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Panties & Lingerie Do Make the Man


Another month passed since Steve got his promotion and we had any time away from the kids. That previous night alone was another memorable one in which I bought him a nice black pair of thigh highs and a black lacy garter belt that matched his black satin bikini panties. He was so aroused he came in his panties as I rubbed his crotch on the drive home from dinner. The rest of the night was memorable as well because Steve had described different panties and pieces of lingerie that he had fantasized about wearing for me in the bedroom. It was now Thursday afternoon and we were getting on a flight to Las Vegas for another weekend conference. He would be tied up in meetings tonight and Friday night, but he would be free on Saturday and our flight didn't leave until 3 pm on Sunday so that would give me plenty of time to plan something fun and do some shopping for the two of us.

Our flight arrived around 5 and we checked into the Bellagio. Our room was huge and very ornately decorated with a lot of marble and gold accents. There was also a mirror that extended almost the entire length the bed and I was looking forward to putting it to use. That night I fell asleep before Steve returned from the welcome dinner and it was a great nights sleep. I woke up around 4 am and rolled over in bed and Steve was there with a t-shirt and his hot pink thong on asleep soundly.

The next morning Steve woke up before me so he could get to his meeting on time. I saw him rummaging around in his underwear drawer. He looked through the panties that I had packed for him and he settled on a string bikini with double strings on the sides, lacy edges around the waist and legs and stripes with all of the colors of the rainbow on it. He pulled them out the drawer and I could see him feeling the soft fabric and could tell he was thinking about how they would feel when he slid them up his legs and over his cock.

When he returned to the bedroom after showering and getting dressed I was sitting up in the bed drinking my morning cup of coffee.

"Take off your pants and let me see what you are wearing under them today," I told him.

Steve did as he asked and dropped his pants around his ankles.

"Ohh, nice choice for a day of meetings. Looks like they are going to keep you hard all day," I said as he turned around to show me the back of his panties. I ran my fingers over his cheeks and carefully pulled the material into the crack of his ass. His hands moved behind him and he pulled the panties out of his ass crack and slapped my hands. I could see his cock growing as I toyed with his cock and balls from the side.

"You sure do look cute in your panties. I can't wait to get hold of you tomorrow night. I am going shopping today for something special for you to wear and then I am going to go and do some toy shopping for the both of us," I told him.

I patted him on the back of his ass and gave his cock a final little squeeze. "You better get dressed, I don't want you to be late for your meetings."

I could tell that Steve wanted to make love to me, but there was no time so he got dressed and headed down to the banquet hall. I on the other hand, went downstairs and had a wonderful breakfast and headed out to do some shopping. I spent the better part of the morning looking for clothes for myself. There were plenty of specialty shops that kept me occupied for the better part of the morning and early afternoon. I shopped the sale racks and I was pleased with the clothes that I had found. It was then that I came across a high-end lingerie store with lines of lingerie that I had never heard of before.

I perused the racks and was amazed that there were panties the sold for over $400 and bras for slightly more. I spent my time looking at all of the different lines of lingerie and eventually made my way to the back of the store. It was there that I spotted a beautiful black sheer baby doll and matching panties. In fact there were three pairs of panties, a thong, a tanga and a bikini, both of which I could see through when I inspected them closely. It was marked down over 85% and was only $50 now, down from $450. How could I say no to such a good deal. It was a size large and I found a size small, but no mediums, so I purchased the large and in doing so, Steve had his new pajamas for Saturday night after a night of hot sex. I bought him a couple pairs of panties and a garter belt that were similarly marked down and a very sexy full length slip for myself.

I grabbed a taxi to get back to the casino since it was getting late and I didn't want to venture into the seedier side of Vegas alone too late at night. After dropping off my new purchases I headed back to the lobby and grabbed another taxi to get to the outskirts of town where all of the strip clubs were located. I walked around for a bit and found a large "Sex Emporium" that looked like it catered to the higher end client.

