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Panda Lovin'


This is my first story and it was edited by RexBrookdale. So any comments positive or negative are welcome.


Chris knew he was lucky to have a job. He'd been hired as a trainee zoo keeper, which basically meant shovelling animal shit from one place to another. Obviously not a glamorous job, but having dropped out of school at the ripe old age of 18 he wasn't complaining.

Recently, things had gotten rather more interesting. He'd been assigned to shadow a senior zoo vet who specialised in breeding endangered animals.

Their most recent project involved pandas. Without going into lots of detail, suffice it to say that it can take months, sometimes even years, to find a mate for one animal let alone an optimal match, one that reduces the chances of inbreeding and disease.

The lead person on the project was Juliet, the vet he was shadowing. To say she was stunning doesn't do her justice. She wore her long red hair just below shoulder-length, and the oversized glasses perched on her delicate nose drew attention to her limpid pale blue eyes.

She never wore makeup yet she still looked great If only she had been bothered to measure herself properly, he fancied she would have found herself somewhere in the vicinity of a magnificent 32DD.

Her loose-fitting clothes kept her curves well-hidden. Most of the time, trousers covered her well rounded derriere and the loose tops she usually wore meant no one took notice of her attributes. But work consumed her life, it was her first love – perhaps even an obsession – and it appeared to take precedence even above her own satisfaction.

After months of research, two suitable pandas were finally found: Pau from a German zoo and Liu from a Canadian zoo. They seemed a perfect match for one another, and were even shipped together to their lab, with the aim of introducing another panda into the world and, hopefully, more than just one.

Yet weeks later nothing had happened, neither panda had shown an interest in the other and Juliet had no idea why. All of the time and money spent researching would have been wasted unless these two mated.

To Juliet, the thought of having to report total failure loomed and failure meant losing her job which didn't sit to well with Chris.

Juliet, fast running out of scientific reasons for the mating failure, turned to alternative remedies. He came in one day to see their enclosure surrounded by scented candles, lights turned off, and Michael Buble warbling out the stereo.

Personally, this situation would have turned off any man; if this was Juliet's idea of an aphrodisiac, well then he could see why nothing was happening.

Chris however took a different route toward solving the lack of panda chemistry between Pau and Liu. His brilliant plan had evolved a day or two ago while working around Liu; he surmised that perhaps there was something wrong with her.

She was probably just a really ugly-looking panda; which could explain why Pau wouldn't go near her. Thus the solution became clear.

He waited till everyone had left for the day then slipped some Viagra carefully into Pau's bamboo. Meanwhile he decided to glam Liu up a bit; that same day he arranged for her to visit a dog groomer, an expert in getting dogs ready for award shows all around the world.

If she could work her magic on an Old English sheepdog, then surely she could work wonders on a panda, he figured. After all, both were hairy and walk on all fours.

Later that day when Liu came back, her fur clipped and washed he looked her over and found himself wishing desperately for her to actually appear more attractive to Pau; or, he mused dolefully, maybe all it had done was the equivalent of polishing a turd. Still, the chances were looking better: with Pau sexually aroused and Liu sexually arousing this might actually work.

Juliet attired in cargo shorts and a white tank top, her hair pulled back into a tight pony tail, paced the floor outside the panda enclosure. Back and forth in front of the glass viewing window, she paced. She and Chris were the only ones left in the building that evening; the pandas were sleeping, motionless except for their steady breathing, in their enclosure.

There they were, watching the motionless creatures intently from behind the viewing glass. To say the tension was thick was putting it mildly. They'd been watching them all day with bated breath. Pau hadn't yet noticed Liu despite her makeover, nor had he eaten the drugged bamboo.

"How did the Panda feel when he lost his food?"

"What the hell are you talking about?" Juliet muttered angrily, afraid she would be overheard by the pandas.

"I'm just trying to get us relaxed. Being this tense means we can't think."

The expression on her face changed from worried to anger as she turned on Chris. "This project is the biggest of its kind! If I fail I will never be able to live with myself, it needs to work otherwise pandas will just die out. Do you want that?"


