You are sitting in your office late Friday afternoon; the end of a long day at the end of a very long week. You look up from your desk and see a very attractive young woman approaching. She is tall and slender, dressed in a black pencil skirt and a white, almost sheer blouse. Her straight shoulder length red black hair frames a face devoid of expression. She opens your office door and walks across to your desk. Before you can speak, she hands you an envelope then turns and leaves, without saying a word. Puzzled, you watch her walk away for a few seconds before looking down at the envelope in your hand.

The envelope is stark white and made from a very thick, luxurious paper that feels wonderful under your fingers. Typed on the front in black, flowery print is one word, "Querida". This is your first clue that the envelope is from me. A slow smile spreads across your face. The brat is up to something, you think.

You turn the envelope over and see a small picture of red lips in the middle; a little kiss for you. Still smiling, you open the flap, releasing a wave of lavender scent, which you inhale, your eyes closing briefly. This is your second clue that the envelope is from me. You chuckle at my cheekiness in choosing that particular scent.

You slide out a single sheet of white paper the same size and texture as the envelope. Typed on it in black script is an address, a time and, at the bottom, one word; "Brat". Now you definitely know that it's from me. You grin, wondering what I'm up to. Something sexy, you think.

You arrive at the address a little before the stated time and stare at the double glass doors, tinted too dark for you to see through. A little apprehensively you push them open and enter the building. The room you enter gives no indication of what happens there. It is empty except for the reception desk in front of you. The walls are all soothing shades of peach and rose. The carpet so thick and soft your feet sink into it as you walk to the desk. There is a little gold bell sitting on top, you reach out and ring it. A tall, slender woman with blue black hair pulled tightly into a French knot comes in through a door behind the desk. Like the messenger, she is dressed in a black pencil skirt and a sheer white blouse.

"Hello," she says, "Can I help you?"

"Ummm, yes," you reply, and pass her the envelope.

She reads the message and then smiles at you; and she is stunningly beautiful with that smile, so beautiful she takes your breath away. She walks to a door at the side of the room and opens it, revealing a hallway behind. You hadn't even noticed the door before. "This way," she says, indicating you should precede her. You take a breath and step through.

You stand just inside the door and wait while she closes it. The hallway is long and completely white, the carpet is thick and lush, reminding you of shag pile. She leads you down the hall to a door at the very end. She opens it and gestures for you to enter. When you do, she closes the door behind you leaving you alone.

You stand just in the doorway and your eyes widen in amazement. The most prominent feature of the room is the roman style bath taking nearly all the available space. There are columns spaced down each side and steam rises in transparent clouds above the water. It is beautiful and inviting and you love it.

You see a movement out of the corner of your eye and turn your head. I am reclining, naked, on a raised, bedlike platform, on cushions which are a deep, deep blue. I am surrounded by four girls each in a short little dress made of a sheer fabric, their bodies full and sexy beneath. I am smiling at you. You inhale sharply in arousal at the sight of me. I get up, the girls standing and moving to positions against the wall as I do. I walk slowly toward you and you meet me half way.

"What is this?" you ask, sliding your arms around my middle and pulling me close.

I smile, "You've been working too much," I say, "You need some pampering." I lean in and kiss you long and lingering, twisting my tongue with yours. When I break the kiss, you have a huge smile on your face. I gesture with my hand and the girls run over and slowly remove your clothes. You don't take your eyes off mine the whole time, nor do you stop smiling. "Brat," is all you say with a smile once your clothes are off. I laugh and pull you to the water.

We walk down the steps hand in hand. When we get to the bottom, I let go and swim away from you, laughing. You laugh too, but move to sit on the wide bench at the side, relaxing in the warm water. I see that you're not going to play and laugh again, but I swim back to you, unable to stay away.

I swim up to you, sliding onto your lap and putting my legs around behind you, pulling myself in close. "Mmmmm," is all you say before putting your lips to mine, kissing me gently, your arms holding me close. "Mmmm,' I moan in reply, closing my eyes.

Your lips feel so good, your body so sexy as you move against me. You deepen the kiss, sliding your tongue between my teeth. I slide my hands slowly up to frame your face, then slide my fingers through your hair. You moan into my mouth. I press myself closer, rubbing my breasts against yours, moaning as sensation shoots through my body.

