tagFetishPanties Ch. 01

Panties Ch. 01


This series is about my ongoing obsession with panties.

If you've read my series about Gloria you know that she's the main object of my fantasies. I do fantasize about other women though. Some of those women you've already met.

I can't say any specific type of women trigger my fantasies. As long as they're not too young, not too old, not too big, or not too skinny, there's a chance my mind will wander.

All I need is a chance encounter with perhaps a quick peak down a blouse, visible panty lines beneath some tight fitting pants, or if I'm lucky panties peeking above those pants and that's enough to start my next elaborate fantasy. Let's just hope Gloria isn't too jealous.

I tried to allow any chapter to stand on its own, so I apologize in advance for repeating things from time to time.


Seth left work earlier than usual, however not early enough to make his appointment on time. He had a therapy session with Dr. Cait Burke. Other than perhaps his secret panty fetish, he really had no reason to see a therapist. He was initially forced into couples counseling by his wife Laura, however after the last session got heated, Dr. Burke suggested they see her individually.

The reason for the couples counseling was Seth's apparent lack of interest in sex. This he learned by surprise during the first session. Although Seth and his wife were initially in agreement that they both could be doing more to improve things, it went downhill from there.

After fifteen years of marriage Seth thought that most couples probably hit a dry spell. Regardless of the reasons, what he did know was that his daily masturbation sessions were not helping things. At least once in the morning and then before bed he was surfing the web and satisfying his sexual urges solo. Some days he could do it three or four times. Anything that had to do with panties had him spurting cum. Pictures, videos, stories, all did the trick. Hell he could just lay there imagining a woman he ran into that day and be off to the races. As far as sex went with his wife, he had very little interest lately. Other than the foreplay while she still had her panties on, their sex life had become disappointing to him.

As Seth raced to the appointment, he thought that there was at least one consolation to this whole ordeal. Dr. Burke was kind of hot. She was probably in her early thirties, about ten years younger than him. She had light brown hair that fell to just past her shoulders. She typically wore her hair down with a little body to it that gave it shape, the part just a little off center. She would constantly play with it, sometimes twirling it, or running her fingers through it and letting it fall. Her hair always had a slightly disheveled look to it, as if she had just finished having sex.

I guess you could say Dr. Burke was average looking. She had a pleasant smile and deep green eyes that Seth found attractive. If he had to guess the first time he met her, he would have said she wore a size 8 pair of panties and her breasts were a 34B. This was based solely on the fact that her lovely shape was maybe a size or two larger than his wife's.

When Dr. Burke wore a tighter fitting top she gave away the fact that she had a little bit of a curve to her belly. Although a lot of different women turned Seth on, having a few curves did the trick for him every time. In fact if he had to say there was one common trait his fantasy women shared it was that they were typically of the curvier variety.

The other thing that Seth found attractive about Dr. Burke was the way she dressed. During the first session, she was wearing tight black dress slacks and a light blue knit top. The outfit showed off every curvy detail of her sexy body. He couldn't help but let his eyes wander as she ushered them in and then closed the door while telling them to have a seat. As he sat he got a great view of her lovely back side. The smooth black slacks molded around her beautiful hips, thighs, and sexy full ass. What was most exciting though was the fact that the faint outline of her panties was visible.

Seth loved the sight of visible panty lines. If the panties were too tight and dug into flesh that was too soft, it didn't turn him on. However, when the leg openings and waistband of a pair of panties provided a hint of their lines beneath a pair of form fitting slacks, jeans, or leggings it got him aroused every time. The reason it was so exciting was because the slight raised edges pressing against the outer fabric highlighted the style of panties being worn. He preferred bikini style panties, which it appeared Cait preferred as well. He also like hipsters and could even live with a full cut pair. He had little to no interest in boy short styles, and no interest at all in thongs.

