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Panic Attack!


Editor's note: this story contains scenes of non-consentual or reluctant sex.

All characters in this story are over the age of 18. Of course, if you are under that age, you are not welcome by Literotica or me to view the following erotica featuring sexual situations involving two females.

This story comes from a personal experience involving a dream-like state much like the one described here. Although the outcomes were different, the experience left me with an unusual feeling of spectral inferiority. I understand many of you are in it for the hot sex. There is some, but not a lot, but I do hope you enjoy the story.

The author looks forward to your constructive criticism, as well as your evaluation of the story. The rating system is presented to you so that the authors writing the material can continuously gain the feedback necessary to become better at their hobby, craft, and storytelling.


Dark brooding clouds covered the sky, ominously giving rise to an approaching storm. Weather forecasters had warned of its imminent danger, telling of the possibility of tremendous damage and the prospect of power outages throughout the area. Flooding was likely, as was high winds and even tornadoes. To imagine a worry-free, relaxing evening after an extremely stressful day was almost impossible.

I was lucky I lived in an apartment on the second story. It was not low enough to experience the brunt of possible flooding and perhaps not high enough to be encumbered by the winds. The apartment building, located in an area of Dallas where many multi-story buildings existed, determined the threat of tornadoes was negligible, however not impossible. Only the idea that the lights might go out haunted anyone living in the downtown area.

My day had gone sour about an hour after I made it to work, fifteen minutes late at that. Jennifer Munkson, the office snitch, informed the supervisor of the department of my delay, which in turn caused an on the carpet meeting with Judy, my direct boss. I do not understand what went through the Jennifer bitch's mind. I had never done anything to her, although she did have a reputation for being a stickler for the rules and although it was probably not personal, it struck me so. So exactly one hour into my shift, I found myself facing a somewhat irate supervisor.

"How many times does this make it?" Judy Nobles demanded.

"This is the first time I've ever been exposed," I replied being the smart ass I have a reputation for being.

"So, does that mean you admit to being habitual in this personal characteristic, Moni?"

"Of course not," I said, beginning to lose my patience. I think Judy knew I was getting testy. I mean, she had been my lover and understood my moods well. She had also been my close friend when she was one of us when she worked on the floor. It was only after her promotion a couple of weeks before that things changed. She shut us all down, all of us who had been near and dear to her over the years we worked together. We all knew why, though. The company we worked for did not put up with managers or supervisors fraternizing with the regular employees. She had to maintain departmental discipline.

"You know very well that I don't make a habit out of being late. I was trapped in the elevator that malfunctioned. I was in the building but had not clocked into work. Jennifer needs to mind her own business." I said as I glared at the floor.

"You were one of the people that were trapped, huh?" she questioned, smiling at me gently. "Well, I have to report it anyway, but I will put on the report that you were in the building unable to make it to the office on time because of a building malfunction. I will also quietly take care of Jennifer."

"Thank you," I stated, pretty surprised by her sudden change of demeanor. I moved to the edge of my chair, readying myself to get up to go back to my work.

"I've missed you, Moni. I'm so sorry my job changed, and we are no longer able to see one another. I was falling for you, but you knew when you told me to take the job that our lives would change. I hope there are no hard feelings."

"I love you, Judy, but I felt it was better to let you go rather than have you blame me later on if things didn't work out." I had hopelessly fallen in love with Judy. I did not know I had an affinity for lesbian sex until she and I got together the first time. The moment I kissed her I had known that I would do anything for her. When her lips and tongue attacked my pussy the first time, I bought into her immediately. My first taste of her sex drove me to a place I had never even considered I would go. I realized at that moment if I wasn't a lesbian, I was at least bi and tremendously receptive to the whole female/female thing.

"I certainly wish things hadn't changed, Monique," she commented using my full first name, not just the nick everyone called me (Moni, by the way, is pronounced "money.") "I'll let you get back to work. I hope your day is better than it started. Again, I will speak to Jennifer."

