tagMind ControlPanties In Time Ch. 01

Panties In Time Ch. 01


It was a boring Sunday night during my first semester of college. Alone in my room, I was doing everything I could to procrastinate from doing actual work. In one day, I had watched an entire season of "Arrested Development" on Netflix, masturbated approximately 5 times, and eaten every scrap of food in my apartment. I was soooo bored. At this point, I was just aimlessly scrolling through apps on my phone, looking for an interesting one to download. That was when I came across and app that caught my eye, entitled "The Time-Freeze App."

I clicked on it, and the description said this app could stop time, simply by pressing a button. Although I knew the app was fake, my perverted mind ran wild with the possibilities of such a thing. In my boredom, I decided to download it. After the download finished, I opened the App and clicked the big "FREEZE" button that displayed in the middle of the screen. Nothing happened. Like I thought, the App was a fake. I clicked the "UNFREEZE" button, got in bed, watched some more porn, and eventually fell sleep.

The next morning, I'm standing with a bunch of other students outside a classroom waiting for another class to end so we can go in. It's the middle of August and still really hot outside. The air conditioning must not be working, because it's unbelievably hot in this crammed hallway. Everyone looks like they're beginning to sweat through their clothes.

There are some really hot girls in my class, which at least gives me something to look at. Standing a few people in front of me, I see Lindsey Davies. I think she used to play volleyball in high school. She about 5'5, has long dirty blonde hair, and an amazing tanned body. She has huge, DD breasts that seem to always be trying to escape whatever tight outfit she has on. She has a small toned tummy, but a large juicy ass that sways when she walks. She has thick, tanned thighs that go on for miles. Today, She's wearing an ultra tight, sky blue, cotton sundress. I could see her thick bra strap poking through the thin material.

On a normal girl, the dress probably would have been pretty short, and come up several inches above her knees. But on Lindsey, it almost looked obscene. Her ass was so big and thick that her tight dress couldn't lay flat against her thighs like it was supposed to. Instead, it stuck out from her legs by abut 2 to three inches, and barely covered the bottom of her ass cheeks. God, what I wouldn't give to be the piece of floor tile she was standing above right now. I could also clearly see the skimpy strings of her thong protruding through the thin fabric. What a slut. She had to know how visible her little thong panties were in that dress. I fuckin loved it.

I could tell she was feeling the effects of the heat as well. There were small beads of sweat glistening off her sexy exposed thighs, and a small pool of sweat in the small of her back just above her thong line was beginning to seep through the thin cotton. Lindsey was also a pretty big bitch. She was definitively one of the hottest girls in school, and she knew it. I had tried talking to her at a party one time, but she had totally blown me off. As I stared at her luscious ass and tried to picture the skimpy little panties currently wedged up into her ass crack, a hard slap on my shoulder shook me out of my daydream.

"Sup perv?"

It was my best friend Ricky, who was also in this class with me. He's normally late, but I guess it's ok today since the class before us still hasn't left the classroom. And our professor, Ms. Turney, hadn't showed up yet either to bang on the door and let the other professor know that their class was running over.

"Dude. Lindsey Davies is so fucking hot." I said to Ricky quietly. "I want to slide my hand up her sweaty thighs underneath that tight little dress so bad."

"Good luck with that, bro. She'd slap the shit out of you if you got within an inch of her bangin bod."

"Not with my new app" I said jokingly. I showed Ricky the time freeze app I had downloaded the night before.

"Haha. That's pretty funny. I want to download that," he said.

"It doesn't work," I told him.

"Obviously it doesn't really work, dumbass," he said back.

After a moment of searching the app store on his phone, he looked up at me and said, "dude, I can't find it."

I looked at his screen to make sure he had typed the name of the app in correctly, which he had.

"Hmm. That's weird. It was there last night. It must have only been available for a limited time or something."

Before we could continue our conversation further, we heard Ms. Turney's voice coming down the hallway.

"Sorry I'm late class. My car broke down on my way into work, so I had to walk the last mile into school. Oh come on!" Ms. Turney shoved through the crowd of students congregating outside the door and then noticed that the other class still hadn't left the classroom.

She banged on the window of the classroom door to get the other professor's attention, and then angrily pointed at her watch. Realizing his mistake, the other professor told the other class that class was over and they were free to go. We waited until the other students had filed out of the room before we entered the classroom and found our seats.

