tagErotic HorrorPanther Attack Ch. 02

Panther Attack Ch. 02


A cool breeze flowed past Ann's ears, causing them to twitch. Her eyes watched over the field before her. The three cubs she and Arell had brought into this world were almost grown. It had been almost two years, since that eventful night since Arell had taken her as his mate and transformed her. It would soon be Halloween again; Her body was telling her that the time was near. Anna reflected on the previous conversation she and Arell had the night before.

"You know Mate, that the time comes for each of us to bring others to the Pride is almost upon us. The moon is almost full; in two days we must choose new mates for the night and bring the change. Our Pride needs to grow" Arell whispered in Anna's ear. His body was curled behind hers to give her warmth in the cold night. He gently licked the side of her face, purring deep in his wide chest.

"I am afraid, Arell. I don't know if I could choose a man to take me and force him to join us. I was very angry for what you did to me, it took a long time for me to forgive you and embrace this new destiny." Anna whispered, her eyes tearing up with sorrow. "There are things I can not remember, shadows that move in my head. How can I do that to someone and take away their life as well?" Anna sobbed quietly.

"You must! We will talk no more of this; you will do as you are told. Sleep now, you will need your strength." Arell commanded. With that Anna laid her head on Arell's feet and went to sleep.

Anna watched as the three cubs wrestled and played before her, bringing flashes of forgotten memories. Anna saw, four little girls, two blondes, and two red heads. The children were laughing and playing in a yard, on a rope swing. "Who were these children and why did this vision bring her such sadness?" She thought. As quickly as the memory came, it disappeared. It didn't matter; she had more important things to think about. Like where to find this new mate Arell spoke about. Anna called to her children and walked back to their den, confused and thoughtful.

The next day Ann left her family and went in search of the male she had to mate with. Arell had told her to go to the man caves and watch, making sure she wasn't seen. Anna knew that mankind wanted nothing more than to hunt and cage her.

Anna stealthily walked thru the Shawnee Forest, keeping her eyes peeled for hunters, her pointed ears searching for any alien sound. Hearing something strange, she turned toward the sound. A soft lilting sound coming from her right, she slowly walked towards the sound. Shortly she came up on a campsite, she could smell the tantalizing scent of fish making her stomach grumbled.

Anna slunk slowly to the edge of the clearing, crawling under a dense bush, a perfect place to watch without being seen. She surveyed the campsite before her. A large pointed man cave, a small fire with a metal grate over it for cooking, and a machine playing flute music, near the man cave, it's volume low as not to disturb anyone. Anna's keen sense of smell told the hungry panther that there was someone near, although she couldn't see him at the moment.

The smell of the fish and man suddenly became stronger; Anna's nose pulled the scent from the air. So preoccupied with the enticing aroma, she almost let the human stumble upon her. A large man came into the clearing very close to were Anna was crouching under the bush.

The man went thru the motions of cleaning his fish. He had no idea the stealthy panther watched his every move. Anna liked the way he moved. His body attracted the lady panther. His wide shoulders, and dark good looks, made her think that she had found the man she was looking to mate with and transform.

Anna waited till the man had gone into his tent for the night before she moved from her hiding place. She walked with caution around the campsite. She sniffed his belongings for the scent of a female. Having found none, she returned to her mate to tell him of the man she had found.

After stopping to feed on a rabbit, Anna entered the den she shared with her family. Arell was there waiting anxiously for her safe return.

"Why have you been gone so long from our den? There are too many dangers for us, not to be very careful." Arell inquired from Anna, Arell's concern for Anna showing easily in his golden eyes. Ann felt bad for being away so long and walked over to Arell and gently rubbed against him.

"I was hunting for a man to mate tomorrow night. I have found one suitable for our pride, he will give us many cubs." Anna spoke as she licked the side of Arell's neck. Arell watched as Anna walked to the back of the den to be with their children, and to lie down on the makeshift straw bed they shared together. Arell left the den and returned shortly with a scrap of fabric hanging from his mouth. He laid it at her feet.

Anna looked at the material, then up at Arell. "What is it Arell?' Anna asked.

