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Panama Pleasure


This is a story of how my life was forever changed. It is a story of sex and bondage, and how I became a willing participant.

I was visiting family in Panama and had about a month's vacation. Along the Canal Zone there is a thriving area of nightclubs and bars. There is also a great deal of prostitutes and other forms of vice. I found a nice club with a dynamite Karaoke set and sort of became a regular there. I liked to go and just sing and drink. Many hookers, all of whom hit on me, also frequented this club. I had always promised myself I would not pay for pussy, so I just shined them on and bought drinks for them every now and then.

About ten days into my stay, late in the evening, a very handsome Latin guy came up to me and started chatting. His name was Juan. Now I don't speak fluid Spanish, but know enough to get by. After a while he asked me a very surprising question...

"Hey amigo," he says, "you like a big dick up your ass or what?"

I was surprised and responded with a big, "Hell No!!, why do you ask that?"

He said, "Well you come here every night, and you don't fuck any of the women, so I guess you like a big fat cock in your mouth instead."

I smiled and said, "Fuck you amigo! I don't want a street whore. If you know a nice girl who wants to meet a nice guy, then I'm interested. But I'm not paying for pussy."

He laughed and said, "My cousin Annette is a nice girl, maybe I'll introduce you, but I still think you would rather suck me and let me fuck your ass."

"Yeah right," I said, "and your best buddy too. Fuck off and come back with your cousin. If you're lucky, I'll let you lick my balls while I'm fucking her...hahaha."

He just smiled again even bigger and said, "Meet me tomorrow at 6 and we'll see what happens."

Next evening I was there at 6 and in walks the guy with the most gorgeous woman I had seen on my trip so far. She was petite, with hair to her waist and lovely brown skin. She also had huge eyes. I was instantly taken with her, but she seemed nervous and scared. "Let's go to the drive in and have some drinks," said Juan. I knew from talking to the hookers that by drive in he meant a motel. They have a drive in motel, where you pay a machine outside a garage. Then the door opens and you drive your car in. On the other side of the garage is a basic room, with nothing but a bed and a shower. I guess this style of room was designed so your wife doesn't see your car parked outside the motel where you're fucking some whore!

So we go to the drive in and start drinking. Annette all the time is silent and pensive, while Juan appears excited and leering. He continued to make jokes and as we drank, I felt myself getting buzzed unusually fast. Soon I was getting sleepy, and the last thing I remember is the wide-eyed look on the face of the lovely Annette. I remember that I started to dream I was getting a great massage. Strong hands on my back, then on my ass and down my legs. Then it seemed as though two sets of hands were massaging me, one in front and one in back.

While the front hands concentrated on my neck and shoulders, arms and back, the back hands where rubbing my ass cheeks, the back of my legs and thighs. I also remember that in the dream, it seemed I was in a funny position during this wonderful massage. My stomach was supported on a padded bench, but my arms where out to my sides, like on a cross. My legs, instead of being stretched out, were under me in kind of a S. I could either stand on my feet, or rest my knees on some padded rails under my shins.

It seemed like the strangest massage table I had ever seen. And instead of a hole for your face to rest in, my head was also restrained by some padded supports. I could move my head to look up or down, but not from side to side. All of these facts were going through my head in a semi- conscious state, and I gradually came to realize that I was no longer asleep and that I wasn't dreaming. I was naked, strapped to some kind of strange table, and had two sets of strong hands, obviously male, working me over. I also realized that I was blindfolded and gagged.

The gag was some kind of rubber plug, and as I worked my mouth I realized it was the shape of a small cock. My tongue could feel the head of the rubber dick, and there was a soft strap around my head. I was instantly terrified. Here I was, in a foreign country, and I had obviously been lured and kidnapped. I also realized that in the position I was in, with my ass in the air and strapped to a table by two strong men, that I was probably going to be raped. Then what? Killed and dumped in the jungle? I began to struggle and tried to call out. when Back gave my ass cheeks a very hard slap. Pow! I felt tears in my eyes and held still. Then the guy in Front leaned down and whispered " Shhhhhh" Then they continued the massage. I felt Back squirt some oil or something on my back, and both of them began to work it all over my body.