It was huge when I walked inside. The bottom floor was nothing but DVDs and VHS movies. There was every category imaginable and I planned on coming back down and looking at the titles when I found what I came for. The second floor was all lingerie and costumes; again I think that every fantasy outfit was there. The third floor was divided into magazines and finally, sex toys. I looked through hundreds of dildos in every shape, color and size At the end of the isle were strap on dildos again, a huge selection. I moved to the next row and found my first purchase, it was a 4 pack of matching anal probes in graduated sizes. The idea was to start with the smaller one and gradually work the larger sizes in to heighten your sexual experience. These were going to be for me, in order to help get myself ready for my first anal sex. I had always wanted to feel Steve's cock in my ass, but always worried it would hurt too bad, but I seemed to want it more and more each time I saw just how much he enjoyed it when I put anything in his ass to enhance his orgasm. I also know how good it felt when I had my last orgasm with his finger in my ass and it was incredible. I also grabbed an anal probe, which was essentially a jelly dildo with a small jelly handle that would let you fuck your partner from behind. This was going to be for me to use on Steve because it would give me a little better handle to try to find his prostate.

I was starting to get excited and could tell that my heart was racing a little and my pussy was starting to tingle. With my picks in hand I was heading back downstairs when I walked past the strap on dildos again and one in particular caught my eye. I knew that Steve was not ready for one yet, but I knew he would eventually let me take him from behind, just like I was hoping he would do to me tonight. Anyhow, this particular strap on looked pretty sturdy and had a 6" jelly dildo that was curved at the tip and said it was made to help massage the prostate. I added it to my basket and almost made it to the stairs when I made one last pit stop and grabbed a nice size dildo that looked like it would feel great buried deep inside of me. I skipped the second floor since I had already grabbed $200 worth of toys.

I did however look at all of the videos and picked out a light femdom DVD in which a slutty little blond was taking control of her boyfriend because she had caught him masturbating several times despite her objections. It looked cheesy, but what the hell, it could be funny and maybe give some ideas for future endeavors.

I also spotted an instructional DVD on training your husband in strap on sex!! That purchase was a no brainer and I walked out of the store $270 poorer than when I walked in, but it would be worth every penny.

That night I went to bed alone again and I was very tempted to try out my new dildo, but resisted the urge because I knew that I would enjoy Steve more when I finally got him into bed.

Saturday came fast enough and I woke up and let Steve sleep in a little. I woke him up in time to shower and get dressed before the breakfast buffet closed. This time I picked out his clothes and it was warm enough that I decided on a pair of shorts and a polo shirt. I looked through my bags from yesterday and grabbed a nice pair of panties that had had a silky smooth front and a pure lace back with a flower pattern throughout it.

Steve stepped out of the shower and toweled off and I walked into the bathroom with the panties dangling on my finger. I could see him eying the panties in the mirror and his cock began to stand at attention.

"Are you ready for a day of fun honey? Why don't you bend over the counter and let me put your new panties on you," I asked.

He did as he was instructed and placed his elbows on the marble countertop and watched me in the mirror. I held the panties and he lifted each leg and stepped into them.

"I can't wait to get these off of you tonight, are you ready for what I have planned?" I asked.

"Sweetie, I am ready for what ever you want if you can make me feel this way tonight," he responded.

I pulled the bright orange panties over his cock and a nice size tent was created by his hard-on. I grabbed the lotion off of the counter and put some in my hand. I made sure there was a generous amount on my finger and I pulled the back of his panties to the side quickly and slipped it in his ass before he could really react. He jumped and almost hit his head on the mirror, but I worked my finger in deeper until I felt his prostate gland and rubbed it for about 10 seconds. He was as on his toes with his eyes closed and head resting on the mirror.

"Maybe if you are a good little Pantyboy I will treat you to a great orgasm tonight. Just like the ones that you have been giving me recently, ever since I discovered your love of panties and lingerie," I said with a smile.

With that I pulled my finger out of his tight hole and washed my hands. I pulled his panties so they were covering his ass and left the bathroom with him still on his toes enjoying the sensation he had just experienced.