The heat was even more unbearable inside. Sweat was starting to pour from everyone. Ms. Turney then took her spot at the front of class. That was when I noticed how unbelievably amazing she looked today. Ms. Turney normally looks pretty sexy. She's only 31 years old, and still has a great body. She has dark black hair, and fair skin. Like Lindsey, she has massive DD breasts, but unlike Lindsey, she normally tries pretty hard to look professional and keep them covered.

Her outfit almost always consists of a buttoned down shirt, covered by a dark blazer, and a pencil skirt that ends above her knees. Although she tries to look professional, her large ass does look incredibly sexy in her short business skirts. It's probably just hard to find a skirt that fits someone with such a big ass, but such a small waist.

Today though, Ms. Turney looks out of this world. Because of the heat and her walk to school, she looks like she's covered in sweat. Her hair looks like she just came out of the shower and stray strands of it are sticking to her forehead and cheeks. She didn't even bother with a blazer, and her thin white button down shirt is practically looking see through because of all the sweat and is stuck very tightly against her ample chest.

I can clearly see her white lacy bra though her shirt. One more button than normal has been left undone, which allows me to see a fair amount of cleavage. The buttons look like they are straining to contain her massive breasts from breaking free of their cotton prison. I instantly get an erection in my pants. I wish I could just walk up to Ms. Turney, jerk off in front of her, and cum all over that sexy white bra.

As the lesson goes on, Ms. Turney, tired of standing, decides to sit on the edge of her desk while she lectures. Her legs are crossed in front of her. I'm drooling at the sight of her long legs, thick thighs, and sculpted calves. About every five minutes, she uncrosses her legs for a moment, and then re-crosses them the other way. She does it just fast enough that I am not able to see her sexy panties underneath her skirt. I want to rub my aching cock so badly right now. If she would just hold that pose for a little longer, that moment in between crossing her legs where her legs are uncrossed allowing direct access to her sweaty little panties, I would die a happy man.

My extreme horniness at the sight of Ms. Turney, as well as my extreme boredom with the subject of today's lessons, prompts me to take my phone out of my pocket and place it on my thigh under my desk. I decide to play a stupid little game to help make the time pass. I'm gonna open my time-freeze app, and try to hit the freeze button at the exact moment Ms. Turney's legs are uncrossed. Wouldn't that be awesome. I open the app, and lock my eyes at Ms. Turney's legs, waiting for her to uncross them. Then, at the exact moment she uncrosses them, I click the freeze button, and then everything around me stops........

.....At first, I think that I might have just gotten called on in class and I was too busy daydreaming to notice. It happens to people all the time, and then the whole class stares at them silently to see if they can bullshit some answer to satisfy the teacher. I immediately look around the room and expect to see many pairs of eyes staring right at me. But that's not what I see at all. Everyone seems to be staring ahead at the teacher, or down at their notebooks. Nobody's moving at all.

Some people are holding their pencils to their notebooks, but aren't writing anything. Everything is eerily silent. Normally, I don't notice the sounds of people breathing or shuffling in their seats. But I definitely notice the absence of all these sounds now. It's at that point I look straight ahead to Ms. Turney at the front of the class. She's sitting perfectly still on her desk, with her mouth half open as if she was in the middle of a sentence. I look down, and her legs are parted, giving me a clear sight of her sexy white cotton patties.

Holy shit. This cant be really happening. I decide to shout out loud to see if I get a reaction from anyone. Nobody responds. I stand up, and slowly start to walk around the classroom, observing my now frozen classmates. I waive my hands right in front of Ricky's face. He doesn't blink. Then, I come across Lindsey Davies. God she looks so fucking sexy. She's staring down, frozen, at her notebook. It looks like she was doodling before I had apparently frozen time. Standing right up above her, I can see right down her dress and the pink lacy bra that covers her amazing tits. Still nervous, I gently shake her on the shoulder. No reaction. Then, I shake her really hard and yell "LINDSEY!" right into her ear. She doesn't move at all.

Oh my god. It worked. My app really worked. All of a sudden, my perverted mind started running wild with all the possibilities. I look down at Lindsey's massive chest pushing against the fabric of her dress. I slowly begin to cup one of her massive boobs. It feels so good. I can feel the lacy bra that covers her soft squishy breast. She would never let me do anything like this in real life. My cock, which had softened after the initial shock of what happened, was now working its way back to full strength.