"What the hell is that supposed to mean? Will you just shut up, or fuck off?!" Her face was stern. She had no sense of humour at the best of times. Hardly surprising he reasoned. Her life's work seemed on the verge of failure. They'd find some way to succeed; after all, even Macaulay Culkin had had some success in his profession.

The silence was deafening until Juliet spoke.

"Look Chris, I'm sorry but you have to understand how important..."

"Shhhh, Look at Pau!" he whispered. "That dumb lump has finally found the bamboo!"

Chris wanted this to work as much as she did. To be honest, the crap work was worthwhile if he could continue to shadow Juliet. Thus for him, it was simple: he had gotten used to surreptitiously ogling and fantasizing about her body as she busied herself around the lab. She was a far cry from the previous vet, an elderly man who'd had more hair in his ears and nose than on top of his head.

Soon the bamboo was nearly gone with all eyes were fixed keenly on Pau. The change was sudden: the panda's eyes grew wider, his breaths became ragged, and he started to groan.

Their whoops and cheers soon quieted. It seemed Pau was humping everything in the cage nothing within the enclosure was safe from his rampage ... save Liu.

Chris tried to lighten up their sombre mood. "Maybe his mother had forgotten to tell him about the birds and the bees," he suggested dryly.

"Well there is one more thing I can do but it's highly unethical and possibly dangerous." Her tone of voice was the one she used when she'd already decided she was going to do what she wanted whether he agreed or not.

"Look. We have already done an extreme makeover on one panda and given the other Viagra. I think we have gone way past ethics at this stage, so come on what is this thing?"

"Well, I can administer pheromones to Liu. I can broadcast them in tiny droplets by using a spray. Once he scents them on Liu, Pau might become aroused. The dangerous part is, in order for the spray to be effective I've got to do it at close range, so I'll have to go into the enclosure."


"So, there is therefore a fairly good possibility of being exposed myself while spraying Liu. That means he might become attracted to me... But I have to do it!" She was reassuring herself more than anything at this point.

I tell you what," said Chris. I'll come in with you."

So there the both were standing just outside the enclosure gate: Juliet with the spray in hand and Chris with a taser, though frankly, a little electric shock wouldn't help should a panda weighing over a hundred kilos decide to charge.

The stepped into the enclosure and closed the gate behind us, then tiptoed over to the resting Liu. Juliet aimed and sprayed twice then they backed quietly away.

Given Juliet's explanation of how the pheromones worked, Chris was expecting immediate effects. Maybe not fireworks and slow-motion running toward each other ... but, well, something more than what actually happened.

Pau, who had been languidly snoozing a good distance away at the opposite side of the cage, sniffed the air, rose onto all fours and crawled slowly over to Liu, stopping just inches short of ... full-on Panda Lovin'.

They could see that Pau was, well, randy as hell ... which was good. But as they observed his readiness and interest, they realized he had no clue.

What next? Chris wondered to himself.

This was when he had his best idea yet. Moving quietly away into the hay-strewn clearing near the front of the enclosure, he beckoned to Juliet.

"Listen ... I have an idea. They need to show Pau how to do it. Get down on the floor on your back."

Pulling her down on the floor he got in between her legs slowly leaned forward toward her shorts-covered crotch. There was just a thin bit of khaki cloth between his face and her pussy. His over active imagination was running overtime.

He didn't know whether it was just the effect of residual pheromones in the air, but residual pheromones or not, he was now randy as hell, and forced himself to refrain from releasing his pent-up frustrations and fuck her now.

Instead, while inhaling deeply her womanly scent, he stayed in this position hoping that Pau would get the hint and follow suit. Chris sure as hell wanted to take it one stage further; but he wasn't going to risk getting slapped or slapped with a sexual harassment suit.

Poised over Juliet, he looked in Pau's direction. Pau was still static Chris was beginning to have serious questions about Pau's mental state. Added to that, a fit of laughter threatened to bubble up as he visualised what the situation must have looked like to the casual observer, two grown humans lying in a panda enclosure, mimicking oral sex, to show a panda what to do.

"I know what we're doing wrong." Juliet looked down at his prone form resting between her legs. "We need to take off our clothes!" She almost hissed with excitement. "Well obviously, they're masking their scent, aren't they? Pau needs to see us naked, and then he will try to replicate it."

