tagFetishPanties Ch. 03

Panties Ch. 03


This series is about my ongoing obsession with panties.

If you've read my series about Gloria then you know that she's the main object of my fantasies. I do fantasize about other women though. Some of those women you've already met.

I can't say any specific type of women trigger my fantasies. As long as they're not too young, not too old, not too big, or not too skinny, there's a chance my mind will wander.

All I need is a chance encounter with perhaps a quick peak down a blouse, visible panty lines beneath some tight fitting pants, or if I'm lucky panties peeking above those pants and that's enough to start my next elaborate fantasy. Let's just hope Gloria isn't too jealous.

I tried to allow any chapter to stand on its own, so I apologize in advance for repeating things from time to time.


Panties Ch. 03 - Spanked Panties

Seth sat in his car and got his first good look at the panties Jasmine had placed in his hand as he was leaving his therapy appointment. He was surprised she was still there. All he could think about as she came out of her little office was that she probably had heard Cait when she had yelled out she was cumming.

Seth was even more surprised when Jasmine said that she had something for him. A little thank you for fixing her copier. When she placed the folded up panties into his hand he didn't know what to say.

At first it didn't even register with him what the light soft bundle of fabric really was. As Jasmine smiled at him he saw the all too familiar stitch of the waistband and couldn't help but smile back.

"See you next week Seth." Jasmine said, then turned down the hall.

Seth watched her cute ass as she walked away. The smooth pink fabric of her scrubs that molded around her beautiful bottom no longer revealed any panty lines. He couldn't believe she had just given him the panties she had been wearing.

As Seth sat in his car he held up the panties, his fingers grasping the waistband at each side where they would have rested along Jasmine's hips. They were sexy. Simple black satin bikini style panties with a little black bow at the front. He looked inside and noticed the tag, size 6. The same size his wife and Haley wore. He didn't know why, but knowing the size of the panties a woman wore was somehow erotic to him.

The other thing that Seth noticed was that the white cotton gusset was quite discolored. He brought the panties to his face and inhaled. His senses almost couldn't handle the floral scent that he had picked up on earlier when he was near Jasmine, as well as the earthy smell of her pussy. As he pulled the panties away from his face, he touched the white panel with a fingertip and confirmed it was damp.

Why was Jasmine so wet, was all Seth could think as he brought the panel to his lips and tasted the most intimate part of her. She tasted absolutely amazing he thought, as he sampled the white cotton for more. As he did his cock stiffened within its confines, the nervousness of what she might know about him slowly being replaced by the arousal coursing through him.

What did Jasmine know about his panty fetish, Seth wondered. Either Cait was sharing details about his sessions or Jasmine had access to the doctor's notes.

At that point he almost chuckled as he remembered the confidentiality agreement Cait had him sign. Whatever was going on he didn't care. The panties he was now holding was worth any potential embarrassment the next time he saw Jasmine.

The parking lot, which was bordered by a line of trees, was empty with the exception of two other cars. Seth assumed they belonged to Cait and Jasmine. From the parking spot he had backed into he could easily see if anyone were to drive up so he figured he was alone enough to use his new gift.

Seth unzipped his pants, then freed his cock from his boxers. He brought Jasmine's panties to his face once again and started to rub his rock hard cock. What had happened with Cait was so unbelievable that he had completely forgotten about his inappropriate fantasies while staring at Jasmine. Having her panties brought them all back.

Seth was back at the window, looking at Jasmine's sexy ass. The smooth pink cotton scrubs hugging her beautiful backside. The obvious panty lines on display for him. Panties he now had in his hand. He took another deep breath, drawing her scent into him again, before wrapping the sexy black satin around his cock. The satin material felt cool and buttery soft as he started to stroke himself and think of her.

Seth could clearly recall the look of Jasmine's sexy body in the tight pink scrubs. He thought again about fondling her ass, then dry humping her from behind. He remembered looking down her top as well. Her sexy breasts wrapped in a black satin bra. A bra that matched the panties he was now feverishly rubbing his cock with. He thought again about how wet the panties were. Did she get wet from me undressing her with my eyes? She caught me looking down her top. Did that excite her? She gave me her panties. Did thinking of doing that turn her on?

