Pan's Gift



Lilith didn't know him very well. In fact, she met him just moments ago, in the library that she loved to visit. And yet, even though she barely knew him, she invited him over to her house. Tonight. This may not seem so strange for some women, who enjoy bringing men into their homes by the truckload. But for Lilith, this was a monumental change of pace.

Lilith, also known as Lily by her friends, was what one could call a conservative girl. Never did she go to the raves to get drunk. Not once did she do any type of drug. Wearing anything less than jeans and a t-shirt in public was insane to her. Lilith's last date was in seventh grade to a stupid football player. He turned out just wanting to feel her up instead of talking. That guy had a few weeks in the hospital for that particular attempted groping. Obviously, Lilith wasn't the type of girl to just let any guy have their way with her.

She enjoyed sports quite a bit. Basketball, badminton, volleyball, you name it, she played it. As result of her constant exercise, she was fit and shapely, and tended to draw the attentions of any male in her general area, sometimes even a few girls. At 5'10 and 108 pounds, she could put an alley cat to shame for her litheness and agility. Long golden-blond hair would zigzag after her like a comet's tail as she darted to and fro on the court. Rarely was her hair stationary at any time in the day, in fact. And not a single person, especially the guys, would miss being mesmerized by her perfectly shaped breasts pressing out against her thin gym shirt. This helped Lilith, of course. Guys too busy ogling bouncing boobs tend to be easy to beat in any game.

On top of that, Lilith was also very intelligent. Top of her classes, model student, and never missed a day of school. Straight A's that made the geeks jealous and the preps dumbfounded were always in her grasp. She liked to read, and read she did. Lilith was the kind of girl who would read Biology textbooks over the weekend just for fun. One who studied history not because it was the test next Friday, but because it intrigued her. Who read poetry every night before sinking into a peaceful sleep. She was, by all standards, a very special girl, and in many more ways than one.

But one subject she particularly enjoyed was old mythologies. She would pour over book after book, from Greek, to Egyptian, to Norse, even getting into demonologies. The tales tickled her mind in a way that nothing else could. Lilith had always admired the characters within the stories, of how brave they were, how bold, and how beautiful they were. And secretly, she liked the succubus the best. She even dreamed many a night that she was one, with moonlight skin, midnight hair, and pitch black stretching wings. Lilith would always wake from that dream covered in misty sweat, and a pleasant tingling below her navel. She always instantly regretted the moment she woke up from it.

And that's when she met him. Lilith was browsing aimlessly in the library, looking for something to supplement her collections. She held a book entitled Myths and Fables: Spirits and Demons. It was from the long line of the Myths and Fables books, and it would fit in perfectly with her secret growing collection of fiend-oriented books.

She leafed through the pages, skimming through in search for the pictures. Lilith, as said before, liked reading, but loved art. And the Myths and Fables line was full of artwork. This book was no different; engravings of angels and demons battling; photos of stone-hewn likenesses of creatures great and small; intricate pencil drawings of reptile-like monsters flaunting their strength, all contained in the rather thick tome she held in her hands.

She stopped on one page briefly. It was entitled, 'Sexual Demons' in bold, intricate print, and she glanced at the page-large portrait. It showed a woman and a man in some sort of dark room. They were on a blood-red velvet bed, with the man over the girl. And they were naked.

Being the studious and professional girl, Lilith could handle sexual things without loosing her composure. Usually. However, the scene contained even more. The woman was beautiful, lying face-up under the man. Her face was that of pure ecstasy; her hands clawing at the back of the man in some desperate attempt to force him deeper into her. Lilith could relate, as she was no stranger to the carnal pleasures that a hand and a bit of imagination could provide. But the girl was having real sex, which Lilith never had before. And her face looked like she was writhing in pain, but loving every moment of it... and Lilith couldn't help but examine it more closely.

She looked to the man, and her breath caught. The artist's work was exquisite by far on the entire painting, but that man was something out of a dream. Tall and muscled in all the right places, his arms supported his body above the girl's. Red, almost flaming hair donned him, and even his skin having a crimson tinge to it. His face was contorted in his efforts, but through that he was smiling mischievously as he was about to plunge into the orgasmic woman again. Lilith leaned closer to the page, completely enthralled in the couple, and wishing to fall right into the page...