Juliet was beaming with pride at her moment of inspiration. Chris thought perhaps he was dreaming; or perhaps the pheromones and her woman's scent filling his nostrils were making him hallucinate. Warily he kept his expression as neutral as possible, and nodded his head to show he was absolutely on the same page with everything she proposed.

But actually, the situation didn't became reality until he saw her actually stand up, ready to peel off her clothes.

Off came her white tank top, revealing a plain white cotton bra holding back her impressive chest. His brain kicked in and reminded Chris that he'd been right on the nose: 32DD ... and beautiful. He gazed at her. Still beaming, her green eyes twinkling and face flushed with anticipation – surely this was going to show Pau what he needed to know!

She could see her goal was within reach, as she reached behind to unhook her bra and let it fall to the floor. Oblivious to everything but achievement of her life's goal, she hardly even noticed Chris's condition, so wrapped up in the pandas, was she.

He lay there, gazing up at her.

If there was such a thing as a god then he had given Juliet the most perfect tits imaginable. Chris had seen numerous boobs – well, mainly online – but these were by far the best yet.

They stood high and proud on her chest as if they were at attention, her light pink areolas were things of beauty and he forced himself not to grab her, push her down, and jump on her right then and there.

Juliet giggled as she suddenly snapped to his condition, noticing his rapt expression, open mouthed, drool forming at one corner and his tongue licking his lips as he continued gazing at her. Under his watchful stare, her nipples started to harden.

"You know I still have my shorts on, and the button is such a problem. Do you mind doing it for me?"

Was she serious? He couldn't tell for sure, but who was he to pass up such an opportunity? He got to his knees and leaned closer, his head now directly underneath her heaving chest. His hand automatically reached up and grabbed her full breast, heavy and firm in his hand. He pinched her nipple which caused Juliet to jump a little before playfully shoved him back down onto the ground.

His imagination took charge and her khaki shorts, in actuality loose-fitting and quite un-sexy, morphed into skin-tight ones with seams straining to keep her voluptuous ass from bursting out. 'She wasn't kidding!' he thought dazedly, as he tackled the top button trying desperately to get it open.

He blew cool breath onto her stomach, causing her muscles to shiver and goose bumps to appear.... And then they were off: her shorts and panties both together, dropped and pooled at her feet.

He pulled her down onto her back, pushed her legs apart and crawled in between eagerly; he couldn't wait to taste her. Her neatly trimmed pussy glistened with juices, her arousal evident with all of his prayers answered. No need for fantasies now; he'd arrived at Nirvana.

Capturing her dripping nectar, the tangy taste of her pussy electrifying his taste buds, he began to lick her from bottom to top finishing on her clit, flicking it before starting again. He continued to feast on her delights as she began to moan softly, her head moving from side to side in ecstasy. She opened her eyes.

"Look!" she gasped. "Pau is copying us!"

At this point quite frankly Chris couldn't have given a toss he wasn't going to tear myself away from her. She had tormented him, invaded his dreams, and he'd fantasized about her constantly ever since she'd arrived at the zoo. He wasn't going to stop now; and it seemed she agreed, at least her body did.

Perhaps her mind was still focused on Pau and Liu. His continued attack on her pussy rewarded him with a torrent of juice into his mouth; he forced his tongue deeper into her, his teeth gently nibbled on and then lightly scraped over her swollen clit, and he kept on nibbling.

She began to thrash around, but he held onto her, one hand pressing gently but firmly on her toned stomach, and soft skin; his mouth stayed glued to her throbbing clit until she suddenly stopped ... then she exploded.

Her hands shot down to his hand pushing his face further into her dripping mound, letting out a guttural groan that reverberated through her body, he felt as well as heard her orgasm take her over the edge.

Juliet looked down at Chris; he could tell she was fascinated by the sight of her juices coating his smiling face. He grinned wider, and wondered if she sensed the full brunt of sheer lust he was barely holding in check.

He leaned back, pulled down his shorts and boxers to free his raging boner, the mushroom head spitting pre-cum, waiting to be satisfied; and stood there showing her his full length.

Juliet got to her knees staring face-to-cock, her mouth dropped open; perhaps she was impressed, or perhaps because she wanted to suck Chris. He couldn't stop himself. He thrust forward and watched his cock pierce her rosy lips and her eyes open wide in surprise when she got her first taste of his cum on her tongue.