When Cait turned from the door and moved to sit herself, Seth couldn't take his eyes off of how her slacks clung to her lower body. When he finally did, he realized she was looking directly at him as she sat. He wasn't sure if it was his imagination or not, but at the time he would have sworn she gave him a little knowing smile that said she had caught him checking her out. Needless to say, after that first session the good doctor had become a regular in his fantasies.

During the next session Dr. Burke was wearing a black floral print knee length dress, a thin white long sleeve sweater, and white nylons. The sweater was unbuttoned and complemented the small all white daisies that were scattered in a random pattern across the dress. The dress had a line of small buttons that ran from the neckline to the hem. The outfit had a casual youthful look to it that Seth found sexy, especially the white nylons.

When Dr. Burke sat in her chair she slipped her feet from a black pair of flats and folded her legs up under her. When she did, Seth couldn't help but notice how sexy her legs really were as her dress rode up to just above her knees. The smooth white nylons highlighted the lines and shape of her legs. He would have given anything at that moment to start undoing the buttons on her dress. He would start from the bottom, slowly unbuttoning her cute dress, exposing more of her legs with each one. The anticipation growing as he got closer to exposing all of her nylons and the panties beneath them. He could see her there, her dress half unbuttoned and pushed aside, a pair of white cotton panties now visible as he pulled down her sexy white nylons.

Like the last visit he was pretty sure Dr. Burke caught him checking her out. He didn't care though, he needed the mental images from the visit to help fuel his next fantasy of her.

For the third session, Seth and his wife had arrived in separate cars. He had a meeting he couldn't get out of that didn't allow him enough time to get Laura from the house, then make the appointment. His wife never is good with being on time, so when he arrived he had about ten minutes alone with Dr. Burke. Ten minutes to mentally imprint how she looked, without being concerned about his wife glancing at him and possibly catching his wandering eyes.

Dr. Burke looked especially sexy that day. She was wearing an olive green colored long sleeve dress. The dress had a modest rounded collar and was made of this thin material that seemed to float over her body, yet cling to her shape all at the same time. The soft material stretched as she moved highlighting every one of her curves. He couldn't help but run his eyes up and down her sexy body as she again ushered him in while turning away to close the door.

From behind the dress looked like a second skin, only a hint of the straps from Dr. Burke's bra indicated she wasn't completely naked beneath it. The dress followed the curves of her body, tapering just above her waist, before it flared around her waist and hips then tapering again along her thighs. The dress hugged her beautiful ass, highlighting its shape in the rich olive green. No panty lines were visible, however the dress still made Seth stiffen.

As Seth explained that Laura would be a few minutes late, Dr. Burke sat in her usual chair. He couldn't pull his eyes away from the fit of her dress. When he did she was looking directly at him once again. What was different though was that she had a small grin on her face. A grin that said she was enjoying the fact that he found her attractive. She also seemed a little less reserved than she typically was when he had been there with his wife. She seemed friendlier. He couldn't quite put his finger on what was different other than when his wife finally did show up the doctor seemed a little more formal.

During that session, Seth was constantly drawn to the shape of Dr. Burke's breasts beneath the olive colored dress, and the way the dress wrapped around her small belly, hips, and thighs. She sat facing them, knees together almost not moving the entire time. All he could think about was how her breasts would feel beneath that dress. How she would react to him pushing up her dress. How erotic it would be to spread her legs, push her panties to the side, and just take her. Although he found the black floral print dress and white nylons she had worn last week sexier, there was something about the sophisticated look of the simple olive dress she had on that day that made her seem unattainable. He was so aroused he couldn't wait to masturbate.

When Seth and Laura left that day, they had plans to meet some friends for dinner. He was practically erect when he got into his car. He was so turned on he actually pulled his cock out as soon as he got on the highway. As he followed his wife's car, he rubbed his cock thinking of Dr. Burke. His fantasy had her bent over her desk. He started by rubbing his cock against her ass. An ass covered by that soft olive green material. In his mind he could feel the fabric caressing his cock as he slide it along the valley of her beautiful ass, before forcing it between her thighs.

