tagFetishPanties After Practice!

Panties After Practice!


18 year old Conrad Marks unlocked the front door knowing his father, mother and sister were out of the house until later that night. He stepped into the foyer followed by four of his swim team buddies; Mike his best friend from grade school, Justin, just new to the team this year, Barry, the team captain and Tevis, the only black guy on their team. All of them strapping 18 year olds except for Barry who had turned 19 a week before. They had just finished a grueling practice and were going to chill in Conrad's empty house. The five of them headed for the family room to watch some TV on Conrad's dad's wide screen. They settled into the overstuffed furniture and turned on the tube.

After about fifteen minutes of flipping through 180 channels and finding nothing, they started grumbling because no one could agree on what to watch. Conrad went to his bedroom and brought his stash box back. They all perked up at this. Conrad rolled a big fat joint and lit it passing it to Mike. Mike took a long drag and passed it on. Soon the five of them were feeling the effects of the righteous weed that Conrad had scored and were slowly becoming part of the furniture.

With still nothing of interest on TV, Conrad went back to his bedroom and came back with a shoebox. He set it down on the coffee table and pulled the top off revealing his DVD porn collection.

"Hey fellas," he said to the group. "I'm sure we can find something better to watch in here."

They all began to pull the DVDs out of the box, inspecting the titles and the cover art. Tevis grabbed one called "Panty MILF Fuckers." The front picture showed a hot older woman spread eagle with her purple silk panties pulled to the side and a giant black cock buried balls deep in her dripping asshole. The back cover showed more of the same representing each of the five women in the film and all of them were still wearing their panties with a monster cock buried in their tight pussy or puckered ass. Tevis held it up to the group and announced that this was the one he wanted to watch. He passed it around and they all agreed that they would watch the MILF one first.

Mike took the DVD and went to put it in the player. "I like this one," he told the others. "I think the MILF on the cover looks a lot like Conrad's mom."

They all agreed, even Conrad. That was in fact the reason he purchased the DVD in the first place. His mom was one hot chick and he had fantasized many times about what he would do if he ever had the chance to do her. At 45 she was still firm and toned and could really fill out a bikini. She and his sister always pranced around in their panties and T-shirts when they where at home and it kept him at half mast whenever he was around them. He always tried to get a good peek at their silken covered asses or a flash of their pantied crotches as they flitted about the house. He regularly used their dirty panties when he jacked his 18 year old cock at night. They both left an incredible scent in their panties and it made him rock hard in seconds. Conrad had a thing for panties and this DVD was great because all the women kept their panties on in this film and some of them even used their panties on their partners cock. Every scene ended with a monster cock or cocks spewing a huge load all over or in the women's panties. He hoped his friends liked it as much as he did.

Mike popped the DVD in and told Conrad to hit play. The screen immediately filled with a sexy silky orange panty covered ass as it shook in front of the camera. The cameraman pulled back to reveal the woman from the cover looking over her shoulder at the camera and sexily shaking her silken ass. She turned to the camera, sat down on the couch behind her and spread her legs as far as they would go showing the camera the large wet spot that was growing on the crotch of her panties. She rubbed her fingers over the spot, teasing more cunt juice into them then abruptly stood up and peeled the orange panties down her shapely legs, dropping them on the couch. She leaned over out of camera range and stood up with the pair of purple panties from the cover dangling from her fingers. She opened them up, stepped into them and pulled them up snuggly into place. She resumed her position on the couch showing her sweet pantied pussy to the viewer. The camera got closer and the boys watched as a wet spot began to grow in those as well.

By this time each of the boys was sporting a rather large hardon in their racing Speedos. Justin looked around and without saying a word lifted his ass off the couch and slid his team sweats down to his ankles, his large bloated cock making a huge tent in his Speedos. He grabbed his bulge and began to fervently massage the lump of cockflesh through his speedos.

"Come on guys. We're all friends here. This is making me hot and I need to do something about it," he kept rubbing and pulling at his cock which was now fully hard and straining against its nylon bond. He ran his fingers up the large vein on the underside and a large dollop of precum bubbled through his suit.

