tagFetishPanties Ch. 02

Panties Ch. 02


This series is about my ongoing obsession with panties.

If you've read my series about Gloria then you know that she's the main object of my fantasies. I do fantasize about other women though. Some of those women you've already met.

I can't say any specific type of women trigger my fantasies. As long as they're not too young, not too old, not too big, or not too skinny, there's a chance my mind will wander.

All I need is a chance encounter with perhaps a quick peak down a blouse, visible panty lines beneath some tight fitting pants, or if I'm lucky panties peeking above those pants and that's enough to start my next elaborate fantasy. Let's just hope Gloria isn't too jealous.

I tried to allow any chapter to stand on its own, so I apologize in advance for repeating things from time to time.


Ch. 2 - Jasmine's Panties

Cait entered her apartment to find Jasmine in the kitchen making dinner. She was still wearing her purple scrub bottoms from work, but had taken off the top leaving a tight light gray t-shirt on display that hugged her sexy young twenty year old body.

Cait dropped her bag on the table then approached her niece, who half turned from the counter so they could share a quick kiss.

"So how did it go with your secret admirer?" Jasmine asked.

"You're not going to believe me when I tell you what just happened." Cait said as she turned Jasmine around and gave her a much more passionate kiss.

When they finally came up for air, Jasmine said, "Wow, he really got you worked up today."

"Leave dinner." Was Cait's only response as she took Jasmine's hand and gently pulled her away from the counter, across the kitchen, then down the hall to the bedroom they shared whenever her niece stayed with her.

As Cait walked, she undid the buttons on her fitted white blouse with her free hand so that by the time they reached their bedroom it was already falling to the floor.

Jasmine teased Cait again about being all worked up, as her aunt leaned over and pulled down her purple scrub bottoms exposing the simple white cotton panties she had on.

"Seth would love to get his hands on those panties." Cait said as she bent down further to help Jasmine completely remove her bottoms.

"Oh my god, your panties are soaked!" Jasmine exclaimed as Cait took off her gray slacks and stood before her niece in just her lavender colored cotton panties and her white lace bra. The same panties she had climaxed in after Seth had left her office just a short while ago.

Cait just smiled as she pulled her niece to the bed. After they had both climaxed, they laid in each other's arms while Cait recounted her afternoon session with Seth.

"I still can't believe it. He seems too nice. I can't believe he masturbated in your office. And you let him! Hell you actually helped him finish." Jasmine responded after Cait had finished her story.

Cait and Jasmine laid there for a while before Jasmine finally broke the silence by saying, "I think I'm jealous."

"Jealous because I turned him on so much that he had to masturbate in front me, or jealous because it turned me on?"

"A little of both I think." After a moment, Jasmine added, "You know I've never got the feeling he was checking me out. Maybe I'm too young for him."

"I know that's not true based on what he mentioned about the neighbors' daughter."

"What happened with the neighbors' daughter?"

"Oh, I didn't tell you about that. Seth stole a pair of her panties."

"He did?"

"That's what he said."

"How old is she?"

"About your age."

"How did he manage to steal her panties?"

"I didn't ask."

"Your patient steals a pair of panties from the girl next door and you're not even curious as to how it happened?"

"Actually I was, but there really wasn't a good time to ask. Maybe I'll ask him next week."

"I still don't believe any of this. How come he isn't attracted to me?"

"Maybe if you wore something other than those baggy old scrubs you're always wearing you might get a different reaction out of him."

"When is he in, next Thursday?"

"Yes and I can't wait." Cait responded with a little laugh.

"Maybe I'll wear the pink set I don't like to wear anymore because they're kind of tight. Maybe he'll like me then."

"Maybe you should. Hey the top has a V-neck right?"

"It does."

"Don't wear a t-shirt under it like you usually do. If you let him see that sexy ass of yours in those tight pink bottoms and let him get a look down your top, he'll be good and hard by the time we start our session." Cait responded with another laugh, then added, "Maybe you should join us."

"Why, you need me my help to give him another hand job?"

"For the record I was only trying to prevent him from getting more of his cum on my slacks. In fact, he made me help him finish his hand job. A hand job, I might add, that he was already giving himself."

"Did you enjoy that?"

