tagFetishPanties Ch. 04

Panties Ch. 04


This series is about my ongoing obsession with panties.

If you've read my series about Gloria then you know that she's the main object of my fantasies. I do fantasize about other women though. Some of those women you've already met.

I can't say any specific type of women trigger my fantasies. As long as they're not too young, not too old, not too big, or not too skinny, there's a chance my mind will wander.

All I need is a chance encounter with perhaps a quick peak down a blouse, visible panty lines beneath some tight fitting pants, or if I'm lucky panties peeking above those pants and that's enough to start my next elaborate fantasy. Let's just hope Gloria isn't too jealous.

I tried to allow any chapter to stand on its own, so I apologize in advance for repeating things from time to time.


Panties Ch. 4 - Pink Panties

Cait walked over to her bag and pulled out the extra pair of panties she had brought to work with her. When she purchased the new bra and panty set, that she had worn today, she had purchased an extra pair of the matching panties. She remembered how aroused she was at the time, thinking that she would be willingly giving away a pair of them. Giving them to Seth. Giving them to him, so that he could use them while he masturbated.

Although Cait had no idea how things would go today, she somehow knew that Seth would be leaving with a pair of her panties.

Cait should have been on cloud nine. Today's session with Seth went better than she could have ever imagined. Her two orgasms were easily two of the best she had ever experienced. All she could think about was Jasmine though, as she locked up her practice and left.

After a quick ten minute drive, Cait was home. She dropped her things on the kitchen table, then went to find Jasmine. She found her in the spare bedroom where she had been sleeping since last week.

Cait never asked Jasmine to use the other room. She had done it on her own, giving her aunt some space as they tried to get past what had happened.

Although Cait had initially tried to forgive Jasmine after she had spanked her, she couldn't stop being angry with her. She couldn't get past what Jasmine had done. It drove a wedge between them that seemed to intensify as the days went by.

Cait knocked on the door, then entered when Jasmine said come in. Her niece was sitting up in bed, wearing an oversized white cotton sleep shirt. When standing, the shirt would have barely reached her upper thighs. Sitting, it rode up enough to reveal the white cotton panties she had on. Panties that hugged her sexy young body.

"Can we talk?" Cait asked, as she sat on the bed next to Jasmine, reluctantly taking her eyes away from the gusset of her niece's panties.

"Sure." Jasmine responded, then asked, "Did everything go okay?"

"Yes, yes it did."

Cait took a deep breath to calm herself. After a moment she said, "Jasmine, I am so so sorry for what I've done. The way I've been treating you. It was my fault. It was all my fault."

Cait was almost in tears. She felt so guilty for treating her young niece the way she had. Letting the jealousy she felt, consume her. Reacting to that jealousy by being angry with Jasmine.

"It's okay Cait." Jasmine responded, almost tearing up herself from hearing the emotion in Cait's voice.

"No! No it's not. I wasn't mad at you because Seth was going to find out that I'd told you about him. I was mad at you because I was jealous." Cait responded, a tear trailing down her cheek.

Jasmine reached out to Cait, her hand going to her face to wipe the tear away. She then embraced her aunt, telling her again that everything was okay.

They held on to each other as Cait began to softly cry. Within moments, Jasmine was crying as well.

They held on to each other for a while, crying, whispering that they loved each other. Both apologizing over and over. As they slowly calmed down, they began to kiss away the tears from each other's faces.

When the tears had run their course, Cait pulled back and gave Jasmine a small hesitant smile.

"Can you forgive me baby?"

"There's nothing to forgive. Besides, if I'm being honest I think I was a little jealous too." Jasmine responded, returning a hesitant smile of her own.

They hugged again, both feeling relief as the tension between them, the tension that had kept them apart from each other over the last few days, was finally slipping away.

Although Jasmine was happy that they had finally made up, there was one thing that was nagging at her. She wanted to know what happened with Seth today. She wasn't sure how to bring it up though.

They continued to hug for a while, until Jasmine broke the silence by finally mustering the courage to ask, "I don't suppose you're going to tell me what happened today?"