Seth didn't know what to think. The events of the last hour were fantasies, not real life. Whatever it was Jasmine's panties felt so good he was ready to cum. The only thing that would have made it more exciting was if she was rubbing his cock right now. Using her panties to bring him off. As he thought about her small hand wrapped around his cock, instead of his own, while he looked down her top at her sexy little satin covered breasts, he came.

Seth couldn't believe the amount of cum that exploded from his cock. Having just cum all over Cait he never would have imagined he had much left. Although he was fortunate not to get any on his shirt, his unzipped pants, boxers and Jasmine's panties were a mess.

Seth quickly found some napkins and cleaned the panties first. It was the back panel that got soiled, which came as a relief to him. He didn't want to affect the wonderful aroma that came from inside. His boxers were next, and then his pants. The pants concerned him the most because he was worried his wife would discover the stains. As he tried to clean them the best he could, he realized he had a little coffee left in his travel mug. He could dump some on his lap when he got home and explain away the stains. He couldn't help but laugh, problem solved.


Cait pulled her hand from Jasmine's scrub bottom and said in the sternest voice she could muster, "How could you give Seth your panties!" It was a statement, not a question, clearly meant to convey how unhappy she was.

"What were you thinking?"

Jasmine was a little surprised that Cait was upset. She wasn't sure if she was sorry, but she said it anyway. "I'm sorry, I guess I wasn't thinking."

"No you weren't. You know he's going to masturbate with them."

"Yeah I guess."

"Now he knows that I must have been sharing details about him with you."

"I'm sorry."

"Not as sorry as you're going to be."

"Stand up!" Cait practically shouted, unable to contain how upset she really was.

Jasmine slowly stood, the realization of just how mad Cait was hitting her, making her start to regret having given Seth her panties.

Cait grabbed Jasmine by her wrist, pulled her around to her right side and then forced her over her lap.

"What are you doing?" Jasmine exclaimed, as Cait grabbed the waistband of her scrub bottoms, yanked them down to mid-thigh and exposed her naked young bottom.

Without saying a word, Cait's right hand delivered a hard slap to Jasmine's bare right cheek.

Jasmine yelled out as Cait quickly delivered another spank, and then a third.

Jasmine's right ass cheek was already starting to turn red as Cait delivered three more slaps in quick succession.

With each spank Jasmine had squirmed in her aunt's lap, whimpering, clearly in pain.

Cait knew it was enough, but she was still angry so she delivered another slap that was harder than any before it.

Jasmine yelled out again, arching her back as the sting from the latest blow sent a shock through her exposed backside.

Cait's anger, although still there, abated somewhat as she realized she had probably taken things a little too far.

"That's enough." Cait said, as she laid her hand on Jasmine's ass.

After a few moments Cait began to gently, almost lovingly, rub Jasmine's reddened flesh as she allowed her niece's breathing to settle. As she did she remembered the last time she had been spanked. It was just before she had graduated from high school. She was eighteen at the time. Far too old to be spanked like a little girl would be. She had upset her dad so much that he had bent her over his lap and spanked her until she cried. She didn't even remember now what she had done to make him so angry. Was it a missed curfew? Or maybe just an 18 going on 30 thing.

As Cait thought about that incident she remembered there had been a lot more going on then than just a spanking. When she began to cry her dad had stopped spanking her and began to gently rub her bottom as she was now doing to Jasmine. The only difference was that she had been wearing panties and a skirt when her dad had spanked her. Oh my god. That is when it started Cait realized. It was after that incident that she discovered her dad was taking her panties. She was surprised she had never put two and two together before.

It all came back to Cait. Her dad giving her a spanking. He had laid her over his lap. He had lifted up her skirt and hit her hard. Again and again. It had hurt so much she began to cry. He stopped spanking her when the crying started. He stopped spanking her and then rubbed her bottom. No she thought, he had caressed her bottom. He did it for a while. He did it as she sobbed, then finally relaxed. She remembered it becoming uncomfortable on his lap. She remembered feeling it was wrong. Her dad touching her, sometimes squeezing her young bottom. He had been moving slightly beneath her, his breathing shallow. She didn't know what to do. She didn't know what to say. Then suddenly he was saying he was sorry, pushing her off his lap. Before she could even turn to say something to him he had left the room.