Her ominous well wishes did nothing for my day. Three of my clients called to back out of very lucrative deals I had been working on for them. A news report from a local business reporter who was trying to make a name for himself caused their change of heart. When I explained I had done the research, they told me they did not want to take the chance.

I am a financial adviser working with a Fortune 500 company. My primary job requires that I research new means of investment for our clients and convince them to take the chance. My company charges a nominal fee and a small percentage of the profits they make in their first year to pay for my services. That is how I make money for my company. I do my best not to offer packages that have a high risk of failure. So far, I have never lost money. My company pays me an adequate salary drawn from my commission. At the end of a fiscal quarter, I am paid a lump sum on all outstanding commissions. There has never been a quarter I have lost money, and I always receive a rather large compensation check. I have always been able to put considerable amounts of money away into my savings. Why would I take a chance on some of my best clients losing their ass? I would have to eventually contact the asshole who keeps reporting inefficient news on money matters and give him a piece of my mind.

All day long my problems seemed to burst over my head, much like the impending storm seemed to be trying to do. I was so glad when 5:00 came that I headed out the door the moment the clock struck its mark. That is when I heard the people waiting for the buses to take them out of the city bemoaning the foul weather that was on the way. I always walked to and from work, as I only lived three blocks down.

There were plenty of delis, cafes, fast food places, Chinese takeout houses, pizza joints, etc. that I rarely cooked at home. I was a great cook, but I was not going to take the time to prepare a decent meal just for me. I decided Chinese was on the menu, so I stopped at the Chinese Village take out. It was about a block from the apartment. I did not think the storm would trap me.

Chinese take-out in tow, I walked the remaining distance to my apartment complex. My apartment's rent was high. I was in a refurbished building that had once been a low rise business building in the 1950s consisting of ten stories, each having six luxury apartments. There was a lot of character on the outside, but the inside was, well, extravagant. Designed for elaborate entertaining the flat was quaint, simple to keep clean, and it was home.

About the time I got settled and started eating, the weather came in. The scene from the massive windows in the living area grew black, appearing to be far later in the day than it was. The rain began peppering the window, and when I got up to look, the wind was blowing almost as bad as a hurricane. Constructed of thick, well made, mid-twentieth century brick the building gave me the sense I had no reason to worry about any real damage, perhaps some marks on the windows from flying debris. The structure was sturdy enough I certainly could not feel the effects of the storm. I decided to turn on the television for updates on the front that was pushing through. The weather forecaster was blunt. "Seek cover immediately." I left the weather station on and made my way to take a shower. There might be a need to go ahead and do the hygiene things usually scheduled for the morning. The forecast called for two full days of foul weather.

I had just gotten nude and ready for her shower when my house phone rang. Most people who knew me would call me on the cell. The only reason I had a landline was in cases of emergency or if I lost my cell phone. I sat naked on the bed and answered the phone. It was Judy.

"Hey," Judy said. "I just called to tell you not to come into work tomorrow. It seems corporate has decided the commute for most of the employees would be too dangerous. The weather people believe it's going to be flooding by tomorrow morning."

"Do you have to go in, Judy?" I asked.


"I figured. What say I come on in so you'll have company. I can catch up on some work while I'm there. I assume they're going to pay us anyway. You know that I am high and dry here and most of the streets are well above flood level. I don't think there's any chance that it'll rain enough to bring a torrential deluge in this area. If it's not too high tomorrow morning, I'll come in."

"I don't know, Moni," Judy stressed. "Corporate said I was to stay here all night, so there won't be any chance I'll have a commuting issue, and you know how they are..."

"Well, if asked tell them I couldn't be contacted and came on in."

"Oh, Moni, be safe coming here. I would hate something happening to one of my favorite people."

"I will," I promised.

When I got off the phone and started toward the shower, I realized my pussy was soaking wet. Judy did that for me. I really could not understand why I offered to come in, but thinking about Judy in a closed environment, alone, turned me on. Perhaps I would get lucky, but probably not as Judy's job had broken us up before.