He nudged it gently towards Anna. "I took this from one of the man caves. It had fallen out of what you had called a basket that a woman was carrying. When you change at moonrise tomorrow night, you'll need to cover yourself. This will do." with that said, Arell left the den again, leaving Anna to look over the object he had given her. She moved it gently with the tip of her paw, admiring the shimmer of the material. Vague memories of such objects lightly shadowed her mind, and then left again. Pushing it to the side, Anna laid her head down and was quickly asleep. Her last thoughts were of the large man in the forest.

Early the next day, Anna walked back to the campsite to make sure the man had not left. As she approached near the spot she had lain the night before, she heard the man whistling. Hunching down, as close to the ground as possible, she watched as his form entered her sight. Appearing from behind a tree, bringing the acrid scent of urine with him. Shaking the scent from her stinging nose, Anna watched him fill his pack and strap it onto his back. She had seen many campers wear such things over the last two years. Anna watched him leave the campsite, stopping to pick up a long stick and a little box, knowing he would return that night. She stood quietly and left to return home, knowing she too would be returning tonight.

On the way back to her den, Anna came up on a large stream. Looking down at the water a new image entered her mind, one of her in a deep tub, using scented soap on smooth skin. Looking around to make sure there were no humans about, Anna stepped into the water. At first the water frightened her, the quick movement and the way it seeped thru her thick hair to her hide. After a few tense moments, Anna began to relax and enjoy the feeling of being clean for the first time in two years.

The water was cool to her hide and had the heady scent of pine needles. She splashed around in the water, playfully chasing a few fish. Anna noticed that the hour was growing late; it had to be past feeding time for her family. Jumping out of the water, she shook the water from her muscled form, sending a spiraling wave of water as far as five feet around her. Then Anna pranced happily thru the bushes in search of food for her family.

On the other side of the stream, a form stepped from behind a tree, the Man. Holding his fishing pole and a stringer with two fish in his hands. He watched the panther bound thru the bushes, his mouth wide open.

The sun had been down for several hours when Arell came to Anna. She had been feeling strange for a while, antsy and nervous, not knowing why.

"It is time to go now," Arell spoke firmly. "Go to the place of the man and await the change of your body." He stood at the entrance, watching her, knowing she was nervous. "Go." Arell spoke with authority. Then he left, leaving Anna to go on her own. She picked up the scrap of material he had given her, and then she too left the safety of their den.

Anna neared the place by the stream, when the first pain struck her body. She dropped the scrap from her mouth, crying out loudly, an ear piercing scream of a panther. Anna writhed on the ground as wave upon wave of pain ripped thru her body. She watched in horror as her hide split over her paws, up to her shoulders. Small human hands emerged thru the open hide. Screaming thru each shocking pain, her body was soon naked from all hide, leaving a trembling human woman where a panther once stood.

Anna now covered in blood, crawled to the stream and slid into the water. She rinsed all the blood from her nude body and long hair. When she stood on shaky legs, she was no longer panther, but now human.

At the campsite, the Man was shaken. He had been hearing the panther's scream for almost an hour. Relief flooded him when it finally quit. Since the screams had came from somewhere near his campsite, he was still nervous. The Man had retrieved his rifle from the tee pee, worried that the panther would attack him. He added a few new logs onto the fire so he could see the area better. When he stood, he was shocked to see a woman at the edge of his camp.

The women was small, about 5'4'', with tangled, shoulder length blonde hair, streaked with black. The women's large sea blue eyes flashed gold in the firelight. She was wearing a dark purple nightgown with spaghetti straps, one of which had slid off her left shoulder.

Anna stood there, watching the man. A strange sensation flooded her entire being. A curling excitement wrapped around her pelvis, creating little spasms of deep searing heat. Anna walked on still shaky legs toward the man, her breasts rising and falling in panting desire. Her nipples hard and pointed thru the thin material throbbed from the friction of each step. Anna stopped in front of him and looked deep into the Man's eyes and slowly licked her upper lip.

The Man had watched each graceful step this woman had taken, walking thru the campsite on slender bare feet. Her heels never touched the soft grass, walking only on her toes. "What in the world was a women, clad only in a nightgown doing in his camp, this late at night?" He thought to himself.