"Actually, I kind of did."

"I think you need to make love to me again." Jasmine said as she brought her lips to Cait's.


Seth couldn't wait to get to his therapy appointment. After what had happened last week he had been looking forward to another session with Cait. He actually left work a little earlier, so he wouldn't be late again. He was pleased with himself when he walked in ten minutes early. He was even more pleased to find Jasmine standing with her back to him at a copier that was located at the back of her little receptionist area.

"I'll be right with you Seth." Jasmine said as she looked over her shoulder and flashed him a smile.

"Take your time." Seth responded. Yes take your time he thought as his eyes went lower as soon as Jasmine turned her head back around.

Jasmine was wearing scrubs like usual, however Seth had yet to see her anywhere but seated behind her receptionist window. The bright pink scrubs she had on were tight and really showed off her figure. A very sexy figure with just the right amount of curves and a gorgeous ass. An ass that filled out the bottoms of her scrubs rather nicely.

As Jasmine bent slightly to retrieve a copy from the side tray, the bright pink fabric stretched even tighter around her hips and ass highlighting her lovely bottom and very visible panty lines. Seth was pleased to see that she was wearing bikini style panties, his favorite.

Seth was already aroused thinking about what might happen with Cait. Seeing this new side of Jasmine, so to speak, only made matters worse. Perhaps tonight when he was alone in bed he would have a threesome with the two of them.

As Seth blatantly stared at Jasmine sexy young ass, he thought about what it would feel like to run his hands over it. A hand on each lovely young cheek, squeezing gently before grabbing her hips as he slipped his cock between her thighs. As he thought about dry humping her from behind, one hand found her pussy and the other a breast beneath the soft cotton scrubs.

Seth's was now in another world as the fantasy in his mind unfolded. He began to caress her roughly as he drove his cock more forcefully between her young firm thighs. He could imagine with unbelievable clarity the feeling of his pelvis contacting her luscious ass, the soft yet rough feel of the pink fabric caressing his cock.

Seth was imagining his hand slipping inside of Jasmine's sexy pink bottoms to find that her panties were wet with her excitement, when she said, "Just another minute Seth."

The sound of Jasmine's voice brought Seth back to reality. He looked up in surprise to find Jasmine looking at him. She had a smile on her face, a little color to her cheeks. He was so lost in thought he hadn't realized she had turned her head. He felt like a pervert at that point. Caught in the act of leering at a girl half his age. He tried to look away from her when she turned back to the copier, but couldn't.

Cait was right Jasmine thought, I so busted him checking out my ass. She had thought initially that her aunt was just imagining that Seth had a wandering eye. After all his wife Laura was a knockout. She believed now though.

Jasmine had also thought it a little creepy that Seth might have thought about her while he masturbated, like he apparently did with Cait. If she was being honest though, she was actually enjoying the fact that she might be turning him on.

Seth watched Jasmine add a stack of papers to the copier, hit the copy button and then turn around as she came over to the window. Although she was making eye contact with him, he couldn't help himself from letting his eyes wander over her body. Her bright pink top was tighter than the other sets of scrubs he had seen her in. The top highlighted that she had a nice shape and size to her breasts. Definitely overall smaller than Cait, but quite attractive just the same.

Seth handed his card to Jasmine and watched her as she processed his copay. Rather than sit she stood at her desk leaning over to run his card and make entries on her keyboard.

As Jasmine leaned forward, her top had a small V-neck that allowed Seth to easily see more than he should have. Much to his delight, the swell of her young breasts and the edges of a black satin bra were visible. The bra was sexy, hugging the smooth lightly tanned skin of her upper chest.

Seth was now so excited that he was almost fully erect. So excited he just wanted to walk back out the door and masturbate somewhere while the images of Jasmine were still fresh in his mind.

Seth struggled with trying to look down Jasmine's top then back to her face to make sure she didn't catch his inappropriate stare. He could have sworn she had a little smirk on her face when he caught her glancing at him.

Now he can't keep his eyes off my chest, Jasmine thought. She couldn't believe that it was actually turning her on a little to think Seth would be fantasizing about her. She felt almost powerful being able to cause this successful good looking older guy to notice her. The feeling was so exhilarating that she purposely ran his copay as slowly as she could.

