tagGroup SexPam's Imprimatur for Spring Break

Pam's Imprimatur for Spring Break


Anyone who has read some my previous stories knows I work in a predominantly male industry. I was fairly set at my position and had become comfortable as my salary and bonus had increased. I have been married to a beautiful woman, Pam. She is petite with brunette hair, above average size breasts for her frame with the sweetest bubble butt for a white girl you could dream-up. She was well liked in the community and active in the church. Pam seemed the ultimate conservative wife with the exception of a handful of incidents that I can only attribute to some type of mystical event; like a full moon to a werewolf.

Pam's skin was healthy and creamy white, she has always taken care of herself and seldom left the house without her makeup and perfect hair. She turned heads in the mall or grocery store, especially with the size of her breasts on her small frame. She is very active and keeps herself in great shape. As she moved into her 30's she put on 5-10 pounds but most of the weight seemed to add to her shapely figure.

Pam was shy about her attributes; she had become a full 34-C cup, attempting to hide them unsuccessfully in a B-cup. As a result, Pam's breasts squeezed out of the top and sides of her overworked bra.

Pam had only been up to my workplace once since I began work there, so I was surprised when she just showed up one day. Carl mentioned he had invited her to stop by the office and like when we are out she turned heads there too. Her breasts were just too noticeable. She was embarrassed easily and often left places with her head down, trying not to look anyone in the eye. Carl said "the guys have been working 6 twelve hour days a week for the last couple of months, so I'd like to have a party, sort of a Spring Break theme." He went on "I want to thank them for all the hard work meeting our deadlines."

I was going to voice concern when Pam chimed in "what did you have in mind?"

Carl explained he was going to give everybody a long weekend and everybody would be invited to his lake house Friday the 17th to start the weekend off. Smiling, Carl said to us "I was hoping you would bring the wife?"

Caught off guard I didn't respond at first, I stuttered uneasily at first and replied "sounds great?"

At first she was reluctant to go, Pam acted a little uncomfortable. I smiled awkwardly at her and said it might be fun and she agreed to at least go for a while. My shaky reply sounded like the kid who finally got picked to play kickball in school after never having been picked before.

"Great," Carl added "wear something comfortable or your swim trunks."

I replied "I would, but Pam probably wouldn't swim."

"Oh, I don't have a pool, but I have a nice new hot tub, I'm sure she would love to try out" he added. He also handed Pam a present and said she could wear her new Spring Break outfit if she wanted.

I stammered, "O-okay," and turned around, missing the winks and smirks behind me. I purposely walked my wife the long way back to her car. Yes intentionally, I can't help it; the thought of other people looking at my wife excites me. I don't know why. But now as I watched an entire shop of workers watching my wife walk away in her prim and proper conservative skirt and blouse, I was hardening in my pants.

I wandered back after Pam left making sure I could hear lewd comments coming from the shop. The guys were commenting about her tits; talking about what they wanted to do to my wife. Most of the guys got quite as I went by except Gus, the foreman, still discussing my wife's ass with several other guys over in the corner of the shop.

They were laughing now, and obviously unconcerned about my presence. Carl caught me, smirking "How's the wife, old buddy?" Several of them laughed and watched my face to see my response.

"Pam is doing fine, thanks for asking," I replied.

A close friend of Carl's added, "She certainly is" which drew another round of laughs.

Carl added, "If you ever need any help around the house, please let me know," winking at the guys. Everyone laughed at Carl's obvious intent. I pretended to be ignorant to the situation and walked away embarrassed.

The following Friday, Pam was getting ready for the party at Carl's house. Pam looked at beautiful as usual; pink frosted lipstick, hair perfect and light blue eye shadow. My wife never wore gaudy jewelry and now only sported her two-carat wedding ring and a simple gold cross around her smooth creamy neck. When she came out of the bathroom Pam was wearing a new flowery draped mini-skirt and a button up white blouse with tiny pearl buttons. Both were lightweight cotton material but what concerned me is that both looked at least one size too small.

Pam's blouse was so taut the buttons were straining and the shirt had gapes exposing the bra under the blouse, making her a bit uncomfortable. What she seemed to overlook was the skirt was so tight around her bottom it appeared to stretch the seams. I assured her she looked great and inside I couldn't wait to see my co-workers expressions when they saw my voluptuous wife.

