tagNovels and NovellasPanther Attack Ch. 03 Pt. 03

Panther Attack Ch. 03 Pt. 03


Releasing his member, Ker tu licked the inside of Arell's thigh, watching his response. Then, just as he began to relax, Ker tu bit Arell's thigh deeply. Blood filled her mouth as Arell yelled out in pain.

He jumped up, pushing Ker tu away from him. "What the hell are you doing? Why did you bite me?" he yelled at the blood-covered woman.

Ker tu's head bowed. She said, "I have just rewarded you. You will now have long life and become my mate."

Her voice had taken on a strange timber, deep and growling, as she looked up again, and he saw that her face had begun to change. Her eyes glowed a strange orange color, as her canines elongated and protruded from her lips. Black hair flushed over her body as her fingers began to produce long talons. The skin at the base of her spine ripped slightly, and a long slender black tail emerged, whipping around her hips.

Ker tu's head leaned back, and she released a loud panther's scream. Then she bounded into the dense forest.

Arell, his hand clamped down on the still oozing wound, heard Ker tu scream again in the distance. Shaking with fear and shock, he crawled to the bedroll and searched his pack for the first aid kit. Retrieving the gauze and tape, he began to clean himself up. He was shocked to see that after the blood was removed, the bite had not only closed up, but now just looked like a scratch.

Again Ker tu screamed in the forest, not far from where he was sitting. New fear flooded his body when he realized what she was; and having been bitten, that he would become a panther as well.

He stood slowly, looking around for one of his friends. He staggered over to their campsites and found...no one. Five men had disappeared!

Arell screamed in pain as the spasm hit his body. Bone- crushing pain enveloped him, driving him to his knees. Sweat broke out over his body as he watched his hands change. Crying out, his scream changed, from human to that of a panther. Arell's body changed quickly. In a matter of minutes, he had become a Jaguar Panthera...a black panther!

Arell looked around him. The pain gone from the change, his eyes now saw differently; the cat's eyes, made with special light filters, let him see as clear as day.

Arell inhaled deeply. Not only did he smell the jungle's wild scent, there was something else; a scent that was sweet and enticing in the air...Ker tu!

Quickly he rushed after the scent. He had to find her and thank her for his gift! Arell marvelled at the agility and speed he had. The scent was stronger; he was close to her!

He stopped and looked around the small clearing. There, standing near a partially covered cave, stood Ker tu, licking her forepaw. Such beauty, far more enticing than in the human form.

Arell slowly approached Ker tu. She looked up at him, and turned to walk into the cave. She stopped, looking over her left shoulder and spoke. "Welcome, Arell. Follow me and greet your pride. You are now Arell, Jaguar King!"


That had been 30 years ago, and Arell still felt young and virile. His mate, Ker tu, had long ago been killed by hunters in search of panthers for zoos in the United States. She had attacked and killed one of the hunters, and was shot by one of the others. Most of the pride had escaped, but they caught three of them, including two young female cubs, daughters of Ker tu and me and myself.

Now, having thought he could never love, Arell has come across this red-haired angel, looking so much like his sweet Ker tu.

Arell lies quietly as the object of his affection yawns and stretches. Her full breasts strain against the fabric of her t-shirt.

She stands and walks towards the door, looking back into the yard, as if she senses him watching him. Opening the door, she leaves his sight. Arell stands and bounds for the window to the right. Coming to the window, he sits and waits for her appearance.

Moments later, she enters the bedroom. He watches the woman remove her clothes, and admires the vision before him. Removing the scrunchy from her tresses, she shakes her long hair to her waist, a beautiful curling curtain upon her back. Her large firm breasts make her waist look even smaller than the hand's width that it is. Her hips are full and rounded, made to bear children. The thought of her, with his child in her, makes his excitement flare!

The lovely lady leaves the room, entering the bath. She'll return soon; of this he is certain.

She emerges a few minutes later, wearing a towel about her slender frame, and one wrapped around her hair. He watches silently as she walks to the dresser and pulls out a silk nightgown.

Hunger fills Arell's eyes as she removes towel and slides the gown over her head. She takes the towel from her hair and begins vigorously rubbing the damp tendrils. Then she sits on the edge of the bed and begins to slowly brush the knots from the tangled strands.

Arell watches as she braids her hair into one long braid down her shapely back. Pulling the long hair away from her neck, Arell gasps in shock at the sight of the three long marks on the right side of the lady's neck!

"No! It can't be! How can she be here and alive?" Arell thinks to himself. He had seen her fall under the hunter's bullet!

Arell remembers how he had marked her neck by accident one night during some rough horseplay with Ker tu and the children. He knows in his heart that it has to be her. It makes sense now; his fantastic draw to her, the need to be with her...

His darling Ker tu was alive!

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