tagErotic CouplingsPamelita's French Quarter Fantasy

Pamelita's French Quarter Fantasy


Not long ago I embarked upon an adventure into the French Quarter with Blaise, the man of my dreams. In fact, he was probably the dream man for most women -- tall, dark, and handsome, and, most importantly, that special something that tells you that you are the only one. Plus, he makes me hot! Almost as hot as the sultry hot air of New Orleans. The steaming humidity almost sucks the breath out of you, and my special man takes my breath away in every way.

We strolled up to our courtyard hotel, carrying our few bags, with the hope of getting a room with a balcony overlooking Royal Street. It was close to noon and we had just had a very French brunch -- Eggs Benedict with Hollandaise sauce --- ummm, so savory!

After checking in we went up the old wood-carved, railed staircase. The rich floral carpet beneath our feet was luxurious and spoke of elegant days gone by. Amid the French Victorian furnishings, we were taken to another time.

Blaise unlocked the door to our room and gestured for me to walk in. I was taken aback by the room. It was just what I had envisioned in my dreams. Walking over to the French doors leading to the balcony, I opened them to view the brick street below. Taking a deep breath, I could still smell the scent of French beignets, the unique New Orleans breakfast, wafting up from the street below.

Although it was steaming hot, we turned on the ceiling fan, choosing not to use the air conditioner just yet. A very slight breeze gently blew the sheer curtains that were tucked in between the doors to the balcony.

I stepped out into the sweltering heat and saw a horse-drawn carriage going by below as many people strolled casually along the sidewalk, some, like us, lovers holding hands while enjoying the sights.

Turning back to the room, I saw that Blaise was stripped down to nothing. He was smiling at me, and the sight of him brought a smile to my face as well.

"What a great idea! It's so hot!" I said as I moved back into the room, peeling off my cami and shorts and kicking of my sandals.

Moving up to him, I touched his lips with mine and began tracing the contours of his chest with my fingers. Sweat was forming on his skin, giving it a soft sexy sheen.

Blaise took his hand and folded me against his hot body, his hands gently caressing my back as he held me close, my breasts pressing against his chest, my leg moving between his muscular thighs.

Reaching down with a free hand, he pulled the cover back on the old brass bed, exposing the crisp, white cotton sheets. Pushing me backward, we fell on to the bed, his lips exploring my skin, almost urgently moving over me, from my face, to my breasts, to my stomach. His tongue licking the salty sweat that was forming on me, trailing through my navel until it found my pussy and the sweet spot there that drives me crazy.

Rolling his tongue in between the folds of my pussy, he found my ever-growing clit and began sucking it gently, causing me to moan uncontrollably. So skillfully did he lick and suck my swollen clit that I was already creaming up. Oh, my god, what he did to me.

My breathing became rapid and my body was glistening with perspiration as he continued to suck my clit until I could stand it no longer. My legs began to shake and the muscles in my lower stomach spasmed as I erupted in his mouth. Spreading my legs as wide as I could, I let him eat me and lick me clean. The tension left my body and lay limp, but only temporarily.

I needed him. I needed to feel his thick cock in me.

Blaise began to move up my body, kissing my skin, licking the salty sweat off me, until he arrived at my breasts, kissing them and sucking them in turn. As he sucked my hard nipples, I closed my eyes in ecstasy.

It was so damn hot and the sweat began pouring off of us. It was in the 90's outside and the fan did little to cool the room. But the hotter we got, the hungrier we got for each other.

Sliding up my body, slick with sweat, I gasped as I felt his very hard, thick cock slip into my waiting pussy. As he plunged into me, his lips met mine and we exchanged a very hungry, probing, wet kiss.

As his big cock was pumping in and out of me, my body responded in kind. My eyes rolled back as the pleasure of it began to build inside me. As Blaise's breathing quickened, I knew that he was feeling the same intense passion that I was.