I was still scared to death, but could do nothing to prevent what was happening. They continued to work my arms and legs, also rubbing the oil into my ass crack. Back did a reach around and liberally applied this oil to my cock, which was hanging exposed under the padded bench. Despite my fear, what they were doing felt good, and I started feeling guilty for enjoying it. I vowed to struggle and not let them take me without a fight. Just then they stopped the massage and I felt them move toward each other with me in the middle. I could hear them kissing passionately and felt Back's hard cock sliding up and down my ass crack. Then I felt Front's hard cock against my face.

I went berserk! I started yelling and struggling again against my restraints and trying vainly to move both my face and ass away from their desire. Whack!!!! Back's hand once again came down hard on my ass. So hard it really stung and I again felt tears well in my eyes. I felt Front's breath on my face and he said in a gentle tone, "You listen carefully amigo. We are going to have our way with you no matter what you do. No one can hear you and you can't move. So you have a choice. You can struggle and we will have to hurt you. Or you can relax and enjoy."

It was not the voice of Juan that said this. I thought about what he said and decided if I was going to get out of this alive I might as well not fight. But I would be damned if I were going to enjoy it! Fuck them. And I also vowed that I would find Juan and kill him for what he had done. I would wait till the day before my plane left for home and kill both him and his beautiful cousin. I'm not a killer, but I was scared shitless and not thinking rationally. They waited until my breathing became calm, and resumed their massage, but again kissed passionately as they rubbed their cocks against me. I heard a strange noise off to my left, kind of like a gasp or maybe a cat noise. But I could not really define it. After what seemed like and hour or more they stopped their massage. My cock had gotten hard at one point when Back was giving my ass a lot of attention.

Front laughed and said, "See, he likes it." I was so embarrassed, that soon my cock deflated. But after such a long massage, I have to admit that I was relaxed and that their touch had felt good. But I was not admitting it then. I was still angry and scared. Again I felt Front's breath on my face, and also Back's hot breath on my ass.

Front said, "Now Amigo, we are going to remove your gag. If you call out or struggle, you will be punished." I didn't want to feel Back's big hand on my ass again, so I tried to nod agreement. Front removed the small cock from my mouth then slowly pushed it back in again.

"Suck it," he said and slowly worked it in and out of my mouth. I just let my mouth go slack and would not give him the pleasure of seeing me actually suck the little rubber dick.

"That's OK," he said, "more will come later!" Then he and Back started to kiss me. Front began gently kissing my cheeks and forehead. Back started at the top of my ass and slowly began to work his way down. He got all the way down to my hanging balls and lovingly kissed my sack. He kissed that tender place between the balls and the ass and I have to admit that even then, his kisses were making me hot. I felt my cock start to stiffen. Front was working his lips over my face and then began to kiss my lips. I kept my mouth closed and my lips pressed tightly together.

He said, "Don't fight, you know you want it..." and continued to kiss my mouth. Then he started doing something that I had always done to my girlfriends, especially when I was eating their pussy. He started kissing me with an open mouth. Then he would close his mouth and suck my lips as he was kissing me. I remember thinking that he was sucking my mouth just as I would suck a pussy. I still kept my mouth closed, but my cock was betraying me. I was so hard it was starting to hurt!

All of the sudden, Back tongued my asshole. He swirled his tongue around my hole and gently thrust his tongue just through the barrier of my ass. The sensation was electric! Involuntarily, I opened my mouth and moaned deeply. Front took the opportunity to thrust his tongue deep into my mouth. Without volition, I sucked eagerly on his tongue. I then realized that they had made me respond, and tried to shut myself down. But Back then began to work my asshole vigorously. He was thrusting his tongue into my hole, deeper and deeper. At the same time Front was thrusting his tongue deep into my mouth and I found myself returning his kisses.