As Seth began to drive his cock between Dr Burke's thighs, the material from her dress stretched, encasing the head of his cock. He drove into her relishing the friction from the dress for a while before finally stopping and pulling back. He then lifted her dress up around her waist exposing a pair of sexy white satin panties. He rubbed his cock against her panties for a moment, then pulled them to the side and entered her. He thought then about the pure ecstasy of driving his cock into her. Finding her wet with excitement.

As Seth imagined the look of Dr. Burke's white satin covered ass, his cock disappearing again and again inside of her, he imagined fondling her breasts beneath the soft olive fabric. He thought about her holding on to her desk while looking back at him as he had his way with her. He thought about her giving in to him reluctantly, yet ultimately wanting him to have her. When he imagined grabbing a handful of her hair and pulling it, he came.

Seth's car actually swerved a little as he tried to contain the cum that flew from his cock. Fortunately he had some napkins handy that prevented a mess on the front of his trousers. It was easily one of the more satisfying orgasms that he had ever had. It was also probably one of the dumbest things he had ever done. Fortunately there wasn't a lot of traffic and he was able to keep from getting into an accident. It was the first time he considered the fact that his need to masturbate so much might be a problem.

As Seth pulled into the parking lot five minutes late he had two things on his mind. The first was having to hear again from Dr. Burke how she expected her patients to be on time. The second was that he was actually looking forward to seeing her. Seeing her in some type of sexy outfit that would fuel another fantasy.

Cait checked her calendar again for probably the tenth time in the last few hours. She had been looking forward to her four o'clock appointment since it was penciled in last week.

The sign outside, the lettering on Cait's office door, and even her business cards all said, "Dr. Cait Burke Family Counseling". That was her specialty however her real interest was much more focused. She was fascinated by any of her patients that had sexually related issues. She actually got aroused by what was discussed at times. If an affair was the issue she would later fantasize about her personal involvement. It didn't matter if her patient was male or female. She has had relationships with both men and women over the years and was open to just about anything. Being single by choice, she enjoyed the fact that she could date or not date. She would go months pleasuring herself each day, then have a one night stand or two, as a change of pace.

Cait was good at her job. The reason she was good, beyond her academic credentials, was her ability to read people. She could tell if someone was being honest or not. She could tell when they were holding something back. She was very adept at picking up on body language, facial expressions, and changes in the tone of someone's voice. Because of this she knew that her next patient had secrets.

It was also obvious to Cait that Seth couldn't keep his eyes where they should be. He had spent the last three sessions practically undressing her mentally from the time he walked in to the time he left. If she was being honest she actually liked the affect she had on him, and couldn't wait to find out if he would open up to her about why his sex life with his wife was suffering. The truth was probably that he was having an affair. She had yet to confront him about this with his wife present, however today she would.

Seth walked into the lobby and approached the receptionist. Her name was Jasmine. She was probably in her early twenties and had light brown hair like Cait. She actually resembled the good doctor, only a younger perhaps more petite version. Every time he had seen her to date she had been wearing scrubs and seated behind a desk at the receptionists window. Today it was purple colored scrubs. Because of the loose fitting scrubs and the fact he had never seen her moving about he wasn't really sure how attractive her body was.

"Hi Seth."

"Hey Jasmine."

"I usually leave at four so I was hoping we could take care of your copay now rather than after your session like we usually do."


Seth handed over his card and studied Jasmine while she performed the transaction. She had her hair in a ponytail today, which made her look younger. For some reason she seemed more attractive today.

When Jasmine finished, she handed Seth his card back with a smile and said, "You can go right in Seth, Dr. Burke is waiting for you."

Seth said thank you, then turned down the hall. Dr. Burke's office was the last door on the right. The door was closed so he knocked, then entered, when he heard her say come in.

The door to the office was located at a corner of the room. Along the wall that the door opened on was a couch that looked like something you would find in any living room. To the right of the door was a plush chair, where Dr. Burke usually sat, that matched the color and style of the couch. In the opposite corner, across from the door, was her desk. She was seated there with her back to him when he walked in and said, "Hey Doc."