He had got turned on spanking me, then touching me, Cait realized. The realization caused her to squeeze her thighs together. She was aroused now just like she had been with her dad touching her. She knew what he did to her was not what a father does to his daughter. She knew that all along, but somehow had blocked it out. She had been aroused as well and felt ashamed. Is that why she had put the memory of that day aside?

"I'm sorry." Jasmine said, bringing Cait back to the present.

"It's okay baby, I'm sorry too. I shouldn't have reacted the way I did." Cait responded as she continued to caress Jasmine. Such a cute little ass was all she could think as the caresses became a gentle massage, her thumb slipping into the valley between the firm yet soft cheeks.

I was wearing my white panties with the little blue hearts when he spanked me, Cait suddenly remembered as her thoughts drifted back once again. That's why he liked that pair so much. When he masturbated with them he was thinking of the way I looked in them. He was thinking of how it felt to touch me while I was wearing them.

"I really am sorry."

"I know baby." Cait responded. She could see that Jasmine's ass cheek was still quite red. She was feeling bad now. Feeling bad for being a lot more forceful than she should have been. Feeling bad because it was really her fault that this had happened. She was the one who shared things she shouldn't have. She was the one that had talked her niece into dressing so Seth would notice her.

"Did I hurt you?"

"Yes." Jasmine responded. After a moment she added, "But it kind of turned me on."

"What am I going to do with you?" Cait said, shaking her head, as she slipped her hand between Jasmine's thighs to find her sexy little niece was quite wet.

"You could do more of that." Jasmine said as she spread her legs slightly and pushed against Cait's hand.

"I'm still too upset with you, I'm not going to reward your improper behavior." Cait responded, pulling her hand from between Jasmine's thighs and giving her one last quick slap.

"Owwww!" Jasmine half shouted, as she slipped from Cait's lap, then knelt beneath her on the floor.

"Maybe I can make it up to you." Jasmine said as she reached up and slipped her fingers into the waistband of Cait's white cotton panties.

Cait lifted herself up slightly, allowing Jasmine to pull her panties down and off. She then scooted forward slightly and drew her niece into her.

When Jasmine's lips met Cait's, she quivered, rocking her hips forward, drawing her niece in further.

Jasmine didn't disappoint, making love to Cait with her lips and tongue. Just the way she had taught her.

Spanking Jasmine had brought back memories that had excited her. She recalled them again as her niece brought her to the edge, then pushed her over.

As Cait climaxed she pressed her pussy against Jasmine's delicious mouth and tongue while pulling her into her with her hands at the back of her head.

"Oh my god baby! Oh my god!" Cait yelled out, flooding Jasmine with her juices while rocking her pussy forward and back, before finally pushing her away, the sensations too much for her too stand it anymore.

Jasmine knelt upright, and smiled at Cait, her lips and all around her mouth glistening with her aunt's orgasm. "Am I forgiven?"

"No." Cait responded. Although what Jasmine had just done was wonderful, she was surprised to realize she was still upset with her.


Seth arrived for his appointment a few minutes early. As the week had slipped by and the day of the appointment got closer, he became increasingly more apprehensive. After what had happened last week, Seth had actually thought about cancelling his appointment, unsure if he could handle seeing either Cait or Jasmine again.

Seeing Jasmine again was a problem because Seth had masturbated with her little pair of black satin panties at least a half dozen times over the last week. Each time he used them he had fantasized about ravishing her young body. Her giving in to him willingly, and sometimes him taking her unwillingly. Normally seeing someone he had fantasied about wasn't an issue. He actually found it ironic when it happened, the object of his fantasy maybe carrying on a conversation with him totally oblivious to the fact that he had been inside them in his mind. This was different though because she knew he was masturbating while thinking of her. She knew he was masturbating with her panties. She knew because Cait must have told her about his panty fetish. Maybe it was more him being ashamed, than nervous. Either way he knew seeing her would be awkward.

Seeing Cait was a problem because he was unsure if she knew about the panties. That and the fact that he had cum all over her. Sprayed cum across her chest, even some of her clothing. He had also fantasized about that when he wasn't masturbating with Jasmine's panties. At the time it was such a turn on to defile the prim doctor. But know having to see her again he felt almost ashamed of that as well.