Our bodies dripped with sweat. Steaming droplets fell from his brow and splashed on my breasts. The white cotton sheets were soaked as our entwined bodies writhed as one on the bed.

All the sounds of our lovemaking filled my ears -- the gentle sloshing of his cock in my creaming wet pussy, the slippery suction of his body on mine as our bodies moved against each other. I could barely hear the soft whir of the ceiling fan as his strokes became more fervent. I wished for the fan to cool the heat we were generating but I ached with desire for him.

Blaise began with a low growling emanating from his throat as he exploded into me. His final deep thrust brought another release for me as I came with a shudder, wrapping my arms and legs around him and pulling him more deeply into me. The golden moment when two people become one had come, when they behave like the animals they truly are. They make love and then fall into each other's arms.

Pushing Blaise with my hands, he rolled onto his back and I turned on my side, my head nestled on his chest. I lay there totally satisfied.

I could hear the sound of horses' hooves on the brick street below. Turning a bit to look at the French doors I could see the sheer curtains still gently blowing in the slight breeze. I felt that the ceiling fan was finally cooling our bodies a little. I lay quietly by the man I loved so deeply. A love that is fully expressed every time we made love.

After a long while, the two of us got up and showered, washing our love sweat from each others' bodies, kissing and fondling as the water cascaded down on us. Even after our love-making, his touch still excited me, my nipples growing harder as he soaped them with his strong hands.

Stepping out of the shower, Blaise patted me dry with a soft towel, kissing me here and there as he did so. Pulling me close to him, he kissed me sweetly, his kiss betraying the depth of his love for me.

I watched my man dress, thankful for the blessing of his love and company. I put on my thong and a light dress and slipped on my sandals, ready for the evening ahead of us.

As we stepped out onto Royal Street, the heat was still stifling even as the sun was setting. Walking hand-in-hand, we turned onto Saint Anne Street, watching the tarot card readers along the side walk telling their fortunes to the tourists and locals alike. Then on to Chartres Street, passing in front of Saint Louis Cathedral, the Presbetyre and the Cabildo with their accompanying benches, listening to the musicians playing with their instrument cases layed out on the sidewalk before them, filled to varying degrees with whatever tribute they were able to garner. We stopped now and then to join a crowd watching the varied street performers, jugglers and musicians, each toiling in the heat amid, vying to keep the attention of their audience.

When the sultry sound of jazz caught our attention, we entered one of the small bars that populated the area. Inside a small combo of older men sat in a corner playing. Ceiling fans rotated above the crowded room doing little to cool the room but making the atmosphere so typically French Quarter.

We found a small table and ordered drinks and spent the time listening to the music, talking, laughing, and watching the other people. Blaise was so attentive, his deep glistening eyes scanning the room yet always returning to me, his hand always touching mine. Occasionally he would lean in close and whisper some sweet nothing in my ear or kiss me gently on the lips.

Warmed further by our drinks, we left the bar. Out in the open air, it was almost cooling as a breeze drifted through the streets. The breeze was warm but compared to the heat in the club, it was wonderful. Now we were the walkers being watched by people standing on the many balconies of the hotels or the residences above the clubs and businesses.

Darkness was upon us as we walked down Chartres Street to Jackson Square. Originally known as the Place d'Armes and modeled after the famous Place des Vosges in Paris, the square was named after Andrew Jackson following the Battle of New Orleans in 1814 and a statue of Jackson on his steed was erected in the center of the Square. He looked so impressive while he watched over the activities going on.

As we walked through the square, the lilting sound of music again caught our ears as more musicians played for tips. Artists sat doing portraits or displaying their work, hoping to make a sale.