After my shower, I lay down on the bed, wrapping the bed comforter around me. Most of the lights were still on in the apartment. I knew I would most likely wake up later to turn them off, so drifting off to sleep with memories of sweet Judy on my mind seemed okay. My dreams were quick in coming, and I relished the effects they caused me.

In my dreams, visions of the ones I called lovers flashed through my mind. Franklin was my first, taking my virginity while I was a senior in high school. George floated by in my mind, the first man to make me feel special. Horace, the bearer of my first orgasm, made an appearance. Susan was the first friend I considered having a lesbian liaison with, chickening out after the first kiss. Filled with faces without names each experience was unique in its own right. Then there was Judy, what I considered the true love of my life...until...the job.

The night Judy told me, we celebrated. I never had that many orgasms at any given time. The exquisite titillation of the ministrations from her hands, body, and tongue kept me on the precipice all night long, allowing me the Adrenalin push over the edge. I ached for more, more than she was capable of giving. Greed for the orgasm overcame my docile nature, and I became like a wild animal seeking the satisfaction gained from a big kill. From the moment I kissed her, till she was getting dressed the next morning, I pursued the essence of her being. Being a succubus is an adequate comparison to the way I acted. When she left to go to work early, I felt empty, devoid of the exuberant manifestation of the excitement of the chase, but delighted with the memories of the sex the night before.

When I got to work that morning, before clock-in time mind you, Judy called me into her office. She asked me to close the door, and then the hammer was lifted. She read the passage in the corporation handbook about management-employee relationships. It said plainly: "No one in a position of influence can/will maintain an emotional or romantic relationship with anyone under their supervisory or managerial control. The penalty for ignoring the rule will be the immediate termination for both parties."

I sat stunned, shocked in fact. "When did you find this out?" I asked sheepishly.

"This morning," she replied. "I will try to transfer to another department if you like."

"You can't do that," I responded. "You were promoted because you know this office better than anyone other than, maybe me. I will request the transfer."

"If you stay with the company, they won't let you. You happen to be the top money maker in this division. The company considers you an asset 'par excellence,' Moni. You would have to resign and attempt to get a similar job elsewhere. I just won't hear of it. You are important to me, but so is your position and what you represent to this company. My new job is as necessary, and it means so much more money..."

"What does money mean, when you can't spend it on the one you love," I commented. That's when Judy laid it to me.

"I 'm sorry you've fallen in love with me, Moni, but the feeling isn't mutual. You've been a wonderful lover and last night was amazing, but the sex is the only connection I have with you. I'm not in love with you."

"You are lying to me," I practically screamed. "There's no way you could make me feel the way you do without being in love with me."

"I love having sex with you, Moni. I'm not in love with you...not in the least. I would never even jeopardize my new position by pretending..."

"You fucking bitch."

"The sex was great. I loved everything about your body and what you can do to me, but it's not worth sacrificing my career. I can have sex with anyone I want...all I need to do is go to our favorite bar..."

I am usually very strong, but at that moment I broke down, dying inside for all to see. I am sure those employees who made their way into the office figured I no longer had my job because of my emotional state. We had kept our relationship secret, but there was always the office rumors perpetuated by people like Jennifer Munkson, whose self-importance dominated their personae to make everyone's lives around them miserable.

I shook my head to get control and then raised it to stare at my now former lover. "I love you with every ounce of my being, and because of that, I'm letting you go. I want you to be successful, and I won't be a hindrance. Don't tease me and lead me on from now on."

"You won't have to worry about that," she commented as she hit me with the final swing of the bat. "If I led you on or played with your emotions, you would have a sexual harassment case, and I wouldn't jeopardize my job by doing something so stupid."

I asked to leave. As I wandered out of Judy's office, I met the smirking Jennifer Munkson. I do not know what came over me, but I shouted at her, "What the fuck are you looking at?" In the days to come, I found her lurking, just looking for something to report me over. I believe she was surprised I still maintained my employment after the episode with Judy.