While Jasmine waited for the receipt to print, the copier stopped to a chorus of beeps and multiple lights blinking on the touch screen.

"Another paper jam." Jasmine uttered, exasperation in her voice. "That's the third time it's happened today." She added as she handed him his receipt.

"Have a seat Seth, Dr. Burke will be with you in a moment." Jasmine said as she turned away.

Seth watched Jasmine's cute ass as she walked back to the copier and bent over to open the front access door. He watched her struggle with one of the levers for a moment, then asked, "Jasmine would you like some help?"

Clearly frustrated, Jasmine responded with, "If you don't mind."

Seth entered Jasmine's receptionist area and went to the front of the copier. As he knelt in front of it, she stood just off to the side, bent at the waist, hands on her knees. Seth got an amazing look down her scrub top at both her breasts hanging down and wrapped in the sexy black fabric. It was such an erotic sight his cock twitched.

To make matters worse, Seth was so close to Jasmine that he was able to pick up on the fragrance she was wearing. It was the same floral scent that he enjoyed last week when Cait joined him on the couch. The heady scent made his cock twitch again.

As Seth worked various levers and mechanisms on the copier he explained what he was doing. Jasmine knew he was just trying to look down her top each time he turned towards her, so she stayed bent over and acted oblivious. She felt a little naughty as she realized how much she was enjoying being somewhat of an exhibitionist. She was enjoying it so much that she could actually feel a dampness forming between her legs.

Much to Seth's dismay he found the cause of the problem rather quickly, a scrap of paper caught on a drive roller. He removed it, closed up the copier, and confirmed on the touch screen that the unit was ready to go. As he was standing, he got one last good look down Jasmine's top. "Thank you Seth."

What a beautiful young girl was all Seth could think as he said you're welcome.

Seth went to have a seat in the waiting room, and had just sat down when Cait came out of her office with a client. It was a younger girl, probably in her mid-twenties. She was a very attractive curvy blonde, wearing a tight pair of blue jeans and a white floral print top that fit tightly around her beautiful full breasts.

As attractive as the blonde girl was, Seth only saw her for a moment as his eyes found Cait. She looked especially stunning today in a navy blue knee length pencil skirt and a pale blue long sleeve silk blouse. The skirt hugged her beautiful lower body while the silk blouse, which was tucked into the skirt, accentuated her breasts. The material at the front of the blouse was a cross wrap style which formed an alluring V-shape at the neckline.

Looking at Jasmine's youthful body, especially her sexy ass and down her blouse, had made Seth hard. Seeing Cait in her sophisticated form flattering attire made him want to cum.

Cait and the blonde girl exchanged goodbyes, then she turned to Seth and said with a smile, "Good afternoon Seth."

"Hey doc." Seth responded as he stood and greeted Cait's smile with one of his own.

"Why don't you go in and have a seat, I'll be right in."

Cait continued to smile at Seth as he responded with okay doc, then watched him walk down the hall and enter her office. As he was the last client of the day she went and locked the door to the lobby, before finding Jasmine at the copier.

"How did it go?" Cait asked softly.

"He fixed the copier."

"That's it?"

"He couldn't keep his eyes off me." Jasmine responded with a mischievous little smile on her face.

"I told you." Cait said, then added, "So did you enjoy it, or did it creep you out like you thought it would?"

Jasmine made no response, instead she took Cait's right hand and slipped it inside of her scrub bottoms and panties.

Cait was a little surprised when Jasmine gently grabbed her hand and slid it inside of her panties. She was even more surprised to find her young niece quite moist.

"You're a naughty little girl, aren't you?" Cait asked, as she pressed her fingers against Jasmine's pussy, then slipped her middle finger inside of her.

"A very naughty, wet little girl." Cait added as she realized how wet Jasmine's pussy really was.

As Cait started to slowly slip her finger in and out of Jasmine, her niece began to rock back and forth against her hand.

"I was at the copier.... caught him.... staring at my ass.... then I let him.... see down my top.... oh that feels so good...." Jasmine whispered haltingly as Cait began to quickly slide her finger in and out of her niece's pussy.

