of the older woman's bra. He pulled the flimsy garment away and took in the full sight of his Pamela's naked breasts. The tiny pink nipples were hard and budded, looking like little erasers atop her pale tit flesh. He stroked his hands across her chest and cupped her right breast up to his mouth. He began to suck upon that nipple, bringing more sighs of pleasure to her lips.

Back and forth Freddy kissed and sucked upon her nipples until Pamela was hot and ready to take the next step. She gently pushed his head back away from her breasts and reached into his lap to attack the front of his jeans. Freddy leaned back to give her full access, and a moment later his pants were open at the front. The bulge in his underwear was quite prominent at that point. Pamela stroked her left hand across his large bulge, absently licking her lips as she did. She then rolled her hips off the bed and stood before him. Slowly, Pamela began to pop open the buttons of her button-fly jeans, all the while watching as Freddy's eyes went down, from her face, to her breasts, and finally to her crotch. Pamela pushed her jeans down past her hips and to her knees, and then stepped out of them. She then stepped to the edge of the bed, to straddle Freddy's left leg, and pulled his head back to her right breast. He greedily latched onto her nipple once again, while his hands began to stroke up and down her fleshy thighs, and around to her wide, soft butt.

Pamela's hands were all over Freddy's upper body, stroking his shoulders and chest and back, as he continued to feed at her tits, going from nipple to nipple. All the while his own hands were on her body. Pamela curled to her right and rolled onto the edge of the bed, freeing her nipple from her young lover's. In turn, Freddy rolled off the bed and stood before her. As he came up, his jeans slipped down. He was quick to tug his underwear down, as well, and Pamela was treated to the sight of a young man's cock, very much in the flesh. It was indeed long, with only a hint of pubic hair, with a set of heavy, low hanging balls beneath. The head was pale pink and glistened with a smear of pre-cum. Pamela found her heart racing and her breath ragged as she took in the full sight of him, as well as the realizations of what she was about to do.

Pamela scooted on her butt back up onto the bed fully. The bed springs squeaked beneath her as she went. Freddy's eyes locked to her naked body, as he crawled onto the bed. He settled beside her on his knees, the head of his cock lightly touching the flesh of her right hip. His hands caressed her body, from mid-thigh to shoulders, paying particular attention to her belly and breasts. Still, she wore her panties, the last barrier between them. Freddy slid his hands to her panties and took hold of the waistband, even as he lowered his mouth to her belly. As he tongued her navel, he also pulled her panties down and off, leaving her now just as naked, and horny, as he was beside her.

Pamela recalled a message Freddy had sent to her, detailing how he longed to have his tongue buried in her hot, wet cunt. She remembered fingering herself to orgasm as she read his words, over and over again, imagining his tongue ramming in and out of her, licking her up and down. Drinking her juices. Eating her out for hours on end. And it was about to happen in reality. Pamela watched as Freddy moved lower, lifted her right leg up and around his torso, and settled between her parted knees. His eyes were on her blonde-furred crotch, and the long slit of her pink gash. She imagined his mouth was watering at the sight of her delicious snatch, open and bare for him to devour. God, she was so fucking horny, her mind screamed.

What she said was, "Oh, god, yes! Taste my pussy! Please, Freddy, lick my pussy!" It was what she had typed back at him, time and again. And a moment later Freddy gave his matronly lover what she wanted.

Freddy lowered himself to his elbows on the bed covers and pushed Pamela's thighs wider. His eyes were on the pink slot of her pussy, and the juices that were already leaking out. He dropped his mouth into contact with her fuzzy mound while looking up to see Pamela's head roll back and her mouth open wide. A moment after his mouth clamped down onto her pussy, Pamela was climaxing. It had been so long since George had tasted her.

"Oooohhh! Yeessss!" She moaned long and loud as cream gushed from her slit and into Freddy's mouth. Freddy sucked and began to lick up and down, thrusting his tongue in and out of her tasty, creamy cunt-hole. All the while, Freddy was thinking that this was not just Pamela, his mother's friend that he was eating out but one of the hottest, tastiest pussies he'd ever had on his tongue.

As her initial, powerful climax began to wash through her, Pamela began to stroke Freddy's head. Her hips rolled slightly, smearing her drenched pussy across Freddy's face even as his tongue lanced inside her. She was trembling on the bed, which continued to squeak beneath them. She was moaning loudly as Freddy continued to lick and slurp at her crotch. She knew that if anyone was in the next room that they would know what was going on. Just not who was doing it, she hoped. Freddy was a great lover, at least when it came to giving head to a woman, Pamela thought. He licked, and tickled, and fingered her hole while flicking her clitty with his tongue. She lost track of how long Freddy ate her out, but it was for a good long time. She counted three separate, intense orgasms she had upon his tongue, and wanted more. Instead, Freddy finally lifted his head up from her crotch, and with a creamy, glistening smile upon his face, he slipped up to lay beside Pamela.

It was now Pamela's turn, even though no words were exchanged. As Freddy hadn't climbed atop her to drive his hard-on home where it was so needed by her, Pamela recognized that it was time for her to reciprocate. Freddy settled onto his back, his head on the pillows, and Pamela rolled to her knees and slipped down the bed. She knelt between Freddy's slightly parted knees and reached up to take his big cock in her hand for the first time. She stroked it, making Freddy sigh as she did, and then lowered her mouth to his crown.

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