She began to protest a little when his cock went further into her mouth; it made Chris even more excited as he felt her mumbles vibrate around his cock. He just kept pushing into her, and noticed that she started to get used to his length filling her mouth.

He began to guide her further down, reaching to stroke her hair then took hold of her head to pull her closer in until her throat opened enough to take his head inside. Every nerve ending tingled in his cock, enveloped in her warm wet mouth. When he finally bottomed he'd hit the back of her throat. Pulling out slightly before reinserting it back again, he slowly got into a rhythm, thrusting in and out.

The slurping noises she made were making the act that much more naughty as she actually enjoying his cock nestling in her mouth. He let her up for air before she engulfed it again. Soon she took control, shoving her mouth back down onto him eagerly, and he could feel her throat open up each time to accept his cock.

His ability to hold off his orgasm started to wane, so he picked up the pace, thrusting harder and harder. His balls tightened and begin to smack against her chin as his cum boiled upward.


Without any warning his cum shot deep into her mouth thick and plentiful, slowly coating her throat on its descent. He was delirious, watching her trying to swallow it all. But he wasn't stopping anytime soon. His hips jerked wildly, cum shooting out with every jerk till finally he slowed down. The flood diminished to a trickle and his legs buckled.

He lay there on his back on the sweet-smelling straw with his eyes closed and heard Juliet lay down opposite him. From out of his fog of delicious post-orgasm he opened his eyes and watched her spread her legs. His gaze lazily followed her hand as it dropped to her centre, lewdly spreading her pussy, exposing herself wide open to his gaze.

His cock began to respond hardening as he watched the show. Rising up onto his knees, took hold of his cock, and gazed down at her. His breath caught as he watched her lovely, heavy breasts rise and fall with each breath, her nipples taut and hard.

He watched her tongue snake out and slowly licked her lips as she gazed up at Chris, wondering what was to come. He bent down, hooked an arm under each leg and pulled her close. Slowly he pushed forward, the tip probing, spreading her mound, allowing entrance into her swollen slick nether lips.

He watched the mushroom head disappear down deeper then buried his length into her hot, tight, slick, velvet tunnel. Immediately he felt her muscles cling desperately around his cock; she pulled Chris in deeper and deeper until he bottomed out, his balls resting against her sweet, firm, upturned ass.

The complete feeling both felt caused them to let out a satisfied groan simultaneously. Then he grabbed hold of her hips, braced himself, and started first to pull out of her before slammed home again hard so that her beautiful breasts jiggled from the impact.

Steadily he picked up the pace; the jungle surroundings providing a perfect backdrop to the animalistic love making. Harder and faster he fucked her. Juliet's hips bucked and her breath began to come out in ragged gasps each time he bottomed out.

Suddenly Juliet pulled Chris down onto her, his lips to hers, kissing him hard and he felt her long sexy legs hook around behind, pulling him deeper into her as another orgasm gained momentum then started to take her into overdrive. Her boobs were crushed in between their slick bodies, and he grunted as she let out loud grunts getting quieter with each contraction.

Chris's raging erection was still hungry for more satisfaction: he flipped her pleasured, limp body over, slid his hands over her and grabbed a handful of ass in each hand and pulled her butt cheeks open, exposing her puffy cunt. His tongue seemed to have a mind of its own and lunged out and began lapping away at her dripping pussy.

"Ohhhhh ... fuck, please stop ... I can't cum anymore, I'm too tired." Juliet's usually assured voice wavered; she sounded almost plaintive, caught between pleasure and fatigue. He just dismissed her pleas and pushed himself up to mount her forcing his cock home once more.

"Ahhhhh. It ain't over till the young man sings!" He wasn't that far off from cumming and despite the onset of fatigue from so much intense exertion he wasn't going to let a single opportunity be wasted.

So he picked up the rhythm of his thrusts once again, watching her butt cheeks redden with each slap of his balls as he thrust into her, the juicy sluice of cum making the slapping sounds even louder. She started to lift her ass up to meet his thrusts, despite her body still thrumming from the orgasm she'd had only a few moments ago.

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