He trembled as he waited for her. They had arranged to meet at his office, late in the evening, after everyone was gone. They had chatted and talked on the phone so often from this room, and he wanted to be with her here. He wanted to visualize her every time he sat at his desk, when he looked around the room, when he remembered being with her.

He shuddered. It frightened him sometimes, the way he wanted her, the way he wanted to submit to her. Some days the need was so strong he shook with it. He thought of her words, the erotic images she painted with them, how they affected him. He could feel his hardening length under his pants. He smiled. He loved how thoughts of her made him instantly erect.

Glancing at his watch, he saw it was time. He rose from the chair, taking a deep breath, calming himself. He went to a door that opened to the parking lot on the back side of the building. She was there.

She smiled as she looked up at him, her smile beautiful and gentle. She leaned up close to him and softly kissed his cheek, her hands framing the sides of his face. "Hello, my sweet pet."

He gulped and swallowed, his words sticking in his throat. He coughed, and said, "Hello, my Lady."

Smiling again, she took his hands in hers. He glanced down and admired the deep burgundy nail polish on her long nails. Her hands were so graceful, and he loved how they felt on his skin. He shivered all over, remembering the last time they were together.

He pulled her into the building, and shut and locked the door. She immediately pressed against his, trapping him with her soft body. He could feel her warm breath on his neck just before she kissed him there. She could feel his pulse hammering in his throat. Her hands slid down his body to settle on his hips briefly, then lower to cup his firm ass.

Possessively she fondled him, pulling him closer. She could feel his rigid length pressing into her abdomen. He could feel a smile in her kiss as she found his soft warm lips with her own. It was a soft, unhurried kiss, a melding of hearts and bodies. He could feel her incredible heat even through his clothes. He couldn't suppress a small groan as the kiss deepened, taking on a life of its own.

Her thigh slipped between his, and she gently pressed up into him. They both groaned, the kiss becoming harder and more intense. He had to strain to hold himself rigid, letting her control his actions, wanting to do everything she told him to do. That was only part of what she gave to him when they were together; the soft commands, the guidance, the directions she whispered in his ears.

Feeling his iron control wavering, she smiled again, breaking the kiss. "Take me to your office, pet," she said quietly.

"Yes, Ma'am," he replied. He gestured for her to go to the right, and she swept ahead of him, her soft flowered dress making a slight rustling sound. He admired her long legs as she walked ahead of him. "The last door on the left, my Lady."

Stepping into the room, she walked to his desk and sat on the edge of it, facing his chair. She turned back towards him, and crooked a finger, motioning for him to come to her. He shut the door and locked it. He could feel the sweet anticipation rushing through his bloodstream, a rich heady feeling. God, how he wanted her.

Motioning him to the chair, he sat, facing her as she perched on the edge of the big desk. She scooted further back, and kicked off her red high heels. Spreading her legs, she told him to move closer. He rolled the chair up to her, and she leaned forward and began unbuttoning his shirt. Her eyes never left his.

Her eyes were a soft hazel, with a dark green, almost black circle around the iris. They twinkled with mischief and a sense of female power; he could feel it almost flowing from her, enveloping him in a sensual haze. Her perfume was musky and floral and spice all in one, and intoxicating. He closed his eyes against the rush of need surging through him.

Knuckles skimming against his chest, she tugged his shirt from his pants and undid the last button. Gripping it firmly, she pulled him towards her. She slowly slid the shirt down over his shoulders, letting it drape around his wrists. His chest was bare, and she watched it rising and falling rapidly, sensing his arousal.

"Grip the arms of the chair, dear, and don't let go until I tell you to," she told him. He nodded, knowing this was only the beginning. She pushed the chair back with her stocking clad feet. He couldn't resist peeking up her dress as she did. She watched him watching her.

"Like what you see?" she asked as she slid further back on the desk. He nodded. She lay back, propping her feet on his knees. "Spread your knees apart, pet."

He did, and it opened up her legs in turn. She seductively slid the dress up her thighs. She was wearing white lacy thigh high stockings. Her skin was pale and creamy looking, a wide strip of bare flesh showing between the top of the stockings and the snow white panties. "Watch me," she said.