Cait pulled back from their hug, smiled and said, "I will honey. That and a whole lot more. Just let me go change real quick."

"Well that's too bad because you look pretty sexy in that dress."

"You're so sweet." Cait responded, before leaning in and sharing another kiss with Jasmine.

The kiss lingered for a few moments, then Cait said she really needed out of her dress and asked Jasmine if she would unzip her.

"New bra?" Jasmine asked as she pulled done the zipper to Cait's dress exposing the back panel of her white floral print bra.

"Yes. And new panties as well." Cait responded as she stood, slipped her dress from her shoulders and let it fall to the floor.

"That set is so cute, I like the way it looks on you."

"Thanks honey."

"Don't change, come lay with me, I think you look kind of innocently sexy just the way you are."

Cait walked around the bed and laid down. While she did, Jasmine moved from where she had been sitting and laid down as well so that they could hold each other.

As Jasmine laid down her sleep shirt rode up even higher exposing all of her panties. Cait couldn't help but let her eyes linger for a moment as she took in how sexy her niece looked.

It surprised Cait that she was actually getting aroused by just the sight of Jasmine's panties. At that moment she felt as if she finally understood Seth's infatuation, her father's infatuation, with a women's most intimate piece of clothing.

"So what happened?"

Jasmine's question pulled Cait back to the moment.

Cait had never told anyone about her father. Never told anyone about what he used to do. Not the spanking he had given her or what he did with her panties. If she was being honest she never told anyone because she was ashamed by the fact that the things he had done had excited her.

"Before I tell you that, I have to tell you what my father used to do."

Cait told Jasmine everything. She started with the spanking her father had given her. How she was eighteen when it happened. Too old to be spanked. How she cried, how he had caressed her, touched her. How it had excited him. How she could feel him underneath her and it had excited her. How after that spanking he started taking her panties. How they would disappear and reappear with cum on them. How he preferred her cotton panties, especially a white pair with little blue hearts on them. The same pair she had been wearing the day he had spanked her.

Cait then talked about her first session alone with Seth. How when he admitted he liked panties, it brought back memories of what her father used to do. How even the way Seth looked reminded her of her father. How she desperately needed to understand what he was thinking when he masturbated with panties so maybe she would understand what her father was thinking all those years ago.

Jasmine listened patiently to Cait. She was shocked at first, as she learned things about her grandfather she never would have imagined. But as she heard more her shock changed to interest and then arousal.

Jasmine knew most of the details of the sessions that led up to her giving Seth a pair of her panties. What she didn't know was a lot of the things that were going through Cait's mind each time she met with him.

Cait shared those. She shared how she felt the first time Seth showed up with his wife Laura and she thought she caught him checking her out. How she convinced them that it was best that she met with them separately. How she purposely selected outfits that she thought he would find attractive. How it turned her on, knowing he really was attracted to her. How she would purposely linger at the door, so he could check out her ass. How she sat next to him on the couch so she could be near him. How thrilling it was to know that he got aroused just by looking at her.

After all that, Cait told Jasmine about her session with Seth today. She told her every detail from her meeting him in the lobby and catching him looking at Rachel to him walking out the door with her panties.

Cait told Jasmine how Seth caressed and spanked her through her dress and panties. How she could feel his hardness pressing into her side. How it felt when it was just her panties. How it felt when he pulled them down. Everything, his fingers inside her, each kiss they shared, him taking her and filling her with his seed. Through it all she told her how she called him daddy, how he called her his naughty little girl.

When Cait was done she was fully aroused. So aroused the fresh pair of panties she had put on not long ago were practically saturated with her pleasure.

Jasmine was excited as well. She was so turned on by the things that Cait had just told her, that her own panties were so wet that they clung to her.

When Cait finally stopped talking, Jasmine brought her lips to hers and they kissed. The kisses quickly became passionate, overwhelming both of them. They made love then. It was intense. The touches, the caresses, the movement of their bodies.

Jasmine was surprised when she discovered that Cait had shaved herself. The soft feel of her most intimate part gave her an unexpected thrill. At one point she told her how sexy her bare pussy was, secretly promising herself that she would do the same.