I slid down the straps of her dress until Britney was just sitting in class with only a pink lacy bra covering her massive tits. She looked like such a slut. I slid my hand inside her bra and began to play with her hard nipples. Her skin was slick with sweat. Meanwhile, I started rubbing my hard cock over my jeans. I then tilted Lindsey's head back so that her frozen eyes were staring up at me.

Next, I pulled one of her tits out of her bra, leaned over, and starting sucking on her hard nipple, rolling it around in my mouth with my tongue. I then started to kiss and lick my way up her breast, up her sweaty neck, and into her earlobe. I then brought my lips to Lindsey's and opened her mouth with my tongue. It was warm and wet inside her mouth, even though her tongue was frozen still and unmoving. I explored her entire mouth with my tongue. God this was so awesome. I had total control over her. I could do anything I wanted.

The classroom desks were pretty short, so that when someone was sitting in one, their head would come up to about someone's crotch that was standing next to them. My cock was practically busting through my pants, so I unzipped my fly and released my raging hard on. I then lined it up to Lindsey's open mouth, and guided my head inside. Even though she couldn't actually suck my dick, it felt amazing to have my cock inside Lindsey's warm and wet mouth. I grabbed the back of her head, and began thrusting my steel rod in and out of her moth. She was like a rag doll, my own personal fuck toy.

I was looking around the room at the other motionless students and thinking of shooting my load down Lindsey's throat, when my eyes spotted Ms. Turney at the front of the class. She looked so sexy sitting there frozen, with her cute little panties exposed under her tight grey business skirt. Her huge tits looked so sexy in her sweaty, almost see through button down shirt. Who knew if this app was only a one-time thing? I wasn't gonna waste my load on a slut like Lindsey. I knew who I really wanted.

So I put Lindsey's big boob back in its pink lacy bra, and pulled the straps back on her shoulders. I positioned her head back down towards her notebook. Before I headed over to the front of the class where Ms. Turney sat, I had an idea. Lindsey was such a bitch to me in the past. I thought it was time for a little payback. I noticed a hot cup of water on another classmate's desk that had a tea bag in it. I then noticed Ricky's water bottle that had ice cubes in it. My mind went back to my old summer camp days and a prank we used to pull on each other as campers. If you put a sleeping persons hand in hot water, and their other hand in cold water, they would piss themselves!

I grabbed the hot cup of water and the ice-cold water bottle and put them both on Lindsey's desk. I unscrewed the water bottle lid, and then took Lindsey's left hand and put it in the ice-cold water. I took her right hand and put it into the cup of hot water. Then I waited. After about 30 seconds, I started to hear a feint hissing sound. I looked down and to my delight, Lindsey was pissing her panties! It worked! I guess the time freeze didn't stop the body's normal functions. The stream got stronger and soon Lindsey was gushing everywhere.

I got down on my knees and looked under the desk to watch. Lindsey was wearing a tiny little pair of pink cotton panties, thong style. Her thick tan thighs were spread just far enough to give me a good shot. Her little thong was flooded with hot yellow pee. I could tell the back of her dress was also getting completely drenched. The pee was now running off her seat and onto the floor, making a big puddle of piss right underneath her. The smell was strong and intoxicating. When (if) I finally do decide to press the unfreeze bottom and turns things back to normal, the whole class will see that perfect Miss Lindsey has just pissed herself in the middle of class. She's gonna be humiliated.

Aside from the satisfaction I felt by getting back at Lindsey for being such a bitch to me, the scene was also really turning me on. I have always had a pee fetish and specifically a pee panty fetish. It was so hot seeing Lindsey flood her little thong with her hot urine. I had to have a feel. So I slid my hand along Lindsey's perfectly smooth and sweaty thighs, and up her dress onto her panties. I cupped her hot pussy over the soaked cotton of her thong. I pressed into her panties and felt the slit of her tiny little pussy though the fabric. I let my hand become slick with her warm pee.

I brought my pee covered finger to my nose, and inhaled deeply. It smelled so fucking good, a mixture of pee, sweat, and pussy. I stuck my tongue out and licked a droplet of pee off the tip of my finger. It tasted amazing. At that point, I just wanted to jerk my hard cock off and shoot cum all over the floor underneath Lindsey's desk. But I stopped myself. There was a special place I wanted to deposit my hot thick load. So I stood up, and began walking towards Ms. Turney at the front of the class.

To be continued............

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