She propped herself up on one elbow, her other hand going between her legs. She rubbed small circles against the panties, pushing them into her pussy. He could see the dampness. He licked his lips slowly as he watched her pleasuring herself. She kept her eyes on his face, watching his cheeks flush, his eyes glaze over with passion. She loved that look on his face, loved knowing she put it there.

Focusing her attention on her own body, she could feel herself responding to him. Her nipples felt swollen and rigid. Her pussy, where her hand was rubbing the panties into it, was wet and hot. He glanced up, their eyes locking. They had talked about this, and she knew what he wanted.

As she rubbed the panties deeper into herself for a moment, she could feel the dampness of the flimsy material. She trembled as her clit began throbbing. She let her head drop back, letting the pleasure build slowly, steadily. When she heard him groan, she stopped.

Pushing herself up off the desk, she stood in front of him. She leaned down and kissed him, her tongue leisurely exploring his sweet, wet mouth. Pulling back reluctantly, she pushed his chair away from the desk.

She turned, putting her forearms down on the desk. She swayed her hips slowly back and forth, then in a circular motion, teasing him. Reaching one hand back, she slid the dress up over her hips. He could see those white panties, her rounded bottom, the creamy skin between panties and stockings. He quivered all over.

She stood again, lifting the dress in front. She gripped the hem in her strong white teeth, and reached for the panties with both hands. She looked down at his crotch; his cock was clearly visible, pushing against his pants.

She began to peel the panties over her hips, then down her long legs. He watched her, mesmerized. She gracefully stepped out of them, then let them dangle from her fingertips. "Ask me, pet," she said softly.

He swallowed hard. She smiled, watching him struggle. "Please, Mistress," he whispered.

"Please what, pet?"

He stared at the panties, licking his lips. "Let me taste them, Ma'am," he stammered.

She lifted them to her nose, taking a delicate sniff. "Ummm, very sweet," she murmured. His whole body was shaking at this point.

"Please," he said hoarsely.

Moving close to him, she told him to open his mouth. As he did, she strategically placed the wet material directly on his tongue, and gently stuffed them into his mouth. He bit down on them as she pulled back.

"You look quite tempting like that pet. Your shirt around your wrists, your chest bare, your mouth full," she said lovingly. "Not to mention this," she added as she placed her foot into his lap. She pressed her toes gently into his arousal. He moaned against the panties.

Sinking down to the floor, she lay on her back, putting her feet on his knees again. Her hands cupped and massaged her breasts through her dress and bra. Her nipples were distended, and she pinched them. It made her back arch up off the floor.

Dropping both hands between her legs, she spread her shaved lips wide apart, showing him her pussy. "You like?" she asked playfully. He just nodded vigorously.

She began to pleasure herself, seeming oblivious to him watching her. She slipped two fingers into her wet heat, then brought them to her lips and licked and sucked them clean. She smiled as she heard the hoarse growl he made.

Spreading her lips with one hand, she rubbed her clit in circles with the other. She was slippery wet. She made incoherent sounds of arousal as she drove herself higher. She let the powerful orgasm rip through her, then kept rubbing as her body jerked in sweet aftershocks.

She slumped back on the floor, and laughed huskily. "Oh, pet, what you do to me," she told him.

She leaned up on her elbows, rocking her knees back and forth, her feet pushing on him. She nestled one foot in his crotch, massaging his stiffness. "Want to cum for me, my sweet?" she asked.

He shuddered, only able to nod. She put her feet down and knelt in front of him. Her hands quickly released his throbbing cock from its prison. Long fingers wrapped around his shaft, and she stroked quickly. "Cum for me," she whispered. "Cum now."

His hips thrust towards her hand, and his body shook as the creamy cum burst from his throbbing cock. She continued running her fist over him, the thick evidence of his arousal spilling over her fingers. He jerked spasmodically, a low groan barely audible through the panties.

She leaned down to tenderly kiss the tip of his cock. She pulled the panties from his mouth, and kissed him deeply. His hands left the arms of the chair and he wrapped his arms around her tightly. Both were still trembling slightly. He clung to her, pressing soft kisses on her face.

Gazing into his eyes, she asked him if he was ready to go to a more private place, and continue what they had started. He could only smile.

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Excellent, but too short in my opinion. I was hoping she would use his tongue to pleasure and then maybe gush into his mouth.

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