That afternoon we walked the entire strip and took in all that downtown Vegas had to offer. We were handed many cards for call girls and strippers as we made our way through town, and by the time we returned to the Bellagio, I had a handful of about 30 of them.

We had made dinner reservations at one of the two, five star restaurants in the Bellagio. We once again showered and I got out before Steve, which gave me time to get dressed before him. I quickly put on the sexy black outfit that Steve bought me last month and hugged every curve in my body. I put on a pair of crotchless panties and then attached the garters and stockings to complete the ensemble. DAMN did I look like a sexy dominating bitch, I just hoped that I didn't get so wet the crotchless panties would become a problem before we returned to our room. I put my dress on over my lingerie and again picked out Steve's clothes. He really enjoys it when I take the time to pick out his clothes and especially his panties for him. It lets him know that I am thinking about him too and that I am a part of his fantasy. Tonight it would be a coat and tie with his new floral garter belt, panties and stockings that I had bought. I laid them on the bed and went into the front room to give him time to get dressed without me watching.

I could hear him in the bedroom and then the door opened. "Honey, if I put this on I may have to come out there and fuck your brains out right now."

"I guess that means that you like them. You should because they are probably worth more than everything else you will be wearing," I said half jokingly.

His popped out into the front room wearing his button down shirt and tie and I could see the stockings being held in place by the bottoms of the garters. The shirt was covering his package, but I knew that it was hard. "Holy shit, how much did you spend on this?"

"Don't worry I didn't say that I spent that much, but I could have. Only the best will do for my little Pantyboy. I want to spoil you just like you like to spoil me."

He smiled and looked relieved as he stepped back in the bedroom to finish getting ready.

On the way to dinner I toyed with his garters in the elevator and it kept him aroused. A nice older couple got on the elevator about half way down and I moved next to Steve, but still toyed with his straps in the back and tugged at his thong. It made me giggle to see him so nervous, but when my hand brushed his cock it showed no signs of letting down.

We sat next to each other at dinner and I continued to tug at his garters again and again to keep him aroused. I would let my hand brush his cock and it was always hard. After we finished our salads and the couple glasses of wine I had began to take effect, I gave a final tug on one of his garters and then let one of my hands make its way down beneath my dress. I arranged my crotchless panties properly and ran my finger up the outside of my slit a couple of times to make my lips wet and shiny. I then opened my legs slightly and lifted my dress just enough for him so see my swollen and wet pussy encased by my crotchless panties. I put my finger in my mouth and then moved it down between my legs and then buried it deep in my pussy giving him a nice private viewing. I pulled my now wet finger out of my pussy and closed my legs. All my teasing made dinner go by very quickly for the both of us. And despite the fact that we were eating a very nice dinner, we were back in our room within 2 hours.

I pointed to the bedroom, "Get in there and strip down to your new "outfit" so that I can see how nice it looks on you. I want to see if the bulge in the front of your panties is as big as it was last time you wore a garter belt."

"Oh, I don't think that is going to be a problem honey, I am ready to bury myself in your pussy right now, head first," he told me with a serious look on his face.

"Good, I'm glad to see that they still have that effect on you my Pantyboy. So go get undressed and I am going to freshen up a bit because you are getting ready to eat my pussy!" He disappeared into the bedroom and I got undressed and stepped in the shower. I took my time cleaning and shaving my pussy and when I was done I was already getting a little wet with anticipation. I put on my panties first, a red satin thong with black lace around the waist, and then I applied my pasties with tassels that I had bought earlier in the day. The made me feel very erotic as they covered my hard nipples and I could feel the tassels brushing the bottom of my breasts. I put on a large terry cloth bathrobe and walked into the bedroom. Steve was lying on the bed wearing only his panties, garter and stockings like I had told him to.

"Good boy, I have to say, you looked good the last time you wore garters, but this one takes it hands down. I see that your cock feels the same way and that makes me happy. Why don't you go over to the chair and have a seat for me."

He stood up and walked over to the chair. I watched his ass as he moved and he really did fill out his panties nicely. The thong held his balls perfectly and this tip of his cock was just covered by the silky fabric. His stockings gave his legs a nice curvy look and the garter was just the perfect touch holding them in place.