"I thought you knew where you were going," Pam said worriedly. We had been driving down a dirt road for about five miles. Carl's house was well hidden off the main road but I was pretty sure that I had written the directions down correctly. We both spied the mailbox up ahead and breathed a sigh of relief when we realized we weren't lost. Carl's house was a plush layout on several acres.

We went to the door; finding a sign saying the party was in the back. The property was neatly kept with the grass newly mown and stretched all the way to the water. There was a nice view of the lake and the property seemed secluded from other neighbors. We could hear the music as we went around back and the first thing Pam noticed that no other wives were there. I had been thinking about watching my co-workers ogle my wife. However, something seemed out of place. I had an uneasy feeling, I was no longer sure that our invitation was because everyone was trying to relax or be nice.

Most of shop was there; at least a dozen guys, mostly shirtless, younger, and already drunk were in the back yard. Upon our arrival, most of them let out a loud roar, which made me even more nervous. Over by a drink table I noticed Carl and several of my customers; Larry, Dale, Tim, Rob, Paul and Mic plus our largest supplier; our neighbor Phil.

"Hell yeah" shouted Gus; a huge black guy our shop foreman who was already drunk. Several guys were playing volleyball on a large inflatable court setup and others were playing horseshoes. A beer was thrust into my hand and a rum punch into Pam's'.

Pam rarely drank, just a glass of wine for special occasions but I watched as Pam nervously gulped down half her drink. She was fidgeting and the only thing in her hands was the cup, so she absent mindlessly gulped down the rest of the cup. Carl saw us from a distance and came over to welcome us.

He served Pam another cup of punch as Pam tried to resist. "Looking good" Carl said. Pam's cheeks flushed quickly from the comment and from the overhead sun as she quickly downed a second drink from nervousness. Pam's breasts were becoming more visible as the heat made her sweat, causing her straining blouse to stick to her tits stuffed inside her overstuffed bra.

I was desperately trying to keep an eye on my wife, but Carl grabbed my arm and asked me to give him a hand with our customers. All the guys made an obvious gesture to get closer to Pam and welcome her to the party.

She asked several where their wives or girlfriends were, and most just laughed and didn't respond. Pam was now drinking her third glass of rum punch in less than 20 minutes and I knew I had to stop her from drinking anymore. But before I could intervene, I was drug off to the volleyball court for a couple of six on six games.

I couldn't figure out why they wanted me to play but it soon became obvious as I finally got a break and made a beeline to Pam who was surrounded by several men. We had not even been there 45 minutes and she was obviously feeling the effects of more glasses punch; her speech slurred slightly and she was swaying and struggling to keep her balance. When I saw the guys using Everclear to mix the next batch I realized why.

I told Pam I think she had enough, but another one was forced into her hand. She downed the drink as several of them pulled her toward the volleyball court, joking they had a rookie player. I felt some relief; at least Pam would have to stop drinking while she played.

My relief was short lived. Pam was ushered out onto the volleyball court and it was soon obvious why. The guys were intentionally hitting it to Pam, who was struggling to hit the ball. Every time she tried, her breasts bounced up and down putting on a show for all the guys. Her tits were all natural and were bouncing and jiggling inside her damp shirt like water balloons in slow motion. The spring from the inflatable court seemed to amplify the quivering of her tits, trying to escape her bra.

Everyone had surrounded the volleyball court now and over twenty sets of eyes were locked onto my wife's heaving chest, wondering which button was going to be the first to go. It didn't take long. One in the middle had popped open and the others were now working harder. Pam's white bra was clearly visible thru the damp blouse as were the sides of her tits. All the guys were hooting and hollering and I tried to shout for Pam's attention.

Two guys quickly hushed me and I didn't say a word as the button below the first gave way. Now the bottom of her bra and her milky white belly flesh was visible. "Look at those fucking tits" I heard behind me.

"No way that tit hammock is going to hold" another said.

Someone added "She's got my fucking cock so hard it's going to pop." I cringed and quickly realized my fantasy was getting completely out of control.