It took about three seconds for the rest of them to follow Justin's lead. In no time, all five of the boys were sitting around the room stroking their engorged cocks through their matching ice blue team Speedos. Conrad looked around and noticed that all of them were leaking into their Speedos but none more than Tevis who's cock seemed to be twice the size of anybody else's. It stretched the nylon fabric to its limits and threatened to burst through at any moment. The precum from his engorged cock flowed as if he had turned on a faucet and it just kept leaking though the stretched material. All of them groped their bulges with their eyes glued to the TV.

On the screen the woman had been joined by a large black man. He stood in front of her and dangled his giant cock in front of her face. She leaned forward, licked the pearl of precum of the head and swallowed his hardening meat in one gulp. All the boys moaned as she expertly used her throat on the ever expanding cock lodged there. Then she reached over and grabbed the orange pair of panties that she had discarded and began to rub the black man's smooth balls with the silky material. He moaned loudly and pushed his cock even further into her throat. The woman pulled back off the cock and wrapped her dirty orange panties around the swollen shaft and began to pump as she nursed on the precum flowing form the man's cock.

"God, I wish my girl would do that!" Barry exclaimed who had pulled the front of his Speedos down and was now pumping his swollen shaft.

"That would be hot as hell," Justin agreed also stroking his now exposed cock.

Conrad looked around the room and realized that he was the only one who still had his cock stuffed in his Speedo. The other four where pumping their erect cocks, eyes glued to the nasty video where the woman was now kissing and sucking the black cock through the crotch of her dirty panties. Conrad pulled the waist band of his Speedos down under his balls and joined his friends in their feverish stroking.

"Aw, this is too much," Mike said pumping his slick cock, "I wish we had a girl here. Hell I wish your mom was here, Conrad. She's one hot MILF!"

Conrad thought for a moment and said, "She may not be here but I think I can get the next best thing, if you guys are up to it?"

The other four looked at each other quizzically as Conrad got up and left the room. He was back in a flash with two baskets from the laundry room. Both were overflowing with Conrad's family's dirty laundry. Laundry day was tomorrow so there was a week's worth of dirty panties in the baskets from his mother and his nineteen year old sister.

Mike knew exactly what Conrad was going to do. He and Conrad had done the same thing a couple of times in the past. Just last week he had sneaked into the bathroom after Conrad's mother had changed from work and abused the white silky pair of panties she had just taken off. They had smelled fantastic when he held them under his nose and he had blown a huge nut all over them. The memory now made his cock purge another large dollop of precum.

Conrad stood in front of the group and looked at them. All of them sat there with their Speedos pulled down under their balls, sporting rock hard, dripping cocks pointing to the ceiling. His was also hard and pointing painfully toward his belly button. He squeezed it and thought it would break, it was that hard. Then Conrad started to dig through the first basket of laundry.

"Bingo!" he exclaimed as he pulled a bright yellow pair of satin panties form the pile. They belonged to his mother and were exquisite; very shiny with delicate matching lace around the waist and leg openings. He looked in them and saw a beautiful pussy stain on the matching yellow gusset.

"Who wants these?" Conrad said as he held the crotch up to his nose and inhaled deeply relishing in his mother's muskiness.

"I do!" Tevis piped up. He held his twelve inch cock in his hand and pointed it at the panties Conrad held. "Give 'em here, man!" he said and waved his cock again.

Conrad stepped over to him and held the silken treasures out to him. "Here," he said, "smell them first." Tevis went to grab them but Conrad stepped closer and held the dirty gusset right under Tevis's nose. Tevis was at first startled but relaxed when the muskiness hit his aural cavity. Conrad held them tighter to his nose and said, "That's it man take a big sniff of my mom. You like it don't you?" Tevis just moaned, sniffed harder and frothed out more precum.

Then Conrad did something that shocked everybody. He took the yellow panties and draped them over Tevis's monster cock so that the dirty gusset capped his leaking head and then squeezed his cock and milked some more precum out into the crotch of his mother's panties. Tevis shivered at the touch and did not stop him. Conrad pumped a few more times and then told Tevis to take over. "I need to get some for the rest of the fellas, big guy!"

