tagNonConsent/ReluctancePanther Rising

Panther Rising


Author's Note: based loosely around Gorean roleplays


She paces back and forth across the decking, her low growling growing. Too long she has been suppressed, thoughts flutter through her mind that she should have accepted His offer, and yet here she stands collar still locked securely on her throat.

Her fingers grasp the steel, fingernails scraping across her skin, she screams out into the silent woods surrounding the Home. Even the wind dares not stir as her rage, her wildness, the panther deep within begins to surface.

She turns towards the woods and sprints across the decking and leaps the railing, landing crouched in the cool grass, her heart racing, her soul screaming for more, emeralds glances around and then she moves quickly.

Her form nothing but a dark blur in the shadows of the moon. Her panther crawls under her skin, seeking the freedom of the night, she sprints from the grounds of the Home, the silence of the night deafening as she moves through the darkness, even the land around her is afraid of the beast that claws beneath her surface.

Her heart pounding wildly in her ears, her feet carrying her further and further away, her breathe trailing in the cool night air, the freedom of the run releasing her from all that pushes on her. The panther reaching the surface, she cries out in freedom, she gives into the one struggling forth.

Time blurs as she runs blindly away from the Home, her pace begins to slow and before she knows it she is walking. Sweat glistening across her silken flesh, the wild panther calms in her. Leaning against a tree she tilts her head up, emeralds closing to the night around her and takes a deep breath.

The woods are still silent, as if anticipating her attack, yet her soul is temporarily satiated. Her form sliding down the shadow of the tree, her eyes still closed but her mind open, she listens for the sounds to begin again.

Her eyes fly and her body stiffens as she hears a single twig break some distance from her. The night had remained silent because she wasn't alone. Why hadn't she thought of that? She shifts to a crouch as her cat like greens scan her surroundings.

Goosebumps cover her flesh as she feels the energy of the night increasing, battle coming soon. Suppressing her growl she grabs a thick stick that is nearby and melts into the darker shadows of the night, awareness whispering of dread across her.

A hand grabs her upper left arm from behind her; she turns with the moment of the grab the stick heading towards the attackers head. The force landing across his forearm he growls out as his grip loosens enough for her to slip free.

"Bitch!" he growled rubbing his arm, thankful that his reflexes were still quick. He prowled silently, knowing her scent all too well. He hunted his prey. She wanted to revert back to how he had found her... he will at least remind her of who truly had the upper hand.

She controlled her breathing, her mind racing with many thoughts, knowing that she could not be captured. She had to escape. She tried to force calm into her mind but something was familiar. Something was slightly different, but she couldn't place it. All she could think of was returning home... but which way was home?

A smirk slid across his features as he trailed her. He was close. He could hear her soft breathing. His trip back Home had been long and he was tired, but this little unexpected surprise was just what he needed.

Then it happened. A flash of steel, a sharp edge to her throat, a growl of pain as her body slammed to the ground beneath her, a male pinning her. Her nails rack across his face as she tries to twist from his grasp, the blade pressed enough to draw a line of blood.

"Enough!" he growled. His face was hidden to her because of his traveling clothes, but she still felt the heat of his breath as he leaned forward and inhaled her deeply. She lay beneath him trembling in rage, a small line of blood making her boil.

The knife still tightly to her throat he pulls her up from the ground and slams her against the nearest tree. The wind again knocked out of her. Her mind screaming in rage as his free hand moves across her form, trying to explore her.

Her panther having too much control, her reactions not well thought out, she grabs the blade of the knife and twists it away from her throat, the dull pain of a slice across her palm as she feels the warmth of her blood flow from the injury.

Again this action stunned him, giving her just enough time to escape his grasps and return to the dark shadows around her. Wincing to herself as she squeezes her sliced hand into a fist, she knows she has to clean it, but more importantly must put distance between her and this intruder.