After it was over they laid in silence for quite some time. Cait felt a sense of relief. She felt at peace having been able to let out the thoughts and secrets she held. Some of them that she had kept locked away for over a decade.

Jasmine on the other hand was still aroused as she thought through everything that Cait had just shared with her. She replayed it all in her mind and knew she wanted Seth to do to her what he had done to her aunt.

"I really am sorry honey. Do you forgive me?" Cait asked.

"Of course. Do you forgive me?"

"There is nothing for me to forgive. In fact I need to make it up to you."

"No you don't."

"Yes I do. Anything you want."

"Anything?" Jasmine asked.


Jasmine knew what she wanted. She just wasn't sure how Cait would react. "I want Seth to spank me for what I did."

Cait hesitated, but only for a moment. She felt a twinge of jealousy, but forced it away.

"You are such a naughty little girl!" Cait exclaimed and laughed. After a moment she added, "I'll tell Seth you need to be spanked for what you did, I'm sure he won't mind."

"You will?"

"I will."

"You won't be jealous."

"Of course I will, but if letting Seth spank you is what I have to do to make things right between us I'm sure I'll get over it."

"What if he tries to do more than just spank me?"

Cait was surprised by Jasmine's question. She was momentarily more aroused than bothered by the thought of Seth having sex with Jasmine. Her sexy young niece getting to enjoy what she had experienced during her session with him earlier today.

"I'll make sure he understands he can only spank you."

"That's it, just a spanking?"

"Okay maybe a little touching." Cait responded and couldn't help but laugh again. She was pleased to see that Jasmine was the happiest she had seen her in days.

Jasmine couldn't believe Cait was going to let her be spanked by Seth. The thoughts of what might happen had her tingling again. After a while she asked, "Should I wear my pink scrubs again?"

Cait didn't have to even think about her response. "I have a better idea."


Seth got home about the time Cait was dropping her dress in front of Jasmine. The closer he got to his house, the more guilt he felt about what had just happened. His chronic masturbation issue was one thing. Having an affair was totally different. That's what was happening with Cait he realized, he was having an affair. Not a onetime straying. A full blown affair.

A couple of days after the first time Seth had masturbated in front of Cait, he and Laura had made love in their kitchen. Even though Cait was the trigger he had rationalized it as being okay because it had rekindled things with his wife.

Even the improper touching between Seth and his therapist, a week ago, got twisted into something less as he rationalized what couldn't be rationalized.

As Seth walked into the house he knew there was no way to rationalize what he had just done. He had gone too far. Gone too far with no idea, or desire, as to how he was going to end what was happening with Cait. As he braced himself, wondering how he was going to face his wife, he discovered a note on the kitchen counter.

Laura was out with her friend Wendie looking for a dress for the fundraiser they were going to on Saturday, she wouldn't be too late.

Thank god was all Seth could think as he went upstairs, tossed his clothes into the hamper and hit the shower. As he showered he tried to clear his head, but all he could think about was the fact that Cait and Jasmine were intimate. Although it was turning him on, he resisted the urge to take care of himself in the shower. Instead he decided he would use the cute cotton panties that Cait had just given him.

Seth had just dried off and put on a pair of pajama bottoms and a t-shirt when he heard the garage door. A few minutes later his wife walked into the bedroom.

"I figured you would be gone awhile." Seth said, trying hard to hide the disappointment he was feeling for having to delay what he planned to do with Cait's panties.

"I thought I would be, but I found a new dress quicker than I thought I would." Laura responded as she started to slip out of the dress she was wearing. "Besides Wendie and Phil are fighting again so she wasn't the best company."

Seth never liked the simple dull yellow, floral print, dress that Laura was taking off. The material was faded and thin and looked like a garment that was made in the 1950's. She liked it because it was comfortable. It probably was, but it just hung on her, hiding her shape. It was so unflattering that it actually made her look older than she really was.

Seth liked what was under the dress though. His cock twitched when he saw Laura standing before him in a pair of white cotton bikini style panties and a white cotton bra. He knew she thought she was just wearing ordinary run of the mill under garments, but to him she looked about as sexy as she possibly could.