Pam was trying her best, thinking she was playing well with all the guys cheering her on. The plump contours of her ass were stretching the material of her new skirt every time she bent over and the seam was getting some definite stress. "Look at the fucking ass," Juan said from behind me. I watched in horror, as a tiny split in the seam appeared right before our eyes.

"Oh yeah," Juan said in my ear, laughing he added, "You don't mind me looking at your wife's white ass do you?"

I heard a cheer and came out of my stupor as another button on my wife's blouse came open and now her tits were bursting out through her blouse folds, Pam completely oblivious to it. You could just start seeing her jiggling melons above her bra. Only one button remained on top and the guys were now hitting shots high to her requiring her to jump straight up with her arms, which put more pressure on the little pearl button holding back my wife's breasts.

Suddenly, the last button gave way and Pam's bra encased tits came into complete view. Pam finally noticed it and her face turned a bright shade of red.

Several guys around her saw her reaction and quickly replied it was no worse than wearing a bikini top, in fact, her bra covered more one said. True for most woman; however, my wife's tits squeezed out around the top and sides of the bra, easily a cup size too small. My wife, nervous and embarrassed now, tried to button it up, but the drinks had gotten to her and she seemed confused that the buttons weren't there.

One of the guys now pulled the open blouse off my wife telling her that it would just get ruined if she left it on.

"Okay, Pam replied nervously."

Now my wife was standing in the middle of the inflatable court in her overstuffed bra and a skirt that had a small rip across the broadest part of her ass. She was sweating profusely; sweat running down her face, neck, and between her breasts. They started playing again and their next target frightened me even more. It was one thing to want to see my wife's tits, but now guys were pointing out my wife's taut skirt and the rip that had started.

During the next couple of plays, two guys next to her 'accidentally' got their fingers into the small tear and managed to enlarge it a full six inches. Now my wife's white silk panty covered round ass was visible bulging from the tear in her skirt.

Just a couple of plays later the tear turned into a gaping split, a full foot in length and the tops of my wife's creamy white thighs were visible. Pam's round ass cheeks pushed out through the split every time she leaned over to hit a shot. Her tits jiggled and wobbled inside her bra, making everyone around the court hard. Pam's heart shaped ass was protruding through the split seam of her dress, like two globes encased in white silk.

Suddenly, one of the shop crew gripped her skirt in both hands and pulled it hard, ripping it from my wife's waistline to the hem. Pam had no idea what he had done and now her soft ass cheeks were fully exposed, only contained by her damp white silk panties. "Look at that ass," the guy next to me whispered. He was rubbing his crotch area where I glanced and gasped when I saw the trace of a huge bulge nearly halfway down his thigh.

It was then that I fully realized they intended on having their way my wife. I got nervous when Pam lunged for a ball and fell, the whole group around the court got silent. My wife was displayed on all fours; her plump ass was fully on display. Her torn skirt had ridden up and the view her creamy white thighs were unobstructed. From my angle I could see the dark patch between her thighs; peaking from her panties and breasts straining to escape her bra.

Carl broke the silence as several men helped my wife to her feet, grinning from ear to ear as they watched her voluptuous body rise. "Damn, it sure is fucking hot out here, let's all go cool off." Everyone gathered up around Carl's back deck one of the guys got the water hose on and started spraying everyone to cool them down.

His real intentions were soon well known. It became a spray Pam down exercise as her bra and panties were plastered against her skin. Her large nipples were now visible and protruding from the cool water. "Damn, your wife has nice fucking tits" one of the workers said next to me. He was grinning wildly, his eyes fixed on my wife's breasts.

Carl said "Come on Pam, let's get in the hot tub and relax."

Pam didn't give up much protest as a couple of guys lowered what was left of her skirt. The water on the cotton panties made them almost see thru are her dark bush was on display for the group. Despite my protest I was chugging beers with my customers as guys climbed into the hot tub with my wife.

A few minutes later, one of the guys came over to the table and asked Carl where the outlet valve was. Carl gave the guy a nasty look and was visibly upset, gesturing toward me

"Make sure you get some out before you add the oil Ricky" Carl added as the guy walked away.

"Oh, getting your cooker ready Carl?" I asked.

Everyone laughed and Carl snorted. "Yeah, you need a lot of oil to get meat ready for this many guys." Everyone laughed again.