"Lady, are you ok?" The Man asked Anna. "Is there something you need? You really shouldn't be walking around like that. There's wild animals around here and you could get hurt." He watched Anna's face to see if she understood him. A strange aroma emanated from the beautiful women; something familiar and enticing, making his body react to hers. A sudden shiver shook her slender frame. Thinking the near naked women was cold and needed shelter, an idea came to him. "Hey, why don't you sit in my lodge, while I grab my cell phone from my truck. You can stay in there and get warm. Ok?" He asked.

Anna let the man lead her into his large tee pee. She stood silently while he looked around for a blanket. As soon as he turned his back, Anna removed the gown. When he turned to give her the blanket he was shocked to see her completely naked. Thinking the women to be in shock, he quickly approached her to wrap her in the warm blanket. Anna's brought her right hand up to his chest to stop him from covering her.

Anna looked up into the Man's eyes as she brought her hand up the side of the Man's neck. "My name is Anna. I saw you here a few days ago and have come to give you comfort, to please you on this night," Her voice was soft and enticing. She was beautiful with large firm breasts, accented with hard rose-colored nipples. Her waist trim with flaring hips and long legs. Again the Man's nose was assailed with the heady aroma surrounding the sensual being before him. Shaking his head, trying to clear it from the erotic visions he saw. He took a step backwards, away from Anna.

"Lady" Anna, I don't know what game you're playing, but you obviously need some help." He tried to turn away from Anna, when she spoke.

"I come here to be with you, to give you pleasure, to mate with you. Please, do not turn me away." Anna's head bowed in sadness, knowing Arell would be very angry if she failed.

The Man was floored! "Could this beautiful vision be for real? Did she come here to please him for the night?" He thought. He looked down into her shining blue eyes and saw her need to be with him. He gently laid his hands on her shoulders. It had been a long time since he had been with a woman, over three years. His mind suddenly flooded again with erotic images of the two of them making love. He inhaled the heady aroma of her pheromones, his member stiffening with painful desire.

As if in a trance, he lowered his head and placed his lips on Anna's. Shocked at the contact, Anna quickly remembered kissing and opened her mouth slightly. The Man's tongue slid between her teeth and caressed her tongue, sending thrills of longing thru Anna's needful body. A moan of pleasure emanated from Anna's mouth as the Man continued to kiss her.

Sweeping Anna from the floor, the Man picked her up and walked over to the bedroll and gently laid her down. She watched as the powerful man removed his clothes, his hardened cock springing free as he removed his jean and shorts. Getting up on her knees, she took the member into her small hand and slowly licked the shaft from base to tip, lathering it with long strokes. Using the tip of her tongue she licked the generous bead of pre-cum from its deep red tip.

Anna moaned at the wonderful taste of his seed in her mouth. She then took the stiff shaft deep into her mouth, swirling her long tongue around the head as she sucked his cock. Her mouth wrapped around him in wild abandon as he slid to and fro in her clutching mouth. His hands entangled in her hair, gently guiding her as she suckled his fiery staff.

Feeling he was close to cumming, he stiffened as streams of steaming cum shot deep into Anna's hungry mouth. Anna, not wanting to lose a single drop, grasped his buttocks, pulling him deeper into her mouth. After swallowing his load of cum, Anna slowly released her hold on him, licking her lips seductively while looking into his sated eyes.

The Man sat down next to Anna, pulling her down with him. She lies on his chest, her full breasts flattened against him, her wild mane of hair making a curtain around them. "What do you call yourself? Anna inquired, cocking her head a little.

Looking at the wild creature above him, he smiles. "My name is Moon Runner. I am a Chickasaw brave. I came here to be closer to my ancestors." Anna looked down at Moon Runner. His long, blue-black hair was adorned with a beaded headband. Giving him an ancient look about him. She like this and leaned down to kiss him.

