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Panties Dropping Fun



I know I will probably be asked to make a sequel with Marie involved. If I do it won't be for a little bit because I have several ideas going on. And please remember to vote nicely and thanks for reading, hope you enjoy.


Karen lies spread out on the bed on the bed with her freshly shaven pussy glistening from the soft light next to the bed. As soon as Tony steps from the bathroom naked she smiles at him. "Are you ready big boy?" she asks as her eyes move down to his cock.

"You bet I am baby," he says giving her a mischievous grin.

He slides onto the bed and over her. Karen grabs him around the neck and pulls him tight against her and plants her lips directly upon his lips. His cock slides up her pussy lips to settle upward between them.

"Mmm," she moans as he presses his hardness against her. As her tongue explores his mouth, his hands explore her body. They are all over her. First on hers breasts, then down cupping her ass. Reluctantly Karen finally breaks their kiss. She reaches down and grasp his massive cock. Her hand doesn't even fully encircle it as she strokes it up and down before pressing the head up against her tender slit. "Fuck me," she says smiling up at him. "Fill me with your big, hard cock."

Tony goes slowly at first. His hands are on her hips and hers are on his. Gently he pulls himself inside her, allowing that fat, thick head to press her pussy lips apart. Karen bits her lip as his thick cock spread open and forces its way inside of her.

"Yesss!" she hisses.

His lips reconnect with hers as he gently pulls back and thrusts forward again with his hips, driving his cock deep into her. She lets out an incredibly long cry of pleasure, breaking their kiss. She digs her nails into his ass and pulls him in closer.

From outside the room Marie, Tony's roommate, happens to be walking by and hears the cry. She stops short of the door and peers in through the crack to see Tony driving his cock into Karen. Karen claws at his ass, moaning louder and louder. "Oh damn," she says silently to herself.

Marie's hand goes straight down to her panties and she starts rubbing herself through the fabric as her other hand slips up under her shirt to her breasts. She watches Tony pounding her roommate feverishly while sliding her finger and fabric between her pussy lips.

Karen wraps her legs up around his waist and then with one final pull, drives his cock completely inside of her. She stares up at her beautiful lover as he starts pumping his thick cock in and out of her quivering pussy. After a few minutes Tony starts increasing his speed, his hands grabs tight to her hips and drives his large cock hard and deep into her.

Marie slides her hand into her panties and runs her fingers over her slit. She begins teasing her clit gently. Her fingers work slowly up and down her pussy, lingering a few seconds each time she reaches her swollen and tender clit. She stops fingering herself just long enough to reach down and pull off her panties.

"Ooh, yes!" Karen screams. "Cum in my baby!"

Maries quickly begins fingering herself hard and deep, matching the thrusting of Tony. He slides one of his hands onto her pussy and uses his thumb to grind feverishly at Karen's super sensitive clit. His other hand is now on one of her breasts, squeezing and twisting at her nipples. The stimulation sends jolts of electricity directly to her pussy and she explodes into a series of orgasms. She starts thrashing under him and he fucks her harder.

Karen grabs tight to his neck and hoists herself up on his thick cock. His hands quickly move to her ass and he drives her into the bed harder. Feverishly he pounds in and out of her pussy. Karen feels his cock harden inside her and then fire a thick, hot load of steamy cum into her. Before he can finish, Karen moves grinds against his cock hard and fast and is treated to another orgasm.

It is all Marie needs and she explodes into a violent orgasm. She continues to finger herself through the climax and a slow and low moan escapes her lips.

As Tony rolls off, Karen hears the moan and says, "What's that?"

When Tony doesn't answer, she rolls off the bed and goes to the door. When she opens it, the hallway is deserted except for a pair of panties. Picking them up off the floor and looking toward Tony, she asks, "Who's panties are these?"

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