"Oh god, hun," you say when we pull apart. I can feel your heart beating fast against my chest. Mine is beating just as fast. I slowly caress your face, gently running my thumb across your lips, before sliding my hand down to caress and hold your breast. I groan at the weight and feel of you. You pull me in closer for another kiss, this one fiery and passionate; your tongue pushing into my mouth to twist and rub with mine.

Your hands slide restlessly up and down my back. Your tongue dives in and out of my mouth. I am so aroused by you I can't keep still, wriggling and moving on your lap as shivers and tingles go up and down my body, inflaming my mind. I groan, pressing my body against yours.

You slide your hand around and in between my legs teasing my pussy lips. I break the kiss and groan, needing you so much. My head falls onto your shoulder as your fingers slide between my pussy lips and lightly across my clit. "Mmmmm," we moan together. I kiss my way down from your shoulder to the swell of your breast, cupping you in my hand as my lips explore. I take your nipple into my mouth as your fingers slide into my wet warmth.

"Mmmmm," I groan around your nipple, sucking harder, making you shudder. Your thumb finds and rubs my clit, sending shivers up my spine. I find your other nipple with my fingers and rub and pull it, while sucking firmly on the one in my mouth. I suck for long, aching minutes, making you moan and wriggle and sigh. I increase the pressure and you groan, your body tensing. I know you are going to cum soon, so I suck and pull harder. Your fingers stop moving inside me and your second hand clutches my arse. I take your nipple between my teeth with just enough pressure to tantalize. I pull your nipple out and you cum; softly, gently. I release your nipple and drop light kisses across your skin.

I lift my head and kiss you, softly, gently on the lips, looking in your eyes. "Mmmm," you smile against my mouth. Your fingers start to move inside me again, your thumb rubbing circles around my clit. I groan and move, making it easier for you to touch me. I feel your other hand on my cheek as you hold my head and kiss me hard; at the same time squashing my clit with your thumb. I cum, my body undulating in waves radiating from your fingers. "Oh yes," I breathe against your lips as I slowly float back to reality. We sit and bask in each other's glow for long minutes, wrapped in each other's arms.

Eventually, I break away from you and slide off your lap. "Hey, brat!" you say, reaching for me, "Where do you think you're going?" I laugh and move out of reach, heading for the steps. "Come on, my lovely," I say, "some pampering before more playing..." I smile back over my shoulder at you as I head for the platform. You catch up to me and say, "Bitch," but without heat. I can almost hear laughter in your voice. You slap my arse playfully as we climb onto the cushions.

I wrestle you onto your back. "Bitch, am I?" I say with a grin, my hands pressing yours down. You smile back, "Yes," you say, "And a brat." I laugh and lean down to kiss you briefly, just a touch of lips. You taste so good though, that I lean in for more, sinking down onto your chest as our tongues touch. You wait till you feel me relax, then in one clever move, roll over reversing our positions. I look up at you in surprise and you laugh, kissing me lightly on my nose. I smile and laugh too.

"So, what now, Brat?" you grin down at me. I wave my hand at the girls, they come running, "Massage, Mi Querida, I promised you pampering." At my words two of the girls put their hands on your ankles and slide up your legs to your knees. "Ooohh," you sigh, starting to wriggle off me. "No," I hold you, "don't move, they'll massage you right here." I smile, "And that way, I can keep kissing you..." You grin and lean down to kiss me as the girls massage your legs.

I wave my hand at the other two girls and they disappear through a door at the rear of the room. You stop kissing me and lift your head when they approach carrying a bottle of red wine, two glasses and a dish of plump, red grapes on a silver tray.

"Red wine, Kathy?" you ask, knowing it makes me horny.

"Yes, Bec," I reply, looking into your eyes.

You smile, "Mmmmm, I'm going to enjoy this."

I laugh, "I know you are. That's the whole idea." I pull your head down and kiss you passionately.

You moan into my mouth and I look over your shoulder to see the girls massaging your arse with long, deep strokes. I can feel you melting against me as their hands go up and down your back, the week's stresses slowly seeping from your body leaving you relaxed and happy and warm, with your head on my chest and your eyes closed.

I gesture the girls away and when you open your eyes to look at me, I pass you a glass of wine and pop a grape into your mouth. You laugh and roll over onto your back, reclining on the cushions. I turn onto my side, staring at you as I sip my wine. "So," I say, "Is this a nice surprise?"