Her kiss is sweet and tender as she searches his mouth with her tongue, when the kiss ends they are both breathing hard. He lays back and looks into Anna's eyes, smiling. "I have something I wish to give you." He says sitting up. Moon Runner reaches into a bad he has sitting next to his bedroll. In his hand is a long beaded necklace with a carved face of a cat. "My totem is a panther. I heard that the panthers have been seen here in Illinois. I saw one earlier today. It was a good omen, I have found you."

He said smiling, placing the necklace over Anna's head. It lies gently between her full breasts. "It will bring you good fortune."

Anna looked at the beautiful necklace and smiled at the handsome man before her. He reached and caressed the side of her face, pulling her to him. Kissing her deeply, fanning the flames of desire once more. Soon they were moving against each other, wanting to be closer. Moon Runner lays Anna on her back and begins sucking and licking her breasts, noticing little bumps on her abdomen but paying no heed. He travels down to her heated center, opening the folds of her sex with his tongue.

Anna writhes beneath the attention of Moon Runner's expert tongue. He licks and drinks her juices, sending thrilling sensations thru out her entire being. With his fingers, he plays over her swollen clit as his tongue pierces her opening, probing over and over. Anna screams as her climax flies though her small body, her thighs enclosing Moon Runner's head. Deep spasms make Anna's orgasm seem endless. Her body slowly descends the plateau and relaxes, freeing the captured man between her thighs.

Instead of quenching Anna's need to mate, it has enflamed it. She looks at Moon Runner and says, "I need you inside me, please!" Anna turns and gets on all fours. (Being the cat she is, this is normal) She is there for him, on all fours, open and dripping, swollen for him. He can see incredible passion in her fiery eyes. He moves behind her. She looks back at him, her very being needing him, wanting him…to mate!

Taking himself in hand and teasing her entrance, she pushes back. He spanks her bottom, saying, "Wait!" She moans almost growling, not at him, but at her need to please him. He pushes the swollen head inside her being, she nearly wails into the night as she takes him inch by inch.

She hears a panther scream in the distance!

He takes her harder and deeper, his thrusts forces her body to jump forward. Over and over he takes her body, taking her mind to another place. His cock swells larger, the pleasure driving him mad. He grabs her golden mane, pulling her head back as he continues to pump his cock deep inside her.

Like a piston his cock slides in and out, taking his pleasure from her quaking body, not realizing in his lustful haze that her mane is growing longer and thicker with every thrust. Growling in her chest increases as he continues his pleasure Her fingers grasp the blanket of his bedroll and it begins to rip in her hands. Wicked claws appear, where nails once were. Panting, moaning, not from lust, but as beast, as she returns his thrusts. Reveling in the feel of his heat inside her, aiding in the transformation.

Again the scream of her Mate! Closer this time, telling her to hurry!

She turns and easily shoves the ardent man from her and straddling his inert form, taking him deeper then before.

She Purrs!

Riding him hard, her hand-claws gripping his shoulders, Moon Runner holds tightly to Anna's hips. Faster she moves her climax with in her touch. She screams as it slams into her body! Moon Runner, oblivious of her changes, feels her hot center clamp down on his cock in squeezing spasms, feels his orgasm rushing to his throbbing member. Just as they both zenith with their climaxes-Anna bites down on Moon Runner's left shoulder!

Moon Runner awakens, sore, but satisfied. Laying on the bedroll or what's left of it, he looks around for Anna. Sitting up, he notices that he's covered in blood. His stomach and arms have deep scratches and his left shoulder is bleeding from a large bite. Confused, he suddenly thinks the panther has attacked him and taken Anna off. Jumping to his feet, he opens the flap of the tee pee and steps out into the night, looking for Anna. He sees the fire has died down, but that he could see easily around the camp, looking for Anna's he sees something strange. Anna's footprints leading towards the forest, but shortly before reaching it, they change in shape, into the paw print of a cat!

A deep sharp pain racks Moon Runner's body, driving him to his knees. On all fours, he sees his hands. His nails have changed into long claws and black fur lightly covers his arms.

A low growl in the direction of the forest draws Moon Runner's pain racked attention.

There in the dying glow of the fire, stands the sleek, majestic figure of a Panther, wearing a beaded necklace.

The scream of a new panther fills the Shawnee Forest!

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