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Pandora's Box


I stared at the box lying on my bed. Knowing exactly what was contained in the seemingly innocent box only aided my anxiety. Nevertheless, I had done it. I had bought my first vibrator. Of the large selection within the store, this model had managed to catch my eye as well as generate new, previously unknown desires.

In my eighteen years, I had never been what one would consider experienced. I had never had a boyfriend, let alone kissed someone. But that never stifled my strong yearning for sex. While my friends talked obsessively about their boyfriends, I laid in bed at night rubbing my pussy and imagining that I was the object of their boyfriend's obsessions.

But I wanted more than just my hand rubbing my clit and my fingers stuffed into my vagina. I felt like there was a hole in my life that I couldn't fill.

I sat across from the box and cautiously opened the flaps. Inside nestled in a bed of plastic was a candy-pink piece of silicon. I slid it out of the box and admired its length, its width, and the beads that promised to make me "come hopping back for more." I caressed the tip of the fake penis with a finger, wondering if it was how a real penis felt; so soft, yielding and smooth. Curiously, I flipped one of the two switches up and felt as the beads began to rotate and the tip began to oscillate. I flipped the next switch up and felt a spur towards the base begin to vibrate softly. I lifted the vibrator towards my face, the spur closest to my mouth. I parted my lips and pressed my tongue against the spur, feeling the vibrations all the way down my spine.

I pushed my panties aside as I gauged how wet my cunt was becoming. The anticipation was paying off; my fingers were met with a slick mess threatening to flood through my panties. I slid the panties down my hips, taking my time, feeling the shivers of pleasure as I brushed my thighs. Next I dropped a hand down a filmy cup of my bra. My nipple was pressing against the material, all red and engorged. The other breast was the same way; struggling for attention. I leaned forward slightly and unhooked the bra, my breasts falling free and the nipples hardening more as the cold air assaulted them. I lifted my left breast, the thrill of pleasure I felt only fading to a buzz as I brought my nipple to my mouth and blew on it. Feeling daring, I pressed my tongue to my nipple and moaned as a warmth began to fill my pussy. I took the entire nipple into my mouth and swirled my tongue around it, delighting in the sensation. I became aware of my pussy juice flowing freely from my cunt, making a wet puddle on my bed. I looked at the toy sitting innocently on the nightstand and knew it was time.

I spread my legs widely apart, the reflection of my pussy in the mirror was tantalizing, the moist pink lips spread apart and the flower of my vagina and anus seeming to beg to be filled. I took the toy in my right hand and held the lips of my pussy apart and slowly pushed it into me. I groaned as I struggled to fit it all in. The nubs of the spur fit closely against my clit, hugging it. I took a deep breath and flipped the switch that caused the beads to turn and the head to oscillate. I gasped and moaned loudly as a sensation unlike anything I had experienced prior to this overcame me. The beads massaged the entrance of my cunt and the head hit spots I had never been able to reach. I rocked back and forth on the bed, squeezing my nipples harshly in between my fingers. The juice was flowing heavily from my pussy, moistening the sheets and coating my puckered asshole. I took a finger and pressed it against my anus, rubbing around it, making myself moan all the more loudly. I felt the first wave of orgasm it me as a warm torrent gushed from my pussy. I writhed on my bed, completely lost in the sensation. Unknowingly, I flipped the clit spur's switch. I screamed as the spur began to vibrate, attacking my clit from all sides. As the first orgasm subsided, another overtook me, my hands grasped the sheets and my hips bucked, shoving the toy even deeper into my slick cunt.

I lay on my bed, gasping for breath and searching for the switch to turn the toy off. My friends could keep their boyfriends. Until I found the right man, my new toy was going to fill the hole in my life just fine.

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