Then without warning, Back grabbed my sides and pulled me closer, thrusting his tongue as deep into my asshole as he could. Front also pressed his mouth to mine and forced his tongue deep into my mouth. I felt a deep surge from down in my loins and my cock began pumping hot jiz in giant spurts. I felt my asshole contracting around Back's tongue and hungrily sucked on Front's hot tongue. The first squirt of come hit the bottom of my chin, which was hanging just below the edge of the padded restraint. The rest of my come must have landed about ten feet away or covered Front's chest! I had never in my life shot a load like that! The orgasm was so powerful, my body was shaking, I was short of breath, and my mind was reeling! If someone had told me that I could have an orgasm without anyone or anything touching my cock, I would have laughed in their face. But that is what had happened. I was suddenly overwhelmed. Any pretense of fighting had disappeared, and Front let me know that he knew it. "Pretty hot! Huh Lover?" he whispered.

He gently continued to kiss my mouth as my body recovered from my orgasm. Back continued to slowly rim my asshole and would occasionally thrust his tongue back into my hole. Each time he was rewarded with a soft moan from me. Front then stood up and I felt Back's tongue leave my ass as he stood also. They kissed again and again I felt their cocks on my face and ass. I knew what was coming next and tried to prepare myself. I knew I had to relax or I would not enjoy what was about to happen. The most amazing thing is now I wanted them to take me. I wanted to please them!

Now they both took their cocks in their hands and started to rub them against me. Front began swirling his swollen cock head around the edge of my mouth as Back did the same with his head on my asshole. I found myself trying to open my mouth and position my head to take his cock, but he kept it away and teased me with it. I remember thinking how soft the skin of his dick was against my cheek. And truthfully, Back's moist prick head was driving me even crazier than his tongue! I could not believe my own ears, when I heard myself say, "Fuck me please!!" They both laughed and again I heard a strange noise off to my side. I wondered if they had another slave waiting, but at this point I didn't care. Then Front finally gave me the head of his cock. It was so thick, that even just the head filled and stretched my mouth. I could not believe he had such a huge dick. Back then slowly inserted just the head of his cock into my waiting ass. I felt no pain at all.

The rimming and massage had loosened me, and I was telling myself to relax the whole time. My cock was throbbing, and had never gotten soft, even after that last powerful cum. I took my tongue and began to swirl it around Front's giant head. He responded by slowly pushing more of his giant meat into my mouth. Back also began to slowly fill my ass. They must have done this before, because they started thrusting into me in time with one another. They would both enter me about half way, then slowly pull out. Half of Front's cock was all I could take; it must have been around 10 inches long and thick as salami. Back's cock was not as large, but it was no little wienie either! After a while though, I felt his balls start to slap against mine.

Then they started thrusting harder and deeper, and after each thrust they would pull completely out. During those moments when they withdrew their meat, I felt totally empty. My mouth and ass were both so hungry for their cocks. I couldn't believe this was happening. I had never even been BI-curious, now I was anxious for their giant tools. I loved the moment when they would thrust back into me, especially Back's dick as it slammed through my sphincter. Their thrusts were coming quicker and quicker now and I knew, even though I had never been in this position before, that they were both getting very close. I told myself that I was going to take all of their loads, and tried to both squeeze my asshole tighter and suck even harder. They responded by pumping even faster, and I heard Front take in a hissing breath.

Then I got my first taste of his sweet cum. Just a little jiz squirted into my mouth, followed by a much larger burst. I moaned loudly and swallowed all he had. Then I felt Back ram home into the deepest recesses of my ass and hot steamy cum began to fill me. I could actually feel the hot liquid in my insides as well as the burning cum going down my throat. Once again without even being touched, my own cock erupted shooting a huge burning load and I felt it splash again against the bottom of my chin.

Both men continued pumping until their cocks were totally drained and my own dick kept spurting as long as theirs did. It was the most incredible orgasm I had ever experienced. I actually felt as though I was hallucinating, and my body continued to shake even after I had stopped cuming. Both men were also breathing heavily, and left their tools buried inside my mouth and ass. Slowly the three of us recovered, and they withdrew their cocks. Front then came down and started licking my cum from my chin and also some of his own that had dribbled from the sides of my mouth.

Back bent down and gave my sore hole a loving tongue sending cool shivers all along my back. I heard some motion, and then felt a warm hot towel rubbing my ass. Then they washed my face and gave lots of kisses and caresses while they were caring for me. Then I knew that they were switching sides. I felt a tongue on my ear and heard a voice that I knew was Juan say, "I told you Amigo. I knew you liked a big cock in your mouth while you were getting fucked."