"Nice picture. What's it called?" Came a cool voice behind the mesmerized Lilith.

She gasped, snapping out of her carnal trance and dropping the book from her stunned fingers. The title was the only part of the picture she didn't stare at. Lilith turned around to face the voice, ready to stare down the culprit who interrupted her study. But this time her eyes traveled up to meet the man's gaze.

"Uh, well, I wasn't really looking at the picture that much..." She stuttered out, instead of roaring at the person. It was Lilith's plan to chew this guy out, but that was before she saw him.

"Hmmm," Hummed the tall man, "It looks like you were studying it pretty hard though," The guy had a nice voice. Almost musical. He also had a small grin that grew wider as he stared at the quickly reddening Lilith.

"No!" Lilith said rather loudly, making a few studious people turn around to glare at the cause. Quieting down to a hushed whisper, Lilith's hissed, "Well, what if I was 'studying' it? It is art, and it is a beautiful piece of work."

"Oh really?" He raised an eyebrow, "I thought it was some sort of porn the way you were nearly drooling over it," His amused grin widened, and Lilith blushed even deeper.

"Well, it's none of your business anyway," She dismissed, bending down to pick up her book, "So I'm just going to check out this art book, and I can stare at the pictures all I want." Lilith turned around and planned on walking away then, but before she could take a step, he stopped her with his voice.

"You like older stuff don't you?" He inquired, stopping Lilith in her tracks.

"I'm NOT into older guys, thank you very much," Lilith snapped over her shoulder.

"No no no," The twenty-some guy said, "I mean you like ancient stuff, like monsters and mythology, am I right?"

Lilith spun around in an instant, "What are you, a stalker!?" She felt her muscles tense up and she held the book to her chest like a shield. More people looked this time, quieting both Lilith and the man's voices with looks of annoyance.

The man backed up a step and waves his hands disarmingly, trying to simultaneously apologize to the audience and regain Lilith's fleeting attention, "No, not at all! I just come here often and I always see you lurking around these shelves," He motioned around him to the many books, "And all that's here are mythology and Karma Sutra books. So, using my logic, you are either a very cute bookworm or a porn fanatic," He crossed his arms, and his grin returned, "Or, you are a secret porn fanatic cute bookworm."

Lilith scoffed at his remarks, "Well, I'm not a secret porno fanatic at all,"

She kinda lied. She had read Karma Sutra a few times, and it was one of her more favorite 'study tools' late at night when all the rest of the world was asleep. But this guy didn't have to know that, nor did he have to know that the book in her hands would become a 'study tool' as well.

"I like books," Lilith continued, "You, on the other hand, apparently think you can hook up with 'cute bookworms' with some sly comments. Well, it's not gonna work on me! So goodbye," She turned on her heel and indignantly, making her glowing hair swish behind her. She resumed her trek to the counter to leave the creep behind.
Even though, she thought to herself, he was kinda cute.

"Wait!" He cried urgently after her. Why Lilith stopped she didn't know, but she turned again to face him, "Look, I'm sorry I offended you,"

"You better be," Lilith knew she was giving him the evil eye right then.

"You see, pretty women make men do stupid things," Lilith gave him a look that could make stone crumble, "Uh, like trying to butter up an obviously angry woman with cheap words-"

"You got that right," Lilith cut in.

"But you will remember the stories about the Satyrs, right?" Pan asked.

Lilith's memory on them was somewhat shrouded in her brain, but she reluctantly agreed, "Yes... and what's your point?"

"Well," He started, "Those guys were half man, half goat. Maybe it was the goat half, or the male guy half, but either way the little bastards were horny!" Lilith tried to suppress a small smile, but the corners of her lips succumbed.

"And since they were horny, and guys at that, they would chase after young women all the time. Especially virgins, in particular," The guy's grin returned, and his extremely-dark blue eyes sparkled, "So they would do anything in their power to seduce those girls. But, being guys overcome with the presence of a beautiful woman, they usually just chased like hell after them, and screwed up miserably."

Lilith couldn't believe that this guy actually knew at least a little bit about mythology, but she tested him, "So, what is the point of that then?"