"Hello Seth." Cait responded as she swiveled her desk chair around to face him.

Seth was immediately pleased by what Cait was wearing, light gray dress slacks and a tight white blouse. The blouse which looked like it had been tailored for her, fit snugly around her breasts and torso, a line of buttons running along the entire front. She had the top two buttons undone. It gave the blouse a sexy look without being too revealing.

As Seth made his first mental notes of Cait's outfit, she turned to her right to grab a bottle of water. Because the blouse was so tight, as she reached out, a gap formed between two of the buttons revealing a glimpse of a lacy white bra. He was immediately aroused.

As Cait turned back to Seth and stood, she told him to have a seat. He sat on the love seat and watched her as she walked across the room to close the door he had purposely left open for her. He was mesmerized by the snug fit of her slacks. The way they wrapped around her thighs, the way the fabric came together at her crotch and disappeared, but most of all how her ass looked when she reached the door to close it. They were just like the black slacks he had seen on her before, only they seemed tighter, her panty lines more noticeable.

Seth would have given anything at that moment to grab Cait by the hips and drive his cock between her gray covered cheeks. He could imagine the feel of the soft synthetic fabric on the sensitive head of his cock as he pressed inward, then the rough sensation as he came in contact with the inner seam. At the time he could have sworn that she purposely lingered with her back to him so he could get an eyeful, before quickly turning to catch him in the act of staring at her beautiful ass.

Cait gave Seth a quick smile, then surprised him when she approached the couch rather than her usual chair by the door. When she reached the small table at the side of the couch, she bent down to place her water bottle on it. His eyes immediately went to the opening at the top of her blouse, hoping to catch a glimpse down her shirt. Although he only saw a hint of cleavage, his cock twitched within its confines as she straightened back up and then sat down next to him.

"I hope you don't mind me sitting here." Cait said.

"Not at all." Seth responded as he tried to maintain eye contact with Cait. He couldn't help himself from first glancing at her chest though to see if he could get another peak at her bra between the buttons of her blouse. When she sat she had turned slightly towards him though, so no use. What he did get though was a better view of her crotch pressing against her tight slacks. He could have sworn he could almost see the shape of her outer pussy before he averted his eyes across the room.

"When I meet with a patient one on one, I like to sit here with them. I think it creates a more intimate setting and helps people open up."

The word intimate caused Seth's mind to wander. If Cait only knew how intimate he wished they could be. If she only knew the only thing he could think about right now was the white lace bra she had on, how good she looked in the slacks she was wearing, how much he wanted to remove those slacks.

Although there was at least a foot of space between them, Seth felt like he could feel the body heat emanating from Cait. The other thing that was evident from their closeness was how good she smelled. She had on a perfume, or perhaps the remnants of a body wash, that had a light floral smell to it. It was a clean smell, a fresh smell, a feminine smell. Fortunately he was wearing dress slacks with a pleated front, so he was hoping his now hard cock was not going to be noticeable.

"Sorry I'm late Doc and thank you for taking a four o'clock appointment, it's difficult for me to get here any earlier."

"Seth, please call me Cait." Cait responded, flashing him a warm sexy smile.

Seth thought at the time it was his imagination run amok, however he felt like she was purposely being friendlier than usual. After an awkward pause, Cait added, "Seeing you're the last appointment of the day, us starting a few minutes late won't be a problem."

"So Seth I appreciate you being open to meeting with me alone. I think it's important for you to know that what we discuss will remain between you and I. I will only share things with Laura that you want me to share."

As Seth replied with, sounds good doc, I mean Cait, she turned to her right to grab her water bottle. As she turned away from him, then took a sip of water, he got another glimpse of her lacy white bra, only this time he was much closer to her. His cock twitched as he noted the details of the floral lace pattern and thought about how it would feel running his hand over her sexy bra, feeling the softness of her breast beneath the lace.

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