Time creeps by in her mind, each moment feeling like an agonizing eternity, tense from expecting another assault, and hope flitting away as she still feels unseen eyes o her. She looks over her shoulder and tries to hide for a moment behind a large tree, only to find him waiting for her.

She gasps in surprise as she feels herself twisted and her chest pressed to the trunk of the tree, bindings capturing her hands. She kicks at him, his small grunt evidence that it hurt him.

"Stop!" he growled again. Anger seething in her she only hisses at him. His arm pressed against her back holding her firmly to the tree, he inspects her injured hand. Taking a small cloth he ties it over the wound, knowing that when he returns home he will wash it and tend it but this would do for now.

His free hand again exploring her form, his nails scratch into her side, claiming her, marking her as his. Another growl escapes her and he just smiles. She obviously hasn't figured out who he is, so he will just remind her.

Yanking her by her hair he pulls her from the tree and drags her to a nearby clearing, throwing her to the ground. He quickly binds her ankles and stares down upon her. Her emeralds blazing up defiance at him.

'yes, to reclaim her will be fun.' He thinks to himself. He removes his trousers but leaves on his traveling cape, the hood still concealing him, providing the shadows to conceal who he is. She growls as he begins to strip, her teeth clenching together, ready for him, ready for a single slip so that she can free herself and get away. As much as she would not want to explain it, she would kill him if given the opportunity.

He kneels down beside her, watching how the anger tenses her body. He rolls her on her back, grabbing her bound wrists and placing them above her head. His left hand holding her in place as she squirms and bucks under him.

His right hand landing hard across her cheek, she growls still, but no less dangerous. He has seen this calm in her before and knows to watch. She blinks a few times clearing the stars from her head but remains quiet.

Leaning down he claims a nipple in his mouth, biting hard, feeling her wanting to struggle against him, his free hand exploring lightly between her thighs, nails racking up her tender flesh. 'Mine' he thinks as his fingers delve deeply into her core, her cry breaking the silence of the night.

"Nooooo!!" but he ignores her cries. His hands taking her deeper and deeper, exploring her hot tight core. She tries to struggle from him, to escape him, but nothing works. "Noooooooooooo!!!" she cries out again.

His hands unrelenting, claiming all that is his. She is slick with need, her body recognizing that of her Master, but her mind had not yet recognized him. he drives his hand deeper and deeper, pushing her body beyond its limits.

Faster and faster his hand takes her, her head thrashing side to side trying to fight the wave of the orgasm that threatens to over take her. Without a word he pushes her over her limits, the wave crashing over her as her body arches to him, begging for him. Perspiration glistening on her heated flesh, panting through the wave, she whimpers out. "No, please"

The recognition beginning, he pulls her up from the ground and leads her to a nearby tree. Her chest pressed to the rough bark, his hardness pressing between her thighs. With a single deep thrust he penetrates her core, again claiming his.

Her whimper releases tears as they flow down her cheek. His growl echoing in her soul as he takes her hard and fast. Tears releasing her shame, her fear, the beast in her soul again claimed...

His hand grasping her waist pulling her deeper on him, their flesh slapping together, lust, desire, primal sex heard into the breaking of dawn. He leans close, his body on edge of his orgasm he growls into her ear...


In that single word her mind recognizes him, her orgasm matching his as he drives relentlessly into her. Her head tilts back as she cries out in the ecstasy of the moment. Her core gripping him, milking him, coaxing him more into her.

Tremors subside in them both, he slips from her and releases her from his grasp. He returns to the now lit clearing and retrieves his trousers. Slipping them on he turns and looks back at his slave.

She is slumped at the base of the tree, her breathing ragged, her auburn hair a slight mess, but the glow in her eyes, in her soul.... He shall always remember.... His.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous10/07/17

"Taming of the shrew"...or the she-panther, as the case stands.

It is so NICE to see women, whether on Earth or Gor, restored to a state of loyalty, pleasure, submission, and even ownership by strong, resolute, and decisive men. The notion of gender equality has gonemore...

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