tagFetishPanties Galore In Scotland.

Panties Galore In Scotland.


A/N: hello! so this is my first ever erotic story, please let me know what you like and what you dont like. im not new to writing, im just new to writing an entirely erotic story lol. ***

For seven weeks now I had been sending my worn knickers to a guy in Edinburgh, one pair a week, sending them out every Thursday. And in return he was paying me £15 per pair. It was a good deal, considering they only cost me £4 a pair. But there's more. I'm a whore.

I'm not your average street walker. I'm high class. And this worn panties thing is not my usual.

So, eight weeks ago I logged into my work email and found one from a guy in Scotland; he wanted me to send him my worn knickers once a week, and then finally, on a day of my choosing, whether it be 2 weeks or 2 months from now, to turn up at his home. He had included a list of things he liked, and asked me to make the scenario up myself, but my trip to him was to be completely at my choosing. He would pay my fare there and back in advance so he wouldn't know I was coming, and I had to arrive on a Thursday or Friday; he wasn't free any other days.

So, for the past 7 weeks, I had been sending him my worn knickers and he had sent me positive feedback via email, and I decided that next week I would send my panties as usual, but I would be the courier.

Travelling up on the train, I had the envelope with yesterday's panties in them, two more pairs of clean panties in my handbag and the pair I was wearing, obviously. I had worn the kind of clothing he had requested, a generic spaghetti strap top in white and a black mini tutu-like skirt with heels, no tights. After arriving in Edinburgh, I jumped in a taxi and started the 5 minute journey to his apartment. I also started taking off my knickers and putting a fresh pair of pink lace ones on, much to the drivers amusement, and arousal. I'm sure I saw him wriggling. I stuffed my first pair of worn panties into my handbag, paid the driver and got out.

In the lift to the 6th floor I started to have second thoughts, I'd done this many times before, going to stranger's places, but this time felt different: maybe because I was actually excited about it...

I pressed the doorbell and waited, and a brown haired man in his mid 30's answered, half asleep, in his pj bottoms.

"Yes?" He asked, looking at me whilst wiping his eyes.

"Carl? I have a special delivery from London." I smiled and held up the envelope.

"Oh!" He grinned, and stepped aside to let me through, "Come in, I didn't realize you would be here today, I had a late night partying and I was just so tired today and..."

"It's ok, you don't need to explain. That's not why I'm here," I flirted with him.

I threw the envelope on his coffee table and sat down on the couch next to it, putting my handbag on the cushion next to me. He closed the door and rushed to the envelope, like a child at Christmas.

"Stop!" I barked at him. He stopped mid stride in the middle of the small room, dropped his arms and stood still, looking sheepish.

"Sorry," he apologized, rather pathetically.

"Come here, and kneel down." I pointed to a spot on the floor next my legs. He shuffled over slowly, and knelt down facing me. I could see he was turned on, not only by the bulge that had grown in his pajamas, but by the way he trembled and swallowed his saliva. I opened my legs to give him a glimpse up my skirt, at the panties I was wearing, and when he saw what I was doing, he groaned.

"You are not to touch, not until I say so. Do you understand?" I ordered him.

"Yes. No touching. Not allowed." he repeated, still staring up my skirt. I kept my eyes on him and I scooted myself further down the couch and opened my legs a little more, then I reached my hand down and started rubbing myself through my panties until I was considerably wet. I noticed he had put his hand into his bottoms and pulled his cock out and had started playing with himself, "I said no touching, which meant yourself too!" I scolded him, and he let go, leaving it standing straight, waiting to be touched again. When I was sure I had his attention fully again, I pulled my panties to the side and started to finger myself, occasionally rubbing my thumb against my clit, and moaning rather loudly now.

After a few minutes of this, and watching him squirm, I decided to let him join in. "Tell me, if I let you join in, but only on me and not yourself, what will you do?" I asked him.

"I want to lick you, and eat you, and taste you, and I want you to come in my mouth." he told me, without breaking eye contact. I nodded to him and he moved into my wet pussy, licking my lips and clit, making me shiver. I had done this many times, but this time was actually different; I was enjoying it. He continued to eat me out, making me moan loudly. I ran my hands through his hair and pushed his face further into me. He moved his tongue to my clit and inserted two fingers inside of me and rubbed my G-spot until I felt I was about to come. "Stop!" I practically shouted. He stopped straight away. I covered my pussy with the panties again, and began rubbing myself until I brought myself to orgasm. I shivered, moaned and came for at least a minute, before looking back at him, his face wet with my juices. His cock was harder than ever, waiting for release.

I stood up and pulled my cum-soaked panties to my knees, then shimmied out of them. I lifted them up with the end of my boot, and dropped them over his cock, which twitched at the feeling. With him still staring at me, I picked up my handbag and walked to the hallway and found the first door was the bathroom. Just before entering, I turned to him. "You may begin," I smiled, and watched as faster than lightning he picked up my soaking panties, put them to his face and began pulling and tugging himself while breathing in my scent. Less than 30 seconds later, I saw his load shoot across the floor as he moaned with it. When he was done his arms dropped to his side and he went limp against the couch, totally spent, with my panties still on his face.

Just as I entered the bathroom I heard him thank me.

Job done; and I enjoyed it. I'll definitely be coming back.

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