"The point is: Guys tend to be civilized, but turn into animals when pretty girls are around," He smiled, and added, "And that guys are constantly horny, but that's beside the point. The main thing is that a guy can't woo a girl that he likes into liking him by throwing himself at her. That's why the Satyrs never got any most of the time."

"Well?" He stared at Lilith's blank look. Lilith found out she was staring, slightly mesmerized by his insight and his voice.

She shook it off, "Ah... So you read into them, huh?"

"Oh, I love those kinda tales, cause they show us what people are really like: Horny and hairy," He smiled with his oh-so lovable grin. Lilith couldn't help but giggle behind her book.

"Hey, I gotta ask you something," Their eyes connected, "Since chasing after you like a Satyr isn't going to work, would you like to willingly go out with me sometime?" His grin broadened on his face and his eyes sparkled.

Lilith was caught entirely off guard, "Uhh, well... umm..." She looked at her feet, which had just become extremely fascinating to her. The beating of her heart surely could be heard by the guy too, Lilith thought. But the guy just stood there, watching her patiently and with his smile. Lilith didn't know much about him, or who he was even, but she knew one thing.

She liked him.

Well, sure he was cute, and even a bit sexy to her on some levels. He knew about mythology, which you don't find many guys that do, especially in her town. But, she hadn't been on a date since middle school, and years later she still didn't feel at all comfortable with the idea... She had to make up a plausible excuse without necessarily blowing the guy off entirely.

"Well?" His voice drifted to her again. She looked up, and tried to look sincere.

"Well, you see, I have a lot of homework to do...Writing up an essay and all that kind of stuff. So I won't be able to get out of my house at all," It was a solid case, which could not possibly fail. But the guy's smile never even faltered.

He simply replied, "Oh, that's ok. I can help ya with your homework, if you want. I'm very good at helping out people, ya know," He cocked his head to the side, a silent question to Lilith. What she did next shocked herself, even at the time.

"Well..." She examined her feet for the answers, but found none. Finally, she answered:

"Ok then."

The impulsive words just spilled out of her mouth before she could stuff them back down her throat. Though on the surface Lilith didn't want this stranger in her house, something in the back of her mind wanted it... Badly.

He clapped his hands and his grin morphed into a full smile, "Great! I won't let ya down..." He paused and stared, cocking his head to the side in another silent question.

"Lilith," She blurted out, "My friends call me Lily," Her conservative side screamed, 'What in the hell are you doing!? You don't even know this guy!' But she was too far gone to back out now.

"Well, Lily, you have a very beautiful name," Lilith felt her blush coming back again.

He straightened up a bit and declared, "My name is Pan," The name seemed so familiar to her, but just out of reach in her mind. "Like the mythological Pan, only as you can see, I'm not a goat-man," Lilith remembered the name now as one of the Satyrs, and she giggled, a smile much bigger than she thought crossing her face.

Pan smiled back, "What's your address, Lily?"

"Its 1204, 5th Street North," Lilith did it again. Telling a complete stranger where she lived, after telling them her name and even her nickname. She reasoned that it would be too rude to smash Pan's dreams now, so might as well go all the way. At least, that's how she rationalized her uncontrolled blurting and the fluttering of her heart.

"Ok! Is Saturday at five o'clock good for you?"

"It's perfect!"

"Great! Then I'll see ya then?"

"Yeah, see you then, Pan."

Pan gave Lilith a little wink and walked away, disappearing around the corner of the aisle. Once he was gone, she let out a deep breath she had been holding for what seemed like hours and slummed against the bookshelf.

'Why did I just do that?' She thought, 'Well, it could be worse... I could have done all that with some drunkard...' She thought grimly. 'At least he's cute, and smart, and funny...And sexy,' She added. Lilith walked down to the counter, shaking her head in an attempt to stop grinning ear to ear.

Lilith walked back to her house in a giddy haze, having been unable to shake off her smile since meeting with that guy. While walking up her porch steps with Spirits and Demons held tightly to her chest, she realized that she had just set up her first date in years with a guy she just met for about five minutes. And to her horror, she realized it was Friday, and that her with him date was tomorrow!

Lilith burst into her house and nearly screamed at the sight. Lilith, even though being a very organized and clean girl in most aspects, didn't exercise the same philosophy in her house. Loose books covered the floor like sleeping doves. Cascades of old homework papers flowed off from the tired old couch. Soda cans and energy bar wrappers nested on her work station like lazy seagulls.