"I bet you made him good and hard." Cait whispered back as she increased the pace with her hand, adding a second finger to Jasmine's now soaked pussy. She should have left her to deal with her arousal on her own, however the shear depravity of what she was doing to her helpless niece excited her immensely.

"You liked teasing him, didn't you?"


"It turned you on, didn't it?"


Jasmine couldn't believe how excited she was, she was already about to cum. "Oh my god."

"Shush." Cait whispered, as she placed her free hand gently over Jasmine's mouth, pressed her against the wall and then increased the speed and force of her fingers that were violating her niece.

Cait loved to finger Jasmine's tight young pussy. She was always amazed at how tight it really was. The two of them had been sexually intimate since shortly after her niece had started working for her about six months ago.

Jasmine was still a virgin. Well with the exception of what Cait did to her with her fingers as often as she could. She couldn't help but think that Seth would probably kill to get his cock into the tight young pussy her fingers were now slipping in and out of.

Jasmine didn't last long after Cait became more forceful. She climaxed around her aunt's fingers more quickly than she ever could have imagined. The climax was so powerful that her legs became wobbly and she would have probably fallen if her aunt hadn't had her pressed against the wall.

Cait was sure it had only been a couple minutes since Seth had entered her office, however she felt like he might come back out to see what was taking so long. She desperately needed Jasmine to return the favor but knew there wasn't time.

Cait reluctantly pulled her hand from Jasmine's panties, licked the juices from her fingers, gave her niece a quick kiss and then went to find her patient.

Seth felt like he was waiting for a lot longer than the five or so minutes it took Cait to join him. When he first sat down he gave his hard cock a few quick much needed squeezes, however as time went on he was worried she would walk in on him. He had actually started to soften by the time she walked in. As she closed the door, he got the best view he had so far of her sexy full ass in the tight navy blue skirt.

Once again Seth was certain that Cait purposely closed the door as slowly as she could so that he could get a good look at her beautiful ass. And once again, he was hard.

"Sorry for the wait." Cait said as she turned from the door and walked over to her desk. As she did Seth's entire focus was on her skirt. What he hadn't noticed before was a nine inch slit that started at the side of her left knee. The slit allowed the tight skirt to move easily when she walked and exposed an enticingly sexy amount of leg.

Cait picked up a clip board from her desk then joined Seth on the couch.

"Before we get started, I need you to review and sign this Mutual Confidentiality, Indemnity and Hold Harmless Agreement."

"Sounds very legal." Seth said as Cait handed him the clipboard and he inhaled her intoxicating scent. He was now sure that Jasmine and the good doctor used the same perfume, or body wash. God she smells so good he thought as he tried to focus on what she was saying.

"Based on the nature of our last session it's important that we agree that your treatment, and my involvement in that treatment, is done in good faith on your behalf and that neither of us has grounds to ascertain fault with the other."

Seth almost laughed as he thought Cait's explanation didn't really clear things up. What he did get from it though was that she was obviously concerned about what had happened last week.

As Seth glanced through the document he thought two things. The first was that he wasn't going to tell anyone about these sessions. The second was Cait mentioning her involvement in his treatment. Where do I sign he thought, and almost laughed again.

As Seth started to sign, Cait added, "Seth if you would be so kind as to put last Thursday's date, which was the 10th, I would appreciate it."

Seth did just that, handed the clipboard back to Cait, then just stared at her beautiful ass wrapped in her sexy skirt as she stood and returned the clipboard to her desk.

There is something about a form fitting skirt that Seth found sexier than a tight pair of slacks or jeans. Although you couldn't see every curve it was as if the curves you could see were somehow forbidden. It was as if the skirt was being worn to hide those curves, however they appeared and disappeared as a woman walked.

It was no secret at that point that Seth couldn't keep his eyes off Cait so he didn't even try to hide it. As she turned around and walked back towards him his eyes remained on her skirt.

Seth enjoyed the glimpses of her lower left thigh appearing when the slit in the skirt was stretched, the barely perceptible impression of where her thighs met, the shape of her waist hips and thighs. He was fully turned on again. So turned on that he wanted to just reach out and touch her.

Cait knew Seth would like the outfit she had chosen for today's session. It flattered her shape. She knew she looked sexy. She felt sexy. He couldn't help but stare at her and that excited her.

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