"Pull the chair over to the middle of the room and have a seat," I instructed.

He sat down and I took off the tie from my bathrobe and secured his arms to the chair by his side. "You are in Vegas and right now you are only allowed to look at the girls, not touch them, so this will help you remember that," I told him as I finished tying the final knot.

I dimmed the lights and dropped my bathrobe on the floor in front of him. There I was standing in my panties and tassels. "You like what you see?"

"Oh YES, those look so hot on your breasts, why don't you come hop on me since I am stuck here, helpless, and at your mercy."

"Not yet Pantyboy, I am going to give you a little show as payment for what you will be doing for me shortly." I walked over to the radio and found a nice jazz station and then I began my tease. I started with a little dancing and then got a little closer and more personal. I rubbed my tits in his face and then lowered my mouth to his crotch. I pulled his panties down using my mouth and they were resting around his ankles, leaving him in his floral garters and stockings.

"God, your sexy" he murmured.

"Just for you" I answered. I began to feel his hard and erect cock. The chair was facing the long mirror next to the bed, so he could see my panties and ass kneeling down between his legs, as I begin taking his length into my mouth. He is already hard as a rock, but I know that he loves me teasing his cock with my tongue. I wrapped one hand around the base of his cock, while my other hand gently tickled his balls. I try to pay attention to the head of his cock, licking and sucking it, but he loves it when I take as much of him into my mouth as I can handle. Without looking, I know that Steve is looking down and watching his cock enter my mouth and then looking in the mirror at my firm ass, perfectly framed by my satin and lace panties.

I want to give my little Pantyboy a good show since I know that he is watching me in the mirror. I decide to take my free hand and slide it down between my legs and I begin rubbing my pussy through my panties. I glance back in the mirror and watch my fingers work deeper and deeper into my pussy through my panties. A large damp spot is very obvious as I move my hand from the outside of my panties and slip it down the front of my panties to my waiting pussy. I slide two fingers inside of myself and let out a moan as I work their full length inside of myself. Steve is still transfixed on the image in the mirror.

"I want to fuck you now," he panted as he got closer to having his orgasm.

"Not quite yet Pantyboy, you may be ready, but now I need you to get me ready and I think you know what that means." I untied his arms had him pull the ottoman up flush with the chair. The chair was at the perfect angle with the mirror so that we could both watch ourselves fucking when the time was right. I had him sit down in the chair and I moved on the chair above him, I was standing, straddling his chest. I looked back in the mirror and I could clearly that the crotch of my panties was now completely soaked through. I lowered my panty covered pussy down to his mouth and immediately felt his tongue begin moving over my slit. I was so wet that my panties were sliding over the outside of my pussy and he was having a hard time getting the fabric pushed inside of me with his tongue.

I took both hands and placed them on the back of his head and pulled his mouth forcefully into my crotch. His tongue worked my panties inside of me deeper and deeper which in turn, pulled the lacy back of my panties into the crack of my ass. I began to feel my orgasm form deep inside of me and I couldn't help but to grind my pussy over his outstretched tongue. I began moving my hips back and forth which ran his tongue from my clitoris, over the entire length of my wet slit and over the lacey fabric which was now a thin strip covering my asshole. I was getting so close to having an orgasm that I had to stop and regroup.

"God that tongue of yours feels good tonight," I said as I stood up, and them pulled his panties back up his legs and over the tip of his penis. I then turned 180 degrees and I was now on my hands a knees facing the mirror and my still panty covered pussy was only inches from his face. I ran my hands up and down his smooth legs that were still encased in his sexy thigh high stockings. I began stroking him through his panties and he began to move his hips with me. I lowered by pussy to his crotch and I could feel the satin of our panties come in contact with one another. Even though I had soaked through mine, the feeling was still incredible. I must have kept it going for a good 10 minutes it felt so good. I would glance up and see that Steve was staring at my pussy and he seemed to enjoy the show that was in front of him.

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