Making our way through the square we crossed Decatur Street toward the Mississippi to walk along the boardwalk there, known as the Moon Walk in honor of Moon Landrieu, the Mayor who ordered it built years ago. Blaise put his arm around me as we walked, sending chills up my spine despite the heat. I hugged him back and we stopped to kiss, his strong arms enveloping me, pulling me tight, and he kissed me with love and passion. I felt his hands on my ass as we kissed and I pressed myself as closely to him as I could. When the kiss finally broke, he looked into my eyes, such a penetrating look, one so filled with desire. An ache grew within me. I needed my man again, just as I knew he needed me.

Holding me apart from him, Blaise looked around. "Over there, behind that tree," he said, and quickly led me to a large tree growing along the promenade.

Pressing me up against the tree, his deep kisses made me swoon. My nipples, taut with desire pressed against the fabric of my light dress and against he chest. Blaise thrust his left thigh between my legs and I pressed down on it, my right leg rising to caress his calf, my hands reaching for his ass to pull him closer to me.

There were people walking along the boardwalk. Some were holding hands as we had been doing, others just looking at the river. Occasionally a couple would stop and kiss. We were behind the tree but anyone with a mind to do so could see us. The thought of being taken in public with the chance of being seen sent surges of energy through my body, from my pussy to my brain. I didn't care if anyone saw us. In fact, I was turned on by the prospect of it. I needed my man inside me! That's all I cared about.

Blaise reached under my skirt and yanked off my thong with one strong tug. I felt his hot hands on my ass as he kissed my throat and shoulders. Reaching down between us, I fumbled for his crotch, pleased to feel his hardness there. Unzipping him, I slide my hand inside his pants and into the slit of his boxers to feel his smooth hard cock, releasing it from its hiding place. He pulled me to him and lifted me firmly. I strained on my tip toes for a moment as he positioned himself between my legs.

My pussy was dripping wet as I felt the head of his cock press against my pubic bone. Lifting a little higher I settled down onto him, feeling his hard shaft slide into me. I let out a groan that was loud enough to attract attention, but I didn't care. With my arms around my man's neck I rode him like the wild woman he had made me. With each thrust my pleasure grew. Sweat was again forming on both of us and Blaise plunged into me like a lion taking his lioness, not in the jungle but here along the Moon Walk in the French Quarter. His moans of pleasure were more like growls and that only drove me to want him more.

Feeling him inside me, so deep, so hard, put me into a frenzy. I pressed my face to his chest and clutched him tightly as I began to cum, a seismic orgasm from deep within, bursting forth, making me shake with pleasure. As I held on for all I was worth I glanced toward the promenade. A young couple was standing not 20 yards away watching us! I saw the looks on their faces as they watched us, I could see that the sight of us was turning them on as the man pulled his woman closer to him, both mesmerized by us.

Blaise was oblivious to the couple and was pumping into me fiercely. Suddenly his body stiffened and jerked as he erupted inside me. This, together with the couple watching made me explode again. I cried out loudly and held my man all the more tightly.

Blaise looked at me and kissed me deeply, his hands all over my body, his cock still inside me.

After the kiss I looked back to the couple, who smiled and waved before they continued on their walk, arm-in-arm.

Smoothing my dress, I saw Blaise bend down to pick up the remnants of my thong. I laughed and said, "Leave it, baby. Let someone find it in the morning and wonder what happened here."

We resumed our walk and made our way to the Café due Monde where we had some café au lait with chicory and beignets. I told Blaise about the couple watching us and was surprised to find out that he was well aware of them. It was the first time we had made love in public and both of us knew that it wouldn't be the last.

By the time 2 a.m. arrived the heat wasn't so intense and we found our way back to our hotel room.

"Let's take another shower," I suggested once we were inside the room.

"Yes, a shower," said my lover, 'but not just now. I like to feel your sweaty body against me when we make love."

We collapsed into bed once again, the sheets all messy from our earlier love making, and we made love. Slow and loving, followed by hard and frenetic. We used all of the bed and most of the room that night and in the days to come. Hot, sweaty love.

The French Quarter was all that I hoped it would be, my fantasy come true.

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