"Oh, hun," you reply, "This is wonderful!" You sip your wine and grin at me. "You're still a brat, though."

I laugh, "Always, Mi Querida, always." I click my glass with yours in a toast and we drink.

I pop the last grape into your mouth and swallow the last drop of wine and you reach over and take my glass and put it on the floor with yours. Turning, you look at me and I inhale sharply with desire at the expression on your face. On your hands and knees you crawl across the bed to me, stalking me, you call it. I lie back further into the cushions as you move over me. Then you slowly lower your body onto mine and I purr with pleasure.

"So, Brat," you say, "This day is for me, right?"

"Yes," I reply, "Whatever you want."

"Hmmm...whatever I want, huh?"

I nod slowly, a smile on my face, "Whatever you want."

You lean down and kiss me, "I want you to cum...and cum...and cum, until you scream."

My mouth goes dry, "Oh god, hun," I say. I grab your head and kiss you hard, thrusting my tongue into your mouth.

You pull away slightly and smile, "I take it you like that idea?"

"Mmmmm, I do," I smile back, "But I want to eat you first."

You raise an eyebrow at me, "Oh? Why?"

"Because I'll be too exhausted to do it after and I need to taste you."

You laugh, "Oh you'll be exhausted, Brat, you won't be able to walk."

You roll over onto your back, taking me with you so that I am on top of you, looking down into your eyes. "Ok, Brat," you say, your eyes glittering with desire, "You can have me first." I moan and lean down to kiss you, gently, sensuously. Then I kiss my way down your neck, feeling you shiver as I go. I slowly trail my hand across your breasts, following with my mouth; exploring your skin with gentle touches and warm kisses. I reach your nipples and suck first one, then the other, into my mouth. You moan and writhe, your hands going to my head to pull me closer.

I suck and nip and flick your nipples with my tongue. You jump and groan and move so beautifully that I suck harder. With one hand I take your other nipple between my thumb and forefinger and tug and twist. Soon you are jumping and moving so much I know that you are going to cum. I suck and tug harder, determined to make you cum. And you do, your muscles tensing and you groan out my name as you hold me close.

I wait until I feel you relax, then I kiss my way down your stomach. I push your legs apart so you are open to me. You groan as I kiss your inner thigh lightly, teasing. I slowly kiss my way up to your open and waiting pussy, then pull away and move to your other leg. I again slowly kiss my way up your thigh until I reach your pussy. I stop and just look at your pussy for a minute, though it feels much longer to you, then I blow gently. You shudder and moan, "Oh god, hun."

This is what I have been waiting for; in one quick move I lick you from bottom to top, stopping just short of your clit. You groan in frustration and slide your fingers into my hair, urging me closer. I oblige, lowering my head and licking you over and over, bottom to top, but still missing your clit. You taste so good, that I do it again; licking and licking until you writhe, moaning, on the bed. I flick your clit once and you jump, almost knocking me off. "Mmmmm..." I purr. You are so beautiful in your arousal.

I slide one finger inside you, then another, moving them around till I find that special little spot. You moan when I hit it. I finger fuck you for a little then slide my lips over your clit and suck, softly at first, then harder and firmer as I feel your orgasm approaching. You moan and writhe and I suck harder and harder and then you are cumming, clutching my head to you. I don't stop though, I continue to suck and fuck you, pushing you through your orgasm and immediately into another. This one hits you hard and you buck and writhe and moan, and finally call out my name, "KATHY!"

I gently bring you down to earth with soft touches. I put one last kiss on your pussy before I slowly crawl up your body and gently kiss your mouth. I watch your face for a few moments, your eyes are closed and a slight smile is on your lips. I smile and snuggle into your side with my head on your shoulder. I idly caress your skin with my hand, trailing my fingers up and down your stomach. You lie so still for so long that I think you have gone to sleep. I smile again and snuggle into you more, relaxing against you, enjoying your warmth.

You wait until I relax completely against you, then throw me onto my back. I squeal and then laugh as you lean over me, with a huge grin on your face. "Got you," you say and then laugh. You slowly lean down and press your lips lightly to mine and I groan. You smile, "Your turn, Brat," you say and lean in to kiss me again, long and passionately, your hand sliding down my skin, over my breast to my hip and back again.