I could only nod; I was too numb to speak.

Then Juan said, "You said to bring my best buddy. Now you will be fucked by Migel." I felt Migel place his huge cock at the entrance to my hole. I knew that even though Juan had stretched me, that Migel's dick was going to hurt. He was very gentle though and eased his meat in slowly and carefully. There was some discomfort, and I felt like I was filled up inside, but soon waves of pleasure were running through my body as he slowly thrust his cock.

Juan then placed his prick on my lips and I just about swallowed him whole. I had only taken half of Migel, but I soon felt Juan's balls on my chin and his soft pubic hair all around my mouth. Once again they began fucking both my holes, slowly at first, then faster and faster. Soon all of Migel's 10 inches were buried in my ass, and when he withdrew his cock it was like pulling a cork from a bottle.

Each time I could only think, Fuck man put the cork back in!! My own cock was throbbing again and when Juan pulled from my mouth I begged, "please touch my cock..." Migel reached around and began pumping my dick in time with his deep strokes in my ass. They fucked me for a long time. Since I had already cum twice, it took me a while to start feeling my juices build. They were experts at what they were doing and I suspect they could have fucked all night without cuming if that's what they wanted. Soon though the three of us were in sync again, and I was the first to cum in Migel's fist.

As my ass contracted he let out a yell and filled my ass with his hot cum. So much that I felt it start to run out my ass and down my leg. Juan also yelled as his load shot into my mouth and down my throat. I could only moan, over and over again and this time I think I went in and out of consciousness. Off to the side this time, I know I heard someone else moan. At least I think I did. I wondered whether we had had an audience and if I was on display for many people. I didn't even give a shit!

I just wanted to be fucked some more! Next thing I knew they were gently removing the straps that had held me to the fuck table. They moved me over to a mattress on the floor and once again I felt hot towels washing and caressing me. I guess I dozed off for a while, but when I woke I knew that my lovers had started to work on me again. They were both lovingly kissing and sucking my cock. Mmm, two sets of hands and two hot mouths working my dick. I swelled up again and just enjoyed the ride.

I reached up to remove my blindfold. What a sight greeted me. They both had their asses facing me and I could now for the first time see their beautiful cocks. I knew from the size that Migel was to my right and Juan to my left. I reached up with both hands and took a cock in each one. I slowly began pulling down on them, just like milking a cow, only it was two Latin studs. Both of them moaned with pleasure and intensified their treatment of my cock and balls. Once again I heard a moan from the other side of the room. I turned my head and there was the beautiful Annette. She was naked in a chair, one hand holding her large tit to her mouth, and the other hand with three fingers buried in her obviously dripping cunt. She had a glazed look in her eyes, and I didn't think at first that she realized I was watching her.

Then she seemed to focus on me. I smiled, looked up at the ceiling, and stuck my tongue as far in the air as I could reach. She must have jumped the 15 feet across the room, because her hot snatch was on my mouth in a heartbeat! She immediately started grinding her pussy on my tongue and came instantly. She let out a piercing scream and I felt a gush of pussy juice run down my face. I lapped up as much as I could and continued to suck her hot box. Juan got up and stood in front of Annette and although I couldn't see, I knew by the sound that she was sucking his meat.

Then Migel was near my ear and he said, "Now you will get to fuck my tight ass." He straddled me and slowly lowered his ass onto my spit-lubed cock. With one hard push he took my whole 8 inches into his tight ass. I grabbed his huge meat in my fist and started pumping. I heard Juan ask Migel to lick his ass, and the four of us now were at it! Annette, riding my face and sucking Juan's cock. Juan, getting his dick sucked and his ass licked. Migel, licking ass as he was getting fucked and his cock was getting pumped.

And me, sucking a hot pussy while my dick was buried to the hilt in a tight fucking asshole. Amazing! This time the orgasms were mind shattering. We all came together. I totally filled Migel's ass, even though I was now on my fourth orgasm. Annette couldn't take Juan's entire load, and I felt some spill onto my chest. Migel shot his cum all over my chest and onto Annette's pussy. I even tasted some of his cum with hers as she washed my entire face with her sweet juice.

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