"Oh God man, that felt great, it was all I could do to keep from loading your mom's panties up!" Tavis said and settled back into a slower rhythm so that he could hold out a little longer. The yellow panties where so soaked with Tevis's precum that the shear material had become almost transparent and clung to his monstrous head. They could all plainly see his piss slit through the panties.

Conrad went back to the baskets and began to dig again. This time when he stood up he had a pair of his sister's panties in each hand. One was a flower patterned silk string bikini and the other was a hot pink nylon brief that she wore under her cheerleading uniform. He sniffed one then the other. The flowered ones smelled of his sister's pussy and her sexy cologne. The pink pair really smelled strong of his sister's pussy. She'd had a pep rally last night and must have been wearing them then. "These belong to Kaley guys. Who's next?" he said holding them out.

"Me," Barry said and reached for the pink briefs. He took them from Conrad and wrapped them around his pulsating cock. He made sure that his head was buried in the dirty gusset, just like Tevis had done with his pair. "I want the other pair, too." He told Conrad. "I want to sniff on them while I'm filling up her pink ones."

Conrad went over to Barry and pulled the flowered ones down over his head so that the dirty gusset was right under his nose. This way Barry had both hands free but he could still sniff them.

When Conrad turned back to the baskets, Mike was already digging through them, "Ah ha! Found the ones I want!" he said holding up a pair of his mom's electric blue nylon briefs that Conrad had seen her wearing this morning before he'd gone to practice.

"She had them on this morning dude." Conrad said.

"I can tell man, they're still damp." Mike said sniffing the moist gusset that only a few hours ago had been lodged between his best friend's mother's thighs. He settled himself into the love seat and spread his legs making sure the moist crotch was wrapped around his turgid helmet. "Hey Con, toss me those red ones there. I need to smell her too!"

Conrad did the same thing he had just done for Barry and pulled the pair of his mother's red silk panties over his best friend's nose. Mike took a deep sniff and began to pump his rigid member.

Now it was Justin's turn. Conrad began to dig again and felt something silky in his hands. When he pulled the garment out of the basket, he realized that it was a pair of his father's navy blue Dolce & Gabbana silk briefs. His father was a good looking guy, almost fifty but still built. He worked out regularly and he always wore underwear like this to show off his fit form.

He was getting ready to put them back when Justin said, "Stop! What are they? They look really soft and silky. I want them." C

Conrad looked at him, "They belong to my dad, dude, you don't want them."

"Yeah, I do," Justin said his voice thick with lust, they look hot and your dad's a pretty hot fucker himself. I want to use his briefs." Conrad shrugged and took the silken briefs to Justin who grabbed them from him and buried his nose in the stretched out pouch that had held his father's impressive manhood and inhaled deeply. "God, I can smell your dad's cock all over these. There are some pretty big stains on the front. He must've leaked into them." He said, taking another long hard pull of them. "See if there's another pair in there I can blow into."

Conrad dug around again and came up empty handed. "That's the only pair here. He must have done his own laundry earlier. Those must be from this morning. I'm sure he had them on at the gym. Working out gets him all pumped up that's why they got those dick stains in them. Sorry dude."

Justin looked right at Conrad and said "Can I use your Speedos to get off in, then? I mean, your just as hot as the rest of your family and having you sitting right here as I pop in those trunks you're wearing will make me cum HARD! Please dude. I need them now. I'm gonna blow at any minute!"

Conrad thought for a minute and decided, why not? He and Mike messed around a couple of times and helping a buddy in time of need was never considered gay. And by looking around the room with four steel hard dicks dripping in his family's dirty underwear, he didn't think the rest of them would mind. Besides, he kept glancing at Tevis' giant cock stretching his mother's panties, thinking that as soon as he had his own pair of his mother's panties around his dick, he was gonna give him hand. Tevis was leaking so much juice that his mother's panties were absolutely soaked. He needed to be a part of Tevis' volcanic nut bust that seemed to be not too far away.