You push my legs apart and settle in between, your weight sexy and comforting, your breasts so soft and warm. You frame my face with your hands and kiss me. I moan into your mouth as your tongue traces my lips then slides into my mouth to tangle with mine. I slide my hands up and down your back, then down to your arse, where I squeeze and rub, making you groan. You kiss me deeper, your lips sucking on mine, our tongues twisting.

You break the kiss and move down my body. You take my breasts into your hands and I moan, arching into your touch. You spend a lot of time rubbing my breasts without touching my nipples. I groan in frustration, arching again into your touch. You relent and brush my nipples with your thumbs, then pull and tug and twist, increasing my pleasure. I moan, "Oh, god." It feels so good.

You lower your head and, opening your mouth wide, suck my breast into your mouth. You suck and flick my nipple with your tongue. I groan again, sliding my fingers into your hair to press you closer. You suck and flick my nipple, then move to tease my other breast. My eyes close and I groan and wriggle, so aroused and wet for you. "Please!" I beg, and you slide your hand down my body and between my pussy lips. "Oh yes," I sigh.

You run your fingers up and down my wet slit and suck on my nipple. "Oh god, yes," I groan. You moan around my nipple, the sound vibrating through me, sending tingles down my body. I am going higher and higher, closer and closer to the peak. You sense my growing arousal and slowly move your finger to flick my clit. I jump and moan. You flick it again, and again, then push your finger down hard on it and rub around and around in circles. You lift me higher and higher, I moan and wriggle and beg, "Please, Bec, Please!" With that you take my nipple between your teeth and squash my clit under your thumb. I cum, my muscles contracting as I pant and clutch the cushions.

I come back to earth and feel you kissing your way down my stomach. I realize that you are not going to give me a break, but take me quickly into another orgasm. The knowledge increases my desire. I open my eyes as you reach my pussy. You glance up at me and grin wickedly before leaning down and licking me; long strokes from bottom to top, stopping just short of my clit. It does not take long for you to lift me into arousal again. I groan, your tongue feels so good, so wet and warm as you lick me, lifting me higher and higher, until I am groaning and writhing and begging for release.

Then you stop, and pull away and all I can feel is your breath, warm and sexy, on my pussy. "Please," I beg, and you close your lips around my clit and suck softly, gently teasing. I writhe and move so much in my arousal that you hold my hips down. "Oh, god!" I moan, "So good, so good." You know I am close to orgasm, you know it will not take much to make me cum, but you wait, only lightly teasing. Then, when I am begging and pleading, you take my clit between your teeth and squeeze gently, and I cum hard, groaning out my pleasure, "ohhhhh...yessssss..." as I thrash on the cushions.

I slowly come back to reality and feel your head resting on my thigh. I smile and breathe deeply as my heart rate slows. I slide my hand into your hair, "That was wonderful," I tell you.

You turn your head and smile at me, "It's not over yet, Brat."

"It's not?" I smile.

"No, Brat," you move until your face is in front of my pussy, "I told you I wanted you to cum screaming. You haven't screamed yet."

You lower your head and gently flick my sensitized clit. I groan, "Oh god..." You flick my clit repeatedly, sending shock waves through my body. My clit is so sensitive it is almost painful, but your tongue is so warm, and your flicks so gentle, that it isn't long before my breath quickens and arousal swamps my senses. I thread my fingers through your hair, torn between pulling you away and begging for more. I groan, it feels so good, "oh god, hun, oh Bec." Desire wins and I say, "Don't stop." Your reply is to chuckle against my clit and slide two fingers inside my pussy. I jump, "Ohhh, god," I moan.

You fuck me with your fingers, slowly, in time with the flicks of your tongue. I moan and writhe, it feels so good. "Please," I beg, "Please, hun, please!!" You moan against my clit sending shudders through my body. "Oh god," I moan, beyond coherent thought. You move your other hand and tease my arse. "Oh," I exclaim, and you slide your finger in, slowly, so slowly. It feels so good, so good, and I go higher and higher, closer and closer to orgasm. And then you stop moving; your tongue stills on my clit, your fingers motionless inside me. "Oh, please!" I groan, and you start again.

I am so aroused, so close to climax. You take my clit in your mouth and suck as your fingers slide in and out of me in a double fuck that is driving me wild. I am panting and moaning, and you move your fingers faster and suck harder. "Oh god," I say, "I'm so close, so close, don't stop." At that, you squash my clit with your tongue, and I cum hard, screaming your name, "BEC!"

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