Just a couple of minutes later several guys were dumping bottles of Crisco into the hot tub. One of the guys dumped it right in my wife's lap and over her bra, Pam stood up quickly and trying to lift herself out, but with oil all over her hands and the sides of the tub, it was useless. "Don't worry Pam it just part of the games we always do out here" to relieve her apprehension.

Intoxicated Pam nervously replied "Ok," as she sat back down, her voice a little unsteady.

The four guys in the hot tub with her were splashing in the oil water mixture now, making sure that my wife got covered in it. My wife's tits were covered with oiled, crammed tightly in her white bra. Everyone had gathered around the hot tub and it was difficult to see my wife with all the guys surrounding her. Carl knelt down to me and whispered in my ear, "About time for that pretty wife of yours to lose that bra ain't it?"

I saw him wink at a couple of the guys who were hovering right behind my wife sitting in the hot tub, the oily water just below her oil soaked bra. I watched as one guy in back of Pam, ever so slightly eased Pam's right bra strap off her shoulder. The guy on the left followed his same move. The drinks had gotten Pam to the point she didn't realize her bra straps were now hanging useless on her upper arms. Pam's tits sagged slightly, now resting at water level trying to escape her bra.

Everyone was focused now on my wife's chest. Every breath she took caused her chest to expand and contract in her overworked bra. Another guy moved behind Pam discretely; cinched the clasp of her bra releasing her twins. Suddenly, my wife's breasts were fully exposed, bobbing in the water. The roar from everyone coupled with the hoots and hollers drowned out Pam's shriek.

Hands from all directions moved all over my wife's chest, oiling her up, her nipples stiffening at the sudden exposure. Her tits were getting mauled, pinched, and slapped as my wife was helpless against the onslaught. Pam was attempting to get to her feet as she reached for my hand but she didn't realize it was the worst thing to do. My wife was standing; her ass clad only in her oil soaked panties offered a new target for their hands.

"100 bucks for Pam's panties," our normally quite neighbor Phil yelled.

Suddenly, a dark hand went to the front of my wife's panties and hooked a finger at the top. Pulling, I watched as my wife's white panties stretched, the back disappearing in-between her ass cheeks. He held the front of her panties nearly six inches from her waist exposing her full bush puffed out nearly 1/2 inch from her creamy white skin. With her dark fuzzy patch of lower hair on display the group seemed to freeze and stare until several hands strayed to the engorged lips of her female parts.

My wife was still holding my hand, looking pleadingly into my eyes when someone must have found her clit. Her eyes glazed as her panties gave way and she was now standing naked in the hot tub full of men, except for her useless bra, unhooked, hanging off her upper arms. I looked in back of my wife and saw several of the guys taking off their shorts, their huge cocks swinging, my wife clueless to what was going on behind her.

"Perfect," Carl said, as suddenly my wife's bra was pulled from her body and used to tie my wife's one outstretched hand to mine. Now my wife and I were linked, I outside the hot tub, Pam standing inside. I watched intently as my wife sheepishly pretended to fend off the onslaught with one hand, as her tits were abused and more cocks were entering the hot tub.

One of the youngest guys in the shop who was barely 18 was one of the most active trying to get behind my wife. Pam feigned concern and tried to turn her head as Eric was gripping her hips and lining his thick 7 inch cock with her opening. Her eyes widened as I heard his pelvis slap her ass.

"Oh yeah that's a good cunt," he yelled as he held my wife tightly.

Pam must have agreed as she let out a loud moan when he started to thrust his cock in and out of her cunt.

Carl added "I believe our lady is really into this" as several guys were awkwardly trying to get closer to my wife.

With the mass of bodies pushing in the hot tub; Carl abruptly stopped the guys after just a few seconds with Eric mid stroke. He said "we need to move this somewhere more comfortable." to the loud cheers and lewd comments of the group.

As I helped her from the hot tub, she asked me for a drink. She also asked me, "Are you sure you are ok with this?"

I smiled to assure her and whispered back, "Yes, just say if you want to stop."

I liked the idea of her standing there naked in front of a group of guys, yet knowing she wanted my approval to be my slut. So I said, "Ok, first finish your drink."

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