tagGroup SexPamper Spa Ch. 02

Pamper Spa Ch. 02

byGirl Friend©

When Sven, Chynna and I got to the bedroom we were all naked. Chynna was eyeing me like I was a piece of candy and she was a sugar addict. Sven saw Chynna lookinig at me and he asked Chynna to kiss me on the lips. Chynna's lips were nice and soft and her tongue was pretty amazing as it took hold of my tongue, seized the tip of my tongue with her teeth then her tongue delved deeper down my throat. Sven was playing with his cock and he placed it between Chynna and me so that I could suck on it while Chynna continued to kiss me. I opened my mouth wider to accomodate Sven's rather large cock. I started licking the tip while Chynna continued to suck on my tongue. Sven closed his eyes and continued to feed his cock down my throat. Chynna was getting into it and she started sucking and slurping on Sven's cock and continued to kiss me. Soon Sven's cock was glistening from both of our mouths working on it.

Sven unleashed a load of cum in my mouth and I spit it back out into Chynna's mouth. She totally loved it and begged for more cum. Sven placed me on my stomach and he went into the bedroom closet and brought out our "goody bag". The bag contained our favorite sex toys including dildos and vibrators. Sven picked a life-sized purple dildo and he inserted it inside my already wet pussy. Chynna then started stroking the dildo in and out of me first slowly then faster and faster. I felt myself come as Sven inserted another dildo inside of me. This one was blue and was a bit longer than the purple dildo. I felt so full with both dildos inside of me simultaneously. Chynna started to screw the blue dildo inside of me while she continued to work the purple dildo in and out of me. Soon I felt myself come again. Sven next got a vibrator and placed it on my clit. While Sven massaged the vibrator all over my clit, Chynna continued to work both dildos inside of me. When I came for the third time in row Sven flipped me on my back and he took the dildos and vibrator away. He went to wash them in sudsy warm water. Chynna meantime started kissing me once again.

When Sven came back to the bed he pulled Chynna away from kissing me by her silky strands of hair. He placed his mouth over Chynna's lips and he began to kiss her. I was totally turned on as I watched those two kiss deeply. I guided Chynna on her back then I maneuvered Sven over her body so that his cock was thrusting out over her. Next I got on top of Chynna on my back and I asked Sven to fuck both of us simultaneously.

Sven first inserted his cock into Chynna's pussy then he pulled out and inserted his cock into my pussy. He took turns fucking us this way for a long time. I could tell he was enjoying this tremendously by the silly grin on his face. He was in heaven I could tell. Sven came deep inside me and when he pulled out, Chynna quickly got out from under me and placed her mouth on my pussy lips and she started sucking the cum out of me. Sven was watching this scene and loving it. Soon enough Chynna had gotten another mouthful of Sven's cum. She started licking her lips and smiling. I then suggested that we all three get into the shower to clean up.

When we were all in the shower I started lathering up Sven's chest and legs. Chynna was latahering up my chest and legs. Sven guided Chynna onto her knees and he inserted his cock into her mouth. I got so excited watching this that I kissed Sven fully on the lips teasing his mouth open with the tip of my tongue.

Chynna continued to suck Sven's cock for a while then Sven came in her mouth a huge cumload. She quickly lathered herself and rinsed off as I got out of the shower and got towels for everyone to dry themselves. We all got dressed and went into the kitchen for a little talk.

"I had such fun with you Chynna," I said.

"I had fun with you and your husband too," Chynna replied.

"You both were amazing. It was really cool to have sex with both of you," Sven admitted.

I made us a pot of coffee and we all watched t.v. for a while. Then Chynna said she would have to get going for the night. I offered to drive her but she declined, opting instead to get a taxi. When her taxi arrived she took a business card out of her purse and gave it to me. It read: Chynna Pamper Spa also available for private sessions.

"Thanks Chynna I definitely will call you next time Sven is in the mood for some special fun."

"Great! I better get going now. Tell Sven I look forward to hooking up with you guys again."

"I will," I replied as I waved to Chynna leaving in the taxi.

"I had such an amazing time Kylie. I can't wait to do it again." Sven admitted to me when we were both in bed.

"I'm glad I could fulfill your fantasy, Sven." I replied. Then he kissed me fully on the lips then started to part my mouth with his tongue devling down my throat.

Sven brought out the "goody bag" again for the second time this evening.

"One dildo or two?" he asked me.

"What do you think?" I replied as I smiled up at him.

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