My dreams soon morphed into nightmares, as they tend to do. There was something obviously sinister about what was happening in my mind. My perception became filled with darkness. Images of my childhood and my abusive parents crept from somewhere deep down in the mental file drawer I had locked. The cursing my mother always sent my way, vulgar to the point one could compare her to the proverbial sailor, cut me like an ax. Then the terrible beatings I suffered from my alcoholic father, always extreme because he had little restraint when he drank, which was all the time, permeated my consciousness. The treatment from my older siblings, their casual malevolence in the way they approached me, destroyed my confidence daily. My brother teased me relentlessly, and my sister slapped me all the time and took my dolls, which always ended up with the arms and legs removed from their torsos. Finally, there was my rasping, whining grandmother, subliminally suggesting I was not good enough for her or the family...All of those awful memories formulated mutations of those dreadful times, making even those horrendous moments worse. I woke when I was about to be hit by my father with a belt that had metal spikes on it, a belt that never existed, but was expounded by the frightening delusion.

I woke, and I could feel my body covered in moisture, probably from the tension in the dream, but I could not move or see. Try as I might, nothing seemed to work. I began to imagine I was still suffering the tortures of my unsightly visions. If I was awake, why were the lights off? Crap, I thought, it must be a power outage. The darkness gave me the perception of loneliness, and then weirdness happened. I felt a touch, under the covers on my thighs.

I am sane, but at that moment I was beginning to wonder. I mean, I felt awake. I truly started panicking. I could not be sure, but I questioned my perception of reality, challenged by unknown forces. There was no reason for what was transpiring, and as far as I knew, there was no one in the room to touch my person. The contact was there, however, and real. I struggled to move, but could not. I could feel both the bedding and pillow, but also the touch which began creeping upward on my flesh, sending prickly goosebumps all over. My mind screamed danger, but there was nothing I seemed to be able to do that would alleviate the feeling. The phantom probe moved higher, and as it inched closer to my vagina, I felt warmness growing in the pit of my stomach.

Mind you; I could not see anything. The room, my bedroom, in my extravagant apartment was 'pitch black.' The Vin Diesel movie of the same name came to mind. At that moment, I wanted to be Riddick, Diesel's character. He was the only one that could see the flying monsters that consumed all flesh. Where had I seen that movie?...oh yeah, Judy and I saw it because a male co-worker said it would scare the shit out of anyone who watched it. It was a Netflix night. Judy and I clung to one another the entire film.

I have been scared in my lifetime. There were times events frightened me. In this instance, however, I was panic stricken...terrified. I was unable to move, apparently, or I could find my way to sanity. I was unable to see. Therefore I could not identify my assailant, so I began to doubt there was someone with me. However, I did feel something touching me. The panicked reasoning in my head thought perhaps I was possessed...but why did I feel so warm?

Nothing could have prepared me for that evening: NADA! The movement of the 'touch' crept toward my pussy, but when I thought it had reached its target, everything I thought would happen changed. The bed comforter covering my breasts pulled down and uncovered me. Exposed to what I did not know, but unmasked, no less. I felt my nipples pinched and twisted, motion designed to delight, not to frighten. I could not see, yet I felt, and I moaned.

The phantom invasion soon took on a fantastic extra-relevant sensation. My hopes for a quiet night at home continued to deterioate in the second it took me to realize I WAS NOT ALONE...but who was here? I searched my mind, the history of the building, the room I lived in, everything and again...Nothing. Who would have access to the room except for Judy, the only person who still had a key? The feeling did remind me of her, but I knew it wouldn't be because of her responsibility to the office. I did not dwell on anyone else, however, as their touch was not reminiscent of my present predicament. The sensation around my tits grew moist, then tickled as if a hundred tongues were lathering my breast. My breathing became scant as I begged deep down for more. I still could not move, and I could not see, but the feeling of fear had changed to desire and longing.

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