"Did you want me to try it on?" Laura asked.

"What?" Seth responded, reluctantly pulling his eyes away from his wife's sexy cotton bra and panties.

"Did you want me to try on my new dress?"

"Sure." Seth half mumbled as he looked again at Laura's body while she pulled the new dress from its bag and started to put it on. She really was quite attractive, her body still almost as tone as when she was younger.

Laura's best asset though was definitely her ass. From the side it seemed to curve outward a little more than it should have. Normally her ass looked amazing in almost anything she wore. Covered in white cotton it was stunning. The soft material stretched around her full cheeks, with a slight indent in the fabric where they met, showing off how perfect her back side really was.

Seth was disappointed that Laura was covering up, but only for a moment as he became mesmerized by her new dress. It was a short sleeve white lace dress with a white satin camisole like layer under it. It was almost as short as a camisole with a wide rounded opening at the neckline. He was turned on by the fit of the dress which accentuated her breasts, the narrowing of her body just above her waist, the fullness of her hips, the slight sexy appearance of her almost trim belly and the way the dress flared around her hips and ass. The fact that her white bra straps were partially visible and that he could still picture the white cotton panties she was wearing, only added to his excitement.

"I must look pretty good." Laura said as her eyes were drawn to Seth's growing erection that was plainly obvious beneath his thin pajama bottoms.

"You look amazing." Seth said, as he walked up to Laura, took her in his arms and gave her a kiss. As he did he pressed against her while he pulled her into him, totally turned on. Totally excited by his wife and her sexy new dress. It reminded him a little of a wedding dress, it was hot.

Laura responded by pressing back against Seth, half joking that he was going to wrinkle her dress.

"I'll be careful." Seth responded as he moved her backwards and then onto the bed.

Once they were laying on the bed, facing each other, Seth slid his hand slowly up Laura's thigh then beneath her dress. When his hand found her sexy ass, he began to caress her, the feel of her soft cotton panties turning him on even more.

Seth couldn't get enough of touching Laura beneath her dress. Maybe fondling or groping was a better word for it As he caressed her ass and the exposed skin near the edges of her panties, he pressed himself against her, relishing the feel of her against his cock.

Seth wanted to see Laura's panties again, so he gently pushed her onto her back by her hip. He then slowly lifted her dress and exposed the sexy white cotton. He couldn't help stopping for a moment to look at her panties. The brightness of them, the softness of her shape beneath them. He felt his cock throb as he drank in the sight of her cotton covered mound before he moved his hand between her thighs.

Laura spread her legs willingly as Seth's hand enveloped her already dampening pussy. He then began to gently caress her through her old cotton panties. She liked the panties she had on. They were so soft and comfortable that she barely felt like she had anything on when she wore them. They were not very sexy though.

"Maybe I should have changed into sexier panties." Laura mumbled as she watched Seth stare at his hand as he touched her.

"Oh no baby, I think your little white panties are so sexy." Seth blurted out without thinking.

"You do?"


"Why?" Laura asked between breathes as Seth's touch began to excite her more and more.

"They're just so simple, so pure. I find them incredibly sexy."

"Sexier than me wearing satin or lace?" Laura got out as she began rocking her hips to match the motion of Seth's hand.

"They're so much better."

"Call me baby again." Laura half whispered. The reference made her feel good, made her feel younger.

"Oh baby, so much better." Seth responded as he quickly freed his cock through the opening in his pajama bottoms then returned his hand between Laura's legs.

"Call me baby again and tell me how much you like my panties."

"Oh baby, your little white panties are so sexy."

"Oh my god." Laura gasped as she forced herself as hard as she could against Seth's hand while she felt him start to rhythmically rub his cock against the side of her panties. Things had happened so suddenly, her husband was so turned on, she felt like she was already on the verge of having an orgasm.

Seth was enjoying rubbing himself against Laura. His cock was pressing against her panties where her dress was tangled at her side. The mixture of feelings on his cock was driving him crazy. The texture of the lace was teasingly rough, the satin layer silky, the cotton panties warm and smooth.

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