Regardless of all the trepidation Seth was feeling, one thing was certain. He wanted to know what was going to happen next. Getting a pair of Jasmine's panties was an unexpected surprise, however what was happening with Cait was intoxicating.

Cait had let Seth touch her. He had touched her breast beneath her lace bra, touched her through her damp white panties. White cotton panties that she had worn for him. They had kissed. She had rubbed his cock for him until he came. Until he came all over her. She had taken him in her mouth. He wanted to see her again. He wanted her. He was at a point where he needed to have her. He was pretty sure she wanted things to go further than they had. The only question was how far things would go.

Taking a deep breath, Seth walked into the lobby trying to stay calm as he approached Jasmine's window and looked inside her office. It was empty.

Seth felt relief and a little disappointment, all at the same time, as he turned away from the window and took a seat. As he sat, he looked down the hall to Cait's closed office door. She must be in there with the curvy blonde he had seen last week. Miss blue jeans and tight white top. He recalled how attractive he had thought she was. She could have easily been in one of his fantasies if she had not been passed over by how stunning Cait had looked in the pencil skirt and silk blouse she had been wearing.

As Seth sat there he relaxed a little having avoided facing Jasmine for the moment. As he did he thought about the curvy blonde. Rachel. That was her name. Cait had said it last week when she was leaving and they had exchanged goodbyes.

Seth wondered what Rachel's deal was. Pretty, young, sexy body. Okay maybe pretty was not the right way to describe her. She didn't have the look of a girl that would be voted home coming queen, she was actually a little more plain looking than pretty if that made sense. Because of that she seemed more attainable, which made her more attractive to him.

Okay then, attractive, young, sexy body. So why would Rachel be in counseling. Maybe she can't stop touching herself. Maybe she fingers her tight young pussy nonstop. Cait is probably in there right now driving a finger or two into her sexy young snatch to help the poor girl out.

Seth was always amazed at how easily he could turn a brief encounter with someone into a fantasy that had him hard and eventually spurting cum.

While he waited, Seth imagined Rachel standing in Cait's office. Standing in front of the small couch. Her jeans pulled down with a pair of white cotton panties inside them. Her large full breasts heaving beneath her white floral print top as Dr. Burke violates her.

One of Cait's hands squeezing a sexy naked ass cheek while the other pistons in and out of Rachel's soaking wet pussy.

Rachel's hips rocking back and forth to match the pace of Cait's hand.

Rachel is moaning, almost cumming when one of Cait's fingers presses against the little wrinkled entrance to her ass. He can see them kiss...

The door to Cait's office opened, snapping Seth out of the fantasy that had been unfolding in his mind. He was turned on, almost fully erect. It quickly became a little more uncomfortable as Rachel stepped out of Cait's office. She was wearing jeans again and a tight fitting plum colored sweater that highlighted her large sexy breasts. God she seemed more attractive than he remembered.

As Seth quickly ran his eyes up Rachel's sexy denim wrapped legs hips and crotch to the tight fitting sweater he thought, they have to be at least a 36D.

Rachel gave Seth a quick nervous smile as she walked over to Jasmine's window. She stood there for a moment, with her back to him, allowing him time to take in how sexy her body was. Rather than forget about her again, he reached into his pocket, pulled out his phone and quickly took a few pictures of her as he thought about what a pervert he was.

At one point Rachel turned, allowing Seth to get a profile shot and then one of almost her entire face.

With the pictures, Seth would now have another option for his next session alone. He almost chuckled out loud as he stared at Rachel's beautiful full ass and hips, imagining he was behind her, rubbing his cock between her warm thighs. He had a hold of her by her sexy hips as he dry humped her. His hands holding her firmly, preventing her from pulling away. When he felt like she had given up on resisting him he quickly wrapped his arms around her, pinning her arms to her side as he fondled her breasts through her soft plum colored sweater. They felt so soft, yet so full.

Seth began to drive his cock more forcefully between Rachel's thighs, unconcerned with her wanting him to stop. His only thought, his own satisfaction. His own release. Dry humping her until he was shooting cum between her thighs.

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