Dashing to her room, Lilith found it in much the same state, however much more embarrassing. Besides the layers of clothing all across her floor, her walls were covered with girlie posters. The tight jeans that she loved to wear were strewn about the room in random heaps. Colorful shirts, which accented her breasts nicely, were flung far and wide across the carpeted plain. The underwear seemed to have had minds of their own, as they were on her floor, her bed, even on her smaller, slightly tidier version of her outside work desk. Lacy, bright, and soft, her panties and bras defined the room as Lilith's. She looked at her demon book in her hand, which Pan had called 'porn', and a cat-like grin crept across her face.

"I'll use this later," Lilith mused as she bent down and placed her new book into a small black shoebox. It joined an old Playgirl for company, which summed up what kinds of things Lilith kept in that black box. But she was thinking again about that painting. It had scorched into her mind, and it wouldn't go away. She sighed as she pushed the container back under her bed for later. She was in the mood now to put it to good use, but first...

"But first I gotta clean up this mess!" Lilith flailed her arms around, motioning to all of the 'mess'. After a slight tantrum, she sighed, defeated, but determined to finish this mammoth task before she fell asleep.

Piles of paper towels, three large garbage bags, and a whole case of sodas later, Lilith's ungodly task was complete. She wiped the sweat from her brow. Her once clean clothes were now crusted with dirt and dust from her hellish job. Shambling back to her room like a wounded soldier, Lilith stumbled back into her now completely panty-less domain. With an exhausted, "Mff", she collapsed onto her bed. But she wasn't tired enough to forget about the erotic portrait.

Lilith's arm flopped over the end of her bed, lamely attempting to get at her little black box. "Damn it..." she mumbled, "Can't... get it..." flailing weakly, her limp finally gave up. She was just too tired from all the cleaning to reach into her stash of visual intrigues. Luckily, she wasn't tired enough to be unable to engage in what they would aid.

With the perfect picture in her mind, Lilith's hands drifted over her body. She closed her eyes, letting her hands do all the work. It amazed her how her hands seemed like a different entity, spreading across her body like probing tendrils. As she pulled at her shirt, she couldn't believe how tight it was on over herself.

"Jeez...Pan saw me in this?" Lilith sighed as she shucked off her thin shirt. Her fingers felt chilly against her bare midsection as they traced around her navel in lazy swirls. They meandered down to her equally tight pants in the same thoughtless fashion.

"Mmmm, no wonder Pan was so into me..." She slid off her tight jeans and kicked them away. Exposed to the cool air, Lilith's only defense against the chilly room was her deep purple bra and panties. Though she was a modest girl on the outside, Lilith's underwear told a different story. Intricate patterns traced across the silky material, making her want to touch it, rub it, caress it.

"Ooooo..." Lilith cooed as her cold hands played down her stomach. 'God, I'm getting so worked up thinking about him...' She pondered as she felt her body heat up. Her hands drifted lower. Lower from soft shoulders. Lower from heaving breasts. Lower from taut stomach. Closer to her moist sex, its fragrance filling the air around her, alluring her to give it what it so desired.

"Oh god," She moaned, "this feels sooo-" Lilith never finished her lusty outcry. Suddenly, without cause or warning, it happened. Her hands stopped dead, inches away from their destination. Before she could even realize what was happening she...



Lilith was out cold after the laborious toiling of cleaning. She hadn't realized that she had worked non-stop till dawn. Obviously, she didn't anticipate how massive a job it really was.

She stirred in her deep slumber, moaning as she shifted position yet again. In her dreams, she was running. Running from something. A monster! More and more books piled up in her arms every step she took. But the creature was gaining on her. Lilith's legs felt heavy as more books filled her arms, towering above her. Its hot breath was on her back. A rock, unseen by her, broke her stride, and she fell.

And fell.

And fell.

And suddenly, Lilith was in a room that seemed oddly familiar. On stone walls hung small touches, whose light barely sliced through the gloom. The tapestries opposite the torches became odd lanterns, making pools of ruby light in the stone grey room. Soft carpeting covered the floor, tempting Lilith to wiggle her toes. And there, in the middle of the room, was a large ornate bed covered in blood-red velvet.

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