Conrad looked right at Justin, hooked his thumbs in the waist band of his Speedos and slowly slipped them down his legs. When he had them off he held the crotch open and wiped the healthy amount of precum drooling form his cock on it. Then, he stepped over to Justin and slowly wrapped his still warm, sticky Speedos over Justin's pulsating cock.

When Justin felt the slick material of Conrad's Speedo around his cock he took a deep inhale of his father's dirty briefs and immediately grabbed his cock and began pumping furiously into them. Justin relished in the feeling of Conrad's and his precum mixing together in the warm Speedo and it made him pump even harder.

Conrad made sure everybody had something to blow into and went back to the basket to find something for himself. He knew which pair of his mother's panties he was going to spill into. He had seen them when he had first brought the baskets in. He had saved them for himself, not even showing them to the others until now. He reached in and brought out a pair of whisper thin lavender Vanity Fair panties that were completely and utterly saturated with his mother's and his father's juices. She must have left them on the other night when they were having sex and it looked like his father had blown a huge load all over them. He quickly wrapped them around his cock and could not wait to add his mess to the already filthy panties.

Conrad needed to sit down and cum. He placed himself between Tevis, who now was beating his monster cock so fast that his fist was all but a blur, and Barry who had his eyes closed sniffing his sister's panties while also beating wildly into the other pair that belonged to her.

Conrad began to beat his meat furiously and with his unoccupied hand reached out and cupped Tevis' large tight goose egg sized balls and began to lightly stroke them helping his friend let go of the huge nut he knew waited to be spilled into his mother's panties.

Tevis who's eyes were on the TV told the other guys to look and they all watched as the black guy pulled his cock from the MILF's pussy and unloaded a very large messy nut all over the woman's purple panties. He shot six or seven thick ropes of cum that completely covered the woman's crotch. She in turn began to rub the sticky mess into her panties and it made them transparent to the point that the boys could see her pussy hair through them.

Tevis let out a shout, "Dudes that did it! I'm gonna blow!" And with that he pulled down on his cock stretching the yellow panties tight around his swollen cock and held completely still for a few seconds squeezing the base of his cock tightly as he did so.

Conrad who was still playing with Tevis' balls squeezed them gently and felt them tuck up ready to release the pent up load. Tevis shook his cock once, let out a big breath of air and came into Conrad's mom's panties. The other four watched as a giant load of cum burbled through the sopping material and sat propped for a moment on the head of his cock like a marshmallow. The second surge made the first large dollop even bigger and it began to slide down his shaft covering it in fresh semen. Tevis began to pump again and the rest of his gigantic load spilled into the now destroyed panties.

Without thinking, Conrad leaned over and popped the still gushing head into his mouth. He could taste his mother and Tevis and it filled him with unstoppable lust. He sucked hard and made sure Tevis had finished cumming before sitting up. The others were looking at him but none had stopped their furious stroking.

Barry cried out "Me next!" Took a big sniff of the panties wrapped around his face and began to shoot into Conrad's sister's panties. Barry's cum was so strong and hefty that it shot out of the sides of Kaley's panties and hit Conrad on the thigh. Conrad leaned over to Barry and placed his shooting cock into his mouth and proceeded to let him empty his nut into his sucking mouth. He again could taste both his sister and Barry and it drove him even closer to his own oncoming nut.

When Barry had finished pumping his load into Kaley's panties and Conrad's mouth and Conrad had swallowed what he could, Conrad sat up and through cum smeared lips announced that he too was cumming.

Tevis and Barry each reached out and cupped Conrad's spasming nuts and teased and tickled them while he grunted and unload what seemed to be the biggest load he had ever shot. He gritted his teeth at the intense pleasure of releasing his load into panties that contained both his mother's and father's essence. He kept cumming and now the panties were totally soaked and dripping.

Barry looked over at Tevis and said, "what the hell," as he leaned over and swiped his tongue over Conrad's dripping pole. In no time Tevis was next to him also licking the dripping mess forced out through the panties wrapping Conrad's softening tool.

"Not as bad as I thought." Said Tevis as he sat up and licked a large dollop of Conrad's nut off his big sensuous lips.

Barry sat up licking his own lips, "Wow that was something. I could taste your mom's pussy too, man! It was awesome!"

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